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10 reasons why the HTC Sensation 4G will be my next device [Video]

The HTC Sensation 4G was first rumored early this year (known as the HTC Pyramid), and soon became one of the most promising Android smartphones of the year. HTC finally brought the Sensation out of the darkness last month, and its announcement definitely did not disappoint us. You may ask why… Well, according to the video that HTC has just put out for us, these are the 10 reasons why you should make the HTC Sensation your next phone:

  1. Premium unibody construction – Solid and durable, let’s also not forget its tough Gorilla glass (which is good for me, I am always dropping these darn devices)
  2. Contour display — Comfortable and dust-proof (simply beautiful)
  3. qHD 4.3-inch display — “35% more pixels than a typical display,” and true widescreen dimension (I prefer bigger screens, mostly for typing, but the quality of this one is also very promising)
  4. 1.2 GHz dual-core processor — Faster, stronger, better multi-tasking and overall performance (Don’t we all want these characteristics?)
  5. New HTC Sense: Better lockscreen (loving the shortcuts), animations, and interaction
  6. Instant capture camera – “The moment you press the button is the same moment you take the picture” (I am a very sentimental man, so capturing the right moment is important, thought I tend to forget to take pictures for the very same reason)
  7. Full 1080p HD video recording, up to 30 frames per second, with stereo sound recording (I like viewing my media in bigger screens)
  8. View your media on a full-sized HDTV, even wirelessly (Just said it above!)
  9. “Better Email, browsing enhancements, and WiFi printing” (Good for work!)
  10. HTC Watch — Fully integrated to HTC Sense, for better movie streaming (Android and movies take about 75% of my awake time…)

HTC has put together a nice long video (much like the one for the Flyer), giving you almost 6 minutes of intimate time with HTC’s next flagship device. You can watch the “closer look” after the break, and get ready for some HTC Sensation action this summer! What do you guys say? Are you convinced by HTC? Or are you still going for another device (Maybe the HTC EVO 3D, which seems to be its biggest competitor)?

Source: HTC (YouTube)

Hello, I am Edgar Cervantes. I am an avid Android fan, and keeping myself updated on the topic is part of my daily life. I will always work hard to give the best of me to our community of Android enthusiasts, and I am very honored to be part of this ship. Hopefully we can all enjoy sharing our knowledge and opinions!

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  • http://Website Simon

    Fir…. Just Kidding! hehe

    All the above 10 reasons were the reason why I was waiting for this phone, but not anymore.
    I’m fairly certain this phone will have the same signed bootloaders and rom that will disable modders from loading new ROMS (HTC Incredible S still has no permanent root!)

    I’m really disappointed and saddened by the path HTC has chosen. Other manufacturers seem to be moving towards developers, while HTC has gone the opposite way (making it more difficult).

    • http://Website Noriega713

      I’m positive XDA will have this cracked wide open.

      • http://Website dalingrin

        This is the wrong attitude to have if you care about custom roms and rooting. Manufacturers won’t get the point unless you vote with your money.

        I have the displeasure of owning a Samsung Captivate with an abysmal GPS and swore I would never buy another one of their phones. However, given Samsung’s steadfast support for custom roms and rooting and I can’t help but want to give them my money. Besides, all indications show the Galaxy S2 is great.

        • http://Website TMoAndroidExpert

          I don’t get the outrage over the bootloader thing. But maybe that’s because even though I can root my phone, I really don’t care if I do or not.

          I seem to remember the same outrage with HTC when the G2 dropped. People were returning phones left and right and vowing never to get another HTC. Then what happened? The devs XDA cracked it, and it has one of the more busy ROM communities online. Does it matter that much that you can’t root the device right out of the box?

          • http://Website dalingrin

            Check out devices with signed bootloaders(Motorola) and get back to me :)
            Ask a Milestone user if he/she wished they had a Droid instead for first year or so.

    • http://Website Dags

      You mean a locked and signed bootloader like every other HTC phone? Why panic just because no-one has bothered cracking the Incredible S? How many devs are actually trying on such a uninspiring device?

      • http://Website simon

        Not panicking mate, I’m simply criticizing HTC’s determination in making it harder rather than easier for the very few pple who like to mod their phones.

