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SwiftKey X keyboard wants to know everything about you

Having used SwiftKey as a primary keyboard since last year, it is safe to say it is my personal favorite. It does look a bit “iPhone-ish,” but the thing pretty much reads your mind. Typing can become such an easier, faster process with a keyboard like this. Today, TouchType LTD has released a beta version of their new keyboard, SwiftKey X, and this time it is trying to get much more intimate with you.

The original SwiftKey is like a new friend, you need to spend time with it and develop that relationship for things to work good. It learns your typing habits as you use it, as well as from the messages on your phone. The guys from TouchType have made this bond much quicker and personal, now that SwiftKey X actually has the ability to grab information from more sources up-front.

The application can be granted permission to access your Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter account. We know that security and privacy are very big topics within the smartphone world right now, but sometimes one must get out of that comfort zone to take advantage of many of these services. If you choose to give SwiftKey X access to these accounts, it will go ahead and analyze your messages. This will ensure that that “bond” between you and your keyboard strengthens better and faster, meaning quicker and deeper understanding of your personal typing habits.

If that was not enough typing goodness for you, TouchType has also added “Personal input modeling” and “Typing Styles.” Not only is SwiftKey X learning from your language habits, but also from your physical typing tendencies:

Improvements to Fluency include ‘Personal Input Modeling’, which dynamically alters the touch-sensitive regions of keys based on how accurate your typing is. There are also two new ‘typing styles’ — Precise and Rapid — which ensure predictions and corrections work in harmony with the way you type.SwiftKey X Press Release

As you can see in the screenshots below, SwiftKey’s learning system and other functional improvements are not the only new additions. The keyboard can now be customized to look different, which is something I have actually been wanting to do since the beginning (As you probably noticed in the first paragraph).

This product is in beta right now, so it may very well not be perfect. SwiftKey is a great product though, so we can assume that successor will follow its footsteps. I personally highly recommend that you try it out. If Beta testing isn’t your thing, though, you can check out SwiftKey for $1.99 from the Android Market (there is also a free version available). Take a look at the video, images, and press release after the break, and go check out how well SwiftKey X reads your mind! As always, we like to know your opinions, so what do you think of the all new SwiftKey X? Do you prefer the original SwiftKey? What keyboard do you currently use?

SwiftKey-X-dark-theme SwiftKey-X-installer1 SwiftKey-X-landscape-grab SwiftKey-X-launcher SwiftKey-X-light-theme SwiftKey-X-personalization SwiftKey-X-settings SwiftKey-X-typing-styles


Show Press Release

SWIFTKEY X – This time, it’s personal.


LONDON, UK – Androidâ„¢’s most popular keyboard app took a major leap forward Friday, as its successor SwiftKeyâ„¢ X launched in public beta.

The world’s first ‘Social AI’ keyboard can analyze your Facebook®, Twitter® and Gmailâ„¢ sent messages in the cloud and use these insights to offer smart, personal and instant phrase prediction from first use.

It builds on the success of developer TouchType’s first AI keyboard, SwiftKey. The technology company was named among Google’s ‘Top 150 Developers’ on Android earlier this month, with its award-winning app consistently among the most-downloaded, highest-rated on the platform.

“SwiftKey has already been a remarkable success on Android; it’s been downloaded more than a million times and is used to send over 100 million messages each month,” TouchType’s CEO and co-founder, Jonathan Reynolds, said.

“Thanks to our unique text entry technology, we’ve achieved many accolades, including being asked to demonstrate alongside Google at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, winning the Mobile Premier Award for best app while there, and being embedded in phone-maker INQ’s flagship Android handset,” Reynolds said.

“But with SwiftKey X, we’re taking a quantum leap forward. This new beta improves on the original in every way, and it will stun those who try it.”

SwiftKey X was built in collaboration with TouchType’s community of passionate ‘VIP’ users over the past six months, giving the new app a combination of cutting-edge innovation and hotly requested feature improvements.

“When engineering SwiftKey X, we’ve been continually inspired by the stream of excellent ideas that have come from our VIPs,” TouchType’s CTO and co-founder, Dr. Ben Medlock, said.

