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Com2uS hits a homerun with 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011

Com2uS is slowly becoming a solid name in Android Sports Gaming. As you may recall, Taylor, Clark and I all thoroughly enjoyed Homerun Battle 3D, and with the 2011 baseball season comes an awesome new baseball game in Com2uS’ repertoire.

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 is a full-featured baseball game which is the first to feature a license agreement with MLBPA, the major league baseball player’s association. This agreement means that your favorite baseball players are featured in the game via an up-to-date team roster.

Gameplay Options

At the game’s first launch, you will be asked to select your favorite team, which will lead to that team being defaulted when you choose any of the gameplay options.  You can change your “my team” setting at any time in the main menu.

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 features the following gameplay options:

  • Season Mode: Take your favorite team through a 9 full major league seasons to try to make the playoffs and build your team to greatness
  • Exhibition Mode: Pick two teams to go head to head in a single exhibition game.
  • Home Run Mode: This part of the game is slightly reminiscent of the Homerun Battle 3D game Com2uS released last year, but takes a slightly different spin. Instead of multiple home-run derby modes, the Home Run Mode has you go through as many rounds as you can in an attempt to reach a certain point total to move on to the next round. Each round is played by a new player, which goes through your selected team’s lineup in lineup order.


The actual gameplay itself is ridiculously easy to master. There is a very small amount of on-screen buttons that you can touch to swing, bunt, throw to a base, and advance/return your runners. Not all buttons are on the screen at one time (thank God); instead, only the buttons appropriate to the current situation appear on the screen at any given time.

Pitching is the only real variant from this. You begin with onscreen buttons corresponding to the various pitch types in the pitcher’s repertoire. Once you tap on the button, a baseball appears in the middle of the strike zone, which you can move around to select pitch location. Once you’ve selected a location, a huge-mungeous circle appears in the screen, which gradually gets smaller in size as you further hone in your location. The idea is to tap the screen when the circle is smallest for pinpoint pitch accuracy.

I found that after only a few innings, I had mastered the controls en route to massive victories (hint: you’ll want to turn the difficulty to hard after like the first game).

Overall Thoughts


  • Multiple gameplay modes add to the replay value
  • MLBPA license allows you to play as your favorite pros
  • Controls are stupid-easy, and are very quick to master
  • Made by Com2uS, who has a pretty awesome track record when it comes to making killer Android games


  • AI could be a bit better. Had to turn it up to hard to have the computer even stand a chance.
  • Lack of multiplayer mode (more below)
  • Ads – not a big deal, but still negative in my opinion

Final Verdict

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 is an incredibly solid baseball gaming experience for Android, and the MLBPA license adds the authentic feel which make this seem like a full-fledged baseball game.

Additionally, the game has significant replay value due to both the inclusion of a full-season mode, as well as the insanely challenging Homerun gameplay mode, in which I could barely manage to get past the 3rd or 4th levels.

With how awesome this game is, you would expect it to come with a pretty hefty pricetag. But that is not the case. Com2uS has gone the ad-supported route, and though I’m sure some of you are squirming in pain at the thought of another ad-supported application, the ads are in no way overbearing, and only really show up between innings, or as pop-ups after the game is concluded.  Your gameplay view WILL NOT be obstructed, I promise (checked on 3 devices now)!

The one thing I really wish this game had is multiplayer mode, similar to what was found in the Homerun Battle 3D application. It’d be pretty awesome to school a friend in a game of baseball.

In closing, if you’re into baseball and gaming, you really ought to check this game out. It is available gratis on the Android market for Android 2.1+ devices.


fielding buttons game initiate game menu game modes league menu main screen onscreen buttons 2 onscreen buttons pitching 1 pitching 2 location select pitching 3 season mode

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  • http://Website cece

    looks like it is not available on french Market…

  • http://Website Joe

    Root and install ad-free!!!

  • mrben

    Not available in the UK either. #fail

  • Anthony Domanico

    Sorry guys… I’m sure this is US only now, but as I’ve said before, unless it’s mentioned on the market, I have no real way of knowing.

    My bad!

    • Trevor

      do you know how to get other cards into your lineup? like im the yankees and i have jimmy rollins and i wanna put him into my lineup? can i do that?

      • Matt

        Click League Mode, Manage team, My Card Box, arrow down to the player you want to change and click them, on the bottom you will have 3 choices ” back, Info & change click change your choice is from your bench or your cards.

        Look around that whole ares you can change pitching rotation and starting lineup.

        Have fun good luck..

  • http://Website mikeyDroid

    It’s pretty good.. Nice to have real player names to give the edge over other games and create a bit of rivalry or whatever’s pretty similar to baseball superstars, but cheaper and with names.

    Biggest problem? It looks like I’m playing a nintendo game. It’s extremely low quality and pixilated. Fizzy UI elements, etc etc.. pretty lame..

    Make games for our beautiful screens, please.

    OGDROID [email protected]


  • Michael Johnson

    It’s on the Canadian market. It’s a great game.

    You can also get rid of the adds with a 7.99 in app purchase. Unfortunately it says you lose it if you uninstall the app so I haven’t paid, yet.

    • http://Website @neidlinger


    • http://Website @neidlinger

      Sorry for the double post.

      or Root your phone and use an ad-free hosting script.

  • http://Website Jason

    I updated my roster but doesn’t show when I play. Still have russell martin as a dodger

    • Trevor

      i think you have to have the 2011 version for the update to work.

  • http://Website James

    Help! I’m playing my first leauge game and I pinched hour for my pitcher in the ninth. My half of the inning is over but my game is frozen. no menus or anything will pop up.what do I do?

  • http://Website Batfan

    Installed & played this last night. Awesome game! Really reminds me of SNES

  • http://Website Seth

    I do not know how to put ur new cards in ur lineup please help

    • http://Website Andrew Franklin

      are you seth cohen

  • http://Website Andrew

    ive had this game for a month and it rocks, im addicted to it. the only diwnfall is the graphics hurt my eyes and it maked me roll them, basically it tires them out. great game thought. i always hit homeruns on the first pitch with miguel cabbrera.

  • Danilo


  • http://Website Mike

    Yeah this would be a god game if the stats on the teams were actually accurate, as well as some serious physical imposibilities such as player sliding across the field like super man to catch the ball……very unrealistic and unaccurate, update the stats and just maybe it’ll be ok. Exp. Baltimore is right now the worst team in the AL east… far…..but in the game they probably have the second best stats.

  • Trevor

    I think its good sometimes. but unrealistic and pisses me off at times when the other team has like a 6 run inning. but its okay. not worth 3 bucks but i play it sometimes. and i hate how you have player cards but cant put them into your lineup? if anyone knows how reply to this.

  • bob tillian

    Don’t no how to get francisco out and hunter pence in the game please teach me how

  • hophmi

    Ahhhh! Just had a season in which I should have been the wild card, 92 wins, and the program says I failed to advance and had 2 wins and 92 ties! What’s up with the glitches?

  • Patmac57

    My game played flawlessly for about 80 games. Now if freezes all the time. I have to turn my phone off/on. It is getting more regular. I have a Motorola Atrix. Also, WHAT UP WITH TIES IN BASEBALL?!

  • D. Acosta

    Why does the game keep (9 Innings) keep frezzeing up making me uniinstall the game add fdtavst to reinstall the gamean.d lose all dsta.