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Android’s big summer showdown: HTC Sensation vs. the Samsung Galaxy S II

If you haven’t noticed, Android phones are everywhere now.  Every few weeks, manufacturers and service providers are launching new handsets which are tailored at distinct market segments.  It used to be that Android phones were a one-size-fits-all solution and the only thing you needed to worry about was if you wanted a phone with a QWERTY keyboard or a simple touch-only solution.  While it’s certainly nice to have options, the level of added choice has made it extremely difficult to choose the right phone.

We know that the majority of Android users are not worried about having the best phone possible.  Most people simply want a phone that can make phone calls, send text messages, and allow them to sling a few Angry Birds at green pigs every now and then.  But that’s simply not the case for those of you who visit our site every day.  You want a phone that will outperform the competition in every way possible.

It’s no secret that the HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S II will be the top selling phones of the summer. Both handsets feature some pretty amazing specs with 4.3-inch displays, dual-core processors, 8 megapixel cameras capable of capturing 1080p HD video, and newly redesigned user interfaces.  But don’t be fooled by their similarities.  The Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation have just as many differences as they do likenesses.

The HTC Sensation will be the first phone to be powered by Qualcomm’s MSM 8260 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and features a unique unibody shell.  The Sensation also comes equipped with a high-resolution (960 x 540 pixels) Super LCD display covered with Gorilla Glass and new camera app which takes pictures the instant you press the shutter button.

Samsung’s Galaxy S II is amazingly thin, measuring in at only 8.49mm.  The phone weighs 116 grams and the 4.3-inch 480 x 800 pixel resolution Super AMOLED Plus display also features a Gorilla Glass covering.  The European version of the Galaxy S II is powered by an Exynos XMM6260 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, though we’re not exactly sure what the handset’s specs will look like once U.S. carriers are done tinkering with it.

Each phone has its unique advantages, but sometimes it’s not really about the specs.  A manufacturer’s reputation plays a huge roll in a consumer’s purchasing decisions.  In the past, HTC’s phones have been on the top of the list for developers and tweakers, but the HTC Sensation’s locked bootloader could keep many advanced users at bay.  Samsung’s taken a beating over the past year due to the Galaxy S GPS fiasco and their slow response time in pushing out system updates, but their new open stance on development could create quite a few new Samsung fans.

While writing this story, I asked all the writers here at Android and Me which features, manufacturer or phone they would prefer.  As expected, the results are all over the board, making it clear that picking the right Android phone is a daunting task.

We want to know which features or specs have the most influence on your purchasing decisions and if you’re planning on picking up the HTC Sensation of Samsung Galaxy S II this summer. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • http://Website Josh

    For the first time ever, Samsung wins this round in my opinion. Locked bootloader means the HTC is automatically disqualified. The fact that the S2 is one sexy piece of kit doesn’t hurt…

    • http://Website garet

      Most people dont care about a locked bootloader I dont I stopped rooting my androids once I upgraded past the G1 most of them do whatever most users need and want without root. I can wait for upgrades to make sure they are right and Samsung is one of the worst with upgrades.and customer support until they show they care about their customers more then they care about the next phone they are making then I might consider them again.

      • http://Website ian

        but this isnt about what “most people” care about, its what people on an android tech blog care about, which is many times different

      • http://Website Who’s to blame

        Blame the carriers, NOT Samsung for not getting the updates out.

        • http://Website Apple Juice

          I blame Apple. If the iPhone5 were announced at their June conference, no one would even care about these two phones.

          • Dilshan

            I cannot emphasize how wrong you are on that one.

    • http://Website Marcel

      The Locked bootloader is a show stopper for me.
      I have send a mail to HTC customer service telling them that afert a long line of HTC phones I’m going to bay the Samsung galaxy SII instead of the HTC sensation because of the bootloader. And that I hope that they have change to unlocked bootloaders when my Samsung needs a replacement.

      have had no response yet.

      • Nick Gray

        Locked bootloader is disappointing, but developers should still be able to get root access and we could see a few custom Sense 3.0 ROMs, but that’s basically it. I’ve been flashing Roms to my HTC phones since ever since I rooted my G1, but that’s not going to stop me from getting the HTC Sensation. The qHD display is amazing and I really love the new features in HTC Sense 3.0 (I’ve flashed a few Sense 3.0 ports to my G2 already).

    • asterbenz

      In this case, does a locked bootloader actually mean that it won’t ever be rooted?

