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8 reasons why I want the Samsung Galaxy S II (Video)

The next generation of smartphones is on its way, and one of Android’s advantages is definitely the wide selection of handsets that its open platform provides. After writing about the main features of the HTC Sensation, it came to my attention that most of you were comparing that device to the Samsung Galaxy S II, mentioning the reasons why you were more inclined to purchase one more than the other. It goes without saying that Samsung’s new flagship device is one of the most anticipated of the year, and it definitely has its advantages over the competition.

Like many of you, I have been studying the latest high-end devices and checking out my options, and the Samsung Galaxy S II is definitely among the top competitors in my personal list. Why?

  • Design: Though it may look a bit fragile to some, it is undeniable that this device is simply beautiful. The metallic finish is very attractive, and its thinness is impressive.
  • Dual-core/Graphics: Great speed, multi-tasking, and overall performance. Also optimized for gaming and multimedia.
  • Super AMOLED Plus display: Definition, colors, and saturation are amazing on the Samsung Galaxy S II. Remember the Galaxy S displays? Well, imagine that, but even better.
  • Touchwiz: While Stock Android is the best way to go, Touchwiz is among the best manufacturer UI’s out there, along with Sense (in my humble opinion).
  • Improved Web Browsing and Email: Very snappy browsing, as well as other cool additions, like zooming in/out by moving the device (using the gyrosensor). Samsung has also added a Honeycomb-like email client, making it very unique and much easier to navigate.
  • Camera: Stunning 8 MP camera, able to record at full 1080p HD quality. It also has a 2 MP front-facing camera, which is something we will begin to use with more frequency as it becomes more available.
  • MHL connection with TV: Watching all your content on a big screen is something that we could often take advantage of. With the Samsung Galaxy S II, you can do it at full-HD 1080p resolution (with up to 30 fps).
  • Unlocked Bootloader: Last but not least… The main reason why this device is better for many of you. Being able to play around with your device, and customize it at will, is one of the most fun abilities that Android gives you. If you are one to root and take the Android experience to its fullest, an unlocked bootloader is a must.

It so happens that Samsung has also released a “closer look” video of the Samsung Galaxy S II. Though it roughly follows the same pattern as the Sensation’s video, this one is much more detailed. Samsung’s demo is about 12.5 minutes long (around twice the length, compared to HTC’s). While the Samsung Galaxy S II has not been released in the U.S. yet, it has made its debut in Korea, and it is currently on its quest here. In the meanwhile, check out the video after the break, and let us know why you are choosing (or not) the Samsung Galaxy S II. Which will be your next device, and why?

Source: Samsung Mobile (YouTube)

Hello, I am Edgar Cervantes. I am an avid Android fan, and keeping myself updated on the topic is part of my daily life. I will always work hard to give the best of me to our community of Android enthusiasts, and I am very honored to be part of this ship. Hopefully we can all enjoy sharing our knowledge and opinions!

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  • http://Website Unique Nate

    I agree with it all. Forget all the rumors and bad talk. This device does it all very well and actually one of the best working dual cores. The new TOUCHWIZ us actually nice and beneficial in a way over stock. This would be the dream phone if it was pure though. Whenever USA carriers tag this (Sprint) it’ll sit nicely with my Nexus 4G. Probably have the N3 by then.

    • http://Website 1000 reasons why this crap wont be my next phone

      Its a scamsung. I will never touch this mess of a suckphone again. Asian trash phones with thousands of serious bugs, no support and

      LIES, LIES, LIES >The froyo/gingerbread update is coming soon….. bla bla>

      FECK OFF Scamsuck.

      • http://Website 1000 reasons why this crap wont be my next phone

        Its a scamsung. I will never touch this mess of a suckphone again. Asian trash phones with thousands of serious bugs, no support and

        LIES, LIES, LIES >The froyo/gingerbread update is coming soon….. bla bla>

        FECK OFF Scamsuck..

        • http://Website 1000 reasons why this crap wont be my next phone

          Its a scamsung. I will never touch this mess of a suckphone again. Asian trash phones with thousands of serious bugs, no support and

          LIES, LIES, LIES >The froyo/gingerbread update is coming soon….. bla bla>

          FECK OFF Scamsuck…

          • http://Website Mike

            Try survive without using a single thing ASIA for a week, retard.

