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Does your G2x have quality control issues?

David over at Tmonews has leaked that T-Mobile’s current flagship, the LG G2x, is no longer available for purchase from Tmonews goes on to speculate that the deactivation of the G2x is likely related to the various quality issues that have plagued the device since launch.

For those saying “Whoa, what device quality issues? I love my G2x!” several users have reported the device randomly rebooting, instances of “screen bleed” (light leaking from around the edges of the phone – especially noticeable on black screens), and other small issues since the phone was released in April.

As someone who has been using the G2x as his daily driver for a couple of weeks now, I have personally experienced both the random reboots and screen bleed issues and can attest to the annoyance these issues can cause.

We are hopeful that LG and T-Mobile are hard at work on a fix, including for those who have already purchased the device. We will keep you fully appraised of the situation once T-Mobile issues a statement.

If you’re a current G2x user, have you noticed any of the above-mentioned issues with your G2x? Do you find them as glaring issues or infrequent annoyances? Sound off by leaving a comment below.

Source: Tmonews

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  • http://Website Jon

    Yes..rebooted 3 times today and battery life lasts 3 hours on idle.replacement battery on its way

    • http://Website Teming

      Hello, I have purchased the G2x roughly a month ago. I have not experienced any problems with this device. I have yet to have a random reboot or screen leakage. The only problem I have with this device is that I can’t seem to find the auto-reject or a block number setting.

    • Bob

      I’ve got a rooted G2x and haven’t had any of the problems noted. I did have a little hassle when I first setup my T-Mobile account. I backed up my APN’s with an app and then did a permissions reset and that solved an issue with not being able to send pictures in text. Aside from that it’s great!

    • Joanne Moss

      How can these companies allow for these type of problems with a phone advertised as the best? After about a month or two I finally decided to go with T mobile and purchase 3 g2x cell phones. No problems the first month. The second month one screen started to bleed and then freeze up. The next month first I was sent a bill for programs etc.. Is knew nothing about. In the amount of nearly $135.00 more. Then when Is unplugged one of the two phones that worked from charging. Is got to the unlock screen but it would not unlock or respond to touch. I have called, written, emailed, and been to the local store several times. I explained the problems and told the customer service rep. that I usually get billed for cell phones and service. Until I received a working cell phone I could enjoy service on I was pretty much in my eyes being asked to pay for broken cellulars. What can be done to rectify these problems? Are T mobile /Lg customers supposed to just accept their screw up and move on and just lay out more money for new cellulars. I didnt realize when I agreed to the two year contract I was agreeing to be a guinea pig, or crash test dummy. What is the answer in way of fixing their unhappy customers and regaining the trust in the products they chose to stand behind and sell to unknowing public?

  • Jorge Parrales

    I’ve been using the G2x for over a month with virtually no complaints. I used to think the complainers were the only vocal ones, but I guess I’m one of the lucky few that just happened to get one without those issues. I WILL say that just a couple of days ago, my phone suddenly started screwing up every time I tried to open my gallery. It would jump into a force close loop that could only be stopped by pulling the battery. After the second time it did that, I decided to factory reset, which was a great annoyance. But no random reboots or screen bleeds for me, and the gallery is back to functional again. If it happens again, I might join the masses who curse this phone.

    • Justin Shapcott

      Same here, my friend. I have had one or two reboots in the month I have had it, and yesterday I had a weird home screen reset issue. But other than that I have been more than happy.

    • http://Website KoldKore

      I would slap you if I could.

  • http://Website Berat Blakaj

    I have every issue described, ive lived with the issue because I thought with custom roms many of the issues would be fixed. i could live with the screen bleed. However it seems the bleed is getting worse. I hope these issues get fixed for everyone because the phone is great when it works.

  • http://Website Nick Fowler

    I have a G2x and don’t have any of these issues as far as I can tell.

  • http://Website Dave

    My G2X has some screen bleed, random reboots (including one while I was talking on the phone – very annoying), and inconsistent GPS (it often takes a looooong time to get a signal). Besides these issues I love the phone. I really hope LG/T-Mo deal with their quality issues.

  • http://Website Krylon360

    On my G2x which I have had since day one, I don’t have any screen bleed, or reboots. I’ve had 1 lockup, but that was due to to much UV on a custom kernel. I do however, have a yellow tint at the bottom of my screen. not to bad, but noticeable on a white background.

    • enzo

      hi kyrlon i have this kind of issue aswell..and i am completely bothered! just want to ask you something..was the yellow tint at the bottom of your screen visible when you are in the android market or when using your browser?? cause mine i think is very visible and i think were the only one who has this kind of issue.. or maybe my eyes are just too much to be observant all the time..i dont know..but it really concerns me alot.. even when i am in the settings>applications> EX. angrybirds> uninstall> THE “YES or OK” button is much yellowish THAN the CANCEL? is it same as yours? pls reply thnks.. and when creating a message to a conversation..while the keyboard is down..into the write box? the yellow tint is it visible too? mine is like it is and be faded to white to the left..PLS DO REPLY..

  • http://Website Derick

    I’ve had the G2X since the day it came out on T-Mobile. I love the phone overall, but have experienced random reboots and have now experienced issues with the phone not connecting to 2G, 3G, or 4G after using the wifi. I’ve had to reboot the phone to get it to come back. This has only happened a couple of times. So far, I’m dealing with the issues. I’m just hoping T-mobile and LG addresses them and comes up with a fix. I have to say the phone is snappy, screen looks great, and works for 90% of the time without fail. This is my first upgrade from my old G1 and I’m just happy to have a faster phone with more memory now.

  • http://Website Grant

    I bought the G2x three weeks ago, loved the device got home it rebooted on me, didn’t think anything of it. Later that night I noticed the screen bleed in the top left and right of my phone. Later on during the week my phone rebooted around 40 times. Called T-Mobile and got a replacement G2x. The new G2x ended its way back at T-Mobile this one had baseband issues wouldn’t connect to data or wifi had about 40 of the same texts in one night. Was just overall a horrible phone for me. Sticking with my Nexus.

  • agentdiscount

    My device will sometimes crash and require me to pull the battery. Some times this will happen multiple times a week. The other issue is poor 3G/4G performance as I only occasionally am getting better than 1.5Mbps. I don’t know if this is the phone’s fault or if the 4G available in Minneapolis is just not up to par.

    My screen is fine, while not as black as AMOLED can get, the SLCD screen is sharp and a pleasure to use. Much better than my iPod touch 4g or my wife’s Vibrant, despite the black not being quite as black.

    • Anthony Domanico

      This actually just happened to me. I forgot about teh battery pulls.

    • http://Website Cyberdan3

      I live in Blaine, and depending on where I am, I can get around 4Mbps download. I went up to Andover to a buddy’s house and on the way there I got 9.5Mbps! But I also have screen bleed issues as well as reboots……

      • http://Website MNMommy

        I live in Shoreview and have been having a lot of connectivity issues the past few days – it’s driving me insane. I had a Cliq before and never had connection issues like this… contemplating taking the phone back tomorrow and getting a replacement. Do you have trouble connecting to GPS in this area?

