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AT&T will be rolling out updates, letting you sideload apps?!

One of AT&T’s biggest mistakes (when it comes to the Android platform) is not allowing its users to sideload apps onto their smartphones. Maybe for the “average consumer,” getting apps from a source other than the Android Market is not a very common habit, but it definitely has been upsetting many of us. Many of you have been relying on the alternative trick that we have reported before, which allows you to sneak apps into your devices, but it is definitely quite more complicated than having official support. Also, the launch of the Amazon App Store was not such a sweet deal for AT&T customers. After realizing that said store required sideloading, things got a bit fired up, and AT&T promised that they would be working to resolve the issue.

Our friends at Android Central reported that the Samsung Infuse 4G was the first AT&T Android smartphone with enabled sideloading. Of course, this made us wonder if this would soon become a trend for new AT&T devices, but things seem to be even better than that… According to a leaked document that Android Central got a hold of, AT&T will be rolling out updates that enable this long wanted feature (something we were hoping for). Sadly, this update will only be available for the Samsung Captivate, the HTC Aria, and the HTC Inspire 4G. This may not cover all AT&T Android users, but at least we are getting somewhere now.

Until this update starts rolling out, let’s keep our ears open and our devices ready for some sideloading fun. As always, we would like to know what you guys think about this, so let us know how you feel about AT&T enabling sideloading. Do you even care for it? Are you excited to finally be able to use the Amazon App Store (or other sources)?

Via: Android Central

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  • http://Website Ashe

    Oi! AT&T! So once again, you screw over your customers who have older Android phones?? Wtf! Release the update on older devices please, since this is a feature that should have NEVER BEEN LOCKED OUT!!

  • http://Website Mike

    WTF, how is the Atrix not on this list??? So fed up with AT&T’s indifference toward Android devices.

  • http://Website RRyan Kim

    It’s too late AT&T, I already rooted my Aria and lost all my trust of you

  • http://Website Randy

    Does anyone know if I should unroot my Captivate before going through this update process? Is this update safe to follow through with on my rooted Samsung Captivate?