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Android Market bound to have more apps than the App Store in the next few months

Just yesterday we reported on Android’s stunning growth, well that was yesterday. Today, we have yet another indication that Android is headed towards inevitable world domination. Research firms Distimo and research2guidance, have both released reports predicting that the Android Market will overtake Apple’s App Store in the number of apps, in the next few months.

Distimo is reporting that the Android Market will blow past the App Store before the end of July. While research2guidance forecasts that the Market will have 425,000 apps by August, easily beating the App Store. This is mainly due to the Market’s neck-breaking speed at which is getting more apps. In April alone, developers published 28,000 new apps to the Market, whereas Apple only had 11,000 new apps.

This of course, will be a significant milestone for Android. Being the platform with the most apps is no easy task, specially when the platform launched roughly a year later than Apple’s. But here we are, about to witness something many considered impossible just a year ago. Nonetheless, there’s still an aspect where Android lags behind iOS,  and that is apps’ quality and design. Hopefully, a rising number of apps in the Android Market means we’ll see the quality rise as well.

Via: TechCrunch

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  • http://Website Bob

    Sure you mean neck-breaking?

    • Alberto Vildosola

      Yep, why?

    • Alberto Vildosola

      ooh got it, my bad. It’s fixed now.

      • http://Website marc

        I don’t think it is corrected, unless I am mistaken in thinking that you may have meant break-neck speed; not neck-breaking speed, which sounds a lot more literal and totally like a horrible thing and not positive at all.

  • http://Website generaleesean

    Question of quality over quantity. Most of the high quality apps & games are still made for iOS first and then Android later.

    • http://Website mikeyDroid

      And that’ll soon change – just like market share has changed – just like OS popularity has changed – Android is playing catch up – and they’ve done it damn fast. Soon it’ll be the other way around.

      • http://Website marc

        There is no way in hell that will change any time soon unless some cataclysmic shift is happening at Google as I am writing this. The Android Marketplace is full of nothing but crap and ports/adaptations from the App Store. There are a couple dozen (and that’s being generous) apps that are uniquely Android and worth any kind of mention.

        Thinking of LauncherPro; it is a disgrace that a single person has put Android’s launcher to shame and disgrace and uncovered Google to be the embarrassment they are overall. Scanner Radio is another fine example of a genius Android app, but it really only has a bit of a novel purpose, probably most interesting to low level drug dealers and ambulance chasers.

        Google and Android has it’s benefits, but my expectations from the high level functioning geniuses Google claims to have working on it’s teams far exceeds what is actually delivered. The Marketplace site is rudimentary (can’t even figure out that apps I uninstalled ages ago are not installed on my phone), 90% of apps are plain trash, 8% are copies of preexisting App Store apps, and the remaining 2% are original, unique Android apps. There is just so much trash in the Android Marketplace it’s like digging through the discount and dented clearance container at a dollar store closeout sale.

        BTW, I don’t speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai, Portuguese, etc. why are you offering me apps in that language who’s description I can’t even read even though Google could integrate their Translation asset, yet again fail to do. Also, do I really need to sift through apps for all kinds of local businesses, e.g., russian banks, I will never have a need for unless I happen to do a specific search for it?

        To sum it all up, given all the failure that Google has to show for all the geniuses, I expect the Google Music app and store to fall short just like everything else they do.

  • acupunc

    mobile devices need much higher quality apps over quantity. no one uses 100K apps! most normal people only use about 10 applications maximum and then entertainment apps–games and what not. other than that the number of apps is just a marketing ploy that apple has beaten into the ground.

    • http://Website mikeyDroid

      Normal people use at most 10?

      I guess myself and everyone else I know, Android or iOS are whacky then. Or maybe you just don’t know how to use your phone to it’s full potential. I use at least 10 daily, with plenty others installed or revolve that are used often.

      • http://Website marc

        I don’t know how many I have installed exactly even though it is far over 100, but to be fair, I only us a couple on a regular basis. I wish Android would allow for “favoriting” or “staring” apps for easy on-demand install so I don’t have to carry them around installed on my phone. Maybe even like a tool-kit, e.g., house buying tool-kit could include a mortgage calculator, loan application, and real estate locator apps.

  • http://Website This comment is violating our rules

    android has no games

  • http://Website Dennis

    Who cares how many quality apps are there or not? Let us just enjoy this important milestone for Android and like he said “Hopefully, a rising number of apps in the Android Market means we’ll see the quality rise as well.”

  • http://Website rovex

    Apple is running out of material for its ads. In the UK its had to pull 2 in recent months because they aren’t true. The latest is about the largest apps store.. I guess that will be pulled soon as well..

  • http://Website Rev. Spaminator

    Really, I don’t care who has more apps. Both platforms will have their great apps and their turkeys. And from what I’ve seen, iOS looks like a nice system that could really benefit from having its source released to the world. Apple’ s “ALL YOUR PHONE ARE BELONG TO US” attitude is what kill my interest in the platform. Their hardware looks nice too (mostly) and if it weren’t for price and exclusivity I’m sure they would make great Android phones.

  • http://Website

    android has no games

  • ncalvin

    I think the x-axis on that graph is mislabeled. I think it’s supposes to be 10/01 – 11/12, instead of 01/01 – 01/12 twice.

  • http://Website doop

    Yeah, ncalvin is right.
    I spent a minute staring at the graph trying to figure out what those numbers are supposed to represent until I realized they’re incorrectly written dates. Change the years to 2010-2011 instead of listing 2001 over and over.