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Dual-core phones do NOT equal twice the fun

I’ve made no small deal about how pessimistic I am when it comes to dual-core devices. This time a year ago it was all anyone could talk about – how amazing dual-core phones were going to be, and how it would change everything. I had more than enough doubt about the giant fluffy unicorn that was dual-core chipsets. However, as inevitable as every senseless push into new tech just for the sake of new tech often is, here we stand with a small arsenal of dual-core devices. Much to my chagrin, I was right, and for every “benefit” a dual-core device offers, it takes at least one away.

Let’s start with the Atrix, shall we? This amazing dual-core phone, the first of the NDIVIA Tegra 2 phones, couldn’t even manage a smooth launcher. Sure, it’ll play Pinball THD like a champ, but what’s the point in owning the phone if you can’t enjoy the UI? Granted, the EVO 3D and G2x have smoother UI’s but both suffer from completely miserable battery life. Dual-core architectures were supposed to improve battery life, remember? Even Google said there would be improvements, because at the very least the garbage collector would run on a separate core if nothing else was being optimized. Yet here we are, screwed into even less battery life thanks to bleeding-edge hardware with little-to-no optimization. But we have dual-core, yay!

There’s no arguing that the performance in other areas isn’t significant. NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipset allows for 1080p output to televisions, which is phenomenal. Tegra Zone games offer a very rich experience, and we’ve already seen hints of the gaming platform Qualcomm is getting developers involved in for their next generation of smartphones. However, as these “superphones” become more and more like computers, they need to have the battery tech to match. Plain and simple – they don’t.

I know, I know “So what phone do you use that’s so awesome?” Glad you asked! I’ve had a Nexus S for quite a while now. Not since launch, but close, and I routinely get 16 – 18 hours of battery life. I was also fortunate enough recently to review the LG Optimus Black, a phone whose spec sheet included a “24-hour battery”. I got closer to 20, but that’s still incredible in comparison to G2x or the Atrix.

This is not an issue that will be resolved in any meaningful fashion until the next version of Android. Ice Cream Sandwich will take the dual-core optimizations from 3.0/1 and bring phones into the fray. Considering the update cycles of the manufacturers involved in this little debacle, it’s entirely possible we’d all be shopping for our next phone by the time an update to make dual-core phones even worth it for us drops.

I write things.

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  • http://Website Hector

    Thats why I’m sticking with my nexus s until the next nexus launches with icecream sandwich

    • Jeffroid

      and….I’m right behind you on the queue.

    • devolute

      I don’t believe this heady rush for the next phone, you guys. If you have a Nexus S (like I have) you must only have had it for a few months. Tech don’t move that quickly! Enjoy what you have (and wait until HTC get a dual-core right).

      • http://Website Super Android Evo

        What on Earth is the author of this article talking about. “Granted, the EVO 3D and G2x have smoother UI’s but both suffer from completely miserable battery life” Russell Holly how on Earth can you comment on the HTC Evo 3D if it’s not even out yet? If the G2x has poor battery life it doesn’t mean that the HTC Evo 3D will have the same problem. Dude you lost all credibility. You are talking out of your ass. Android And Me should be ashamed to let you put a obviously biased article on this site. Dude you have no merit & your argument is broken. You assume that the HTC Evo 3D will suffer from something that you have NO firsthand knowledge about. Dude you are totally weak & should be ashamed you can write an article with your feelings instead of FACTS!

        • Russell Holly

          The Evo3D has been available to me for a combined total of 38 hours since it’s initial announce at the CTIA Wireless show in Orlando Florida, to which I was in attendance. I couldn’t have possibly spent time with the phone? Try again, as I was actually one of the first. Full disclosure? I absolutely LOVE that phone, but the battery life was abysmal. I understand that it’s difficult to keep your emotions in check when you hear unfortunate news, but please let’s try a modicum of self respect, alright? You’re embarrassing yourself.