          • http://Website 1000 reasons why this crap wont be my next phone

            Its a scamsung. I will never touch this mess of a suckphone again. Asian trash phones with thousands of serious bugs, no support and

            LIES, LIES, LIES >The froyo/gingerbread update is coming soon….. bla bla>

            FECK OFF Scamsuck…

          • http://Website 1000 reasons why this crap wont be my next phone

            Its a scamsung. I will never touch this mess of a suckphone again. Asian trash phones with thousands of serious bugs, no support and

            LIES, LIES, LIES >The froyo/gingerbread update is coming soon….. bla bla>

            FECK OFF Scamsuck…..

      • http://Website ghghh

        Arent pretty much all phones Asian these days? Even the fruit phone is 95% Asian.

  • http://Website Danny

    This makes me want it more!!!!!!!!!! XD

    • http://Website TWiT Commander

      SGS2 has unlocked bootloader?

      Holy cow, Batman!

  • http://Website Maddog

    Coming from a Nexus One this phone is miles ahead! Fast, responsive, rootable and easy to mod. Even the stock ROM is well thought out and easy to use.

    I miss the trackball but am getting over it.

    • http://Website Jeffrey

      How did you get the phone Maddog?

      • http://Website EggoEspada

        He probably imported it. It works on AT&T.

    • http://Website Andrew Palozzo

      Same boat… from a nexus 1,

      Can’t say enough good things about the SGS2… simply put the best phone I’ve ever used.

      My only complaint it a lot of the HD games from gameloft aren’t compatible.. at least yet with Exynos / Mali 400…. but everything else, is buttery smooth and the just perfect in every way.

  • http://Website gad

    Why not 10 reasons?

    • daveloft

      You can add at least one more, best in class Codec Support according to GSM Arena it supports WMV, through .AVI (DivX and XviD) and .MP4 to .MKV (H.264) up to 1080p with support for subtitles.

  • http://Website kevin

    Looks like a great phone. I’ve had better luck with quality (light leakage, speakers, etc.) With Samsung over HTC. 2 Galaxy S, Droid In. , Thunderbolt.

  • http://Website alex

    this phone is great but i want the mytouch 4g slide, b/c so far the specs of the phone are looking great, and the leaked rom is cool too, especially with 3D, i made a vow to stick to mytouch phones so i dont switch thatoften

    • http://Website Eric

      Why make a vow like that? I’m not saying the myTouch line of phones is not great, but I’m just curious why someone would vow to stick to a specific line.

      • http://Website alex

        well b/c if i just want the newest thing then ill waste money cuz idk sticking to one thing will be easier, especially since new ones are released every 6 months with the newest hardware like the mytouch 4g slide has dual core, 3D, and etc

        • http://Website alex

          and also i prefer sense over stock, stock is too plain for me. i believe
          especially now that google has partnered with carriers, and manafacturers to get updates quicker then makes sense all the more better

  • http://Website gad

    This is definitely gonna be my next phone

  • http://Website John

    My current phone is Nexus One. This will be my next phone definitely.

  • http://Website Adam

    Please come to sprint so i can have a choice Evo 3D or this. Damn it can’t decide!

    • kazahani

      It’s comming to all the carriers eventually. Also, there is no reason to own the Evo 3d. Do yourself a favor and get this phone instead.

  • http://Website Rovex

    Yeah some have made the comment that its to thin and will break, but its actually very solid. I have no issues with mine at all. The back cover is very very thin indeed, but clicks into place firmly and it looks fine once in place. Its built very well indeed.

  • http://Website rrrrrichard

    Impure! Impure! Impure! Nexus 3 is the only way, since the G2x is not quite good enough. My Nexus One will last until then.

    (Unfortunately, the N3 will certainly have NFC, which is my other absolute deal breaker. I hope there’ll be some way to disable it. Maybe jab a pencil into it?)

