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Dear T-Mobile, it’s time to put the myTouch 3G to sleep (UPDATED)

The time is June 22nd, 2009, and the T-Mobile G1 has been available for exactly eight months now. The device is currently the only Android phone available in the market, but it’s about to get some company. Today, T-Mobile will announce its second Android phone, the T-Mobile myTouch 3G.

The myTouch 3G is a huge improvement over the G1, with such enhancements as a headphone jack, better battery life and more internal memory. The phone is welcomed with open arms by the Android community, but it’ll become obsolete in just a few months when Motorola and Verizon announce the Droid.

While the myTouch 3G showed us that Google, HTC, and T-Mobile were committed to moving the Android platform forward, we were all more than glad to dump it for some Snapdragon-packing superphones.

Two years later, Android is everywhere. The platform has taken off faster than you can say “iDon’t multitask” and we’re no longer asking ourselves whether our Android phones will switch between apps smoothly — like back in the myTouch 3G days. Instead, we’re shooting and watching 3D video, outputting full-HD video to our TVs, and wondering how long it’ll be until we can run Crysis on our Android devices — hint: probably next year.

That’s how fast the mobile world has changed in two years. T-Mobile, on the other hand, hasn’t noticed this change yet. The carrier is still offering the same old, slow, and outdated myTouch 3G — for free though — that helped Android get its foot out the door. The phone is a relic by today’s standards, worthy of a statue at the Android Museum, but a relic nonetheless.

It’s not like T-Mobile doesn’t have any other cheap Android phone that it can give out for free. In fact, the carrier has four more Android phones on its lineup that it sells for free. The LG Optimus T is one of them, and it’s 10 times better than the myTouch 3G in every possible way. If you don’t feel like “Life’s Good”, you can still get the Motorola Defy, the Comet, or the Cliq XT.

So, why, T-Mobile, why are you still selling this piece of Android history? Please, just let the myTouch 3G die in peace so it can take its seat next to the G1 in Android heaven.

UPDATE: It looks like somebody at T-Mobile reads Android and Me. The myTouch 3G is no longer showing up on the carrier’s website. Thank you, T-Mobile, thank you.

Alberto is a college student living somewhere between Miami, Sarasota and the World Wide Web. Although a former iPhone owner, Alberto is now a proud Android enthusiast. You can follow Alberto on Twitter and Google+ for his thoughts unworthy of an article.

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  • Clark Wimberly

    I’ve consistently been impressed with the budget options in the Optimus line.

    • Alberto Vildosola

      As a proud owner of the T-Mobile Optimus T, I couldn’t agree more.

  • http://Website Holly

    I’m still under contract with this phone. Sooo ready to move on!

    • http://Website Derek

      Me too. I’m ready to get rid of this slow phone but I can’t until August and I can’t afford to spend $600 on a new one.

      • http://Website enrique

        you can upgrade in 11 months, I had a Mytouch 3G and I upgraded to a Mythouch 4G in Dec last year.

        • http://Website Tmo employee

          You can’t upgrade in 11 months. Only possible if you did a 1yr contract. We haven’t done those in over a year.

      • http://Website RD

        Check out ebay. I change phones every 6 months and I don’t think I will use an upgrade so I don’t get tied down. You can get a budget newer one for pretty cheap.

    • Killa

      Me three. My upgrade date is June 4th. This phone has served me well since October 24th, 2009, but I’m counting down the days until I have the G2X in my hands.

      • http://Website Derek

        I either wanna get the Sensation or myTouch 4G Slide for my next phone lol :)

        • mavricxx

          I hope the MyTouch 4G Slide has HDMI out and doesn’t have that metal back the current one has as it gets pretty warm after some use or talking on the phone. I think they forgot metal is a heat conductor.

    • krazytrixxxsta

      same here, im so ready to retire this phone into oblivion. cant wait for sensation to come out, im buying that bad boy unlock. 8/12/11 i’ll be free from tmo, no longer tied down to a carrier.

  • http://Website Geraldo

    That’s funny, cuz they easily killed the G1. Why not the MyTouch 3G? I smell a conspiracy…

    • http://Website Tmo employee

      The mytouch is tmobiles franchise device. We don’t even have stock of the 3gs in store

  • http://Website Kevin

    I’m still on my G1, and trust me, it’s no heaven. Just a couple more weeks…you can make it Dream!