    • tyson

      Same thing here.. I have to pull the battery daily. Do I need to do a hard reboot, or is there another issue?

  • http://Website itrustme

    my wifes g2x is plagued with all the above. its her third replacement.

    • Susan Turner

      I have experienced the same problems– The phone was replaced- same issues AGAIN! I use my phone for a business- I cannot begin to tell you how much business I have lost! The phone works about 1/2 of the time. T Mobile nor LG are willing to compensate for lost phone usage nor loss of business due to missed/dropped calls. T mobile suggests that I PURCHASE another phone. Does anybody know if there are any class action suits out there because of the equipment/customer service issues?

  • http://Website DanDroidOS

    I have had issues since day one.

  • http://Website H.

    Yes. Mine doesn’t reboot itself every day, but it does do so a few times a week, on average. It does it most often when I’m running something that uses the GPS, but it can also just be sitting on a table with no apps open and GPS turned off, and I’ll suddenly get the reboot screen.

    Less annoying/disconcerting is the screen leak, which is definitely there, but I only notice it indoors when the screen is totally black.

    I would like to see both issues addressed somehow. Particularly the rebooting one, as it can obviously be quite inconvenient. An update that fixes the problem would be nice, but if I have to try and get the phone replaced, I will.

  • http://Website Jeffrey

    Yes I had some random reboots and instances where I had to pull the battery out to turn my phone back on. A custom ROM fixed the those problems. It has been a bit frustrating but I am moving on to the Sensation in a couple of weeks. i hope that the launch is a bit more polished.

  • http://Website Jonathan

    I experience screen bleeding on my G2x, but it really is only noticeable when the screen is pitch black.

  • http://Website Elliot Powell

    I will say the only issue I have run into is the random reboots but they are few and far between. The phone is great otherwise.

  • wondercoolguy

    I got mine on launch day and took it back 5 days later, I didn’t want to deal w/ the consistant replacement that others are going through. My plan was to wait it out and get the next line of them….the problem they all have sucked….

  • http://Website Heath

    I’ve got the occasional reboot and it has locked up a couple of times that have required a battery pull. Screen bleed doesn’t seem to be an issue yet and GPS works rather well.

  • http://Website Sdotunone

    I have experienced the random reboots. Happens most when the phone is finished charging and happens to still be plugged in. it will turn off and not turn back on. Must remove the battery for a soft reset in order to get the phone to come back on. Screen bleeding isn’t a major issue though it is visible on start up black screen mostly.The reboot issues are annoying when they do occur, but aren’t frequent in regards to occurrences. Nonetheless, hopefully when it gets updated to gingerbread it will eliminate the booting.

    Plus* Im gonna get the galaxy s2 when it comes out anyways.


  • squide

    Yep I got:
    -Screen bleeding
    -Random reboots
    -Camera don’t work with some apps
    -Sometimes messed up GPS

    It makes up for it with speed though and I haven’t found battery life to be all that bad. Cmon Gingerbread!

  • http://Website Pat Martin

    Yep – - reboots 2 to 3 times a day – - but it is so much better than my useless Mytouch 3g – - that I hope for a fix… Come on T-mobile and LG – - step up to the plate…

  • http://Website Christopher Cook

    I’ve had the G2x since day one. Overall I like it, and I haven’t had too much issue with reboots, however, what is a massive issue for me, is constantly getting insane amounts of duplicate texts. It’s annoying having to dismiss text messages over and over, and it is a huge drain on the battery.

    I’ve heard plenty of others speak about this as well, however it doesn’t seem to get as much coverage as the reboots. I hope LG and T-Mo have a fix in the works for this as well

  • http://Website zedklind

    I got the g2x on the day it came out and checked for bleeds. No bleeds on opening but a month after they are growing. I have gotten a couple reboots the week I got it and it seems to have a bad attenae or something because when my phone is idle the battery shows 50%phone idle and 50% cell standy which i heard is a bug. I talked to a rep at tmobile and he said an update would comeout soon with a radio fix and reboot fix.. looks like they tested the update and have given up on it. Its VERY disappointing that a dual core device has these issues. I have been waiting for the tegra processor since it was announced years ago :/. I hope they push out the update instead of giving up.. I love this phone and it only has a couple issues. Most phones do. This phone is SUPER quick compaired to my g1. I retired my g1 and dont want to go back to it.. /sigh. i guess we’ll just have to wait and see! Signs point to bad news since you cant buy the g2x anymore.. :(

  • sota767

    One or two reboots per day, but no screen bleed or GPS issues I’ve seen.

    • Joanne Moss

      I bought three of the g2x phones. All three are about as efficient, reliable, and trust worthy as th mobile customer service. After the first month all the good. Then one phone started with a screen bleed. This left it extrely hard to type on.Then on my next bill I was charged over 125.00 to much for programs apps and downloads I knew nothing about. Then the second phone would power on go to the unlock screen but would not allow me to slidd and unlock screen. I have written t mobile. I have called and customer chatted online. I have now a huge t mobile bill and two useless cell phones. I explained I wanted what I ordered on my account. Not what they choose to bill for. I have two cell phones th aS

  • http://Website Achraf

    I dont have any of these things great battery great wifi/3g/4g/gos nothing wrong :-)

  • http://Website Ronnie B

    I’ve noticed both. The random reboots are annoying, but the screen bleeds are tolerable. My question is this… If T-Mobile believes the problem is severe enough that they’ve pulled the phone off the market, are they going to offer us another phone as a replacement? We paid good money for their top-of-the-line phones, and we should have their top-of-the-line phones.

  • http://Website sean

    On my g2x right now. No screen bleed but I do get random reboots or shut downs

  • http://Website Seth

    I haven’t seen any screen bleed, but I’ve had mine since release and it has rebooted itself at least once/week. Twice it has locked up and required a battery pull. My wife got one at the same time (i want to say they are 3 apart s/n wise) and hasn’t seen any of these issues so far.

    I still like the phone. The reboots have always happened when I’ve slept it and put it back in my pocket, a minute later I will hear the tmo jingle from the boot sequence.

    Seeing this post, I feel like maybe I should get a case open with LG or Tmo about it….

    • Matt

      A case is definitely in order!

      This damn phone has had all of these issues mentioned This is my 2nd one. The first one I took back the next day..This one took only about a month to go to Crap! It seems to come on slow and then. BAM! Your PoS phone shuts off in the middle of the night. I have been late to work, Missed appointments , lost data due to Master reeboots.

      I haven’t heard to many people mention screen scroll issues. Are we In e technology age or not. I Can’t believe T-Mobile gets away with this. Try getting you money back. Try downgrading,
      TRY looking for the next starbucks at 50 MPH or 0 MPH you’ll get the same result everytime …A slap on the face that you bought. In to the hype
      They said T-Mobile G2x Fastest dual core on the market ( total BS) in my opinion
      They said WoOW 4G amazing! ..well then why can’t they make. Product that matches it?