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    id switch carriers for an unlocked dual core phone well unless it was sprint or att, hmm maybe i wouldnt switch so nevermind!! hopefully this lands with big red

  • http://Website Binary

    I’ve got my SGS2 yesterday. The phone is amazing. I Am most impressed with the display and phone calls quality. The camera is also very good.
    The device is fast, but sometimes I can see a micro lagg.

    IMO Its the best phone on the market!

    • http://Website lolo

      what carrier has the galaxy s2?

      • http://Website binary

        Tele2 in Sweden

  • droidvader

    Totally a fan of this phone and all of its amazing features but wow, I think they have really out-done themselves with their effort to go to the far reaches of crappy audio to find that cheezy song.

  • http://Website Marcus

    Mind my ignorance but, is this device already out?

    • kazahani

      The device has come out in some Asain markets, and if you import it you can get it to work on AT&T. Eventually it will be releasing for all 4 major U.S. carriers, but there are no details or official announcements yet.

      • kazahani

        *Asian markets. Sorry about that…

  • kwills88

    I still have a g1..I don’t think i even need a better reason to want this phone than that..but all almost jokes aside…I’ve watched and read every review for this phone and it’s all positive..the phone is so good that the only thing people can complain about is the thin back cover..i was completely sold when i saw that it supports MKV ps3 don’t even support that without me hacking it…so yeah i need this phone more than anything.

  • http://Website anthony

    Seems like a great phone one to drool about my problem is Google ruined the super amoled on the nexus s with 2.3.4 could the same happen with this super phone just wondering since Samsung didn’t stop Google from doing it to the nexus s

  • http://Website Binary

    It supports MKV but not DTS sound :(
    Most movies on internet has DTS sound.

  • http://Website watbetch

    Quite simply, Samsung came correct with the Galaxy S II. It’s my next phone when it drops on T-Mobile USA.

  • Alex

    Here are my reasons why I want the Galaxy S2. I hope it further helps you decide if you want to buy it or wait for something else:

  • http://Website Mocha K

    Perfect. Nuff said.

  • http://Website Gabe

    It should be more like “8 reasons why i should wait for the Nexus 3″.. For realzz..

  • kazahani

    AAAAAAH! This or Sensation… I CAN’T DECIDE!

    • Mocha K

      Go with this sexy beast for sure.

    • http://Website Enrique

      me too? not sure between SGs2 or sensation.

  • http://Website Patricia R

    Nice phone. But i already own an iPhone 4 and i dont wanna downgrade to Samsung

    • Mocha K

      Troll somewhere else.

    • http://Website Patricia R

      Nice phone. But i already own an iPhone 4 and i dont wanna downgrade to Samsung.

      • AME

        Samsung makes the flash memory in iPhones so congratulations on being a Samsung owner!

      • http://Website Patricia R

        Nice phone. But i already own an iPhone 4 and i dont wanna downgrade to Samsung..

        • HackNet

          You’re an idiot. The iPhone is a gimmick. It’s useless without its apps. Heck, it’s still useless with the apps.

          Apple’s iPhone is a Kiosk like device vs Android, which is more of a PC like device. (you can get more done with Android)

      • http://Website Rovex

        The iPhone 4 is basically a Samsung/LG hybrid thats been locked down and crippled by iOS.

      • http://Website Patricia R

        Nice phone. But i already own an iPhone 4 and i dont wanna downgrade to Samsung…

      • http://Website thebosh

        judging by your comment, its true then that the iphone is the smartphone for dumb people

  • http://Website addictive

    This is my next phone. I currently have rooted Samsung Epic 4G Galaxy S.

  • http://Website Paul

    No thank you the screen is way to bit 4″ max, & no led notification light, no thanks.

    • http://Website Nathan

      The phone is so thin AND light, I highly encourage you to hold the phone first before making assumptions about the size. I don’t think you will have a problem with the size after all.

      I was dreading not having a notification LED too, but after using NoLED from the Market ( I can say that AMOLED + NoLED is better than a dedicated LED for notifications. You can have different colors or icons flash for different notifications, rather than one catch all LED for everything. For me at work, I don’t want to check my phone when a new email arrives, so I ignore those. I would like to be shown if there is a missed call, and I can tell the difference with NoLED. I haven’t noticed an impact on battery at all (probably very small in reality), which is only possible with LED screens. As with most things Android, its all about the options.

