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Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus from Gameloft infiltrates the Android Market

Gameloft has had a shaky relationship with Android users due to their refusal to simply launch all of their titles in the Android Market and opting instead to sell most of their apps exclusively via their own frequently problematic system.

Now normally people would probably just say forget it and not deal with the company at all, but the problem is they make some really good games. While there is no sign that Gameloft has seen the light and is opening the floodgates they have at least given us one more top tier title in the Market in the form of Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus which is available now for $6.99.


As you can probably guess the game is a first person shooter in the vein of the Call of Duty series. We reviewed the game when it was first released in January so you can go ahead and check that out before you have to throw down your own hard earned cash. In our initial review we noted that there were some device compatibility issues and based on the first couple reviews coming in those problems seem to persist so if you have something below a Samsung Galaxy S class phone you should probably steer clear despite the fact that Gameloft lists it as good for anything with Android 2.0 or above.

The game is of course still available on Gameloft’s site and if you don’t mind dealing with all of the sordid issues associated with purchasing directly from them it is still available there for $4.99.

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  • Clark Wimberly

    For anyone curious, this doesn’t show in the Market with my Nexus S running 2.3.4

    Gameloft is so awesome!

    • http://Website B2L

      That’s too bad, i guess I’ll just have to buy it directly from Gameloft. They make the best games for Android, by far my favorite at least.

    • Sean Riley

      Well done to Gameloft. I on the other hand can get it in the Market, but they don’t give me the option to download it to my stock HTC Thunderbolt from their website.

  • http://Website Cromag

    Great move raising the price on the Android Market. Another nice big f*ck you to users. I guess if all of Gameloft’s titles were on the market I would pay more for each, just for the benefit of being able to use them on future devices. Although, putting their games on the market would probably make their sales EXPLODE too, so more money for them either way.

    • daveloft

      Fuck, nothing will make you entitled spoiled brats happy.

      Its $5 on their site, they get all $5. It’s $7 on the Market, Google takes $2.10 and Gameloft takes $4.90. Seems fair to me. It’s also $7 on iOS so the price is in line.

      • http://Website Dennis

        What a shocker. Dave (Official Gameloft P. R, spokesperson) here on a Gameloft article bashing anyone with any negative opinions toward his employers. Big shocker. >_>

        • daveloft

          People who complained it was not in the market then when it is on the market just go and find something else to complain about is the only thing I’m bashing.

          • jivemaster

            Gameloft brought this on themselves by treating Android owners like second class citizens when over on iOS people are treated like royalty. You can’t expect people to welcome you back with open arms.

            However, I understand the value in the market version because even though it’s more, it does give you the ability to use the game on each android device you own (bar device market restrictions).

            Hope this is the beginning of the end of gameloft’s silliness to ignore the 2nd biggest app store.

            Lastly daveloft, you can eat my balls you fucking rude prick.

      • http://Website Name (required)

        Nice PR there Daveloft. Calling customers “F-ing spoiled brats”. Just doing your job…?
        There is no way you work for Gameloft with a horribly unprofessional public comment like that.

        • daveloft

          I don’t and I never said I was.

    • http://Website Eric R.

      No doubt Gameloft would benefit from putting all their games on the android market. They keep complaining about market issues that were real problems in the market from over a year ago, yet all the other software vendors seem to have figured it out since then, and Google has worked with reasonable vendors to fix these issues.

      The Market-tax (2.10$) is the compromise the rest of us have been asking for to get any gameloft games in the android market. This is a win-win for all involved. If you really must pay lowest dollar for a premium title, Gameloft will cut you a deal for using their store.

      • http://Website JaylanPHNX

        And doesn’t putting it in the market mean you can keep it across phone upgrades/replacements? That right there should be worth the extra price.

        • http://Website Eric R.

          Yes, the Google Market respects your purchase and lets you keep your purchased apps when you upgrade hardware. This is why I only purchase apps from the Android Market. Can’t say the same for gameloft’s store (by all the negative upgrade comments on their forums).

          The Google market will still impose device compatibility checks by the request of the software vendor as well. I personally think there should only be a minimum spec for device compatibility instead of restricting to just the devices the app developers have worked with. If I install a game and it is playable-slow, I would really consider purchasing stronger hardware to run games faster. Point is I want to be given the choice (this ideal is the reason I became involved in Android over iOS).