      What’s up with the Update? Minimal usefully features. My battery is shot. I waset even informed of the update.

      o Sue them ..oh wait identified the government already doing that

  • http://Website Juddha

    Have had the phone since the day it came out. Have had zero problems with it so far. Was actually very shocked to hear that people are having all these problems.

  • http://Website Raye Avery

    My first G2x was a dog. It froze several times a day starting within the first hour of purchase. After a week wishing that I had stayed with my slow rooted G1 (much love to Cyanogen) I exchanged it for a new unit. My replacement G2x works like a dream. It does bleed a little around the corners when the screen is dark. However I’m very happy with my new toy. The only thing that may make me stray is size envy from the upcoming Hercules or the My Touch 4 Slide because I miss having a keyboard.

    Signed Raye
    I love my G2x
    I love my G2x
    I love my G2x
    I love my G2x

  • koldkore

    I went through three of those G2x phones and all of them had screen bleed. One had terrible battery life, one just had really really bad bleed, and the last one i tried had both and constantly lost data connection. I have been very very vocal on LG’s forum, T-Mobile’s, and called them. I’m glad that POS phone got pulled and hopefully it will be fixed. It only took a month for them to do something about it.. which actually isn’t that long. Here’s hoping..

    • Anthony Domanico

      You bring up a good point. It’s actually pretty damn quick a turnaround for Tmo/LG. I don’t know whether that’s bad or good. :-\

  • Andrew Garlinghouse

    I replaced my G2x a few times and returned it on the 20th to my tmo store because I couldn’t deal with all the issues I was having. I had some random reboots (not to many though), the GPS would take forever to locate when in navigation even though I could see my location on the map. The LCD back light bleed was ridiculous and what made it worse was the fact that the tmo reps and even an LG rep who looked at the problem all considered it to be just a “that’s the way it is” situation.

    I’m now on a Nokia 3390 Gold since someone stole my G1 while I was using my G2x. I’m waiting to get the HTC Sensation since I can trust HTC’s quality control.

    • koldkore

      Yeah they gave me the same shit. “That amount of bleed looks acceptable to me. We will not allow you to exchange again.” Soooo I returned it.

  • http://Website Vincent Mac

    It’s the light that’s bleeding not the screen, silly rabbit.

  • http://Website Brenden C.

    I have all the above issues. Though my reboots are generally once a week. And the screen bleed isnt that bad that i could live with just a fix for the reboots. I too occasionally have the multiple text messages come through.

    Glad they’re doing something about it at least.

  • http://Website anthony

    I purchased a g2x while my nexus s was out for repair to hold me over.
    the T-Mobile supervisor told me that all the phones have reboot issues and tried to get me to purchase the Samsung what ever they had.
    I had a plan heck it was just for a week then ill take it back
    the phone is much faster than the nexus s
    minimal bleeding
    reboot issue yes but something I could deal with
    I would have kept it but nexus s came back.
    The g2x really is a nice phone hopefully they figure out this reboot issue.
    I only had this issue while web browsing

  • http://Website Adam

    Ordered my G2X from amazon. It would freeze up about once a day, at night usually, which rather negated its usefulness as my alarm. LCD bleed was from the top left corner. Returned that one, got another which actually didn’t crash anymore, at least on the stock rom (I’ve moved on to less stable things now but I do not blame the hardware anymore) though it has worse light bleed actually.

    Anyways the one I have now is usable but if they will be able to fix mine up fully, through the warranty, that would be great.

  • http://Website Vic

    I’ve had a lot of issues with my phone. First week the battery was horrible until I fixed it by rooting it and calibrating the battery. Its been 3 weeks since I bought it and restarts daily on a loop till I remove battery. Also turns off randomly and wont turn back on till I pull he battery., I’ve had Google System Framework issue when I kept trying to turn it on and had to factory reset holding down volume and power button. Also when I reset the phone the market goes back to last version and I have to force update it. Horrible experience but great phone when it works properly.

  • http://Website JDea

    I haven’t had any random rebooting
    The issue I have are the screen bleed in 3 corners, and the lock screen would freeze and not let me unlock the screen

    It would let me drag, but it won’t unlock or do anything, drags and vibrates and thats it
    Requires battery pool or long power pressing which is lame.

  • http://Website AndroidLuvR3R1

    Honestly I have not had any serious issue with my G2x but a little screen bleeding on the top left corner. The only problem I experience is when playing dungeon defenders, it would shut off multiple times taking me back to my home screen.

  • juanito

    Got my G2X about 3 weeks ago.

    Screen Bleed.
    Random Reboots (1 or 2 every 5 – 6 days)
    Screen brightness flickers constantly.

    Waiting to see what T-Mo is going to do. Cannot – CANNOT – be without a phone while this gets sorted out. The speed and usability of the phone is nice. Battery has been ‘OK’ but compared to my G1 from early 2009 it hasn’t been bad. Did I mention the speed? It’s stupid fast, but then again, I just got done with a CyanogenMod G1. I miss, miss, miss my 5 row keyboard, and honestly the on screen keyboard has been the most frustrating aspect of this phone. It’s a fine on screen KB, I just wish that T-Mo had a 5 row KB phone with a large screen to replace my G1….

  • http://Website kim

    I love my G2x..I think it is on 1 of the best Android devices out there however ..I have been experiencing every possible issue you can imagine with this phone ..bleeding screen, reboot ,heating up you talk you name it..I’m hoping LG fixes this before HTC sensation comes out if T-Mobile will have some angry customers out there

    • Anthony Domanico

      The problem is that everyone loves this phone, even though it has these flaws. If we didn’t, we’d have returned/sold them by now.

  • http://Website Bret

    I have had in my possession thru exchanges 6 different G2x phones and all of them had really bad to extremely-unbelievable-how-the-heck-did-this-phone-leave-the-factory back light bleed through. I have given up on try to exchange this phone for one without a broken screen until LG and T-Mobile come out and admit there is an issue and they are shipping new phones with corrected screens.

    I also have screen locks where you can interact with the phone but the display driver is locked up so it just shows the unlock screen.

    So yeah, big quality issues with the phone. I do love almost everything else about it though.

  • Val-Zho

    I had random reboot issues… 4 or 5 times a day… and then I uninstalled WidgetLocker and my phone has been fine.

  • http://Website gary

    Lots of I issues with mine, I am on my third g2x

  • http://Website michael r

    I’ve been very pleased with my G2X.

    I have screen bleed on mine, but it hardly fazes me… it’s not noticeable unless i have a black screen and the LCD is turned up all the way to 100% brightness.

    It has rebooted randomly exactly three times in the past month that I’ve owned it. Oddly enough, each time was when I was not using the phone. It would just be on my desk at say 10PM, when I’m busy watching TV or something and it suddenly reboots. No idea why. But still, it hasn’t rebooted while I was doing anything on it so I can’t say rebooting has bothered me.

    • http://Website michael r

      Oh, and I have not had any battery issues whatsoever. I would have my phone at 100% at night, then I go to sleep, and when I wake up… It would still be in the 80s.

