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Andy Rubin: Nexus 3 announcement is coming, we can hardly wait

Andy Rubin just spilled the beans, confirming that the Nexus 3 is definitely in the works. When asked about the Nexus 3 by our very own Taylor, Andy had this to say:

The Nexus has been the thing that we used to set the bar, and there's always going to be new ones coming out in the market…we'll make an announcement at some point in the future.Andy RubinSVP of Mobile at Google

How soon in the future? It’s very possible that the company announces the phone in December alongside Ice Cream Sandwich — Taylor seems to believe so as well.

We recently broke down every bit of information we have about the Nexus 3, and came to the conclusion that the Nexus 3 could very well be made LG, powered by Tegra 3 Kal-El, and run Ice Cream Sandwich. If true, we’re certainly in for a treat this Holiday season.

With a CPU five times faster than a Tegra 2 and running Ice Cream Sandwich, the Nexus 3 is starting to look like a dream come true for us Android fans. Winter can’t get here fast enough.

Alberto is a college student living somewhere between Miami, Sarasota and the World Wide Web. Although a former iPhone owner, Alberto is now a proud Android enthusiast. You can follow Alberto on Twitter and Google+ for his thoughts unworthy of an article.

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  • Galen20K

    Oh man! cannot waaaaiiiittt ugghhh

    • http://Website Mark

      Im rather waiting for the new star-phone iPhone 5

      • 420speedwagon

        But wasn’t it stated that the iPhone 5 wasn’t really gonna get any new changes?

        • http://Website Mark

          Im rather waiting for the new star-phone iPhone 5!!!!!!!!!!

          • http://Website valdezX84

            Well isnt it out already? Yeah its the iphone 2g! Well might as well be because there is nothing that makes them different. What just cause the iphone4 got rounded on the corners it is now better, its still the iphone 3g. And dont give me crap about it having a front facing camera and retina display, you know what all of that is on a much better phone, the Galaxy S series, by who the same company that makes the iphone, Samsung. You know how the iphone5 could be better, if it comes out running ANDROID!

          • http://Website Mark

            Im rather waiting for the new star-phone iPhone 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • http://Website Mark

            Im rather waiting for the new star-phone iPhone 5!!.

          • http://Website tyler

            English mother fucker do you speak it!!!

      • http://Website Mocha K

        Gosh, get off of steve jobs’ d*ck.

        Anyways, this phone sounds like a beast. Hope its super sexy.

        • http://Website Mark

          Im rather waiting for the new star-phone iPhone 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • http://Website Djhg2000

            I was thinking of leaving a nice and informative reply, but I guess you’ll have to settle for this.

            iPhone 5 bla bla bla, bla bla Steve bla Apple bla bla money.
            Bla bla bla Google, bla bla Andy bla bla bla, bla Nexus 3 bla bla bla bla Linux.
            Bla bla Windows Phone 7 bla. Haha.

            Bla bla shut up bla.

      • http://Website Mark

        Im rather waiting for the new star-phone iPhone 5!

        • http://Website Mark

          Im rather waiting for the new star-phone iPhone 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Chris

        Why do all these stupid iphone people come to our forums?

        • HackNet

          Mark you’re an idiot. I know you’re doing it for the lulz, but you’re still an idiot.
          Trolling for lulz?

        • http://Website Ceryus

          You just answered your own question :)…they’re stupid iPhone people, that’s why.

      • GRAW

        Can we PLEASE ban these idiots?

        • http://Website Mark

          Im rather waiting for the new star-phone iPhone 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://Website ACR

        It shows the iphone’s targeting audience.

        • http://Website Frank Zermeño

          At first I thought it was some automated repetitive posting by some bot-ish type thing. Then I realized, it’s just an iPhone user. A typical iPhone user.

      • http://Website CactusCat

        Good job Mark. You have now reached an all time low in getting negative marks with your trolling. You may now go home…. Before you leave, when you get your new (five star, wasn’t that how you put it?) phone and then you’re playing with iOS5, remember you are now using Android 1.6 in reality. The stuff you’ll be crowing about, we were using a long time ago… and next year you get widgets too.

    • http://Website Taylor

      Is it really Steves job to censor our world
      I’m getting tired of my iPhone 4 dropping my calls
      Looking forward to these new Android phones
      here’s a thought – if the next iPhone has 2 cores who will Apple sue : )

  • http://Website red

    I just hope after LG they will work again with HTC for a Nexus 4(?)