    • Drew

      I’m with you buddy. Still on my G1 holding out for a good replacement. God bless, myTouch users.

  • http://Website Jorge

    They must have made too many and now can’t even get rid of them for free specially since there are also other free options…

  • http://Website History

    the original myTouch 3G did not have a headphone jack. They released a second iteration later that finally did… fyi.

    • http://Website jrizk07

      Don’t forget that the 2nd iteration of the phone also had more memory implemented.

      Also I’d rather have the MyTouch 3G over the ridiculously crappy Cliq any day of the week. That’s a phone that needs to die over and over again.

  • http://Website Beau

    Contrary to the article, the original MyTouch didn’t even have a headphone jack.

  • http://Website Black Kristos

    “such enhancements as a headphone jack”

    Nope, that didn’t come until several months later. HTC couldn’t even get that right.

    • http://Website Black Kristos

      Heh, guess that point has now been made:)

    • http://Website Kevin

      And the G1 was re-released WITH a headphone jack.

  • http://Website Ronnie B

    I suppose they gotta do something with their leftover inventory. And it’s free. Why complain about free? Some people can’t afford the better phones and have no problem owning a relic when it’s free. I just upgraded from the G1 about two months ago. If I was still dealing with that, I’m sure some people don’t mind the MyTouch 3G.

  • http://Website jus sayin

    Tmo probably still has it cuz people are still buying it if I had an outdated product that people were still buying 2 years later id still be selling it

  • juanito

    Just renewed my contract in April, and the G1 was *still* available from the T-Mobile website….. for $79.00 on a 2-year contract!!!!!!!!!!! But the MyTouch 3G was free, along with the Optimus T.

    I loved my G1, but even imbued with CyanogenMod wholesome goodness, its time had come. I went with a G2X which is ridiculously fast, but I miss my 5 row physical keyboard.

  • http://Website Tim

    I was under contract with this phone. Was great when I got it in late August or early Sept that year. It was my first smartphone. Then as time went on and I still didn’t have 2.0/2.1 and then they announced 2.2 I shelled out the big money in May of 2010 to get a Nexus One. Wasn’t sure if I made the right choice dropping the money on it until I turned it on and it was blazingly fast compared to the mytouch. It served it’s purpose for me for that short time but it’s time to move on.

  • http://Website William Thomson

    Great article,

    “Please, just let the myTouch 3G die in peace so it can take its seat next to the G1 in Android heaven.” —- so very true.

    Those who got the G1 and watched android grow have such a connection to the G1/MT3G.

  • http://Website GE 918

    My My-Touch 3g became so sluggish after the OTA update to Froyo that I called customer care and was given the LG Optimus T free of charge and it didn’t extend my contract.

    • http://Website MikeyRocks

      “My My-Touch 3g became so sluggish after the OTA update to Froyo that I called customer care and was given the LG Optimus T free of charge and it didn’t extend my contract.”

      Sure wish I had read this a couple months ago. Now I just have to wait 2 weeks and I can have my sensation I guess.

  • David

    Its about branding. The MyTouch3G is the only such phone at that price point that has TMobile’s own branding. So until something like the LG Optimus T comes along that is branded as a MyTouch, it will hang on for a bit longer.

  • http://Website Josh

    Because somebodys Mom/Grandma will take it for FREE and join the Android army..

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    i <3 my old Magic. I wish i never sold it.

  • http://Website mr.frankm

    Hahaha! I love you for this post. Very nostalgic.

    • Alberto Vildosola

      Thanks, mr. frankm. We love you too.

  • http://Website larry

    I giggle every time i see one when i walk in the store. I’ve got an original without the headphone jack if anyone wants to feel nostalgic and buy it.

  • http://Website robb

    Forget the myTouch 3G…… When I login to my T-Mobile account and check the phones available for upgrade, they STILL list the G1!!!! 299.99 off contract.

  • http://Website david

    i cant wait to retire mine…. its been almost 2 years now of lag…… i was so tempted to upgrade when the g2x came out but i held off, im definitely gonna pick up the sensation. june couldnt come fast enough.

    The magic will be missed. i did enjoy it until my sister go a droid at its launch and was parading around with it like it was the phone of all phones.( it kinda was now that i think about it….)

    but yeah why is tmobile still trying to give these lag machines to people for 2 years…?

