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comScore: Android still number one, RIM will soon be number three

It’s that time of the month again, folks. comScore’s mobile report for the month of March has been released, and yes Android’s still growing and taking RIM’s lunch money. Android widened its gap with RIM throughout March, despite fierce competition from the Verizon iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry. While Android is doing pretty well, the same can’t be said about its competitors.

Android now owns 34.7% of the smartphone market, a growth of 1.7% from the month before. Like we said last month, our favorite mobile OS is well en route to commanding over 40% of the market in the coming months and 50% around New Year. Expect a lot of chest-thumping and hurrahs coming from the Android camp at Google I/O. This kind of statistics will surely become ammo for Google to use at its developer conference tomorrow.

Coming in on second place, RIM kept bleeding market share during the month of March as it has been doing for many months now. Blackberry’s share went from 28.9% to 27.1%, dropping 1.8% — almost the same percentage that Android grew. This is probably the last month that RIM will remain in second place. As seen on the graph above, Apple’s iOS could very well overtake Blackberry next month.

Speaking of Apple’s iOS, the platform seems to be stuck in the 25% zone. iOS’ market share hasn’t changed for over a year now, even with the release of the Verizon iPhone and the release of the iPhone 4. We have to wonder if that’s as high as it’ll ever be.

Dead last, Windows Phone 7 and WebOS keep fighting it out in the single digits range of the market. HP managed to keep WebOS’ share steady during the month of March at 2.8%. Unlike Microsoft, which still hasn’t been able to turn around the sinking ship that is Windows Phone. The OS lost 0.2% of the market, going from 7.7% down to 7.5%. I hope Microsoft’s in it for the long haul, ’cause things are not looking good today or in the near future for Windows Phone.

With Android now far ahead everybody else, we should start wondering how big we want the platform to get. Do we want an Android monopoly? or a more balanced 50% market share? Let us know in the comments, but as always, keep it civil.

Source: comScore

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  • http://Website James King

    As a student wanting to develop Android apps, I’m slightly daunted by the sheer number of different configurations of phones out there, and I’m worried that as the market share of Android gets larger, inevitably the broad range of different phones will get even larger!

    I love Android for it’s open-goodness, and that there are so many choices of phones, from low-level entry phones, to the super-high end Sensation and Atrix – but I don’t want to see an Android monopoly; it would just be too much. 40-50% would be perfect – and I can definitely rub salt into those gaping wounds of iOS owners ^-^

    • http://Website matt macri

      Couldn’t have said it better myself, my brutha :)

  • http://Website dancinbojangles

    Agreed. Android monopoly would be a bad thing for everyone, including Android. Without others pushing it to innovate, I would fear the onset of Windows Vista Syndrome.

    • Alberto Vildosola

      That’s a possibility. Google may not always innovate like it’s doing now and could become the next Microsoft. Somebody (read:Apple) on its tail might be the best thing for everybody.

  • http://Website Joe

    Patiently waiting on all the homo iPhone users to inform us about how their phone is still the most popular shit around and “If I don’t have an iPhone, I don’t have an iPhone”

  • http://Website pincina131

    According to this graph, RIM/Blackberry should be at 6% in one year and a half…
    I think Blackberry should continue to fall.

    • ProgRocker

      I think you’re right. The current blackberry OS is pretty “hip” if you’re coming out of the 90s. They’ve done nothing to better themselves.