          • http://Website dan

            well i have a g2x for more than 48 hours. your article is laughable period!
            there is a noticeable complete improvement in speed on almost all aspects of phone usage.
            if you use any phone constantly including the original droid at 550mhz the battery will die.
            thses are no longer phones they are miniature laptops. and still last way longer than any laptop i ever owned. in fact the g2x is more powerful than any laptop i have owned.
            in normal usage of the phone i get all day out of it. today i was off the charger for 9 hours for a work day. looked up aome stuff on the web read some xda at lunch. listened to 2 cd’s worth of mp3′s and when i plugged it in i still had 75 reported . would a larger compacity battery be better of course but im not sure what you are expecting from these tiny batteries powering these powerful phones. i am able to stream a 3 hour movie at 730 p mirrored on phone and 42 inch tv. not much battery left after but didn’t expect there to be. thats what nice about the g2x usb and hdmi to charge at same time. yeah the mhl specs allow charging through the hdmi cable but i really cant afford to buy all new hardware to support this and actually i dont even know of any products that support the mhl charging as of yet.
            if you use this as a daily phone with some time with music ,web and video the battery lasts just fine. i am not sure where the horrible battery life of the g2x has come from because i have never seen it. maybe you ought to try out a single core thunderbolt than well talk battery life.
            yes i would like a 1900+ battery in the phone. but this isnt apple. we can change out a battery in 5 seconds and have twice the battery life. im sure coming from a newer 1000mhz processor phone is as obvious as a speed increase but coming from the droid even overclocked to 1.2ghz there is definitely a difference mostly likely due to memory. and thats where the g2x may lag with 512 but im sure it will be enough until this time next year. I know there are slow news days but this article really does as the other guy said leaves a little question as to whether i trust future articles on this site. this is purely an opinion article that is not correctly stated at all and its not really presented as an opinion piece. the fact is all new phones single or double core are using same size batteries as their slower predecessor’s thus having poorer battery life this has nothing to do with dual cores at all its increased power and 4g radio’s (at least on verizon) . Other than that i like this site. But justify your not buying a dual core to yourself not as a fact based article without any actual facts.

          • http://Website TWiT Commander

            Thanks for the rant. I don’t feel so bad about sticking to my Nexus S for the interim. I’m getting ~2.5-3 days’ worth of battery life on a single charge. No mods or anything. Everything stock. I do use aggressive power management strategies such as turning off WiFi, BlueTooth, GPS and 3G when I don’t need them. But doing these on an Android device is much more seamless due to widgets, when compared to “he-who-shall-not-be-named”.

            The Nexus S meets my needs right now. I hope it is good enough till the next Nexus device (hopefully multicore with kick-ass GPU) comes out.

          • http://Website Super Android Evo

            If you say that you had it for 38 hours then you should know it’s a prototype & that any comments on the phone are just speculation. I would respect your comment if it was a final production model. How is it that every other website has the phone for 5 minutes & YOU of all people get the phone for 38 hours? I think you might be just stretching the truth because you look foolish in writing such a bogus article. So you had it for 5 min here & there for a total of 38 hours, so with bits & chunks you can say the battery like is abysmal? Really? How about having it for the 38 hours straight in a real life situation instead of just for bits & pieces in trade shows when everyone & their mothers are using the phones in ways it’s not meant to be used! Obviously the phone will have a short battery life when all people are doing is checking videos in 3D & taking 3D videos & snapshots. Russell Holly why did HTC & SPRINT pick YOU to hold the phone for 38 hours when other bigger websites like CNET, CONSUMER REPORTS, & so on only had it for minutes? WHO are YOU!? You are like Howard Stern a shock jock full of nonsense. I think you had it for 38 minutes, NOT almost 2 DAYS. Listen you credibility is shot, you are making comments on a prototype, not a final unit. Keep your feelings about dual cores to yourself, & concentrate on writing an unbiased article. Obviously the mobile industry thinks dual & quad cores are the way to go NOT what YOU think! Your NEXUS S IS going to be replaced by a TEGRA 3 chipset on the NEXUS 3. Now it’s a rumor, but I can guarantee you this Google DOESN’T think like you at ALL! They see the future & the future is multiple cores, why because it is twice the fun. You got to be kidding me!

    • http://Website Alexixiv

      You are totally blowing smoke, my G2x has the BEST battery life of ANY android phone I have owned which includes:
      -Nexus One
      -Vibrant (Galaxy S)

      On light general usage I am able to go up to 3 days without needing a charge. With Heavy use (gaming, pandora, skype, meebo) I am usually down to 50% charge at the end of the day, and I work nights for a telecom company so I have some pretty long days. Maybe you should talk to the developers of the apps, this is where the problem lies. If an app is not set up to take advantage of the technology then it will simply abuse it. So far I have had nothing but good things to say about the G2x and I am a damn hard critic when it comes to my hardware.
      I will give you the benifit of the doubt here and assume you dont actually “know” anyone with a G2x or if you do that they dont really know how to take full advantage of the android platform, but keep this in mind, one “false” accusation makes your entire article less substantial to your audiance. Please properly research your facts. There is no contest between the G2x battery life and the other phones I have owned, period.