  • http://Website JD

    The reboots are one thing, but I have had 4 or 5 factory resets because of the phone turning off and then never coming back on. I tried battery pulls and all the usual steps. So that is maddening.

    Thing is, I don’t have significant screen bleed, so I’m very unsure whether I want to chance switching it out. I decided to start running CM7 nightlies, and haven’t had any reboots like I used to. I still pick it up sometimes, and it’s off, but a battery pull will bring it back.

    I can’t help but think it’s battery temp related. All my factory reset incidents happened when it was on the charger for the night.

  • http://Website jason

    I’ve had screen bleed bad on two devices, rebooted when plugged into the charger and freezes when calling. Can’t wait until LG sends a batch to T-Mobile that actually function.

  • http://Website KenG

    I have had the G2x since 4/20, and it has shut down (requiring a battery cycle) or re-booted about 7 or 8 times. Kind of annoying, but I am hoping that 2.3.4 will fix it. I thought about bringing it in for a replacement before my 30 days were up, but I just didn’t want to go through the hassle of re-installing all of the apps (it only brings over your paid apps from your google account).

    I have not seen any of the screen bleed. I like the phone, my biggest wish (besides the 2.3.4 update) is for a visible indicator so I don’t have to constantly check for mail or messages.

  • http://Website Minor

    I have crazy light bleeding from the top of the screen. It gets ridiculously warm when I’m doing no more than sending text messages (like as hot as my macbook pro. Sometimes it will just be in my pocket and get really hot while I’m not even using it. The battery lasts about 4 or 5 hours. I’ve only had about 2 or 3 reboots. The screen is incredibly un-responsive. I have the official desktop dock, but it doesn’t recognize when its docked. I love how when I plug it into the charger the screen stays on, which wouldn’t be so bad, except that the screen being on consumes more power than the charger supplies lol.

    With that being said,the phone is super fast and snappy. I love the speed.

  • http://Website LAFlyer

    I got mine on day 1. Probably a half dozen crashes that required removing the battery to boot up again since I purchased. Some random issues also with the radio – not transitioning well from WiFi back to cellular (no data connection until cycling power), forgetting bluetooth connections, etc.

    On Monday, it went down for the last time – even made a sad “DOOP doop” sound when it died. From there, it wouldn’t reboot past the “TMobile G2X with Google” screen. Locked there for hours. Removed microSD, SIM card, battery. Tried to do a factory reset (power on with down volume depressed). No go. DEAD. T-Mobile is sending a new one.

    Oh, and not being able to delete the T-Mobile advertising signature from my E-mail still pisses the sh*t out of me.

    • http://Website KenG

      I forgot to mention the wi-fi/cell transitions also, it messes that up a lot. I think it is a SW bug that will be fixed.

      You should get K-9 for email. It is far, far better than the stock email client. and no t-Mo ads.

  • http://Website Raptor

    Wow, LG could be really bad. The first ever time my Vibrant froze for the first time was just recently due to i suspect installation of beta “Launcher 7″

    • http://Website Camille

      I have a G2X, and the only time I’ve had an issue was when I installed this same launcher, Launcher 7. I really liked this launcher, but one I had customized it the way that I wanted it, my battery completely drained twice in one day. Uninstalled it and I haven’t had any problems with my phone since. There is definitely something wrong with that launcher.

      Oh, and I love my issue-free G2X!

  • http://@kingzback James

    I love my G2x my phone has not given me any problems, no reboot issues no screen bleeding, just a perfect phone for me,…battery last as long as any other android phone

  • http://Website Jason

    When it works, it’s great. However…
    1) Locks up when charging ( of the time) or during the middle of calls.
    2) Random reboots at least once a day
    3) Sporadic connecting to mobile data while on wifi, forcing me to reconnect to wifi
    4) Mobile data connection dropping only resolved by reboot (and the 2-4 reboots after that)
    5) Horrible reception of voice and data (compared to my g1 and my wife’s 3g slide)
    6) Long delay in obtaining gps position
    7) Voice dialer no longer works (force close on startup)
    8) Frequent freezing while scrolling
    9) Poor battery life (even for android)
    But no screen bleed.

    Hoping that the “coming soon” update will resolve issues, but that may be asking too much. Hesitate to exchange it because it sounds like it’s a crap shoot at this point. Huge pain to set everything back up (including reprovisioning corporate email app) unless I know there significant chance of it being decidedly better. My patience is running thin.

  • justreboot

    I have seen most of these issues on customers devices. I get people coming in with poor battery life, random reboots, gps issues, device not loading past the boot screen and also if you have an exchange email account set up you cannot remove the “sent from my t-mobile G2X” signature.

    I haven’t seen the screen/light bleed yet. Other than the issues above, the device seems to run quickly. I was playing with it again today, switching through apps and multitasking without skipping a beat.

    Our LG rep for the market assured us that LG is aware of these issues and they are working on a fix. I guess we will see what happens.

  • House of Androids

    Excellent choice for an smartphone, i never regrets of this investment

  • AME

    I always have bad luck with picking the one lemon out of a bunch of perfect units, but this time, I hit the jackpot. I have not had any issues with my G2x at all– screen looks crisp, no reboots, no lag, and get this… 24+ hour battery life!

    I lucked out though. Over at XDA there have been reports of issues from the first day. It definitely sounds like the minority though. I think most users seem to report a positive experience. I think those of us who root and play around a little more vigorously have better experiences with some of the new ROMs, kernels, and hacks taking care of a lot of people’s problems.

    I hope T-Mo doesn’t drop us to the wayside as soon as the Sensation and their version of the SGS2 are released.

  • http://Website Koro

    I have the European Optimus 2x version, and have had none of these problems, though a few have. Could it be that the US version is more buggy?

    • Anthony Domanico

      I think they went cheap on the screen in the U.S. The O2x isn’t plagued by the screen/light bleed issues.

  • Killa

    Just got mine Tuesday night. In the short amount of time that I’ve had it, the only problem I’ve experienced is screen bleeding in both top corners of the phone. It’s not horrible (yet), but it’s there.

    • Killa

      UPDATE: I just had a random reboot last night and one earlier today when I wasn’t using it.

  • http://Website Vanquish

    I own the european version of this phone.
    UI is very laggy, back light bleeding, very poor phone call quality and GPS accuracy is about 400m sometimes :/

    After few weekds I’ve decided to buy a new phone (SGS2) but I still use LG to experiment with custom ROMs.

  • http://Website David

    I have exchanged mine twice. Reboots at least 2-3 times a day and has horrible battery life and reception. Any time i walk into a building i get no service. Returning it again and this time replacing it with a different model. Worst phone ever.

  • http://Website dude

    Mine has had some issues, but things appear to be getting better with the nightly builds of cyanogenmod. Not sure if the issues people are experiencing are hardware related to the Froyo build. The developers working on the cyanogenmod build for this device have been doing a great job. Much better than the crap t-mobile puts on…..

  • http://Website g1-and-only

    For all who are having reboot issues, don’t use apps to SD card, I just believe the duel core does not know how to handle it. Put all your apps on the phone, there is more than enough space, that should help until an update comes. I had that problem and I moved all my apps back and it never happened again.

