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Android steamrolls competition, now owns 35% of the global smartphone market

This morning, research firm Canalys, released their latest mobile report and it’s not a shocker. According to the company, Android now sits at the top of the smartphone food chain with 35% of the market. That’s 2.1% more than the quarter before, when it had a 32.9% market share. Android is now the most popular smartphone platform for the second quarter in a row, with 35.7 million units shipped in the first quarter.

Canalys credits Android’s growth to “good performances by a number of key vendors. ‘HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson drove Android shipments in the first quarter, with each vendor shipping well over 3 million devices

While Android is doing pretty good, the same can’t be said about its competitors. Nokia’s share is now down to 24%, compared to the 39% it had a year ago. Nokia just recently decided to do something about its shrinking sales, by joining forces with Microsoft and building Windows Phone devices. However, that strategy might not work out as well as Nokia wishes it would. Microsoft’s platform is not showing any signs of life with just 2.5 million units shipped, that’s 1 million less devices than Samsung’s Bada platform. Ouch.

Overall, the smartphone market grew by 83% in one year, going from 55.2 million units shipped in Q1 2010 to 101.0 million units in Q1 2011. The most growth came from Asia, which now owns 37.3% of the smartphone market. Which is not hard to believe, when you see that Samsung sold 120,000 Galaxy S2 phones in South Korea in the first 72 hours.

We’ll sure hear more about Android’s exponential growth next week at Google I/O, and rightly so. The mobile OS has taken many companies by surprise and is taking over the world at an outstanding pace. You bet whoever does the Android keynote — the Android fan in me wants that person to be Vic Gundotra – is going to remind us about Android’s growth every five minutes.

Via: BusinessInsider

Source: Canalys

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  • http://Website Semajhan

    This was expected.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Just a minor error: “Overall, the smartphone market grew by 83% in one year, going from 55.2 units shipped in Q1 2010 to 101.0 units in Q1 2011.”

    55.2 units shipped? I’m pretty sure you forgot a few orders of magnitude in that number :)

    • Alberto Vildosola

      Fixed. Thanks.

  • http://Website Former apple fan

    And I can see why.
    I’m planning on jumping from my 3Gs to the Sony Ericsson xperia play.

    There is just so much more choice and freedom on android.

    • http://Website marcus

      I love your name lol. Good job at switching to android!

  • http://Website Thaghost

    Yes!! The little green army has crushed the competition.

    One thing still bothers me tho…the average consumer or not well informed consumer still asks “does it do this like the iphone? Or whats that is it like the ipad?” Arghghgh

    • http://Website ari-free

      not as much as they used to.
      I saw the smartphone of a girl who works the cash register at a local supermarket. It was a Samsung.

  • http://Website Sophie

    But why are there drastically more iphone web users?

  • http://Website Sophie

    And also, why does only half of n america use android? Europe knows what’s best for them.

    • http://Website Odie

      If you’re not familiar with U.S. population density, the map above looks the same when you see a satalite image of the U.S. at night. The darkspot is mostly mountains and a desert.:-)