  • http://Website pasmith

    All you’ve really explained is that dual core phones have a shorter battery life. Assuming I have regular access to power (which I do) it sounds like dual core is the way to go.

    • http://Website TWiT Commander

      Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t there some chatter during the Nexus S launch timeframe that Android 2.x wasn’t tuned to take advantage of dual-core chips and hence the Nexus S is a single core device? That there will be a multicore Nexus device when the Android-for-phones has been optimized to run better on dual-core chips?

      May be I am just dreaming or in an alternate reality.

      • http://Website Guitargler

        You are correct, sir. However, in theory, the manufacturers should be optimizing Android 2.x for their devices. For example, the stock home on the G2x is faster than anything else on it, even ADW, because it was optimized. But when that Nexus 3 drops, I’m selling my G2x on Swappa. Quad core, Ice Cream Sandwich, and that new super mega epic HD Toshiba display? MMMMM.

  • http://Website Tyler

    Yep, sounds about right.

    I am already routinely frustrated by my Droid X battery life, and can’t imagine cutting that in half. No way in hell.

  • Sturoid

    Bring back Taylor please! I know he used to gush on about Tegra 2 at any opportunity and I can handle that. But almost every post from this guy seems to be negative, man it was refreshing to have some of Taylor’s positivity the other day when he came out of retirement.

  • http://Website v8dreaming

    “I was right, and for every “benefit” a dual-core device offers, it takes at least one away.”
    Ok, so what benefit does it take away? You complain of poor battery life. Just about EVERY smart phone released has crap battery life.
    You tout your owning a Nexus S. It doesn’t even have a micro SD card slot. You lost a benefit by buying that phone.

    • Russell Holly

      SD cards are a dying breed. Accept it and move on.

      • http://Website Super Android Evo

        Russell Holly that is how a professional answers a question? Dude you are a clown! “SD cards are a dying breed. Accept it and move on.” A true professional! Android And Me picked a winner here! I am now starting to question Android And Me’s credibility here now! Is Russell Holly a reflection of Android And Me? Is this where this website is going?

      • http://Website Alexixiv

        “Do some research? Man, why didn’t I think of that! You know what I SHOULD do? I should go to tech conferences and get some hands on time with the phone with HTC, right?”

        Go to as many tech confs and conventions as you want, it wont cure your warped perception.

        “SD cards are a dying breed. Accept it and move on.”

        Ok, now you srsly don’t have a clue.

        My Conclusion: Every site has an antagonist, and I for one refuse that someone can be as dense as this “writer” (overstatement), he is simply here to generate negative traffic which is simply seen as the site owner as “traffic”. I do implore the site that if they are going to get someone who simply “stirs the pot” so to speak then at least get someone who can properly present realistic points and isn’t going to flood their site with false assumptions. Drunk blogging is a growing epidemic, lets be part of the solution.

  • http://Website Raj

    If you’re a heavy user chances are you already have an extended battery or have stone form of charging everywhere you are. As a heavy and advanced user myself I also wish for better battery life but I’m ok at the moment.

    A regular/casual user doesn’t care about dual cores. At this point in time they are unneccesary, angry birds plays great on my nexus one. Most people know what they are getting when they purchase a smartphone these days.

    However there will come a day when more people realize what smartphones are capable of, and that’s when I think we should start complaining.

  • http://Website Spare_Change


    Dude you complain a lot. History has shown us that hardware is usually the first innovation in computer technology, PC’s and mobile alike. Early adopters need to understand that software developers need more time to optimize there wares over time. When that happens say after 8 to 9 months after that you tend to see viable software come to market taking advantage of the new hardware…If your really concerned about battery life, why don’t you research or interview the battery makers. Afterall they have more insight on that technology.

    • Russell Holly

      So, where exactly is the line, Spare? Every new phone that comes out is an “early adopter” device? Not hardly. Sorry man, I get what you were going for here, but if it’s sold by the hundreds of thousands, it should behave like a stable product.