  • ayocuz

    I love my phone not many problems here. My nexus one had bad screen responsiveness. So the very minor screen bleed is not enough to bash this phone.

  • http://Website Gee

    I’m a g2x user and I have experienced all of the rebooting issues that were mentioned. I’m forced to pull the battery on it once a week. Although its a powerful phone, this can be very annoying

  • http://Website Matt

    I’ve had the phone for about 2 weeks in NYC and the phone has shut down on its own twice requiring me to pull the battery out. One shut down was overnight while it was charging (thankfully I didn’t need to have an alarm wake me up that morning!) and again during the day while it was in my pocket.

    Anyone heard of any software updates??

  • http://Website RAW

    randomly rebooting 4 time a week , screen bleed around the top edges

    Stock G2X

  • http://[email protected] G2xLOVERRR

    i just got my g2x barely a week old.. and im gettin a little nervous just reading all these problems with the phone! but i dont notice anything wrong wit it at all,.. maybe i should just return it and go back to my iphone3g!

  • http://Website MM

    I’ve had the G2x for 10 days. I had a weird problem. My phone started duplicating the txt messages I received. Talked to TMo and they removed my txt service on their side and added it again and no issues since then. The screen does bleed on the top corners but after all the issues posted I’ll keep my phone and avoid the other problems. I didn’t get data/wifi issues, battery life or rebooting problems.

  • http://Website Sri

    Had the G2X for 1 week. 1 whole week of pain in the ass.

    I can only empathize with the hurting people in this forum. Yep, I have had it all too –

    1. – Screen Bleed.
    2. – Reboot (not very frequent, but hey its rebooted on me few times)
    3 – Horrible battery.
    5 – hopeless GPS (once I reached a destination 5 miles away in downtown before this piece of crap to grab the sat signal)
    4. Worst of all – “NO FREAKING WIFI” after 24 hours of staying conncted to ANY wifi network.

    To top it all – the LG cust service (which mafia group are they by the way?) play God with you when they say “this is what it is..take it or leave it”

    I really wonder, how could somebody in the forum could say – “So yeah, big quality issues with the phone. I do love almost everything else about it though”?

    I have returned this phone and “upgraded” to a a more stable Motorola .Cliq2.

  • http://Website Flippothehippo

    I have had the G2x for a total of about 2 weeks barely.. I have experienced all the issues. I have gone through two replacements. The phones will reboot a few times at first only to get stuck in a reboot cycle eventually. I had spoken with Tmobile help and they did confirm it was an actual issue. They could not guarantee that my 3rd phone replacement wouldn’t do the same. The only reason I haven’t switched to a new carrier is that I am on an extremely discounted grandfather plan.

  • http://Website Matt

    Upgraded to the G2x on Monday and have been plagued with constant connection issues. Simply, if I’m not connected to my home wifi, then I’m out of luck connecting to the internet, market, etc. I also will receive the same text twice. Battery life is laughable.

    I’ve experiened one reboot so far as it locked up while listening to a voicemail. No screen bleed as of yet. I readily admit I have very short patience for electronics when they fail to operate properly but this phone is a piece of shit.

    LG and Tmobile should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Clearly there are MAJOR issues with this phone, yet nothing from either side about a fix. Shameful. It goes back tomorrow and will probably go with the Galaxy S 4G.

    Best advice I can give: STAY AWAY!!!!

  • http://Website cyn collado

    Yes I have had my phone for week and have experienced 2 shutdowns & just yesterday my phone frooze a few times. Are there any suggestions or should I return and get a new phone.

  • http://Website Castle

    Had my G2x for almost two weeks now.
    - average 2 reboots a day
    - 3 lock ups requiring battery pull.
    - battery life is horrible even after calibration. average 5 hours.
    - cell radio randomly dies. Reboot kicks it back on.
    - GPS on par with vibrant – not good.
    - unit has overheated 3 times.
    - screen bleed is minimal on my device
    - apps kept disappearing after reboots. Removing apps2sd fixed this.

    Overall, one of the worst devices I’ve ever had. Totally unreliable as a daily driver.
    I considered replacement but with so many reporting similar issues, I’m just going to swap it for an HTC Sensation.

  • http://Website LissyV00

    I have had my G2X since they one, I have exchanged the phone 3 times and still the same problem, I am past my buyers remorse so TMobile said they will send me a new unit (again) if I have the same problems they will maybe swtich to a different phone, but it took a lot of phone calls for this, the first thing they suggested was a full discount on a different phone… really?

  • http://Website Guy

    Had the phone for 10 days and FLAWLESS

  • http://Website Guy

    Day 11, twice when I went to use the phone, it was off!! had to pull battery to get it going again.

  • http://N/A azp

    I have had my g2x for about two weeks. I love it. This morning after charging, the phone began continually rebooting. It never made it to the home screen. I took the battery out many times throughout the day to no avail. If the phone was on it was continually rebooting. T-Mobile is sending a replacement. I hope these issues don’t persist because the phone was really performing great until today.

  • http://Website Trish

    3-7 reboots in a day, sometimes mutliple times in a row. Extremely frustrating… when it works, this is a fantastic phone. But, I’m afraid, I’m moving on to buyer’s remorse

  • http://Website Carlos Burgueño

    I just got the G2x a few days ago and the truth is that mine is pretty stable. However, there is times when my phone reboots (When it’s on the lock screen), gets locked (Black screen), or getting data signal. My phone only got locked down once. Tue phone overheats when being used while charging. I don’t have any issues with Wi-Fi or GPS. There is a GUI bug when the GPS icon does not disappear from the notification bar unless rebooted. I found a temporary fix to restore mobile data connnections when dealing with the data signal bug. You need to go to Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Network operators > Select automatically. This will bring up either the 2g, 3g, or 4g signal icon to the notification bar. The truth is that I don’t mind any of the bugs because of the new upcoming software update. Software updates is capable of fixing bugs because my 3g Slide with Cyanogenmod 6 had major bugs with Wi-Fi and with the stock rom is using stable Wi-Fi drivers. However, I am concerned is the screen bleeding, which is currently happening to my G2x. I want to enjoy the full experience of this device, but the screen bleeding is being an obstacle of enjoying my G2x.

  • http://Website Carlos Burgueño

    Ignore my first comment because I pressed the “Submit” button by accident.

