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ASUS working on next generation tablets, with Tegra 3 and Intel processors

Android is evolving at the speed of light nowadays, and we usually find ourselves waiting for another device right after purchasing the current best-of-the-best. Are you thinking of getting your hands on that brand new dual-core tablet that will blow your mind? Well, ASUS is already working hard on the tablets you will be wanting after that. ASUS’ next generation of tablets will have Tegra 3 quadcore processors (Kal-El), as well as Intel CPUs.

While we do not know which Intel processor will be added to the next generation of ASUS tablets, we do know that the Tegra 3 chip is meant to be a beast. We can surely expect impressive performance coming from these (expected to be 5x better than Tegra 2), and if you don’t know what the next generation of NVIDIA’s Tegra processors can do, just head over to Taylor’s article on Project Kal-El (It even has some performance videos).

We do not know with certainty which of ASUS’ projects are meant to be for the Android platform, but we can expect at least one to sport our favorite OS. ASUS, like many other companies, has immersed itself in Android this year especially when it comes to the “tablet wars.” This company is already releasing 3 Android tablets this year, one of which has already achieved a very high level of popularity (the Transformer), even taking many customers away from the almighty Xoom. The ASUS Eee Pad Slider and MeMo tablets should be getting some good hype as well, so when it comes to the Android tablet market, we can be sure that ASUS will play a significant role.

More information about the next generation of ASUS tablets should be coming in due time, so for now let’s sit back and see what ASUS has in store for us. As always, share your comments and opinions with us in the comments below. What do you think of the performance of NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processors? Can you imagine a processor being 5 times better than NVIDIA’s currently amazing ones? On a tablet? In your smartphone? The average PC’s out there probably don’t even reach that level…

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Source: Digitimes

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  • http://Website Anonymous

    Great! Like we don’t hear enough of the “If it’s not dual core, it’s not worthy!” Now we will have to hear “Ugh, it’s only a dual core, where’s the quad core love?”

    Some people will never be happy with a decent device, they will always find something to b!tch & gripe about.

    • http://Website cb2000a

      Really though I want 12 cores in my next tablet……

      • tnfsmith

        Do not need more while really need only fewer. Because if you need more cpu mean you need more power battery energy. Do you agree with me??

  • http://Website Eric R

    I would be more excited about tegra-3 and quad-core SoC’s if the OS was optimized to actually take full advantage of these hardware features.

    Myself and many others have bought tegra-2 tablets, and yet in reality we have been sold promises of features that are not currently beyond beta testing. The horribly slow development of OS’s just “knocks the wind out of the sails”.

    Who cares if my mobile device has a hundred cores when the OS can’t even make two cores work proper?

  • http://Website RAPTOR

    Well, for those who browse not just play games do not forget quadruple pixel count, because this is the tablet. On all current tablets pixelation looks terrible. TERRIBLE. T E R R I B L E !

    This follows from the real facts and supporting them simple but killing math: because angular dimensions of 10″ tablets are comparable to 60″ TV at the optimal viewing distance. And even your dog knows that 1024 or 1280 horizontal pixels for TV is not acceptable. So something like 2560×1600, at 10″ this will be perfect retina display with exactly printed journal resolutions 300 DPI.

    Otherwise no deal, i am not interested.

  • http://Website Reader

    I’m holding onto my money until ANYONE makes a Honeycomb tablet that I can read outside in sunlight!

  • 60tvl60 tv

    Wonderful issues altogether, you simply gained a brand new reader. What might you suggest about your post that you simply made a few days in the past? Any sure?