      • http://Website Spare_Change

        Your right to a point Russ, but we are the early adopters. Most consumers live and die by what the mobile companies say on commercials. . .Most. That can be miss leading. The fact is your talking about dual-core technology which is for the most part unproving. I like many other geekheads, you included, like new technology and we have to take the good with the not so good and i say it that way because having a dual-core now is really overkill. You, myself and everyone reading your article are the leaders in taking that first step to try something new and unproving. I like your article, it just seemed a little to focused on an issue that may need a little more time in the lab or testing done based on more broader set of variables that speaks to the masses. It sounds like you know what you want in a mobile device, but not everyone would be using it the same way you or i would.

  • http://Website Miguel

    You do realize that the Atrix runs Moto Blue correct? You could connect IBM’s Watson to MotoBlue and it would still run sluggish. HTC’s Sense is at least optimized to run on the hardware on which it’s installed.

    As far as the G2X, I have been using one for a while now and I haven”t noticed battery life much different than my Nexus One. So I’m not sure how much usage you are giving it or what apps you have installed, but judging battery life based on individual experience is tough to take as scientific. In PhoneDawg’s test of the G2X it seemed to have batter life on par with other high end phones. But again, those tests weren’t scientific.

    • http://Website Ditkas Wallet

      The fact that you refer to it not once, but twice as “MotoBlue” instead of Moto Blur which is its actual name just shows how uneducated you are to the subject of UI’s and how you just say what everyone else is saying about it not know if it is really bad in real life or not.

      • daveloft

        It’s quite possible he was using his phone and the autocorect kicked in.

  • Jeffroid

    I feel he did not present his points in a proper manner. I assume that what he was trying to really put across here is really the issue of optimisation of software running on dual core. and that the true benefit of the dual core capability has yet to be optimised as of now, given that the technology is still new to the mobile platform.

  • McLovin

    “as inevitable as every senseless push into new tech just for the sake of new tech often is” …

    Reminds me of Hollywood’s and the Electronic Entertainment Industry’s current fascination with 3-D movies and displays. Which in my opinion is over priced and not worth it and at the very best distracting.

  • http://Website ChaosKiller

    Well I have a Samsung Galaxy S II and to be honest, it is a lot faster AND it has a better battery life than my previous phones.

    • http://Website Xt

      Same thing with my Atrix. Not fantastic battery life of course but it is better than my Nexus One.

      And it is faster as well.

  • http://Website Dennis

    Same thing I’ve been saying for the past year. BATTERY TECHNOLOGY IS NOT DEVELOPING AT THE SAME RATE OF OTHER TECHNOLOGY. We’ve got more powerful screens, processors, cameras, GPS systems etc yet battery tech that is supposed to evolve with the rest of them remains completely stagnant and underpowered.

    You get all these powerful and nice features in a phone but what’s the point if you can’t even use them because your phone won’t even last till 11am or 12pm.

  • http://Website Black Kristos

    So was this post just to bitch about battery life? That is the ONLY reason stated as to why you bothered writing this half assed “told ya so”.

    I’ve got news for you brother, MOST Android handsets have horrible battery life.

  • http://Website mikeyDroid

    .. I can’t wait for my dual-core.

    Atrix battery issues? Hands on – It blows my Droid’s out of the water – by hours, so how could I complain?..

    An Article based off individual standards is meh, I thought there’d be something interesting to read here.. :D

    The only thing I grasp from this post is how shitty Android is.. lol

  • http://Website GGeeknoir

    II guess he forgot the part where current versions of android aren’t built to take advantage of dual core capabilities yet. patience, and you will see. I’ve had the atrix and the g2x and even with froyo not being able to properly utilize the dual core those phones still smoke anything out when it comes to speed.

  • vitriolix

    “Let’s start with the Atrix, shall we? This amazing dual-core phone, the first of the NDIVIA Tegra 2 phones, couldn’t even manage a smooth launcher.”

    Which is total BS. I was just playing with a friends Atrix last night and the entire UI was buttery smooth. Everything animated with high framerates, no stutters.

    • http://Website MeatRocket

      I had that POS for one day. I had returned my Inspire 4G (a single core phone) so that I could try the Atrix. I was so frustrated with the lag and the complete unintuitiveness of Motoblur that I gave it to my girlfriend and I took her Inspire 4G. She had it for about 8 hours then demanded her Inspire 4G back. I ended up returning the Atrix and getting an Inspire 4G again. The Atrix was a joke in comparison.