    • Brian

      As far as it goes I actually went to T-Mobile and got a GX2, but luckily I had some issues, for some reason my specific personal phone liked to eat sim cards. It ate 2 in a week the first was replaced after attempting a fix with the tech support and ruled physically gone. They then replaced it 2 days later it did the same thing and kept saying it was unregistered on the network.

      Any I had been debating between the two when I got it, but just went with the GX2 because it was very nice and available. Well I returned it yesterday for a full refund, then went to Verizon and turned my old no contract phone back on, on my moms family plan. I will patiently wait for my beautiful HTC Sensation. The video you posted makes that statement even more true. This one is a keeper for sure.

      The Samsung Galaxy Sll is also coming, I like the larger (than the original) screen, but they did not up the resolution. As it seems the processor and GPU could have easily handled it. Therefore it has a negative compared to the Sense at least to me. I actually saw a post on the T-Mobile forums saying the screen being 16×9 res was a design flaw, but the person posting it obviously did not relate that to the higher resolution. He got ate on the forum by just about everyone anyway, but it was kind of funny.

      As for this one getting a ROM I imagine it will though rather quickly I am not all that concerned. Either way the main concern of me with rooting this phone is more to be able to remove the junk ware I don’t want on the phone more than having a custom ROM at least for now, the Sense 3 interface seems to be very good to me with some positive development and tools as it stands.

  • http://Website Noriega713

    I just jizzed in my pants!!! I just hope that the netflix app will be available on this thing…

    • http://Website Mark

      I agree, i rather wait for new superstar-smartphone iPhone 5!

      • http://Website Dannyjayfuller

        EVO 3D for me, thanks. Sprint looks like the best US carrier for now, thanks to AT&T’s egregious act of NOM NOM NOM upon poor little T-Mo. The 3DS may give me a headache, but dual-core, gingerbread and sense all in one package sounds pretty darn good to me.

  • http://Website Dan

    Galaxy S 2, what? I want Sensation!

    • http://Website italian mafioso

      Sensation WITHOUT HSPA+, lol what a joke….

  • http://Website Chike

    I will definitely be getting the HTC sensation. Its the perfect replacement for my perfect nexus one. Ill be at the T-mobile store on the drop date. :-)

    • http://Website qw

      I am also wanting to replace my n1 but I’m tired of HTC’s same old designs, this just looks like an n1 but bigger. i would much rather have the g2x than this but I think I’m going to hold out for the nexus 3. My contract will be up by then so I can go where the N3 goes. LG is the new HTC. Great build quality, cutting edge hardware, and open for modding!

    • http://yessir ibad

      same here i have a nexus one, and i have been waiting anxiously for a duo core phone worth upgrading to, since my upgrade has been due since feb, none of the single cores nexus s, mytouch 4g, galaxy s 4g, n even g2x attracted me as much as sensation, other than galaxy s 2
      still with no word on galaxy s2 on tmobile, i mite just go with sensation since i cant wait any longer, although it ll b a decision i ll regret i believe, sensation should ve had 1gb or ram, in 16gb of internal memory and it would ve topped galaxy s 2 in a heartbeat, as it stands, they are neck to neck, due to nfc support, higher 2nd camera etc..

  • artesea

    It was this or the Galaxy S II, but the bootloader did it for me. Already a great community for the S II and now just waiting for delivery.

    • http://Website Simon

      Same here mate, I’m choosing to vote with my money as “dalingrin” suggested.
      I’m buying the Galaxy S2 thus rewarding samsung, then I will ROOT and load custom roms from (also donate to) XDA, thus rewarding the developers.

      Why should the developers waste time trying to root the phone instead of modding the phone!

      • http://Website garet

        well I am voting with my money and that is against samsucks cusotmer service first behold2 then vibrant bad phones all around replaced my vibrant 4 times to get one that worked half way decent so I bought a mytouch 4g and will gladly by the sensation when it comes out HTC phones built so much better on average I know they have some losers also but samsung is 0-2 with me and htc…. G1 the first one miss this phone :( Nexus one had it never a problem fell prey to Vibrants wonderful display (crap everything else) now mytouch 4g..Wonderful phone again.