“This new app is built from a much clearer understanding of how our users interact with their devices. With SwiftKey X, from the word go it’ll feel like your phone just knows what you want to say.”

In addition to cloud-based personalization, SwiftKey X contains a brand new version of TouchType’s flagship Fluencyâ„¢ language inference engine, which is at the heart of the app’s ‘mind reading’ capability.

Improvements to Fluency include ‘Personal Input Modeling’, which dynamically alters the touch-sensitive regions of keys based on how accurate your typing is. There are also two new ‘typing styles’ — Precise and Rapid — which ensure predictions and corrections work in harmony with the way you type.

SwiftKey X contains many UI and customization improvements, including a totally redesigned installer and settings menu, and a theming framework that allows users to change the look of their keyboard.

The app also now supports 17 languages, and remains the leading keyboard on the market that uses AI to intelligently interpret text input in multiple languages simultaneously.

Android and Gmail are trademarks of Google, Inc. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. Twitter is a registered trademark of Twitter, Inc.

Source: TouchType Ltd

Hello, I am Edgar Cervantes. I am an avid Android fan, and keeping myself updated on the topic is part of my daily life. I will always work hard to give the best of me to our community of Android enthusiasts, and I am very honored to be part of this ship. Hopefully we can all enjoy sharing our knowledge and opinions!

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  • Guy Bailey

    Does anybody know if this will work with Tweetdeck or just the native apps?

    • Edgar Cervantes

      For typing, it will work as your regular keyboard for anything you do on your device. If you are talking about its ability to learn from your accounts, it does not actually need access to the app. What it does is that it actually goes into your account (not to the app on your phone), and it learns from the messages you have in there. So it is ok for you to use Tweetdeck, it will not affect SwiftKey X.

  • http://Website Lauren Harris

    I love this app, I highly recommend it. Try the free trial, but just trying the X beta version was an awesome experience. I type without looking up and it has wonderful accurate suggestions for my misspelled words :)
    Check it out!

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    This keyboard has replaced every other keyboard i’ve used. Including SYWPE and FlexT9. It simply ROCKS and does what it should. The logarithm they use is simply mind numbing.

    any way, love you, love your show keep up the good work.

    • AME


      Was that your choice or auto-fill by Swiftkey?

  • http://Website UNCjigga

    Hey SwiftKey, where is the Honeycomb tablet keyboard you promised months ago?

    • http://Website icebike

      I’m typing this on the honeycomb tablet version, which is still in closed beta. Awesome is all I can say.

  • http://Website JaylanPHNX

    I tried the original Swiftkey when it was Amazon’s free app and it was okay. I think I had the issue this article mentions, that you have to spend time with it for it to get good. I’d been using Better Keyboard for so long, that Swiftkey just couldn’t beat it in my eyes. Then I tried FlexT9 (another Amazon free app) and I was sold. It fixed everything that I didn’t like about Swype, mostly by providing a more traditional predictive text bar above the keyboard. If someone could combine the phrase prediction of Swiftkey with the Swype-like functions of FlexT9 and the customizability of Better Keyboard, I’d pay $10 bucks for it.

    • http://Website icebike

      No predictive bar in SwiftKey?

      If you won’t read the article, at least look at the pictures, Ok?

      • padam

        If you won’t read his entire response, at least read the part you’re replying to, OK?

        He didn’t say that Swiftkey doesn’t have one, but that FlexT9′s version is more traditional. He wasn’t even saying it’s more traditional than SwiftKey’s but rather, he was talking about Swype. If you actually read the sentence in context, it’ll make sense to you what he is saying.

        However, none of that matters because you’re wrong anyway. There are a lot of applications (particularly non-native ones) where the predictive text bar DOES NOT SHOW using SwiftKey. I use the paid version, so it’s not an issue there. Auto-capitalization also doesn’t work in some cases, regardless of your personal settings. I could provide examples of both. SwiftKey is definitely a useful replacement, but it is by no means perfect.

  • http://Website Daniel Greer

    I actually bought the original Swiftkey. I liked the layout of the keyboard, but that initial period of adjustment was a serious hangup. It was irritating enough that I was never able to give it as much input as it needed to learn. With the new upfront learning method there is almost no negotiating. It does damn near read my mind these days. Even typing on my netbook, I half expect there to be a prediction bar like my phone has, because it gets so convenient so quickly. At any rate, if this is free on the Market, I would absolutely recommend picking it up.