      • http://Website Eric

        No, root will still l happen, but the rooms will be able to do less. Certain issues wnt be fixed,certain features cannot be added. Basically anything you have to add a new kernel for won’t happen till the boot loader is fixed. This also includes things like cyanogen and upgrades to new versions of the os before they are officially out.

        • http://Website Eric

          Rooms = roms

    • http://Website Am123

      Do you hear that HTC???? Don’t go the way of wack ass motorola!

    • http://Website Am123

      Do you hear that HTC???? Don’t go the way of wack ass motorola!

    • jivemaster

      Every HTC in the last year has been locked, so clearly this isn’t a split second change. Sensation is def the best, qHD is the new standard and SG2 owners will be left behind. The SG2 is proven rubbish for gaming, and sense is the best flavour of Android bar vanilla. HTC phones don’t often require hacking because they just work, unlike the rubbish software other devs release their devices with. The only good samsung was Nexus S because someone other than samsung was in charge of the software.

      • http://Website JTW

        Where did you see that the SG2 was “rubbish” for gaming?

      • Nick Gray

        The Exynos XMM6260 1.2 GHz dual-core processor in the Samsung GSII is simply amazing. Early reviews have pegged it as one of the most capable processor on the market, even better than the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. It’s a little disappointing that NVIDIA has brainwashed developers into making games specifically for the Tegra 2 since phones like the Galaxy S II and the Sensation will not be able to play them even though they are more than capable.

      • http://Website mkrmec

        the qHD LCD display can go hide against a SAMOLED+ display, Samsung display is just that superior even with the lower resolution.

        Sense is getting uglyer day by day. The new TouchWiz actualy impressed me and my taste is that stock is best.

        HTC phones were easyly rooted until, HTC decided to encrypt the bootloader. I sure hope that it can be hacked as soon as possible. But I think there will be some problems with it.

        There is no game on the Market and Gameloft HD that can slow down the Exynos SoC… I don’t know where you heard that SGS2 is bad for games.. bull shit.

  • http://Website Micah

    I plan on picking up the galaxy s2 if it’ll ever come to tmobile. One of the most important things is battery life, and from early reports on the s2 it shows some pretty great battery life for a dual core phone. Probably has to do with the amoled over the lcd and the lower resolution screen.

    • http://Website Mocha K

      I planned this to be my next phone but im on tmobile and doesnt seem like they are getting it…i hope it comes because this is one sexy phone

  • http://Website Greg

    Sensation for sure!

    • D

      I was going to get sensation before i found out how little memory it had compared to the galaxy s2

  • http://Website ChaosKiller

    Well, I have the Samsung Galaxy S II for a week now and I have to say, it is EPIC. It’s really fast. As far as I know the Exynos processor is a lot faster too. Can’t live without it. Biggest problem with the Sensation, in my eyes, is the locked bootloader.

    • http://Website Raptor

      Galaxy S II = EPIC
      EPIC = Galaxy S I (on Sprint)
      Galaxy S II = Galaxy S I

      or canceling “Galaxy S” in the left and right part of the equation

      II = I

      • http://Website Professor

        You need to take calculus now.

  • http://Thatalldepends... Mike

    In my opinion you can’t go wrong with either one… but give me the first one that will have a flavor on Verizon with LTE and that’s where my money is going the day it comes out…

    (all things being equal though I love me some HTC Sensation)

    • Anthony Domanico

      “give me the first one that will have a flavor on Verizon with LTE and that’s where my money is going the day it comes out”

      My sentiments exactly.

  • Lekky

    Remember, Samsung were VERY FAST with updates everywhere except America. I think it’s important you mention this because you have a global audience of readers.

    For instance the Original Galaxy S got froyo last year in the UK, and has had gingerbread a while now too.

    Screen is important, i think you should add it to your table of comparisons. And note the aspect ration on the Sensation means although it is the same 4.3″ screen, it is actually physically not as wide as the SGSII. That might be an important consideration.

    The higher resolution of the Sensation is fantastic, but the actual screen type of the SGSII is better (SAMOLED+).

    Rooting/custom rom wise, Cyanogen has said he won’t be supporting the Sensation, but it is likely they will support the SGSII, which is easily rootable.

    At the end of the day, both are fantastic phones (yes I’ve used both), but some key issues like the custom rom issue should be known about, because that could really upset some people.