    I just got the G2x a few days ago and the truth is that mine is pretty stable. However, there is times when my phone reboots (When it’s on the lock screen and no device usage), gets locked down (Black screen; battery removal-base procedure), or getting data signal. My phone only got locked down once. Tue phone overheats when being used while charging. I don’t have any issues with Wi-Fi or GPS. There is a GUI bug when the GPS icon does not disappear from the notification bar unless rebooted. I found a temporary fix to restore mobile data connnections when dealing with the data signal bug. You need to go to Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Network operators > Select automatically. This will bring up either the 2g, 3g, or 4g signal icon to the notification bar. The truth is that I don’t mind any of the bugs because of the new upcoming software update. Software updates is capable of fixing bugs because my 3g Slide with Cyanogenmod 6 has major bugs with Wi-Fi, and with the stock rom, the Wi-Fi drivers are stable. However, I am concerned with the screen bleeding issue, which is currently happening to my G2x. I want to enjoy the full experience of this device, but the screen bleeding is being an obstacle of enjoying my G2x. The next two things I am thinking are either keep my G2x and replace my LCD screen with a screen from eBay or return my G2x for a G2. The reason why I don’t want to get the HTC Sensation is because I LOVE stock Android devices. I want to enjoy the legit UI of Android. My first android device was the myTouch 3g Slide. It uses a different UI compared to stock Android. The G2x is my second Android device and I love speed in this device! Best stock Android 2.2 experience ever since I tried the original myTouch 3g. Now what LG and T-Mobile should do is recall all defected G2x devices and release a G2x revision for stability.

  • http://Website Randall

    I experience all the classic issues. Mine reboots several times a day. About every two weeks it resets itself to out of the box condition. Apps that are stored on the SD card (like Angry Birds) have to be reinstalled any time the phone is shut off, whether by my or its doing. GPS is super frustrating. I’m severely disappointed with it.

  • http://Website Johnny

    It’s the G2X camera. It intermittantly acts wacky and at the worse possible times. When it screws up: 1) In bright conditions there’s a pink hue 2) in dark conditions there’s like TV snow with pink flecks. Add the camera issues to the constant rebooting and it really sucks. Plus, it won’t stay connected to WiFi…. what’s up with that? And GPS frequently has connectivity problems… but only when used for navigation. What the frack!

  • http://SEYC.COM BOYCE

    my wife and I both have these phones but have totally different problems. I was hoping to find a post here from someone with the same issues. We both basically love the phones but we miss calls like crazy!!! We can have full “bars” and 4g and with get a voice mail from someone who just called but we get NO CALL. I can be standing right next to my wife and call her are here phone won’t ring. Or, I’ll call someone and the call just won’t go thru. Often it takes 2-4 attempts before a call will connect. Really sucks if you are driving and trying to call someone. We are both on our 2nd phone and are still having the same problem. these phones seem to do everything great but make calls! I have been a T mobile customer for almost 15 years, back when it was Powertel, and I’ve had a bunch of different phones. Some good and some terrible….but never a phone that would not connect or that had as much trouble placing calls. Not sure what to do but we are very sad with this phones ability to place calls or maybe I should say to not place them. phones today can do so much but that should be able to place and receive calls with ease. After all, isn’t that the main reason we buy them?

  • http://Website Jcox

    I have experienced all the problems everyone is mentioning. I am on my second G2X!

    The thing I dislike most about the phone is the awful antenna that LG has put in this phone.

    I am returning this phone tomorrow and will replace it with the new HTC Sensation. Hopefully, I will like it better!

  • http://Website Culb420

    Surprisingly my g2x has worked perfectly since the day I got it. Usually I am the one who gets the lemon phones but it seems I have lucked out this time. I’ve already rooted so hopefully it stays working :/

  • http://Website Christian S.

    T-mobile G2x

    First device:
    Random rebooting. In the beginning it would happen maybe once every few days but by the 9th day it was more prevalent, rebooting 4 times that day .. three of which were during phone calls.
    Took it back to T-mobile 2 days ago and they gave me a new device.

    Second device:
    Used it for one full day with no issues. Day 2 (today), phone would not recover from screen timeout twice. Only resolve was to remove battery and reboot the phone accordingly. So far that is the only issue that has surfaced with this one but I will give it a few days to see if it (or any other issues persist) before I totally flip out on t-mobile and insist on being given an HTC Sensation.

    • http://Website Christian S.

      Forgot to mention with the first device:

      GPS stayed visibly active around day 7, 8 and 9, draining the life out of my battery. This only happened however after I activated that T-mobile Security App.

  • http://Website kelly underwood

    I have had the same issues u are talking about. I thought maybe it was just my phone, I had the 3g my touch slide and never had a problem. I feel like getting a new phone that doesn’t have these problems. I am very disappointed with the g2x.

  • http://Website Rokk

    I have been using my G2x for about 2 months now. I have had numerous issues with it.

    1. Constant reboot (about 1 a day now)

    2. Consistantly losing length of battery life (now lasts about 2.5 hours on full charge)

    3. Freezes up about 5 times a day

    4. Camera is annoying as hell (personal opinion), about 75% of pics come out blurred

    I do like a lot of things about this phone, but the problems are just beyond worth putting up with. Hopefully i can get Tmobile to cough up something better… but who knows

  • http://Website Ortsac66

    I got mine at the end of April 2011 – same problem…random reboots. Usually occurs when I’ve launched the GPS (as when using the foursquare app) and very occasionally when I’m texting. No screen bleed yet. Short battery life.

    I love my phone – these are annoyances. However, I want it to last until my contract is up, so considering a warranty replacement.

  • http://Website Ortsac66

    I forgot to mention that in additon to the auto reboot problem, the phone has “frozen” – literally can’t turn on (or off) or an app gets stuck in an endless circle. Only solution is to remove battery, then all is good as new. Camera not as good as I’d hoped for, either. Definitely has limitations.

  • http://Website Keith

    I have been using my G2x for about three weeks now and have had trouble with it from day one . The car or gps mode turns on by itself so i have to turn it off before i can do anything.It has trouble keeping a 4g signal that has drained my battery 2 X in 6 hour period. It heats up when it drains the battery this quickly.After heating up from battery drain now speaker is screwed up and I cant use it anymore.I called Tmobile and they said they would send me a new one if I send them 25 bucks (It would only be five if I took out the insurance plan witch I didn’t because it jumped from 2 bucks to 4 or 5 while i was signing new contract and this only covers manufacture defects.

  • http://Website Tyler

    My phone has rebooted only a handful of times since I purchased it on 4/20. I find more often that when I wake up in the morning my phone is simply off… and then my alarm for work doesn’t work.

    The worst problem I have is that my GPS takes at least 8-10 minutes to get a lock. Once it locks on it’s fantastic… but 8-10 minutes is FARRRRRRR too long in rush hour traffic when I have no idea where I’m going…

    The second largest issue is that my launcher (Stock or any installed) force closes at least once a day and takes forever for my home screens and icons to come back.

    Unlike any other reviews, my phone has an AMAZING BATTERY. I can use Pandora for 2 hours and my battery doesn’t even drain 20%. Although as a cell phone salesmen I have come to find that no one in this world knows how to keep their GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi turned off nor kill their apps properly.