  • therealjorge

    While I do think people had unrealistic expectations about how much better life would be in the dual-core era, I can’t help but be really annoyed by the tone of this article. Having extensively used a G1, MyTouch3G, MyTouch4G and Samsung Vibrant (a phone I absolutely loved), I can say without question that my experience with the G2x over the last month has been far and away the best Android experience that I have had yet. While my battery life hasn’t really improved, it has been on par with most of my other phones. Just a couple of days ago, I got 13 hours of heavy use without a nearby power source and still had 11% left when I got to a plug. My bet is that most people complaining about poor battery life expected to be able to play high quality game on their dual-core phones for hours and still have good battery life. It just doesn’t work that way. The problem with progress in technology is that each advancement comes with heavier reliance. If we were still using our phones the same way we did two years ago, these new phones would be flawless. But new phones can do more for us, so we continually rely more and more on the new phones for more of our tasks. I just think these articles should be more thoroughly thought out before publishing. Opinion or not, when you’re speaking from a platform of tremendous influence, you should really consider every angle before you lay your own thoughts out there as if they are absolute truth. This topic is a worthwhile discussion, but poorly presented.

    • http://Website mrkeepon

      My experience with the G2x has been the exact opposite. I sold my Nexus One and got the G2x. Started out great, but then the bugs started to emerge. Random rebooting, random shut downs that required a battery pull, GPS issues causing system freezes. The list goes on, and a quick peak over at XDA will show I’m not the only one. I tried to love the phone, and went through 3 of them, all had these issues. Maybe you got lucky with yours. Also my battery life was 15 hours if I barely touched the phone. Finally jumped ship before my 30 days were up and went to the Nexus S. Not as fast of course, no HSPA+, no HDMI. But rock stable, latest updates, and no bugs at all (so far). From here on out I’m just sticking with Nexus phones. The G2x left a very sour taste in my mouth.

      • therealjorge

        I’m not saying the phone is flawless. I mean, I haven’t had any of those issues, but I realize that those issues exist. I read XDA too. But I also recognize that people with hardware issues are much more vocal than people without, and I think it should be acknowledged that for every person who has issues with ANY phone, there are tons more who are perfectly happy with the same one. There are a ton of influencers in the Android community who have had just as good an experience with the G2x as I have, so I’m inclined to think that my experience is far more common than yours. In any case, I think phone issues probably have way more to do with the applications we use then we will ever realize, as most developers are able to optimize for a limited number of handsets.

        Regardless of what the real story is for any phone, my point still stands. This article was one man’s misuse of an influential platform to bitch about his own personal experience with his dual-core phone (which was the Atrix, not even the G2x), and it was entirely baseless and a very unfair shot at dual-core phones, which are indubitably a tremendous improvement to most single-core experiences.

        • http://Website mrkeepon

          Yep totally agree. Was just venting my frustration of going thru several G2x’s. I wanted to enjoy that phone badly but just couldn’t. I wasn’t even running any 3rd party software in the exchanged phones, just stock system with the pre-loaded apps, and I’d get reboots and freezes. Oh well, glad to hear others are having better experiences though.

  • http://Website Adam

    “Granted, the EVO 3D and G2x have smoother UI’s but both suffer from completely miserable battery life”

    Huh? this is the first I heard of this. Can you provide the source of this?

    • Russell Holly

      Hands on experience.

      • dan/eagle1967

        man take the licks and learn from it and move on. your comment of the sdcard is a dying bread or such is a show that you are propping your nexus-s or maybe an iphone period. im sure its a fine phone but its out of date as will be the g2x in 3 days. you are losing more credibility as you answer. i suggest you move on . i can tell you and this sites owners that if this type of article’s continue i wont be coming here for news. i want to actually read news regarding android. but i did call samsung,lg,htc and let them know they are all failing by putting sdcards in their latest unreleased phones since they are a dying breed. sorry folks but the next round of delays is caused by me getting those pesky 32 gigs of storage removed.

  • http://Website stormkroe

    Every senseless push. Seriously, do you understand the concept of advancement? What is senseless about dual cores? Maybe if phones were still just phones, monochromatic text and 1 ring, but we’re far past that. What else would you then consider senseless, color screens? Air conditioning? Think before you speak.
    Also, were do we know of evo 3d battery life? Not saying we dont, i just havent seen the test.

  • http://Website Jeffrey

    I own the G2x and have owned the Nexus S. I am a phone junky and can honestly say that the longest that I have ever owned a phone was 10 months with the Nexus One. With that being said, the battery life on the G2x and the Nexus S are not too different. They really are not.

  • http://Website green2u

    Since when did you have a chance to spend time with and EVO 3D? It’s not even released yet! Your review instantly lost credibility when you mentioned it.