  • http://Website Chad

    When is this dropping on Verizon??!!!!

    • Taylor Wimberly


      • http://Website Jerry

        But with what we have seen lately, do you honestly believe that Taylor?

        Ps. Miss you.
        –No Homo.

      • http://Website triangle

        Any idea if this will come with LTE on Verizon?

  • http://Website Sean

    I have had mine for over a week…
    Love it’s speed and screen…

    Hate touchwiz and kies..
    And hate that such a powerful and expensive phone won’t run all the new games (thd games)

    • http://Website Hans

      That’s Nvidia’s fault, though. :(

    • http://Website gad

      What is the capacity of the SD card that comes with it

      • http://Website Virtue

        There’s no microSD card included. It has 16GB internal storage and a microSD slot capable of handling 32GB microSD cards.

  • http://Website Sean

    Also love the battery life

  • http://Website Miguel

    This probably won’t hit all 4 carriers in the U.S. until late summer. We don’t even know if it will be on all 4 carriers. Just because Samsung did it with the original Galaxy doesn’t mean it will happen again.

    At least the Sensation has a solid release date of less than a month away!

    • http://Website gad

      That would depend i guess on the carriers not Samsung.

  • AME

    I had a G1 and really wanted this phone so I held out and held out, but caved and bought the G2x which is totally badass.

    I hope for the SGS2 owners’ sakes that Samsung is better at updating their software than providing ETAs for their hardware.

    • http://Website Rovex

      Here in the UK we have already had 3 firmware updates for the SGS2.

      Its already been overclocked, rooted and a wrapper for the Tegra games is in the works. With this much power and fast source code releasing (its already out) this phone is getting a LOT of dev support.

    • http://Website Polaris

      My thoughts exactly. Sammy makes great hardware but has a horrible track record regarding updates. All things considered I’d go with HTC. At least you know you’ll get an update in a timely manner

  • http://Website rev2redlineguy

    WOW! I totally am in love with this phone. It looks like I found my next upgrade phone. I surely hope T-Mobile gets it soon!

  • http://Website RAPTOR

    Great Phone. My wish would be Virgin Mobile or MobilePCS where i plan to switch from future probable T-Mo/ATT monopoly ripoff.

    Hey Samsung, make next one with 1280×800 4.7″ screen, 4-core. Same size! Which is doable because this one still has a lot of bezel.

    Will be superphone when i’ll install 3500mAh battery like in Vibrant(GalaxyS).

  • http://Website One Big Reason To Prefer Another (not AMOLED kind) Phone

    According to many witnesses on many websites, AMOLED like screens are subjects to “burn in”, who is a ghost image that remains on your screen and don’t disappear. There are many witnesses from owners of these AMOLED / Super AMOLED screens or from employees of after sale services that are complaining of this problem that they personally notice. For many, this happens only after a few months after buying the phone. See “burn in” amoled with google, or “burn in” oled.

    • http://Website RAPTOR

      Do not blindly trust anyone, there could be some display defects etc and major is that there are a lot of retards on all forums. Get “Display Checker” or other app on Market and check this yourself.

      My first 7-8 years old Sony Amoled weared off substantially developing color inhomogeneity. But it was 1000 times burned in saunas and 100% humidity hot steamers. LOL. Do not see any pattern there.

      The Vibrant after 9 months of the same treatment shows so far little degradation. I’ve noticed only faint difference on top of the blue screen (5mm stripe due to a bit different green value, not blue one) but only after photoshoping by varying brightness and contrast to the extremes. 999/1000 people will not notice this. Could be also some initial defect. But could be burn in, it is the area of toolbar where burn in must be developed first. See here

  • http://Website Droideka

    Definitely my next phone. It was between this and the EVO 3D, but I gotta take the SAMOLED+ over qHD. I’m currently rocking an epic 4G and I still can’t believe how vibrant my screen is, so to use the next version of that technology is an exciting prospect. And did you see the quadrant tests on this beast?

