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Plants vs. Zombies comes to Android via the Amazon App Store

This one has sure been a long wait for many of you! Plants vs. Zombies is one of the most popular games out there, and Android users are now able to enjoy this game at its fullest (Previously only available for iOS and PC). There have been some unofficial versions of this zombie-killing game before, but there is definitely nothing better than getting the final, polished product straight from the original developer.

Before you go rushing off to the Android Market, there are a few things you would like to know before you run and get this game. The first important fact is that Plants vs. Zombies is available exclusively through the Amazon App Store, something that will likely be repeated with other PopCap games. Upon finding this game, you will notice that it requires a WiFi connection in order to be downloaded. Plants vs. Zombies comes in at a whopping 75 MB, which will make many phones out there cry for space! The good news is that the app allows you to save it on the SD card, which will probably be what most of us will do.

After going through the long download process (which is a bit of a hassle compared to other apps), the full Plants vs. Zombies game will be at the palm of your hand. Who needs guns when you can end a zombie apocalypse with plants, right? This nifty game will give you 50 levels of tree-hugging war against 26 types of zombies. Also, you will have access to the usual Plants vs. Zombies features, like the 49 usual upgrades (different plants, lawnmowers, rakes, etc.), the almanac (displays all plants and zombies), and 10 “fun-dead” achievements.

Sadly, some people will be left out of the fun. This game is not available for every device, which is truly a shame for those that happen to lack compatibility with this game.

Plants vs. Zombies will not run on the following devices:

  • Motorola DROID (works fine on Motorola DROID 2 and some DROID X's), Devour, Flipside
  • Samsung Transform, Intercept
  • HTC Aria, MyTouch 3G
  • Sony Ericsson X8
  • Sanyo Zio
  • Kyocera Echo
  • LG Ally
  • This app is not tablet-optimized, but will run on most Android tablet devices (some pixelation may be visible during gameplay).

Plants vs. ZombiesPopCap Games, Inc.

Of course, we are all happy to know that this game has finally arrived to our beloved Android devices, but as always we would like to hear your opinions. Let us know if you are enjoying this game, which can be had for free on the Amazon AppStore today only (normally $2.99)!

Do you guys think that 75 MB is too much? Are you one of the unlucky ones that can’t download the game due to device incompatibility? Hit us up with your comments, and also check out the Plants vs. Zombies music video, which will also be included in the game.

Via: PocketGamer

Source: Amazon App Store

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  • TomTasche

    Argh, Amazon Appstore.

    • mrben

      Yeah – I agree. After all the moaning about how few countries were supporting by the Google Marketplace compared to the Apple AppStore, and now developers are running away to a store that supports a massive 1 country. Exclusive to a particular app store is one thing, but when it makes it exclusive to one country, it’s a bit of a PITA.

      • http://Website ChaosKiller

        I agree with you on this, I want to play PvsZ but I CAN’T because of the US only part. Also the DRM is a lot worse on the amazon store. Meh. I’ll just have to skip it…

      • http://Website Jorge

        II’m sure that if amazon could support every country in the world they would since that would make their profits rise. I don’t know how it works but it must be harder than just flipping a switch and saying tada! I bet there are a lot of laws which vary from country to country and amazon must not have the resources or people to get it done atm.

        • keridel

          i must disagree with that statement.

          they already have the ability to sell their wares in my many countries the laws which govern the sale of other products will cover apps.

          i have researched and thought long and hard and can only reach one conclusion.

          they dont care.

          because they dont think we will spend enough money.

    • http://Website Masha Andrews

      i play this all the time on my beautiful iPhone 3GS. The iPhone is very powerful, i didnt know android can play this too.

  • http://Website Ivan Samuelson

    It was free! You can’t argue about that! Luckily, it works on my LG Vortex without a hitch. Thank goodness I purchased a 32gb SD card for this phone! What with all my music and now this, I can’t even imagine not being able to download this game.

    I never played it before, but it’s a lot of mindless, plants-killing-zombies fun!

    I’m still trying to figure out how a game like this is so huge though. This was the same gripe with their previous android release (also free on launch day), Chuzzle.

  • http://Website jgalan14

    I bought this game on my iPhone long time ago and I don’t regret buying it, is nice that is free for android try it on my ns4g and it looks like it runs good, space I don’t mind, most game on iPhone are big downloads, hopefully more good titles come out for android :-)


    hey its free and works great on my nexus and xoom !