  • http://Website Fred

    Gameloft is clearly not in the Android Market because they want to keep the 30% share. Not because of any other reason they claim.

    Meanwhile, the effects in the game look good, but I must say its a disgusting game. Teaching kids to kill folks in urban combat. Just move to the middle east.


  • http://Website panic

    BEST ANDROID GAME OUT POINT BLANK, I’ve been playing this for a while its the closest you’ll get to call of duty on a xbox or ps3 right from your phone. Besides all the b.s of gameloft and their shady ways the online multiplayer mode will have you locked in till your battery is dead. Definitely worth the money.

  • http://Website guille

    Does anyone know if it works on tegra tablets?

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    This is a SCHWEET game. I love playing it. i know alot of people do not like GameLoft but they ROCK in my book.

  • http://Website Usman Ansari

    Not showing up for me on my N1. Assholes.

  • http://Website JaylanPHNX

    What ever happened to the rumors that Gameloft was in talks with Amazon’s App Store? Seems to me that that would be a good compromise between the Market and Gameloft’s website.

  • daveloft

    As I always said if Google improved their market, Gameloft would come.

    The market will be expanding to 131 countries from just 32 today.

    They will also allow developers to target phones more specifically, as to lock out phones not compatible with a game, which would have lowered its rating.

    They are also updating the Android Market to include Top Grossing, Top Free & Paid, Top New Free & Paid, Just In, Trending, Editors Choice and Top Developers list.

    They also offer up to 4GB of storage for apps in the market now. 50MB for the APK and 4GB’s for additional storage on Google’s servers.

    This will most likely bring Gameloft and other big developers who have so far ignored the market.

    • http://Website Micah

      You’re only hurting yourself, many people like me are boycotting gameloft until they put their games INTO the android market. You’d think getting some money from people like me and many others would be better, and then working to convince google or what ever has to be done to improve the market in the ways you want.

      Also your arguments are pretty bullshit on the logic aspect.

      “The market will be expanding to 131 countries from just 32 today.”

      So you would rather have none than some…?

      “They will also allow developers to target phones more specifically, as to lock out phones not compatible with a game, which would have lowered its rating.”

      I can agree with this one, sorta, one remedy to this is to have in the app description what devices work with it, or…..a DEMO VERSION! Other companies work around issues that the market have, gameloft….you just completely ignore it and give yourself a terrible reputation. A much deserved terrible reputation.

      “They are also updating the Android Market to include Top Grossing, Top Free & Paid, Top New Free & Paid, Just In, Trending, Editors Choice and Top Developers list.”

      Again another, I’d rather have less than more issue!

      All I can say is I hope you get gameloft games into the market, they are high quality games. But as far as your company goes, you really lack PR, and intelligent methods of dealing with issues.

      • daveloft

        I think everyone is not understanding what I wrote.

        The market expansion, targeting specific phones and storage upgrades were all announced at Google IO today.

        I was just saying that we will probably see more games now that the Android market is quite a bit better and likely the reason that Modern Combat 2 landed on the same day as these announcements from Google IO.

      • daveloft


        • http://Website Micah

          My apologies, I still find it stupid how they haven’t put their games in the market.

          • daveloft

            With all the market improvements I would expect Gameloft to start releasing all of their games on the market.

      • daveloft

        For anyone who does not know what I’m talking about go read this. There are some major improvements to market on its way.

  • http://Website Dennis

    Nice to know that those who supported them earlier way back and got this game from their shady website won’t be compensated due to change of device. A big MIDDLE FINGER to you Gameloft.

    • http://Website Ryan

      And thats exactly why it is awful to buy anything off of the Google or Amazon market.

  • http://Website thaghost

    this has to be one of the best games available anywhere. i have it on my g2x and its amazing. DO NOT ORDER THIS FROM THE MARKET without checking the gameloft site directly from your phone first. i bought this directly from the site for 2.99 on a buy 1 get 1 free promotion. fyi avatar was the free game.

  • HackNet

    stfu people. were talking about games remember? go out and get a job.

  • satish


  • mavricxx

    This looks so tight, please bring it to the Playbook!


    can be played in galaxymini…?

  • gereen

    ,,,guys can u give me the purchase code of this game please