        • http://Website Nathan

          It looks like Samsung has learned from last year and grown from it. There have been a few minor issues with the Galaxy S II in its short life time and they have already released 2 new firmware versions with fixes, as well as a new camera firmware (though none have had release notes…grumble grumble…)

          I have absolutely loved the phone so far.
          In my eyes it should be between the Sensation and the GS2 for buyers. The 10 reasons above can be reduced to two.

          Sensation plusses:
          Higher res screen
          Sense > Touchwiz (though I prefer Launcher Pro to both)

          GS2 plusses:
          16GB built in
          SAMOLED + (the thing is gorgeous and blacks are true black)
          Super thin AND light…much more than the competition

          As a root user, I think that’s all to compare. Maybe I’m missing something, but its a close one either way. My coworkers said their iPhone 4s look like toys in comparison.

  • http://Website TimeLincoln

    Biggest reason I’m not getting the sensation: the processor is the equivalent of a Pentium D. It’s running the Qualcomm 8260, which is a dual core ARM Cortex A8, not A9. while the cores are essentially the same, the A9 has memory optimizations specifically for multi-core configurations that the A8 does not have. To make up for the loss of this 20% speed boost, they have overclocked the cores (essentially second-gen Snapdragon cores) to 1.2 GHz.

    • http://Website dagamer34

      Snapdragon isn’t a Cortex A8 or A9 design. It’s an ARM ISA-compatible chip that is heavily customized from an older ARMv7 chip.

      • http://Website Dags

        Agreed, it’s neither. I don’t understand the view that only ARM designs are worth considering. The Scorpion core has optimizations that ARM designs do not have.

    • http://Website Mark

      Absolutely, the new iPhone 5 will be superior. Cant wait.

  • http://Website Lox

    I want a phone that I own. A phone that forbids me to access the software isn’t.

    All new HTC phones have a locked bootloader that prevents it. Nowadays, owning an HTC phone means the inability to use any app that requires root access.

    I used to LOVE Htc’s phones and build quality thus I am SO disappointed of their bootloader policy.
    Goodbye HTC.

    • http://Website AceoStar

      I’m fairly sure that this is untrue. Signed bootloader does not mean no root apps, it means no custom ROMs that require a new kernel.

  • Scott

    It’s a shame that with the nice hardware, it’ll be locked down just like a Motorola device. Thanks, but if I get anything in the next few months, it’ll be a Samsung Galaxy S 2. Don’t give me the line that Samsung doesn’t provide timely update either. Blame US carriers for the delay. Also, the Galaxy S 2 is completely open, unlike the Sensation(Pyramid).

    • http://Website Dags

      It’s nothing like a Moto. It’s pretty much the same as every other HTC device bar the Nexus One: locked and signed bootloader and eMMC write protection.

  • http://Website zedklind

    I got the g2x instead for multiple reasons.
    Great screen. 4inches is the right size. When u get to 4.3 you start seeing battery life drop by a lot.

    Tegra 2 dual core 1ghz arm cortex a9. The sensation has an a8. That extra .2ghz doesn’t leave much room for user overclocking. The tegra is faster.

    Signed/locked bootloaders. We should have a choice what our devices look like and what version is it runs. Carriers and manufacturers can’t be relied on to do this for us.

    Exclusive content on the tegra platform. Extra free game levels and such. Ie dungeon defenders.

    HDMI mirroring isn’t available for the sensation. I emulate on my phone. I like a bigger screen for games and chrooting Ubuntu with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

    • http://Website niimo

      too bad lg makes shitty ass phones with bleeding screens and constant reboots.

      • http://Website Frank

        Way to go on your opinion on the I now feel dumber for have reading your reply. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • http://Website Arashi

    You forgot to say …. it’s f##$&//((“!”@$$####$&//&#”$”#$% EXPENSIVE

  • http://Website Chike

    Just finished watching the video….now I want this phone even more!!!!!! I’ve gotta have it!!!!!!!