    I just hope this comes out on sprint as the sequel to the Epic. Throw a hardware keyboard on there and I’m sold. I mean, MORE sold.

  • Jarvis73

    Nice phone, I wonder how can you have this for att when you have an iPhone 4 I don’t wanna change my data plan

    • http://Website Bpear

      Buy it unlocked on eBay and just swap your sim and change the pan settings. Or when it comes to AT&T you can buy the AT&T version locked on and swap your sim

    • http://Website aoji

      btw, nice choice to switch from the apple to this beast :) :)

  • http://Website About battery life

    To @Sean
    Please note for battery life that SGS2 have (like SGS) optimized battery management (including proc frequency drop when necessary). On many other phones (Sony Arc, LG 2X, etc.) that can be rooted, it is easy to dramatically improve stock battery life with related software. In comparison, with SGS2, it should be very hard to improve stock battery life.

    • http://Website Rovex

      Actually the SGS2 battery life can easily be improved. Ive set mine to 500mhz with the screen off and under clocked it to 800mhz in normal use. There is no noticeable speed reduction at all and it still plays HD videos. Despite that the battery EASILY lasts 16 hours. With use that emptied my Dell streak this phone still has over 50% left at the end of the day.

      • http://Website About battery life

        With setcpu enabled, you can EASILY have battery lasting 2 days with SONY Arc or LG 2X (3 days for some persons).

  • http://Website Maximus

    Im currently a Nexus S owner so i will be waiting for the Nexus 3 which should be out around December hopefully which would make it a year iv owned the Nexus S

    The SGS2 has some Great features and if it wasnt for that TouchWiz and Kies i might have considered buying it

    If u can guarantee me that there will be a Stock Custom ROM available at the time of Purchase so that i could have Touchwiz REMOVED IMMEDIATELY then maybe you might have a Buyer in me lol

    Again i was impressed with the features and the MHL looked Seem-less in the demo

    Touchwiz is a deal breaker for me…its just awfull


    • Jeffroid

      I’m a Nexus S owner myself too, same thoughts on waiting out for Nexus 3.

      However, I don’t think TouchWiz is that bad at all. While I’m all for pure google experience, Samsung’s made some pretty nice customizations there on the whole UI and navigation around the OS. I would give them credit for that.

  • kwills88

    They should really try to release this phone before Q3, considering the sensation will be out next month they might lose some customers who’ve been waiting for this phone for a long time and will just choose the sensation because they’re tired of waiting…i really hope a end of the month release is possible.

    • http://Website Nathan

      As usual, blame it on the US carriers. Its already out in the UK/EU and S. Korea among other countries and will soon be world wide (minus the US). Complain to your carrier (probably again…) that they shouldn’t mess with a good thing by delaying the release just to add a bunch of crap that will get in the way and never be used!

  • Scotter

    Please forgive me if I missed this info somewhere:
    What resolution is the screen? Thanks!

    • http://Website Virtue

      It’s a 4.3″ WVGA screen at 800×480. It’s certainly not as sharp as say qHD (960×540) but it’s way better than the previous generation of PenTile SAMOLED screens in the original SGS.

  • http://Website Usman

    If this gets CM7 support, I’d be all over this. Here’s hoping. I’ll take S-AMOLED+ at this resolution than SLCD qHD any day. It’ll at least hold me over until the Nexus 3 comes out.

    • http://Website Virtue

      Agreed. The bootloader is unlocked on this phone too unlike the Sensation so it should be quite easy to put CM7 on it.

  • http://Website am123

    This thing has been getting ridiculous reviews on battery life. SOLD!!

  • http://Website Wunako

    Touchwiz UI has come a long way, it does look a lot nicer, just woulndt buy another samsung device… Maybe its just me but samsung phones always look more like a iPhone down from the UI (Icons, and etc) to the actual hardware… well it looks nice either way, i might just hold out for a Nexus 3 if rumors are true

  • http://Website Sandra

    Not a big fan of Samsung. Would consider this phone for sure. Currently have HTC EVO.

  • http://Website Smithy

    This is a great phone and the best thing is the price has dropped for the phone have just got mine off Amazon –