    • http://Website Miguel

      “Screen is important, i think you should add it to your table of comparisons. And note the aspect ration on the Sensation means although it is the same 4.3″ screen, it is actually physically not as wide as the SGSII. That might be an important consideration.”

      Not sure if this matters, but the HTC video on the Sensation mentioned that the unique screen size will actually allow movies to play full screen unaltered instead of letter-boxed on other devices.

      • http://Website Eric

        The sensation has a 16:9 screen, verses the the sgs2 which is 5:3 or 15;9. This means the sensation will be taller and thinner. Movies used to be in the 16:9 format, which is why HTT is saying what they are. However, most movies now are 21:9, so even the sensation is not wide enough.

        • http://Website clint

          Movies were never 16:9.
          Hi Def TV’s are.
          Movies were 16:10. That’s why even older widescreen movies don’t fill your hi def tv unless you turn on extra ‘stretch/zoom’ modes or have box to auto resize the movies automatically.
          Yes they are moving or have moved to higher ratio formats.

          • http://Website clint

            Ok. Ignore my comments. The old data I was using for reference is now outdated. lol.
            More formats than you can shake a stick at now.

    • http://Website Daniel

      They are improving, but it’s still far from “VERY FAST”. Their first SGS models to get 2.2 had to wait FIVE months. HTC and Motorola started rolling out updates less than two months after release, and even two months doesn’t qualify as “VERY FAST” to me.

  • http://Website Andrew

    Nexus 3 or nothing.

    • BiGMERF

      + 1

  • Frank Tapnack

    Love the specs on the Samsung but have had a bad experience with the old I900 Omnia and am a little scared. The idea of an instant access camera button on the HTC appeals to me although it’s not a make or break decision. I have only heard good things about HTC’s Desire models so I would assume that the Sensation is even better, but I would very much like to handle each of these phones before deciding and that’s not really possible these days because no-one has demo phones for this purpose. So we will see which one comes out first and at what cost, and take it from there.

    • http://GalaxyS2 Hannes

      Dude you cannot compare a omnia with the superior Galaxy S2 the omnia was not a phone.

  • http://Website bam

    As a Tmo employee I’ll take whatever I can get if it’s free, haha. But seriously, I’ve had two galaxy s phones and I have been really frustrated with the touchwiz glitches in both. But that LOCKED htc Sense is pretty frustrating – maybe a deal breaker. At least one could root the Sensation, right?

    • http://Website bam

      I meant to say root the galaxy s 2

      • http://Website JTW

        It has already been done

  • http://Website Cole

    I would rather have the original galaxy s2 with 3 buttons instead of four. I would rather have the lg nexus if it is actually made by lg. Lg p930!

  • http://Website Cole

    Pretty sure you cant root a locked boot loader. I know for sure no custom roms.

    • http://Website Eric

      Nope, wrong on both accounts. You can root and apply custom roms, just not custom kernels.

    • http://Website Dags

      You mean a locked bootloader like the G2, Desire HD, Desire Z, Thunderbolt? All of which have been unlocked.

  • http://Website JPB

    Most important feature of any future Android phone is rootability.

    Simply put, if I can’t root it/install another ROM on it, I am not going to buy it.

  • http://Website Black Kristos

    TouchWiz is the deal breaker for me. I’d prefer stock, but Sense 3 looks nice and I think HTC is a better company. Still, I’m waiting to see what the hands-on reviews say.

    • http://Website mkrmec

      I came from Nexus One and the stock build with ADW launcher. I was surprised how much better is the new TouchWiz. I like it more than I like Sense that is getting more candy like every release.

  • Healthy

    I have an N1. been waiting things out. On t-mobile but the merger has me worried.

    honestly i am considering switching for sprint for the nexus s 4g. and then waiting for nexus 3, whatever it ends up being.

    I’ve been as happy as can be with my N1, so the HTC build quality for the sensation is likely to be as awesome. I consider 4 inches to be the perfect screen size, i’ll be getting a tablet for anything bigger, really.

    oh, plus, i want to have NFC. looks like there will be some pretty nice features it enables.

    anyway, that is where i am. didn’t think i’d be ok with staying with the N1 for so long, but most other phones seems like half measures when you have the freedom and quick updates of an official developer model.

    • http://Website Trav1sty

      I’m in the exact same boat. I love my T-Mo N1 and want to upgrade but I don’t feel I have to quite yet. The N1 has been a fantastic phone. I’m starting to think waiting for the N3 in December might be the most logical choice.