  • http://Website TMoAndroidExpert

    Day 1 buy for me. Not really too concerned with the locked bootloader as rooting isn’t such a big deal to me. I’ve been waiting on a 4.3 inch Android on T-Mobile since the HD2 was announced. My coworkers and I were laughing about the fact that we were telling any management that would listen that we needed an HTC device like this for forever. Now that the company is getting bought out they want to release the good stuff…

    Funny thing is, I just accepted a job to move over from T-Mobile to AT&T…and I’m still planning to rock this until I can get a comparable dual core HTC there or on Verizon. Although what’s up with the announcement for these phones and the release dates being so far apart? It seems like the Evo 3D was announced last year practically. We don’t even know when the GS2 is going to make it to America.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    There is no doubt that I reside in the HTC CAMP where device reign surpreme. This Sensation is a very nice device truly offering so much people on tmobile will be truly pleased. My preorder exist for the HTC EVO 3D at bestbuy and I will be rocking this device for the remainder of 2011 till the Quadcore Evo comes out in June 2012. Rather you are on tmobile for the Sensation or on Sprint for the Evo 3d their won’t be no other devices better than these for 2011 htc has done their homework. The only other device on par with these two devices this year will be the Samsung Galaxy S2 which I would like to give props to Samsung for that device. With the rumored Nexus 3 with tegra 3 out by Christmas or January and nobody really knows how that device will be i believe htc will remain king of android because they will top that device hands down come 2012. Evo 3d will rule 2011…

    • Every Android Blog Commenter

      Shut the f*ck up, Richard.

      • http://Website Richard Yarrell

        Go SHIT on yourself CLOWN

    • http://Website zedklind

      you are wasting your time

    • http://Website Anonymous

      Are u sure you don’t reside in outer space? Or perhaps an asylum?

      All I can say after reading your comment is… honestly, you spout off some pretty weird stuff there Richard.

      Oh, and thats a nasty double negative: “… their won’t be no other devices better…”

    • http://Website Frank

      You should work for AndroidandMe. You always have the scoop on Sprint & their phones! Don’t know where you get your info from but that sh!t is gold! *insert sarcastic tone*

    • http://Website SfX

      9 lines of text and you managed to say absolutely nothing. well done.

  • Cody

    Was thinking about this phone. Then I saw the awesome benchmarks for the galaxy 2. Then google says nexus 3 will be out by the end of the year. So now I’m waiting for the nexus 3.

    • http://Website Armin

      Could you provide the link to the announcement of Nexus 3 ???

    • http://Website Simon

      Oh mate you’re gonna be waiting for a long time.
      When (and if) the nexus 3 is announced, there will be rumours of a greater phone.
      buy one now, then sell when Nexus 3 is out

  • http://Website nexus

    Cant convince me over the galaxy s 2 1.5ghz on quadrant. This sensation does not have at&t 3g bands. The galaxy 2 might not have qhd but the display is better. 9/10 on engadget. Sensation won’t get that.

  • http://Website Sutorcen

    And why is this phone better than the SGS 2?

  • theguyfromhell

    symbian rules….i keed i keed

    • http://Website Aj


  • http://Website vasra

    - Unibody construction = great
    - SLCD – display =not the best in outdoor visibility (clearly behind Super Amoled Plus)
    - MSM8260 1.2Ghz = slow, gets beaten by Tegra2 in CPU and GPU
    - RAM 768 MB = What gives? Where is 1GB?
    - Fast camera = GREAT! Wish HTC knew how to do auto-WB though
    - Full 1080/30p = You don’t really believe this do you? All phones, even the best vidcam phone (N8) can barely resolve 720 vertical lines. Nowhere near 1080 lines for motion video. Nice advertising gimmick though.
    - HTC Sense = Acquired taste, but the best manufacturer UI addition, imho.

    To me Sensation is a disappointment.

    The screen is not best in class. The CPU is far from it. RAM was a disappointment.

    Pass. Wait for the next HTC after sensation.

    • http://Website eYe

      And none of this matters if user experience is good. At certain point specs don’t matter anymore because most any phone on the market now will have great performance.

  • http://Website Oh….

    Hmmm I don’t think I can pass Galaxy S 2 over this..

    At least this article of opinion is better than Taylor’s “I will get Atrix because of these reasons” or is it?