    • Russell Holly

      The Evo 3D has been available to press who know where to get it since March 22. It’s been at 4 different tech events since then, each time with the ability to put hours or time experiencing the device. It’s OUR job to play with a device before it comes out so we can tell YOU whether or not it’s worth it before launch day. How did you think we accomplished that?

      • http://Website J1909

        Dude, you’re a d**k…. Where is Taylor?
        At least there are five other great sites to get my ‘news’ from now on… This site has been garbage since Taylor left.

      • http://Website Dags

        So your total share of those hours is probably an hour or two on a pre-production device with a beta ROM? And from that you are making definitive statements about it’s battery life. It sounds suspiciously like a thinly-veiled attempt at big-noting yourself.

  • http://Website Bob G

    I find this “article” to be quite bias and soley the opinion of the author based on his preference.

    • http://Website DB

      Agreed, maybe this guy should work for Engadget instead.

  • http://Website green2u

    Since when did you have a chance to spend time with an EVO 3D? It’s not even released yet and I have not heard of any reviewer that’s had more than a few minutes with one. Your review instantly lost credibility when you mentioned it.

    • Russell Holly

      Did you just re-post this ever couple of lines?

  • http://Website cosmos

    As much as it saddens me to admit it, I am somewhat disappointed with the battery life of my Samsung SGS2… early reviews praised it’s battery life, and to be fair maybe this early assessment can be put down to overly heavy usage trying out 1080p video and flash streaming etc, but even now I’m doing less of that battery intensive stuff the battery only seems comparative to my older phone at best. Also, general swiping across the homescreens could be smoother – something I’m sure better coding could fix more easier than adding more cores! Hopefully companies like Samsung will make some more effort to optimize the software, but I suspect hardware intensive tasks will always quickly suck the life out of even a large battery :(
    The SGS2 is still a fantastic phone btw! :)

  • http://Website sevend7

    Hi, i have gone from G1, to iPhone 3G, to HTC Desire to iPhone 4 and now to the Nexus S. Yes I have an unhealthy addiction to mobiles as well as a constant battle whether I like Apple or Android more which, to me, just shows that there are still things both won’t satisfy.

    But to get to the point…the NExus S is hands down the best phone I have owned. It has great battery life, even better than the iPhone 4 and it give loads of performance where I need it.

    To me the single most important part of the experience is the fluidity of interaction with the phone. Nothing worse than a laggy interface and choppy animations.

    The NExus S is the best android out there and I cant wait to see the next iPhone which will be sure to please….and I will have a great reason to buy another mobile.

  • http://Website Bob

    If you want a dual core with twice the fun then you want the Samsung Galaxy S2. Silky smooth UI with plenty of grunt for 3D gaming. The SGS2 leaves the competition in the dust, in fact, I’d go as far as saying that it doesn’t have any competition (at the moment) as it is so far ahead of everything else.

  • http://Website Hollow.Droid

    Well this was a bullshit article. It sounds like someone has tried a couple of tegra2 devices and decided to judge the whole dual core processor market based on these. What about the HTC sensation? The Galaxy S2? I haven’t had the chance to try the former but I’ve tried the latter and it really is a league apart from current handsets, including the Nexus S. Users on XDA have also reported good battery life so where’s the downside here? Sounds like someone is butthurt as they’ve got a <6 month old handset that has started to pale in comparison to newer devices, regardless of its developer phone status.

  • http://Website Achraf

    Dude you said that lg g2x but i have the lg optimus 2x (almost same) and it has a great battery it stays at least 3 days before the battery is empty

  • http://Website Hans

    So Russell…what are your sources? Without them, this article is just a personal opinion rather than stating facts.

    I used the G2X. Even though it was just for a few minutes, I immediately fell in love with its smoothness and speed. I can’t wait for more dual core phones to be released alongside Ice Cream Sandwich. If battery life bothers you so much, then you shouldn’t be complaining about dual core phones. Complain about the battery manufacturers not keeping up with advancing tech.

  • http://Website Glenn

    CommentThis thread is stupid. Google touted better battery life with dual cores when they run 2.3. I like how you left that out just to make a negative thread on Androids battery life. You sir should give me your job, or atleast fact check.

  • http://Website kevin

    I get well over 20 hours on my Atrix and have no UI lag whatsoever so I think you need to actually use the phone you’re shooting down.