    • Scotter

      Yeah same boat here. Had my Nexus One since December of 2009, when they first came out.
      Still love it. Been drooling over larger screens and the direct sunlight issue is lame but all else just rocks. Like this thing still flies and does everything pretty much instantly!

      So I was thinking HTC Pyramid/Sensation but the phone is a little bit thick and now the locked bootloader issue :(

      The Samsung Galaxy S2 sounds cool except for: (a) I’m boycotting Samsung; and (b) it looks too much like an iPhone and the chrome ring is unattractive to me :(

      I really want to stay with T-Mobile but gee I don’t see any phones coming out soon that I like. I’m thinking maybe I will hold on to my Nexus One for another few months and see if a badass Nexus 3 comes out. I love the sound of the rumored LG phone EXCEPT I won’t settle for smaller than 4.3″ when I finally upgrade.

      The only other option I see is the Droid X2 on Verizon. I would go for the Bionic if it weren’t so thick and if it ends up having more than 512MB RAM. At least Motorola recognizes 800×480 and small screens (IMHO) are obsolete .

      Sprint’s EVO3D sounds intriguing but again, kind of thick. I need to hold one in my hand and see how it fits in my pocket.

  • http://Website Richard

    What about the internal storage?

    Sensation still has 1GB, the SGS2 16GB.

  • Dave K

    You should have included the HTC EVO 3D in this comparison.

    • Nick Gray

      I thought about it, but the EVO 3D is more of a niche product. Most of the highlights of the sensation also apply to the EVO 3D.

      • http://Website Richard Yarrell

        You people make me laugh the Htc Evo 3d is a niche product??? WHAT WORLD DO YOU LIVE IN?? Like it or not 3d is the future and sprint is always pushing the envelope and leading all carriers in being innovative. They placed 4g on the map and produced the first 4g android device now everyone else has joined the bandwagon. Now they will produce the first android 3d 4g device and everyone else will follow. Already Lg has the Thrill 4g a 3d device coming to at&t this summer so your niche will turn out to be mainstream and again that will take place because of Htc and Sprint. The summer SHOWDOWN is the Htc Evo 3d vs Samsung Galaxy S2 not the above post. Trust me the Evo 3d will put the Sensation and the S2 in their place 2nd and 3rd respectively. The best summer device is the EVO 3D

        • http://Website CallMeMisterr

          Dude calm down…to be perfectly honest the 3D think on a small phone isn’t even that great. And just to let you know Sprint wasn’t the first carrier to come out with the first 3D android device. GSlate was the first to launch state-side…

        • Nick Gray

          My point was more along the lines of the EVO 3D being a niche product since it will only be available on Sprint here in the U.S.

          The HTC Sensation will launch on T-mobile and will probably hit other carriers later this summer since it’s not an exclusive. The EVO 3D will also launch in Europe, but I’m guessing most consumers will choose the Sensation because of launch timing and price. I do not think people would choose the EVO 3D over the Sensation simply because of the 3D camera and display.

          • Robert Medley

            Per an announcement today the EVO 3D will launch 4 days (on June 4th) before the Sensation on T-Mobile. The funniest part is these two phones (Sprint EVO3D and T-Mobile Sensation in the US) are the same phone. The main difference is the 3D cameras. I personally do not need or care very much about 3D cameras. Yeah they are cool I guess, but more of a gimmick than anything. The EVO 3D also has 4Gb vs. the Sensations 1Gb of internal storage making the total storage capabilities of the 2 phones 33Gb or 36Gb with a spec 10 internal 32Gb memory card capability on both. They are the same phone as I said minus the 3D camera and both will be 79.99 a month unlimited. Sprint charges 69.99 and a +10 premium data charge where T-Mobile charges 59.99 +20 for premium data. I actually like everything about the Galaxy S II except the screen resolution but basically it also has a better factory OS as far as I am concerned I owned an Epic (Galaxy S I) but I returned it also because of connection difficulties with Sprint which has since been upgraded in my area. I also did not like the update issue with Samsung and HTC upgrade more openly by default, not to mention T-Mobile is generally cool with the development community where Samsung up until now has not been so, and Sprint kind of is as well as kind of is not. I will be watching, but I am pretty sure in the US it will be July/August before we see a Galaxy S II, so my choice is for now between the T-Mobile Sensation and the Sprint EVO 3D either of which I will be ordering a 16 or 32 GB spec 10 memory card for either way.

