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Paypal app update: picture check deposits and more

Have you guys been jealous of Chase customers? Being able to deposit a check by simply taking a picture of it with your phone can be quite convenient, and it is a feature many of us (non-Chase bankers) have been waiting for. Well, this feature is now available with PayPal, covering a much wider crowd, since pretty much all internet shoppers and addicts use this online bank for transactions over the web. PayPal’s Android app has been updated to version 2.8.0, and picture check depositing is not the only new thing, but there are a couple extra additions.

What’s in this version:

  • SD card support and improved app performance
  • Add money from your checks by snapping a photo of the check and the amount gets added to your PayPal account
  • Use the PayPal local feature to find businesses nearby that accept PayPal as payment

PayPal Mobile

Though picture check deposits took the stage on this update, the other additions may actually be something that we would use more often. As you can see, the PayPal app now allows you to move it to the SD card, making it easier on those struggling with storage space.

Now, the part that really caught my attention… The PayPal Local feature. Personally, I use PayPal very often, and transferring your money to your personal bank account can become quite a hassle. The process takes days (literally), and sometimes the best option is to just try to purchase as much as possible directly through your PayPal account. PayPal Local allows you to find close-by businesses that accept PayPal transactions, making it much easier to use your money when needed.

As mentioned before, the check depositing feature seems to be the one that most people are excited about. We would like to know what you guys think. Do you agree that the other features are more convenient? Would you guys actually use your phone to deposit your checks?

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Source: PayPal Mobile

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  • Clark Wimberly

    Anyone tried this yet? I used the Chase app and quickly found out they’ve got a $150 limit on picture check deposits, which renders the features mostly useless. If Paypal doesn’t have a limit and it really is fee-free (seriously, how long could that last?!), I’d be interested to try it.

    • http://Website think2box

      Paypal service is free and I have used it to deposit checks beyond $500. It has worked without any hassles on my Android phone and it’s free. Definitely worth trying.

      • Tina King

        I’m trying to use this feature however I get a ‘unable to parse license data’ when I click on scan check. Any suggestions as I have no idea what this means? Thanks in advance.

        • blury blury

          same error here unable to parse license …totally annoyed grrrr have done it several times on my old iPhone 3G I believe this is the first time I’ve tried on a galaxy s4 active wish this can be resolved somehow quickly

          • MICHAEL WALKER

            Getting same error

          • Jessica Joslin

            Same error here. This has to be a new issue caused by an update to their app because I’ve used this phone for this feature many many times before. Today was the first day I’ve noticed it. I tried restarting the phone as well as uninstalling the reinstalling the app. No dice.

          • Landon

            I’m getting the same error “Unable to parse license data”. I use this feature regularly with seldom any issues and just today I began receiving this message. I hope they figure this out very quickly, I’m waiting on funds to become available from pending checks.

          • Jeff

            Same thing for me. Tried on my HTC 3D and my Xoom tablet. Both have either not let me log in with an error, or when I go to scan a check it says “unable to parse license data”.

            It’s a complete waste of time to email or call Paypal, they are tight-lipped and admit that there’s ZERO issues they’re aware of. The last time I called them the guy acted dumbfounded about my issue. Next day everything worked again “mysteriously”.

            What are reputable alternatives to this monopolizing company?


    Hmmm, I have to check it out

  • http://Website rymo

    “Snap a clear photo of the front and back using your phone. Wait for the check to process. It takes about 6 business days, but it can be longer”

    6 business days?! it only takes 2, maybe 3 when I use SNAIL mail. what a waste of time! thanks for nothing, PayPal.

  • http://Website Dennis

    6 business days? What a joke. At that rate, I’d rather drive down to the bank and do my deposits in person.

  • rehau

    Wait for the check to process. It takes about 6 business days, but it can be longer”

  • http://Website Tone

    I tried it yesterday,check went in as advertised, no issues. I have an EVO 4G so the camera resolution is a lil higher than some phones that will try. Don’t know if that matters any. So, I will post an update when check clears as to how long it actually takes to clear, and if I run into any issues.

  • http://Website Antwan

    Might be a good Idea for someone that lives in the mountains and is not in a rush to get their money.

  • http://Website Philip Cohen

    Wow! “PayPal Check Scanning”. That’s almost funny. I haven’t written a check for 3-4 years; nor have I received one for I don’t know how long.

    And why would anyone want to deposit their checks into an un-prudentially-regulated “account” with PayPal. Sheesh …

    Sounds to me like PayPal is preparing for the not too distant future when the retail banks/Visa/Mastercard finally relegate the clunky PayPal back into the “paper” age, or more likely still, the stone age.

    What you need to know to protect yourself from PayPal:

    Enron / eBay / PayPal / Donahoe: Dead Men Walking.

  • James Williams

    Very weird that they would have a $150 limit. My bank USAA has been doing picture check deposits for about a year or so longer than Chase and we have a $10,000 limit and the check hits pretty much instantly.

    PayPal is shooting themselves in the foot if the deposits take that long to clear. You might as well deposit them in your FDIC-insured bank. 6 days to process and you can arbitrarily freeze my funds? No thanks.

  • http://Website Bryan

    From the paypal website:
    Is there a cap on how much I can add through checks?PayPal users can capture up to $1,000 per day or $3,000 per month
    Not functional for a small business. Still need to go to the ATM to deposit checks.

    • beth

      You can deposit business checks, i Have several checks written out to my businesses and they have cleared just fine.. Just wanted to update you on this …

  • paypal corporate office

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