  • http://Website Eric

    I have had a g2x for a couple of months. I called customer care and they said go get a new phone “you are in your 14 day window”. I went to the tmobile store and the employee said you just need sim card, which he did and nothing changed. Then he said you just need a factory reboot, this is a common thing. I argued with him. What happens when it does not work and I now am outside of the 14 day window and the phone does not work, I’m stuck right? He says no you are ok, I’ll put a note in the computer. A few days later the same problem. (Crackling sound when making calls, lock ups, very occasional reboots). I went back to the TM store. Of course there was no note on the computer and I was informed even if there was an employee is not allowed to extend this 14 day window. So now I’m stuck right? He brings his manager over and with much eye rolling I was able to pay a $20 fee to get a warranty exchange. I said fine, I’ve been had. I received the phone, to my surprise this one was much worse. Horrible crackling, reboots 10 times in less than half a day. I returned the replacement phone as it was unusable. After hours on the line with customer care they offered to send me a Mytouch replacement (retail price $0 vs the $250 I paid). I said no, what else do you have to offer. He sent me up the chain and I spoke with a guy called “D’one”. He offered me a Galaxy S 4G (retail $150), I was still pissed and he knew it so he said he would call me back at a set time. No call back of course. I’m not sure what to do. I guess realize I have been had and take my lumps getting a lesser phone for my money. Shame on you T-mobile.

    • Kidricm

      Purchased a g2x in may. Zero issues described above. This week shopping cart upped pulled phone off belt clip, cracked screen. Insurance deductible 130! Long story short received new phone with new update.. Having crazy issues now! Ugh…

  • Tee

    I absolutely HATE my G2X. I have had problems with this phone from the beginning. I have not had any screen bleeds or reboots. But I had problems with being unable to connect to Wi-Fi, so I had to send it back. Got a replacement phone and then I start having connectivity issues. The phone will move from 2G to 4G to No Network. So I will be making a call a my call drops because I have no network connection. I can hardly use the internet on my phone because of the reason. My Apps prove to be basically useless to me. Because if I have no connection the phone does not work. It does this quite often. I called T-mobile and they went through a series of steps to help me solve the issue with no luck. I had to send the phone back and get a second replacement. The second replacement has the same problem. My phone is not on any G network as I am typing this. OMG!!! I am so sick of this phone. Which I had kept my Black Berry. So I am on my third G2X and I am still having problems and issues with it. And T-Mobile seems to have no idea what to do to fix the issues. This phone is a total rip-off and T-Mobile won’t man up and admit that the phone is basically useless. Has too many issues. I really wish someone would tell me what I can do to fix the connectivity issue. Because it is really bad and I am totally frustrated at this point.

  • james

    I am so effing sick of my G2X. 4G hardly ever works, battery drains in hours while hardly doing anything, and all this while Wi-fi and whatnot are shut down. Spend an hour on the phone, hour at the store, and all they can tell me is “sorry”, what the hell is that? Way to charge all kinds of money for a piece of crap that doesn’t work, which contians apps you can’t remove, even though you own the phone. FUCK THIS

  • jrlostsoul

    My g2x works fine now although it does freeze up at times but I am new to any smartphone let alone android, so i this was common. But wow if they discontinued this then how will i get replacements. I have insurance so am I still able to take full advantage of this.

  • Rick Lewis

    I’ve had the phone since day #2 and it worked great for about a month. Then, the problems set in. Rebooting frequently, the hot spot is NOT reliable, network connection problems, settings changing when the phone was asleep, and so on. T-Mobile kept telling me to wait for the update. Well, I got the update and while it fixed the settings changing and reboots, all the apps in the bundle are different. The worst is the Android keyboard, which now has smaller and more sensitive keys, making it nearly impossible for me to use. Also, battery life is less than before the update – it barely makes it through a light-use day when it used to have 20% when I went to bed at night. I hate this phone.

  • Denise

    I have been at my desk since 8:30 and this phone has rebooted 3 times already and its only 10. It is now beginning to reboot while I am actually on the phone. I love this phone but at this point I’m ready to throw it out into the parking lot and drive over it!!!!!!

  • Ashlee

    I keep losing all my contacts and almost everything has to be forced closed. Phone froze up screen went black and I couldn’t get it to turn on. There has been many times where I had to pull the battery out. After reading everyone’s problems I’m gonna give tmobile a call. I love the phone but I’m sick of losing my contacts.

  • eduard

    worst phone I have ever had,it shuts off at least 4-5 times a day…now I called T-Mobile and they are gonna send me the same phone,and I have a feeling its gonna have the same problems from what everybody is saying about this phone.I mean its a nice phone and its fast,but we have to remember its a phone and then its a play machine…so thing has to be dependable,be able to make calls and recieve calls.LG is a piece of shit,to many complaints.

  • Alex

    This phone is garbage. Complete piece of sh*t.

  • http://? derrick

    does anyone know how to pick 1 # on the call history and delete it, without deleting the intire call history ?

  • Mandie

    I just recently got this phone and I think it’s the most beautiful android I’ve ever had. Very fun to play with, and to look at. The only problem is when I click on certain applications, it force closes, it’s done it quite a few times and it’s getting really annoying. I’m not sure what to do or if there is a fix for this?

    • shanikwa johnson

      do a factory reset

  • Reza

    I have had the G2X for a few months, I have seen the random reboots, but more annoying issue is that I leave the phone on my desk at work and it never comes back from the sleep and I have to open the back remove the battery and put it back and power on the phone. Sometimes I get calls and I can’t get the phone out of this state. Otherwise love the phone

  • http://google Raymundo Borrego

    i have had my G2x for 4 months now and i have had those problems but all of the sudden the phone wont get past the loading point as in it wont turn on fully…… idk how to fix it i have tried everything…. if someone has a answer please help….

  • Destiny

    Ugh! I just want to love my G2X but it’s hard since it’s decided that it no longer wants to charge. It literally randomly stops chaging whenever it wants. It’s awful! I’ve had the phone less than a month and now I’m going to call and try to return it while I can. I donlt have high hopes that T-Mobile will comply.

  • Richard

    My phone will connect to open wifi buy not secure like my home wifi also when watching videos the screen turns black and I have to lock the screen and unlock it and it does this non stop extremely annoying tempted to leave t mobile g2x is worst phone I’ve ever had

  • enzo

    i have this kind of issue aswell..and i am completely bothered! just want to ask you guys something..was the yellow tint at the bottom of your screen visible when you are in the android market or when using your browser?? cause mine i think is very visible and i think were the only one who has this kind of issue.. or maybe my eyes are just too much to be observant all the time..i dont know..but it really concerns me alot.. even when i am in the settings>applications> EX. angrybirds> uninstall> THE “YES or OK” button is much yellowish THAN the CANCEL? is it same as yours? pls reply thnks.. and when creating a message to a conversation..while the keyboard is down..into the write box? the yellow tint is it visible too? mine is like it is and be faded to white to the left..PLS DO REPLY..

  • jerry

    The reboots are not so bad, it is when I pull my phone out to use it and it has powered off, when I turn it back on, I still have battery power

  • jerry

    what good is a phone when you are carrying it around shut off, I am on my 3rd G2X will see if this ones any better

  • Teresa

    My three big annoyances with my LG G2x (which I have had for about five months):

    1) When listening to voicemail, sometimes the screen goes black and unresponsive. I can still hear the voicemail prompts but the phone does not respond to anything except the power button, which disconnects the call.