        • http://Website itmustbejj

          Ignore this guy, he is a Sprint fanboy troll on every forum he’s ever been on.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Sgsii is better overall. The sensation is sweet to though. That boot loader cry stuff is lame. I mean why do you want a phone? Just to simply root it or get a rom on it? yes that’s cool and all but if you need to or only want a phone because you want to root it before it’s even out then your waisting your money. They made the phone and it’s their skin so I’m sure they can do what they want. Settle for it or get a phone that fits your needs.

    • http://Website JTW

      So what if the phone that suits your needs is a phone that is supported by Cyanogenmod? That is the most important facet of future smartphones for me. By what you said, since no phone comes with Cyanogenmod, no phone will ever suit me. Of the two, at this very moment, SGS2 is closer to having Cyanogenmod as it doesn’t have a locked bootloader.

  • http://Website ben steel

    I recall Google’s A. Rubin saying…regarding the lockdowns, unwanted app, interfaces, etc… that the consumers will dictate to the carriers what they want….if so, and one enjoys Android’s openness….you would have to go with Samsung, if for no other reason then to send HTC and Verizon a message about locking a phone down…right…?

    • Scotter

      I agree with you about sending a message to these companies. Unfortunately, Samsung has been way more douchy IMHO than HTC toward their customers in the past. Maybe, hopefully, they are turning over a new leaf…

  • http://Website Chike

    Htc Sensation is the most beautiful and powerful piece of technology ever made and everyone should pick it up. I’m picking it up because I must have the best.

    • http://Website mkrmec

      You did open your eyes before you looked at the Sensation and it’s specs versus the SGS2? I must say now what I have a SGS2, pictures on the internet do it shame.. much better looking and the feeling of holding it is great.

  • http://Website Chris

    Not really in Love with the whole “Lock Boot-loader Deal” but I definitely am going with the Sensation and I not a huge fan of Sense, but I dislike TouchWiz even more.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    htc sensation is the phone that stopped me from jumping ship to another carrier. i was good and ready to go to verizon. im more than ready to retire my mytouch 3g.

    • Nick Gray

      I’ve only had my G2 for 8 months but I’m definitely going to be upgrading to the Sensation once T-Mobile launched it next month.

  • http://Website Adam

    Galaxy SII if it includes LTE & NFC on Verizon’s version. Otherwise, truck along with the still-quick Droid X until the Bionic/Targa/Whatever comes along later in the year.

    I think TouchWiz can be made to be less in-your-face than Sense, though admittedly that experience may be a version old at this point.

    Neither of these will make me throw away the X without waiting to see what is in the pipeline for late summer.

  • http://Website Brunswick

    While ive been a fan of HTC for a long time my carrier, Rogers, has never carried a model that has interested me. Samsung, has in some way managed to invade my home in every way. Washer and Dryer; (2) TV’s; Home Theater; Stereo; and (2) Netbooks. And it did so all on its own. We never went looking for any Samsung products, they just always seemed like the best choice. I have to agree once again, and im looking forward to getting my first Samsung handset the GS2. Can’t wait.

  • http://Website anon

    The lower resolution and android update history are the things holding me back from the s2.

    • Nick Gray

      Don’t forget that the update issues may soon be a thing of the past. Google is partnering with manufacturers and service providers to get updates pushed out to phones a lot faster. HTC has always has a better reputation with updates, but Samsung has done pretty good in Europe as well. It’s mainly the U.S carriers who have been holding back the update process since they insist on customizing Samsung’s phones to their liking.

  • http://Website Hans

    Does upgrade history really matter now? Remember Google I/O, when it was said that devices will now have an 18 month lifecycle in which they will have timely upgrades. The majority of manufacturers were on board with that plan, including Samsung.

  • http://Website JULEZ456

    I will most likely buy the Sensation but knowing me, I will soon after purchase the S2 as well if it comes to T-Mobile. My cell phone collection is pretty extensive (2 G1′s, 2 Nexus 1′s, Vibrant, MyTouch 4G, HD7 and an unlocked iPhone 4..oh and the Motorola Xoom wifi version) so yea, I will most likely have both eventually but the Sensation is the one I plan to purchase 1st. :)

  • http://Website Polaris

    Sammy has a horrible reputation regarding updates. Great hardware……very bad at updating. HTC on the other hand has a great reputation of keeping their handsets up to date with the latest version of android.