    • http://Website matt

      Which Nexus… it apparently requires an SD card which my new Nexus S 4G doesnt have a slot for…. but has 16GB of internal.. i think 75 MB should be okay…

  • http://Website Steven C

    Wish I could get this, but I still have my Motorola Droid. Maybe you can remind me about it this winter when I get the Nexus 3. I will live, I have Netflix when the Droid 2 and Droid X can’t get it, so we’re even.

  • http://Website Cristian

    After save it in sd card its only 752kbs,,, not even one mb… Mytouch 4g.. Running perfect

  • http://Website InvAzn

    Is there anyway to download without putting credit card info in? Or amazon acc

  • http://USonly Big Guy

    Lets not forget Amazon app store is US only.. When do us international android users get the love?

    • daveloft

      As PopCap’s press release said a couple weeks ago it’s exclusive to the Amazon app store for two weeks. They didn’t say it was coming to the Android market but it was definitely implied.

  • http://Website Brian

    I think that it is ridiculous to not offer the game on the original android phone. The size should not be an issue because, as stated in the article, it’s going directly onto the sd card. I am grateful they finally brought pvz to android, however, I am counting the days for a port of the finished polished version, and am upset that I have to wait.

  • mniewiera

    you can use amazon appstore outside of usa.
    just use this tutorial:
    its easy and done in 10min.

    plants vs. zombies is even german on my nexus s ;-)

  • http://Website Julian

    I can’t use amazon appstore outside of usa…

  • http://Website Geraldo

    That video was pretty cool.

  • http://Website Scott

    I love how they tell me that the App Store is not available in my region. AFTER I’ve installed it and gave them my credit card details.

    Not pleased at all.

  • http://Website Adam

    Works great on my rooted Nook Color. The victory animation (clicking on the new plant card) at the end of a level is a little choppy but that’s certainly not a showstopper. Not sure yet how the performance will scale at higher levels when there’s more going on but so far … so good.

  • LukeT32

    Going to see if I can get it on my rooted droid. :)

  • http://Website Graeme

    Amazon blows. They force you to add 1-click payment info even for free apps, and they let you go right to the install phase before telling you that the whole store is not available in Canada. Presumably so they can scam you into creating the account and add all your juicy credit card info.

    UNINSTALLED, account wiped of info.

  • http://Website Bwown

    I can’t install it because it says it’s too large to download on a cellular network, and I can’t log in to any Wi-Fi networks because I don’t know what my credential storage password is. Can someone please help?

    • BiGMERF

      Goto a mcdonals or something… or see if you can hard reset your router and enter new credentials

  • Sean Doe-Simkins

    PROTIP: If you have an incompatible device, you can still “purchase” it if you log into the web version of Amazon’s app store. That way it will be sitting there for you after you upgrade to a newer device in a few months.

  • http://Website Kennon

    Heh I just finished adventure mode of this game on my daughter’s ipad. Now I get to play it all over again :-) I am really impressed by how well it is running on my Captivate. Well done Pop Cap!

  • http://Website eddie

    Are there any differences between this version and the iOS version?

  • http://Website ouchies

    its all rather simple really, they just encourage you to d/load a copy from pirate/ warez sites..

    • no

      Go to

  • http://Website dude

    TechCrunch say it will be available on the normal android market in two weeks.

  • http://Website Seth

    Works great on my ASUS Transformer too.

  • Reliable Marketer

    This game ends up being much more like a puzzle than it is like a shooter game or a level transgressor game. Instead you’re doing castle defense, where your castle is your neighborhood home and your archers and swordsmen are your sunflowers and your pea pod shooters.

  • http://Website Hero

    So downloaded amazon app store (check)
    free up 200MB on pack SD card (check)
    since I have an older android phone, HTC Hero, only have very little internal memory so uninstall pretty much every app I have to make 125MB of internal memory available(check)
    purchase Plants VS Zombies (check)
    go to WiFI spot (check)
    connect to WiFI (check)
    click install….wait 30 minutes for it to download, be so much nicer to do it on my network but…(check)
    downloaded…click install(check)
    I’d really hate to wait for 6 months till I get a new phone to play this AWESOME GAME…any one have any ideas?????
    (plus someone said I can choose whether to install it onto sd card…where the hell is this option????

  • Pea

    Are this game work on rooted samsung galaxy mini s5570?

  • Google Hater

    My iphone 4 beats the living fuck out of droid and the piece of shit who made it.

  • c.out

    on Droid Charge Freezes regularly, needs phone reboot just about everytime i play.