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Catch releases Catch Notes for Honeycomb at Google IO

Catch Notes today has announced the launch of Catch Notes for Honeycomb, a tablet-friendly version of their note-taking application for Android.

I’ve been using Catch Notes since it was called 3Banana Notes (a much cooler name, IMO, but I digress), and am very excited to see this application come to Honeycomb, if for nothing else than to be able to view my notes that are stored on Catch’s servers. Improvements include a tablet-friendly UI as well as the following:

  • Fragments: Creates multiple views so users can see more data on the screen
  • Action Bar: Provides context-aware controls
  • Tag Picker: Offers simplified tagging interface for quicker information capture
  • Starred Notes: Supports lightweight organization for favorite entries
  • Enhanced Note Editor: Allows faster composing using multiple images, voice memos, or file attachments

As far as how useful Catch Notes for Honeycomb will be now that Google has released their long-awaited Google Docs application, I’m not quite sure. I, and many other Android users I believe, use Google Docs pretty religiously and the thought of using two cloud-based note-taking applications makes me cringe a little bit.

But as always, I want to hear from you. Will you be rushing over to the market and downloading the new Catch Notes for Android, or does Google Docs (or another office productivity suite application) suffice for your mobile productivity needs?  Sound off in the comments.


Source: Catch Notes Blog

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  • http://Website angie

    I’m with you, the more centralized the better. Maybe that’s putting a lot of power in Google’s hands, but seems to have its advantages!

  • http://Website hnn

    google docs isn’t honeycomb optimized yet, though.

  • http://Website Lemon

    IMO Catch is a SHIT TON faster at creating a new note than the new native Docs app. Seriously. Like 1sec vs 15 secs faster.

    • hadoob024

      I agree. I actually use AK Notepad (which I guess syncs with Catch’s servers) and I love it. I like having my notes locally. Makes editing current notes and creating new ones much MUCH quicker. I wish Google Docs did the same. I’d like my work to be done locally and just sync with Google’s servers. Even with a fast connection working with the Google Docs app is still slower than creating/editing docs locally and just having them sync automatically with Catch’s servers.

  • http://Website Alvin

    Is this any better than Evernote?

    • http://Website WriterGuy

      I think Springpad is the best. Similar to Evernote with its notebook function, you can easily add voice recordings and pictures, online syncing, and Springpad has an HC UI too.