    As for rooting I could care less. One thing I think all these carriers should do is allow the deletion of demos & other crap ware they load on the phone. PC makers allow you to delete the bloatware and phones are now mini computers. It seems rather odd that you can’t delete software on a phone you paid for short of rooting the device. Who’s phone is it anyway?

    • http://Website Blame the Carriers in USA

      For not updating the phones. It’s NOT Samsung’s fault. Look @ other parts of the world where they got the updates!

      • Nick Gray

        So true, but as much as we want to blame the carriers, HTC has managed to roll out update to their phones much more quickly than Samsung has here in the U.S.

  • Greg

    Neither! QWERTY or death! :-)

    Actually, I’m probably going to wait for reliable rumors on the Nexus 3 before I make a decision. Come November I’ll be free to go just about anywhere and the pricing of the plans that interest me are getting to the point where there’s no longer a significant price difference between the various providers.

    • http://Website alf

      I highly doubt the N3 will have a qwerty… and you won’t find them on many high end phones anymore. The G2 may be the last of a dieing breed. If you want a good qwerty you should probably pick up a G2 or a evo shift while you can…

      • http://Website blah

        or wait for the MyTouch 4G Slide this summer.. dual core, qwerty, HTC, 3.7″ screen

      • http://Website lolitor

        Xperia Pro with querty and 3,7″ coming!

  • http://Website J240

    Rooting isn’t for everyone… I would hate to end up with a $550 paper weight. lol. So I will be getting the Sensation, and I love Sense so I could care less about root. This will gladly hold me over until the newest breed comes out at the end of the year. :) Maybe I will even keep my MT4G around to start tinkering with, who knows. I love the versatility of Android!

    • http://Website JULEZ456

      I been rooting my phones since the G1 and have never bricked a phone *kocks on wood* and I’m not very technical when it comes to hacking these phone. I don’t even know how to use ADB yet. Most people have way too much fear of rooting. It’s easier than a lot of people think.

  • Drew

    Man, am I in a predicament! I can’t really stand having my G1 any more (even though it is rooted), and my contract ended as well. I was waiting for the Sensation, or the Pyramid as I knew of it at the time, but the processor and locked bootloader has me worried a bit.

    I’m leaning heavily towards the Galaxy S II now, but I haven’t heard of any definitive report that the phone is coming out for T-Mobile. We have the Hercules coming out in September, but that phone is not coming out for a while and seems to have the same processor as the Sensation.

  • http://Website Miguel

    I am an original Nexus One owner and I have been sitting tight for a while. I am leaning towards the Sensation because I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. The N1 is a great phone, but I run into “low memory alerts” daily. I have really think about which apps I can afford to install space-wise. It’s almost like sacrificing my children when I have to unstall an app that I don’t use all the time, but find it annoying when I need to use it and it’s not there (i.e. Movies by Flixster). Plus the touch sensitivity on the N1 is horrendous.

    While the Sensation has a lot less internal storage the the SGII, it should be more than enough to store the native Android and Google apps that eat up all my memory and can’t be moved to SD (i.e. Addressbook, Gmail, Adobe Flash, Maps, Reader, Books, Googles). Most of my other apps can be installed to the SD card. Now I have HBO GO installed and it takes up 17MB!! (I had to sacrifice a few children for that one, but Curb Your Enthusiasm is worth it. :)

    Also, I prefer stock Android, but Sense is much better than TouchWiz and I can see the benefits it brings. Plus the SG II hasn’t even been announced for the U.S. yet, and who knows if or when it will be coming to Tmo, my carrier of choice.

    I like the fact that the SG II will be able to be rooted, and TouchWiz removed, and other features added back in (i.e. native Wifi hotspot like my N1), but I am leaning towards the Sensation because of the other benefits. Regardless I plan on purchasing the Nexus 3 off contract when it is released.

    Pluses for the Sensation:
    +U.S. Release date is 3 weeks away
    +High quality metal construction
    +Concave screen
    +Higher res screen
    +HTC Sense has lots of UI customizations
    +16:9 screen for full movie experience
    +HDMI out
    +Instant pictures
    +Notifications LED

    Pluses for the SG II:
    +Proven dual-core processor
    +lightweight plastic materials on aluminum frame
    +Thinnest phone ever
    +Super AMOLED Plus display
    +16GB internal storage
    +Unlocked bootloader

    Argggg!! I hate decisions!

    • http://Website mkrmec

      Take it from a Nexus One owner, SGS2 is the best phone available atm. Sensation is poorly specced for a phone of this year. Display on SGS2 is awesome, blacks are blacks colors are really colors and not that washed out crap on LCDs. Even from AMOLED on N1, it’s a huge jump in screen tech.

