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Dancing Android robot shows up at Google I/O (Video) (Update: Purchasing the costume)

Sony Ericsson’s dancing Android robot has been spotted a couple times before (first in Taiwan, then in Malaysia). Google I/O is probably about the most important yearly event for Android, and this fun guy has been missing in action for a while. Bringing this fancy performer to Google I/O was just the right thing to do, and last night our friend Phil Nickinson from Android Central caught the famous Andy robot partying it up at Google’s dance floor.

Well, that was a long night, Android robot… We are sure you had fun. For those that want to check out this guy’s past performances, the other videos are posted below. Who else was there to see this guy? Let’s hope that he comes back to the U.S. sometime soon!


Our reader “BIGMERF” (first commenter) mentioned that this Android robot would be a good costume to sport next Halloween. Surely, many of us would love to own such a nice suit this year, but are you willing to pay $2,295 dollars for it? Our friends at Phandroid have reported that this is the price to pay for one of these costumes. Certainly not very affordable, at least for most of us, but if you really want it, there it is!

Via: Android Central

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    I think I found my Halloween costume for this year.. lol

    • http://Website Hans

      That would be awesome. Android invasion. :D

  • mralimcb

    Wow iSuck trolls have no life! Admin needs to ban these douches.

    Anyway, gotta love Mr Dancing Android!

  • http://Website Paul

    I saw a howto video online on how to make your own android costume for under $100 I think. Used a new garbage can, green felt, etc. was fairly decent and the price was better than 2k. And no Motorola logo on the front. Inflatable costumes are usually cheap, Maybe $22.95?

  • http://Website Mio

    Look, the iSuck Troll. ->
    Maybe we should deliver some thousand pizzas? :D

  • http://Website fag dancing queens

    proof android is for retards….