  • http://Website Daniel

    It’s important to note that, apart perhaps from running a parallel incremental garbage collector (which only came in Android 2.3, has the Atrix been updated yet?) and any background processes, there is ZERO reason a dual-core CPU would improve animations. Animation requires either GPU power (only truly available on Android 3.0+) or faster sequential execution (i.e. higher CPU clocks, more efficient pipelines, NOT a second core). Just like to win a race you need a faster car and/or better driving, not a second car running at the same speed by your side. Your argument regarding animation is therefore flawed.

    I’m not saying that dual-core phones are good or bad, but you had the wrong expectations to begin with. I blame nVidia and its excessive hype based on utopian software fully designed for perfect parallelism.

  • http://Website PrabG
  • http://Website Havocnl

    Dude you need to reed up on Synchronous and Asynchronous Cores…

    All the “Oh look at us having the first Dual Core” chipsets (mostly Tegra 2′s) Have synchronous cores, which mean that both cores run at the same speed. One core is doing some work, the other one is also running fast. See here you massive power drain….

    Some other producers (Samsung, Qualcomm) which actually took some time do develop a proper Dual Core have made their chips so that the core are Asynchronous. When one core is working te other on can be idle and at low speed. Que great battery life!!

    So if you want a Dual Core phone that actually has some battery life, do a little research into the CPU and see if it’s Synchronous or Asynchronous!

  • http://Website ChiefzR

    Uhmmm… Off topic, but wasn’t the O2X the first Tegra dual core? Not the Atrix…. o_O Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought thats why they got that Guiness recognition… Carry on…

  • http://Website CSM

    First off let me say that the double rainbow post pic was a sign of the g4y things to come. Secondly, I don’t see how you getting better battery life on your Nexus S by Samsuck is a plus when you’re sacrificing a microSD card as well as 4G (since the Sprint 4G was released this week). Finally, since when did you get the chance to drain the Evo 3D battery? Its not even released yet…and the most people have played with it is 15ish minutes. Bring Back Taylor!

  • http://Website aquariumdrinker

    What’s your basis for attributing the G2x’s bad battery life to the dual core processor? Take a turn through the XDA G2x forums and you’ll find a number of devs stating that LG’s battery drivers are crappy, so some part of the problem is probably software-driven. Part of the problem is the 4G radio. Without some evidence that it’s the Tegra that’s killing the battery, couldn’t we just as easily assume that the phone’s battery problems would be worse with a similarly-clocked single-core processor?

    • AME

      There are definitely two camps at the XDA G2x forums: awesome battery life and miserable battery life. Thankfully, I am in the group with the battery that lasts 15-26 hours.

      According to the devs there, the main issue with the battery is all to blame on LG and their software/drivers. The battery is not the only problem due to the LG software as can be seen by the new kernels coming out along with the Paul O’Brien patch which gives a serious increase in speed and performance.

      There is no reason to discount this phone due to battery life; with updates, that issue will be improved.

  • http://Website xBloodworKx

    I would like to know why HTC, Motogay, (LG isnt a real competitor in the Android market) and Samsuck (thx @CSM), haven’t taken a queue from Apple and invested in researching better battery density technology. A 1500-2100mha battery doesnt cut it in these phones. My friend gives me shit constantly about bad battery life on my Evo when he is running his iPhone 4 full bore and still has 70% battery left and I am down to 15%. What good are all the new features: dual-core, 3D cameras, video recording/editing, brighter crisper screens, etc; if my phone is dead!!

    • http://Website Daniel

      The iPhone 4 has only a 1500 mAh battery. Their secret for longevity: downclock the CPU to ~800 MHz, use more efficient components (screen and radio, mainly), enter sleep mode more aggressively (for example, before iOS 4, no app could run when the screen was off), and ensure the components properly enter sleep mode (you’d be surprised how often drivers from all manufacturers fail — see Android issue #11126).

  • Sturoid

    Funny, this Russell chap usually likes to chime in and have words with the commenting crowd yet there have been none on this. Mate, all your posts have been pure crap like posting for the sake of posting. This site was Taylor’s baby, you could tell he was passionate yet you bring nothing. Is there not an editor to oversee this site before things go up or is it just free reign as it appears?

    • Russell Holly

      Sorry I didn’t jump in earlier, I wasn’t aware you were waiting up for me! I’m sorry you don’t like me work, what can I do to write in a way that will make you happy?

  • http://Website Semianonymous

    Thanks for letting me know my G2X has an awful battery life. I hadn’t noticed, what with it being at 40% after a full 24 hours without a charge.