    • http://Website Rich

      HTC’s Nexus One had so many problems with it. I had to exchange mine 5 times before I got a good one. My friend had to replace his 3 times. It was a mess. I did like my Droid Incredible of course.

      • http://Website benji

        The nexus one was and is amazing! Never had a problem with mine and I’ve had it since release! I have never had a phone before where I didn’t feel that I needed a new one after 6 months!

        • http://Website Brent

          Ditto, my nexus one has been awesome, no problems at all and have had since release :)

        • http://Website ricado

          thats true ive neveer had a single problem with ma nexus one

          • http://Website Luke

            I have- touchscreen goes crazy sometimes, but aside from that, it’s the cat’s pyjamas

      • http://Website Brian from Texas

        I’m on my 5th Nexus One and the power button and aux jack are both going out. Just like before. Now that I’m out of warranty I’m not sure I’ll pay to have it fixed. Just ebay it or put it in the phone recycling bin at work.

        • kazahani

          Take it to Radioshack. If it turns on and the screen isnt broken then they will give you a gift card for it.

      • http://Website Frank Zermeño

        I’ll have to second that. Aside from the fact that I LOVE my Nexus One and have decided to stick solely to Nexus branded devices… I had to send mine in 3 times for dust accumulating under the screen. Each time I called in asking if they had figured out how to fix it, each time I got an explanation about how it is just a matter of “re-setting” the screen correctly and that each of the other times I had sent it in that they must not have done it correctly.

        On the last day of my 1-year warranty I sent it in and asked for a replacement instead of a repair. The replacement I got was crooked (must have been dropped and a bad attempt at reshaping the phone) and when I went to the camera there was this giant pink spot right in the center that also showed in photos I would take. But my second replacement that I received after sending back the first replacement – I’d like to report 5 months going on this one and not a single problem!! (Aside from the known touchscreen defect.)


    Man ooo Man.. I am holding out on every phone until the Nexus 3

    • Oskar

      ME TOO!!!!

    • JasonW

      But surely you realise that by the time the Nexus 3 is released, something twice as fast will have been announced coming early 2012?

    • http://Website LarryL

      Me too. No phone other than a Nexus phone would be deserving to replace my Droid OG.

  • http://Website Flagrant fouler Mr Odom

    I hope it wont be the epic flop, nexus s was…..

    • http://Website individual11

      You mean like having no sd card?

  • http://Website m

    i’m hoping for a n3 if not made by htc, at least don’t let it look like samsung’s or lg’s iphone clones/shiny plastic devices.

    my dream would be a n3 by htc, same small form factor as the n1 plus:
    -more internal storage, at least 32gb
    -better amoled display, fixed multi touch
    -better (usable) speaker
    -durable power button
    -front facing camera
    -TRACKBALL, or at the very least, a multi color led notification light
    - add the newest dual core cpu and the latest freakin gpu
    =success, i’m so gonna get this baby as worthy sucessor for my n1.

    • http://Website Solrac924

      dual-core?! no, quad-core.

      i agree with everything you said. they should make it the same form-factor at the same size. it fit in my hand perfectly and not too big like the EVO or Droid X. i hope they keep the multi-colored trackball. they should also keep the teflon coating with the rubber back. would be great if they would bring back the free laser etching. maybe having a qHD screen too.

      as for bringing something new & awesome they should introduce the Nexus 3 with night vision technology. i read it was developed at the University of Florida from an article in the journal Advanced Materials. was funded in part by DARPA i believe.

    • OrganizedFellow

      Don’t forget to add the second microphone.
      And the option for custom engraving.

  • http://Website Wilso

    I can’t wait what the screen is going to look like. I bet no actual buttons for navigation like honeycomb. i hope something awesome

  • http://Website anthony

    What nexus 3 what a joke
    The nexus one I got took 8 months to work right
    I gave them a second chance. The nexus s hasn’t been right yet and Google support has been laughable at best
    I simply refuse to chase the nexus prize anymore.
    LG for the third get real the g2x they have out can’t stop rebooting itself.
    I swear Google get at least one working like the name nexus implies and perhaps two months later ill consider but never ever again will I purcyase another nexus bomb opening day.
    I was screwed twice by you and your support sucks donkey ass

    • http://Website iDavey

      Oh…that sucks. Glad that never happened with mines. I’m going to laugh at you now. Hahaha.