    2) Weekly (or so) prompts to reboot the phone. Why is this necessary?

    3) Battery usage seems unpredictable. I had to just get into the habit of charging it every night.

    Otherwise, this is my first smart phone and a big step up from my previous cell phone, so I am enjoying a lot of functionality that I didn’t have before.

    • Jerry

      I feel your pain, I have several issues with my G2x, the main one is, sometimes when I pull my phone out of my pocket to use it, it has powered itself down, what good is a phone in your pocket that is shut off.

      Just the other day, my phone was on my desk, all of a sudden, it started vibrating continuously, had to pull the battery to get it to stop.

      Just a couple of examples out of many for ya.

      Good luck

  • malik

    I have gotten all. The reboot during calls or even turns off completely. Its been so annoying to the point where I want to just smash my phone. G2X IS CRAPPY

  • Jim Newman

    My wife and I both have a G2X. I experienced random reboots, dropped calls because of reboot, silent ringtones even though it was set to ring, alarms that did not go off, black screen after phone calls (requiring a battery pull) screen bleed and abhorent GPS and/or 3G/4G connection. This phone should be incredible with the nvidia tegra screen and the dual core processors. The screen is better than the current iPhone 4S IMHO. That said. I hate it. I hate it because it just doesn’t work. It’s not the software, it’s the hardware. How do I know? After using the stock software I rooted my phone and began installing different roms. I used Cyanogenmod, Lotherius, MIUI, EaglesBlood, etc. Best performance for phone call quality is Lotherius. Best for stability is EaglesBlood. Best for modifications is Cyanogenmod. All ROMs performed as well or better than the stock software. Battery life was improved. Call quality improved. GPS improved.
    However, because of this hardware issue, the reboots continued with some ROMs, the black screen continued with Lotherius and the reboots along with bad GPS locking. To get a great call quality I had to sacrifice GPS and 3G/4G, and vice versa.
    T-Mobile will be giving us the OTA ICS 4.0 update reportedly, but I’ve had it with this phone and LG. Google makes great software. Apple makes great software. Google doesn’t produce the hardware. Apple produces the hardware. I’m going to iPhone once my contract is up. Hoping T-Mobile gets the iPhone, but if they don’t, I’m leaving. When a phone does everything right EXCEPT make phone calls, then it is no longer a phone… I shouldn’t have to hack it to use it…

  • I gave 500 euros

    And for a whole year I got reboots,loosy updates,crashes and flash player unworthiness,it lags and crashes on every flash site,GPS issues for a whole year.Though I thank LG for showing me that mobile phones and android can be a deceive


    I bought my G2x the day it came out. I had not realized how new the phone was. I had been comparing it to the new Samsung that came out at the same time. Needless to say, I do completely regret buying this LG phone. I am a much more patient person than most so I excused the poor performance of the phone due to “being so new with the newest processors…” blah blah BS!

    I have my screen lock up several times a day and I have given up the notion that I can take photos or videos like other people. I do not bother trying to look at the photos I have saved in my gallery anymore either due to the stupid phone locking up or lagging so badly it might as well be locked up.

    I have had to yank the battery out so many times I destroyed three different snap on covers. The battery performance is so bad I have a charger at work, in my car and at home. i finally purchased a double sized battery that now allows me to actually use my phone (I use this term loosely) for a few hours during the day.

    I recently got the most current software upgrade from the LG website and to my surprise, NOT, I have the same issues and nothing has changed.

    When my refrigerator broke down in May this year and we saw LG and Samsung brands…. I knew then that I will never again, EVER, buy ANYTHING made by LG. PERIOD. A company that cannot make its customers happy with its products does not deserve to be in business.

    T-Mobile better learn from their mistakes as well. We have been with them since 2001 and I can say for sure that they carry some of the blame for the poor customer service.

    Ask Dell how much it costs to try and bring your stock prices back up and save some small margin of profit. I won’t buy ANYTHING from them either now.

    We are firm HP and Samsung brands only now. I do love Android and have come to love Google as well.

    So, in conclusion to my long drawn out rant… LG can go …. well.. you get the picture.

  • Jonathan

    Ive had my g2X for about 10 months now, and all I can say is that it is the biggest piece of crap phone I have ever purchased. I started having problems with it since the first week of having it. I called t-mobile about the issue, and they said it was probably a bad battery. They sent me a replacement battery, and that has done nothing. I have to restart the phone up to 3 times a day by removing the battery, and turning the phone back on. I get internal processing error messages all the time, the phone crashes, and the touch screen in unresponsive. I hate this phone so much!

  • Paulie B

    11 months ago bought 2 (G2X) smartphones. one for myself and one for my wife. Both of our G2X’s have had nothing but issues. the worst part about the problems, when you call t-mobile for help they basically make you feel like it’s your fault. i had to go into the store where i bought the phones and have the clerk call and get replacements because the t-mobile support refused to. nothing worse then getting replacement phones and having to live through the same problems over again. I’ve been with t-mobile for over 6 years. my contract is up in March. im leaving. This phone is a complete disaster. i cant begin to tell you all the times I have envisioned my self smashing the device on the cold hard concrete.

    I feel I got straight up hustled on this deal.

    it’s great that us G2X customers are still hoping to get the 4.2 update like it’s going to change anything, get real. they should send the update along with a $400 credit. I’m over it!

    the G2X was voted #2 worst phone of 2011 by the Android community –

    @TMobile #TMobile #G2x

  • skillet

    i also am on my third replacement G2X phone from T-Mobile….I should have kept the original phone with the broken screen…I can’t recieve any text messages with all 3 phones.

  • Abigail Barbour

    I HATE this phone. I bought the g2x about a year and a half ago and was really excited because it was my first smart phone purchase and it seemed like reviews were good. For the first few months, the phone was fine. Then everything went downhill. My first phone would freeze up and then not turn off or on unless I removed the battery. I easily got a replacement (T-Mobile is pretty awesome with their customer service), and experienced the same or similar problems and more on EVERY single phone after that. I believe I’m currently on my fourth (one was replaced due to my damaging it, but the replacement had ALL the same problems).

    With all the phones I’ve had problems with web browsing being slow or non-responsive entirely (with the same 4g or wifi connection where it had worked fine). There are random weird bugs that pop up too; one that I can think of is that when you’re on the web browser and you hit the home button (to look at a phone number or something in your notepad for example), when you go back to the web browser, it loads the page previous to the one you were one. This is the most irritating by far. I’ve had so many problems with looking things up on the internet that I usually use my husband’s iphone, and now galaxy, instead. They were/are both lightning fast.

    My latest phone is beyond slow with everything I do; going to an app, writing a text, finding a contact, etc. It’s like a windows computer with a bad virus or two with it’s response time. It’s like, “click,” wait one, two, three, four, five, then something will move.

    When the phone isn’t freezing up, acting like a slug, or turning off, it actually seems like a good phone. Unfortunately this is about 30% of the time. I can’t wait to get rid of this phone.

  • oko Francis Ogar

    my LG p999 off and rebooting itself and get hurt shortly while operating.