  • matt

    Are you selling your used myTouch3G? I’ll take it off your hands, no problem. I like to have multiple phones to play with rather then one bleeding edge phone that is on the “edge” for about 2.54 nanoseconds.

    • Anthony Domanico

      I actually do have one laying around. Hit me up on twitter and maybe we can work something out. lol

  • http://Website revs1227

    ummm it runs 2.2
    and who the fuck cares this site hates on tmobile so much lol its pathetic

  • http://Website Tsen

    Please, don’t even mention the Cliq XT in this article. It may still be available, but that doesn’t mean it’s Android 1.5-ridden carcass shouldn’t die a fiery death. That was the phone that destroyed my faith in Motorola’s Android lineup.

  • http://Website G1 Original

    As an early adopter, I remember eagerly awaiting my G1 in the mail like a kid on Christmas Eve. That sense of intense anticipation was exceeded only when, 14 months later, I awaited my Nexus One to come priority overnight to my hotel room where I sat, stranded with a dead G1 (USB port failed so could not charge), on a business trip. Now my beloved Nexus One sits all alone in my desk drawer as I was relocated to AK in November and was forced to either drop an evil AT&T SIM card in it, or switch from T-mobile to ACS and settle for an HTC Desire (thank God for CyanogenMod). I love the t-mobile android nostalgia and, though I never owned a MyTouch, I will always love t-mobile and Android for introducing me to true smart phone power and potential.

  • http://Website DB

    I loved my MT3G! Even though I bought the original one and it didn’t have a head phone jack. It is what started me with Android and all its open awesomeness. Even had Gingerbread on it until I bought my G2x. Even though I loved it, I can’t say I regret the upgrade

  • kwills88

    i still got my g1, got it 2months after it was released, but i want to move on gave me some great times, but i get a little depressed each day whenever i see people with their new android devices…it’s pretty much like being married for a long time to a hot girl who became unattractive and you’re jealous of the guys with the hot young girl.

  • http://Website Eli

    “with such enhancements as a headphone jack, better battery life and more internal memory”

    The original myTouch 3G doesn’t have a headphone jack.

  • http://Website Bacon_hat

    Let this POS die. The Android gaming scene sucks compared to iOS. It’s when programers have to make games compatible with low end spec hardware that Android gaming will always lag behind. Doesn’t matter when the top end Android phone blows away iPhone when there aren’t any real good quality games for it.

    • http://Website Jorge

      Do you remember what the iphone’s specs were when the mt3g came out? That’s what I thought.

      • http://Website bacon_hat

        Infinity Blade, Dead Space, and Rage HD. Where are those games for Android? Where are the high quality Android first iOS if we feel like it games?

        Every freaking top quality game is a damn iOS port.

        Unless Google puts a damn hardware standard for graphics at least, First generation iPhone games still look better than the majority of Android games today coming out today.

  • http://Website Queen Laqueefa

    I had rocked a crappy Samsung flip phone for 6 years prior to getting my MyTouch3g a week after it launched. It was like the scene from The Wizard of Oz where the world suddenly goes from black and white to color. Nearly 2 years later I still have it, and while it still does everything I need it to, it’s time to put her out to pasture. The Sensation 4g can’t get here fast enough.

  • vicky

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    • Alberto Vildosola

      Mmhh you don’t belong here, methinks

  • Damaramu

    I’m still rocking the MT3G (with the 3.5 mm jack) and it does what I need it to do, but it’s quickly showing it’s age. I’ve had it for little over a year and while it’s a great phone, I can’t run half the games out there on it.

    It’s not like I do much gaming on the go, but when your phone runs something like Game Dev Story at half speed it says a lot!

  • http://Website the_orig_3g

    Funny, I just found this entry today. Yes, I’ve got an original MT3G – which is the crappiest version with only 192MB of ram. If you’re lucky enough to have a headphone jack, then you’ve got 288MB of ram! I’m jealous. If you’ve got a MT3G Slide, you’ve got a whopping 512 MB of ram, and a better processor (actually a dual core app processor and modem processor)

    Here’s the full chart…

    As for my story, I was one of the sad souls that pre-ordered the original, and like others here thought it was great for about 3-4 months until Motorola’s droids hit the shelves. I’m a natural cheapskate though, so have waited my full two years to be out of contract (July 7th!) at which point I’ll probably drop TMo altogether.

    Sigh. Glad to read I’m not the only one.