      • http://Website Anthony

        Yeah I must agree its quite funny.I will just keep sending it back repeatedly till its done right meanwhile ill grab a tmobile sensation for a month then send it back once I get a working nexus s

  • http://Website Tyler

    I’m typing this from a Nexus One. Sucks for you fags that had problems with yours. Mines running perfect. Best phone on the market. Stoked to see the LG Nexus but it’s time to go back to HTC.

    As for iPhone’s, well, the war is over, Apple lost. Quit being butthurt and go purchase another piece of outdated technology.

    • http://Website anthony

      Tyler cmon man were so past comments such as yours. The word fag to describe someone who has issues with a phone is so juvenile.
      I am a father of three and highly resent those choice of words. I know you just picked bad words but please respect others. You really need to apologize. Just saying.

      • http://Website G

        Sorry he hurt your feelings, fag.

      • http://Website ihatefanboys

        isnt a FAG a piece of firewood ?

  • http://Website Dr. Samsung, CEO of betrayal & customer genocide

    I bet it ships…………
    …… with the same atrocious reliabilities, pathetic bugs, reboots, gps failures and overall miserable samsuck build quality!
    Icing on the cake is the terrible samsuck support (there is none)!
    Throw it into the trash – where it belongs.

  • rhY

    How about a Nexus device for Boost mobile? Really give consumers a chance at incredible value!

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Hmm a mistery lg is on phonearenas Verizon section, if you believe phonearena

  • http://Website Mark

    I thought the rumour was that the N3 would be an LG tablet, not a phone?

    My N1 has always run really well, sounds like I am in the minority though. Looking forward to whatever quad core goodness is coming.

    • http://Website Mark

      But anyways, I am rather waiting for the new star-phone iPhone 5!

      • http://Website rainai2k11

        Oh, god! if trolling is the only thing you can do here, at least improve your grammar! You’re giving trolls a bad name!!!

    • http://Website Dilbert

      My Nexus One has worked fine from day one. Two other people I know have the N1 and theirs works as well.

  • http://Website nxsman

    no way…
    i know…
    gona give you a tip…


    • http://Website anthony

      All things nexus should stay far from Samsung.
      Samsung has the worst customer service known to man.
      HTC swap a phone for you with issues.
      Samsung will never do this. I sent my nexus s out three times for repair and each time it came back with same issue. I expect it back tomorrow and I’m sure its going out again. The process takes about 10 to 15 days no phone. HTC swaps no issues and less down time.
      Samsung =disaster

      • http://Website Kev

        I dont know where u live, but here in korea all u have to do take a broken phone to a a/s center.
        They Fix only the broken parts and returns it 10min later almost always free of charge.

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Mark drop yo pants n bend over an ill show ya the perfect place for your ijunk 5 idiot

    • http://Website Kimberly Wimberly

      Nexus 3, come on world leader is already at iPhone FOUR.
      Weak sauce from Andy Bum Rubin, imho.

      • http://Website anal.yst

        The war is over? How come windows OS got 90% market share while MacOS got 3% and STILL apple is twice as valuable as mickeysoft?
        Nintendo Wii overwhelmed xbox and PoS3 and STILL the war continues…

        • http://Website Dags

          Who cares how much money Microsoft and Apple makes? The main effect is has on the consumer is that apps are made first for Windows and only some of these make it to OSX. It will be the same with Android.

  • http://Website scott norcross

    I was thinking that motorola would make the next nexus. Nexus x anyone? They did say they’d be unlocking their bootloaders this year.

    • http://Website anthony

      I agreement Motorola would make a great nexus 3. The only issue I see is Motorola seems tied to Verizon and the new nexus seems to be tied to tmobile first

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Regardless of this I will be purchasing my Htc Evo3d why because this device as well as Samsung Galaxy S2 will be the BEST devices out for the summer of 2011. This next Nexus device better bring the power this time around inorder for me to even have any desire because I already know that an Htc Evo device for 2012 will be out that has quadcore 1.5 or 2ghz and truthfully I can’t see anyone being better than htc definately not Lg that’s for sure.