  • chris

    I never thought I would say this, but i am done with HTC phones.


    the phone is a beast indeed but I am going to pass on it.. no stock android no free hotspot. ill pass and wait for the next Nexus beast. My Nexus S is going to have to hold me over

  • KATREyuk

    I’ve had 4 HTC’s in a row (Magic, Legend, N1, Desire HD)
    and this time… I’m thinking in swap to Samsung (Galaxy S2)
    Sensation is good, but 1 gig ROM is a big failure, a very big one.
    Also, Sense will make a slower phone than possible.
    HTC Support for their widgets and stuff could be much better…
    Don’t know… although screen and camera are very nice…

    • http://Website Anonymous

      Actually, I am running a ported version of the new “Sense 3.0″ which is GingerSense on my G2.
      The ROM actually runs pretty quick, with very little delay, and the battery life is awesome too.
      I can use my phone running it throughout the day, and it will last me over 24 hours.

      I believe the Sensation will be an awesome phone.
      I just hope there will be enough demand to find a perma-root solution to the bootloader.

  • http://Website Invincible

    1. NO NFC – Ice Cream Sandwich will have a bunch of features related to NFC.
    2. The storage is little – only 1GB phone storage and 768 RAM – need at least 8GB/1GB
    3. HTC Sense is not so important – When the phone is rooted I will use a AOSP custom rom without HTC Sense.

    Waiting for next NEXUS

  • http://Website Kevin

    HTC’s misguided policy of locking down their handsets will lose them A LOT of customers. It goes against everything Android is about. Are you now Apple in disguise, HTC?

  • http://Website daveydog

    And #1 reason it won’t be many people’s phone: TMo

  • MitchRapp81

    Reason #1 not to get it – Signed Bootloader


  • ndokami

    To be honest i was waiting for this phone since it was announced to be on tmobile. I’ve been holding out on updating because i wanted a 4.3 inch evo-ish phone, with a camera flash and running android. Tmobile has failed to deliver this till now. I was actually gonna get the g2x till they announced this. Idk im sure this phone will be rooted eventually, much more sooner than most of us think.

  • http://Website Osatrevor

    I just don’t see why this is a better phone than the Samsung Galaxy S II? Can someone enlighten maybe. The only thing that I see as better is the UI, and most of us are going to root our phones anyway.

    • Jeffroid

      second that.. in terms of raw specifications I don’t think any phones beat SGS2 at the moment…

    • http://Website Miguel

      1. The screen has a higher resolution than the Galaxy S II.

      2. The quality of materials and construction on the Sensation are far superior to the Galaxy S II.

      3. Sensation is heavily rumored to release June 8, while there is no confirmed released date for the Galaxy S II on ANY U.S. carrier, nevermind T-Mobile which is usually last.

      • http://Website Jeffroid


        1) Higher resolution no doubt. but SAMOLED+ has much vibrant colours and the true black is really attractive. so…pixels or pixels AND colours?

        2) was specifically talking about internal hardware raw specifications… not build quality

        3) don’t affect me in my country though.. I know my country will definitely get it. Patience is all you need

  • http://Website Hector

    Nexus 3 or bust. (Unless LG makes it than SGS 2 for sure)



  • http://Website mikaeldalc

    Anyone know if the sensation will b compatible w/ at&t’s network in case of the merge. I really want this phone but scared of it now working with the at&t’s network

    • http://Website DWA


  • http://Website binary

    Backlight bleeding at 0:49 :D

  • http://Website Brian Mendes

    Looks like a fantastic phone but they are forgetting one but very IMPORTANT detail…NO KICK-STAND! Part of the attraction of all these new phones is the ability to watch media comfortably, right? Bigger screens and better pixelation but no kick-stand? I want to sit and watch a movie or videos to past time but I have to HOLD it the entire time? VERY WEAK design flaw.

  • http://Website Jimmy Timmy

    When you Trim Video you shot will it save the trim version as another file or effect the original?
    Another thing is, some thing you shot in 1080 and trimmed will still be a massive upload to up to email or youtube.. does it have an on-board encoder to down sample the edited video?

  • Dane

    I have a qwestion if I put a at&t 4g sim card in a unlocked sensation will Infer 3 or 4g coverage?what would happen?will you please explain.