  • http://Website gad

    I’ve owned HTC phones since Android’s inception but am afraid this time i would be going for the S2…….If the evo 3D were out now in the UK, then maybe i might have a rethink

  • http://Website Noriega713

    Well I guess, its nothing for you…TROLL!

  • kwills88

    I am sorry guys, but I’ve been married to HTC for 5years and i am ready for a matter how different HTC try to make their phones, they some how always end up looking the can i pass up a phone with the battery life of the SII? MKV video play back, that amazingly thin, yet powerful aspect… Samsung been teasing us for a really long time here in the US and i can’t just give up now.

    • keridel

      I,m a big HTC fan and wwill be picking a sensation up as soon as tthe gsm version becomes available so as not to be stuck with the red demon of vodafone.

      But for those wanting an sgs2 because of the battery be warned! It isn’t all that good. Heavy usage of 3g and wifi will give you 8-10 hours which isn’t that much more than any other high end phone ( we have one in our house and have done the leg work) and neither of these phones will run the new thd games. No monster madness, no pinball, no dungeon defenders, nothing..

  • http://Website Sejin

    the only reason samsung has unlocked the bootloader is because they FAIL at updates. Id also rather go with a company thats has been only making smart phones since birth.

  • http://Website Frank

    I decided not to go with any variation of either the HTC Sensation or Sammy’s GS2. Not hating whatsoever on any of these cellys but my biggest deal breaker was both U.I.’s. & dev support. Of both U.I.’s Sense is much more mature compared to iPhony looking TouchWiz. I was considering one of these beast but decided on the LG G2x after some careful consideration. Mainly for the fact that the development community is already hard at work & has welcomed the G2x with open arms. Vanilla Android is a must! I’ve been missing out & this is coming from a former MotoBlur owner. Helps that CyanogenMod bought his own G2x which won me over without a doubt!

    • Nick Gray

      I know that custom UI’s have their drawbacks, but keep in mind that many of the stock Android applications can now be downloaded from the Android Market. Stock launcher, keyboard, image gallery, music player, and much more.

      It’s a bit funny to hear people who claim they want stock since I’ve never seen anyone who really runs stock even if they have it. those who have stock seem to always download AWD or Launcher Pro and replace their SMS app with one of the many options form the market.

      Do any of you really have a completely stock Android phone and only use the stock Android Apps that come with it?

  • http://Website Ichigo

    HTC pyramid baby! Or sensation !

  • http://Website Ms_Matrix2515

    It’s the Sensation all the way for me! I’m counting down the days till I could hold it in my hands. I love it and I want it.

  • http://Website JTW

    Coming from a Tmobile USA user:

    If I had an expiring contract that would end at the end of this month, I can probably wait for hackers to unlock the locked bootloader for the Sensation and get cyanogenmod support before SGS2 becomes available (many believe Tmo’s SGS2 is the Hercules which comes out in September). Tmobile also offers 24 hour deals where they sell phone at even lower than the subsidized price (G2x was $80 on cellhub and mytouch4g was free a few weeks ago). If either of these possibilities occurs, I would take the sensation.

    But if I were in Europe and I had to choose now between SGS2 and Sensation, I would most likely choose the SGS2 as it has a super amoled + screen, and from what I seen and read, a faster processor. I honestly do not see any benefit that the Sensation has over the SGS2 besides the qHD resolution and metal unibody design (I find that HTC Sense is one of the most annoying UI’s), which mean very little when compared to that super amoled +.

  • http://Website Raptor

    To be honest, despite they look better then my previous HD2, EVO 4G and GalaxyS it does not matter which one is better a month before iPhone5, no one of us will buy them before seeing what color cat will be delivered in the bag. LOL. Plus the paramount feature i still need is minimum 1280×800 display none of these has.

    • Nick Gray

      Wow, you need a 1280×800 resolution display on a phone that has a 4.3 inch screen? The HTC Sensation’s performance numbers are going to suffer due to its 960 x 540 qHD display. I can’t imagine what kind of a hit it wold take with a 1280×800 resolution.