  • http://Website Android Guy

    LG ew….. :-(

  • http://Website hector

    All these Samsung haters can suck it. Samsung makes the best hardware period. The nexus 3 should sport the screen that even biased engadget said was better than retina, super amoled plus. Cmon Samsung make me another winner

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell


    • http://Website Noriega713

      No way, I’m HTC all the way but I give it up to Motorola in the Hardware department. The Motorola Cliq may have HORRIBLE software, but the keyboard and built quality is outstanding! As for Samsung the have it in the display area their Super Amoled Plus Screen shit on a Cryphone anyday, but they always seem to have something a bit flash LED or too much of a plastic feel. If anything HTC has it in the Software…

    • http://Website Simon

      rarely did anyone bag samsung’s hardware… it’s the best on the market.
      But their software was the bottle neck for such great hardware… it was left to the hackers and modders to really unleash its strength.

  • http://Website b

    We’ll see…I’m excited for it, since it’ll be a “Nexus” device, but the S was nothing short of underwhelming, IMHO. Personally, I like Samsung (Vibrant owner currently…took back the G2x), but the no removable storage killed any idea of the S for me…no removable storage is definitely a deal breaker.
    Quad core, great screen, large internal storage as well as removable storage, and I just may bite. I may hold off on getting the GS2 to see what becomes of this new Nexus.

  • http://Website Was

    The nexus S is a great phone, but the Nexus devices should do what Rubin himself says, they should set the bar for the next big android phones! Exactly like the Nexus One! Anyways, as for this new Nexus, i have no doubt in my mind that it’ll do just that!! Excuse me, i need to go change my pants now!! :p

  • W!LL

    Just keep in mind that this is still a rumor…what is true is that we will see another Nexus Device this Year… and it will come with Android Ice Cream Sandwich. and if indeed it comes with Tegra 3 then it will be a must buy for this holiday season….

  • http://Website United States of Canada

    Nexus sux and their cars too!

  • http://Website jamesyb0i

    I think LG deserves a chance, sure their custom software sucks and their screens leak light, but if they make the n3 then it would be without those issues as setting the bar with TFT wouldn’t be liable. In all honestly I think the little LGuy needs a big boost!

    Some of us here would have a Galaxy S2 if it could run Cyanogen.

  • http://Website simon

    This post reminded me when the Nexus S was coming out.
    everyone thought it was gonna be an out-0f-this-world kinda phone. yet it was the biggest disappointment! (don’t get me wrong, i love it :) i’m talking in general)

    That being said, i think the next Nexus will be on par with the already existing phones… no tegra 3… bla bla bla

    it’ll be a dual core… but won’t be this unbelievably over the top phone…

  • http://Website Brunswick

    I think considering the “superphones” due out over the next two quarters, Google had best not S*!t the bed on the internals on this one. I never even considered the Nexus S. Tegra 3 sounds promising though, but put a crappy camera in it and see what it does to prospective buyers. I use my phone camera more than my $2000 DSLR for crying out loud. Newer higher capacity batteries are starting to show, coupled with increased and improved power management should certainly open the floor to something a little better than the “dual LED” flahes that pretty much suck. My old K790 Nokia had an actual flash……like on a real camera……theres an idea.

  • http://Website Namuna

    If the next Nexus is indeed bestowed with the Tegra3 “Kal-El”, then Google should call the phone the Nexus Kent.

    Nexus Clark
    Nexus Super
    Nexus Krypton

    …You get the idea.

  • http://Website the helping hand

    anthony wrote

    >>What nexus 3 what a joke
    The nexus one I got took 8 months to work right
    I gave them a second chance. The nexus s hasn’t been right yet and Google support has been laughable at best
    I simply refuse to chase the nexus prize anymore.
    LG for the third get real the g2x they have out can’t stop rebooting itself.
    I swear Google get at least one working like the name nexus implies and perhaps two months later ill consider but never ever again will I purcyase another nexus bomb opening day.
    I was screwed twice by you and your support sucks donkey ass>>

  • http://Website Siddharth

    Winter is coming!

    • http://Website ihatefanboys

      awesome “game of thrones” reference !

  • http://Website Android Sensei

    I predict the Nexus 3 will be made by Google. The signs are there. Check this out: Finally, the iPhone killer! It’s not an iPhone.

  • resumil

    Here’s a hint for you all …Asus.