  • Steve

    SwiftKey is by far the best keyboard available on ANY mobile platform. It’s ability to predict ahead what you will write is so revolutionary compared to anything else out there and it saves so much time when typing. I am annoyed when I use my desktop or laptop and don’t have this capability.

  • http://Website Sal

    Cant seem to download my US english pack. keeps saying im not connected or server to busy :( should US English already be included?

    • Dharmabhum

      I got the language download hang up at first too, but just try again and it connected and downloaded without incident. As far as default language inclusion, from the video above it sounds as though the SwiftKey crew isn’t American, and even if they were, there’s no reason to include a default language module when the platform is so widely available worldwide with so many using alternate or multiple languages. Besides the language pack download hiccup, I enjoy having the choice to choose the languages I want to and do use.

  • http://Website John

    I have Swiftkey …. will this be upgraded to Swiftkey X or is the X model something totally new? And if it is new and not upgradeable from Swiftkey without doling out more money …. I vote no!

  • thered

    Great app–I would love to give this a shot as my primary keyboard (over my current favorite of Swype), but a major bug is SwiftKey will NOT work with Google Voice. At least, that was my experience. Anytime you try to create a new text message, when you begin typing a contact’s name a drop-down menu with matching contacts appears like normal. However, when you then select a contact, SwiftKey automatically clears the field. Essentially, there’s no way to create a new text in Google Voice using SwiftKey as your input method. Since my GV number is my primary number, this makes it unusable for me.

  • http://Website ronabong

    Good for you. Your limited to you iPhone just like every other little boys and girls out there.

  • http://Website nmw407

    I have swype installed on my phone and then bought swiftkey. After playing with both versions for a year now – 6 months fully on swype and 6 months fully on swiftkey, I have to say I type much faster on swiftkey. The prediction is amazing.

    There were many times where I didn’t even have to type anything, just selecting the predicted words until the full sentence came out.

  • http://Website aop

    Well I have to say this is really the best android keyboard. Predicitions are very accurate most of the time. The only problem is that this beta takes me a lot of ram ( 50 MB.. ) on a Samsung galaxy S.

  • GE918

    I was using Swype and started using Swiftkey. I’ve never looked back. Swiftkey is a beast.

  • http://Website swype developer

    swype for iphone is much better

    • Dharmabhum

      I also enjoy Swype, on Android. They both have their merits.

      All I hope for is one day to have the ease of swyping out words with the prediction capability of SwiftKey. If they ever join forces, their children will rule the mobile universe!

  • http://Website Noel

    Love Swiftkey…it is the keyboard i use. I tried using the new Android keyboard but i find myself always going back to Swiftkey. This new Swiftkey X looks gr8, it is faster and predicts most words on the sentence i intend to type. If u try it…u will get hooked

  • http://Website chris

    so is there any real concern about security issues using this keyboard? it’s cool having those features but will it let anyone into my information or possible it could be used maliciously if so?

  • http://Website shamil505

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  • CD

    I was part of the original swiftkey beta program, and stuck with it since. It’s a truly unique way of typing and one that sometimes i wish was available on my regular desktop machines, could have it uses, but thats just being lazy.

    I highly recommend you try it if you haven’t already, i’ve moved onto X fulltime now and haven’t looked back since

  • Prince77

    I been with SwiftKey since the beta and I have loved it ever since. Every time I reset my phone I tried to used the stock keyboard but it just wasn’t for me. Now with this X version I am really loving it, I hope the do the same as before and let everyone with the beta purchase it for 99 cent before the official release.

  • http://Website Misfitpierce

    I love this keyboard. It’s got to be the best out there. I have the paid regular swiftkey which I love to death but this is my new default over original swiftkey and ginger kb from trigger rom on my Samsung Vibrant. Worth the download for sure!

  • kilgoretrout

    How does swiftkey handle the private data (email, facebook, text messages) that it accesses. Does raise any privacy concerns?

  • http://Website SvetaSilaeva

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  • Joe martin

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