      • http://Website Raptor

        What wow? That’s how u get more then 300DPI on 4.3- 4.5″ screens, just do the math, this move is inevitable. FPS will be brought up by the 2 and then 4 cores and clock gigahertzs while shrinking their nanometers from 45 to 32 this year and 22nm next year, also fast no brainer trend. Who dreamed last year that we will get 4 cores this year? Even me didn’t. Lol

  • http://Website brad

    Both are excellent phones to have. ill trade my current nexus 1 for one of them as soon as they hit the market.

    personally ill go for the galaxy s 2 cuz –

    1. the hardware of s2 is definitely better than sensation (better processor, more beautiful screen, excellent camera)

    2. While htc sense is way better than touchwiz 4 , sgs2 has unlocked bootloader while htc has has
    locked it (why ????)
    Since cyanogen has decided to support sgs2 all my doubts are removed. i dnt need to worry about
    updates as ill be on cyanogenmod.

    To sum it up
    Samsung hardware + Cyanogen UI = Best of both the worlds

  • justreboot

    At the moment we should keep in mind: GS2 – “though we’re not exactly sure what the handset’s specs will look like once U.S. carriers are done tinkering with it.”

    For me personally, by default the Sensation will be my next device. Simply because I’ll be getting it for free. But hands down if the same specs of the GS2 are available for the U.S. release (which we can all hope, right?) I will be getting my grubby hands all over that bad boy!

    So both of these bad mama-jama’s will be in my arsenal this summer.. or when the GS2 releases stateside.

  • http://Website UCS

    It all about optimisation for me. Which phone is designed best to work with Android? This is really important, after buying an LG optimus 2X and experiencing its poor use of Android 2.2 (laggy screens, menus and poor battery) it made me think twice about just buying the best spec’d phone out there.

    In my head im thinking HTC will give a better user experience and tap into its dual core in a better way than Samsung. Past experience with HTC phones confirms this in my head.

    I’ll wait until the reviews for the Sensation come out and then check the forums to see what users experiences are, im already seeing negative comments on battery life and phone durability with regards to the Galaxy 2S.

    For the record im back using my HTC desire and have ditched my Optimus 2x because my Desire works better with Android.

  • http://Website Steve

    As a 12 year T-Mobile user who’s current MT3G full update period expire on 6-7-2011, I was stoked about hearing the HTC was coming on 6-8-2011. But I also would like to have the choice to look and compare it with the SGS2, but in T-Mobile’s wisdom, I won’t have that choice until the end of September and then with an over sized version with a different processor. By September, rumor also has it that the T-Mobile compatible iPhone, with dual-core, 4″ screen, 367 ppi, will be announced, so for now I am putting upgrade plans on hold till fall. To eBay or Craig’s list for a sub $200 temporary replacement.

  • http://Website adobotony

    I have owned both htc and samsung i would take either one in a heart beat… but if i had to choose.. HTC wins. not from hardware looks, but only to Samsungs poor updating to updated versions… HTC has been consistent. They will get my business

  • http://Website JawjaBill

    My very first Android phone was the Samsung Vibrant. It’s going to take some “doing” for me to “do” another Samsung phone. I will pick up the Sensation in June.

  • http://Website Reynier Fdez

    HTC Sensation….!!!! best phone…..

  • http://Website Brad

    Both are excellent phones to have. ill trade my current nexus 1 for one of them as soon as they hit the market.

    heres what i think —

    1. While htc sense is way better than touchwiz 4 , sgs2 has unlocked bootloader while htc has has
    locked it (why ????)
    Since cyanogen has decided to support sgs2 all my doubts are removed. i dnt need to worry about
    updates as ill be on cyanogenmod.

    2. the hardware of s2 is definitely better than sensation (better processor, more beautiful screen, excellent camera)

    To sum it up
    Samsung hardware + Cyanogen UI = Best of both the worlds

  • http://Website billybob

    You shouldn’t knock a Samsung product on a website dominated by Samsung-fanboys.

  • mavricxx

    I really don’t care which one wins as long as the battery life gets improved, they start including an EXIT/CLOSE button/option on EVERY app to include the browserand they start pumping out games like: Call of Duty, GTA, MLB 2011, Madden 2011, FIFA 2011, Company of Heroes, Command and Conquer 3, Crysis, Assasins Creed, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, R-Type, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Gears of War, World in Conflict, Medal of Honor etc…

  • http://Website Chahk

    As much as I love HTC’s build quality (SGS feels too plastic-y) the locked bootloader is an automatic disqualification in my book. Unless something better comes out between now and when my contract expires at the end of this year, SGSII will be replacing my Nexus One.

  • http://Website James

    Feeling lucky

  • deeptiotreadex