    • http://Website mrkeep

      You forgot: “in airplane mode, and never making a single call or touching the screen”.

      I got 15 hours out of my G2x with minimal usage (that is if it didn’t automatically power down or reboot itself).

      LG needs some serious QC before releasing another phone.

      • http://Website Phil

        Known problems with some faulty devices (too many, frankly), use the warranty to get one as good as my Optimus 2X : more than 2 days on light usage and at least a full one on heavy usage.

  • http://Website UCS

    I agree with everything in this article, I have recently bought an optimus 2x and the battery life is shocking – it really is.

    Today after a full charge I played 10 minutes of a tegra 2 game and 20 minutes of music as I walked home = 79% of battery left by the time i’d got home, unacceptable really.

    My work mate who does the walk with me did 10 minutes of splinter cell and 20 minutes of music and his iphone 4 was at 98%.

    I’ve been with android since the start but im getting frustrated with the lack of optimisation for the platform and its phones.

    • http://Website Spare_Change

      Dude. . .If you dont like your Android and the handset Alliance you really should go. Somehow the big picture was lost with your comment. Most peole that have commented here clearly know Android/Google is on to something big. Yeah we can thank Apple for sparking the smartphone craze. . .But it was Microsoft that truely dropped the ball. Hell I had a several microsoft pda’s and phones as far back as 1999. Microsoft left development up to Hp for the most part and HTC gotta love them because they did there best to make that platform work for a long time. Hats off to Steve Jobs for reinventing what microsoft let in the pasture. I love competition and variety. . .ask yourself without Apple and Google going at, what do you think the smartphone world would look like because Microsoft would only put out a new update every 3+ years. Not to mention the crappy app selections back then. You must be a young person. . .Lol i’ve been purchasing phone since the first motorola flip in the early ninties and paying .25 cents a minute. . .Call me to complain when you been around the block a couple times and your out of diapers. . .Until then learn to enjoy what you have. Pease out

      • http://Website UCS

        Im not complaining about Android im complaining about the phone manufacturers releasing half baked phones that aren’t optimised for the platform. I wasn’t saying apple is better, if i believed that i would have an iPhone – the case i used was how use to illustrate how Android compares to its main rival.

        Why am I not allowed to have a rant at a bad phone? Once you’ve removed all of LG’s bloatware and put a custom launcher on its a fast phone.. but thats where the plaudits end. 100% charge when I woke up this morning, an hour later when I got to work and having not used the phone and its down to 89% battery – that can’t be right.

        Im moving back to my HTC desire tonight – a phone that is optimised to work with android.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    The Htc Evo 3d HAS NOT EVEN BEEN LAUNCHED YET but this person claims it has poor battery life….How’s that possible???? This information is exactly just that…HIS OWN THOUGHT..No proof to support the rant…As a current Evo 4g owner since June 4th 2010 their is NO WAY battery life on the New Evo 3d which will have 1730mah with dualcore processor can be WORST than the current Evo 4g….IMPOSSIBLE……..

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Evo 3d bashing WILL NOT BE TOLERATED NOR WILL I ALLOW IT TO TAKE PLACE…Do some research first then talk about what great battery life this device will have after it has been released and in the real world for a while.

    • Russell Holly

      Do some research? Man, why didn’t I think of that! You know what I SHOULD do? I should go to tech conferences and get some hands on time with the phone with HTC, right? I mean, after all, they’ve been at CTIA when they announced the phone and had it on display, Google IO, Pepcom, and a few others since March 22 when they announced the phone in a circular room with two bars and 3 huge couches and big comfy chairs with the Sprint Logo on them and matching pillows and 4 52″ HDTV’s for Dan Hesse to read his speech on about the release of the device. I should attend events like that where I could get some hands on and really know what I am talking about, right? Right. I’ll do that, because that way I will know what I am talking about.

      • dan/eagle1967

        again man leave it alone. the phones you supposedly spent enough time with to see anything are preproduction models that seldom represent the released devises either by slight hardware changes or software optimization. im happy you got someone to pay for you to go to these events now get someone to pay for you to learn how to actually use the information and than do some research regarding the released products and see if your preproduction non real world usage compares with the released device and normal usage. i really hope this is a hobby because if someone is paying you for this now that would be news.

        • http://Website Richard Yarrell

          You go boy….It was pretty clear that the evo 3d shown at ctia was preproduction far from the actual product that will be in stores after June 3rd I’m surprised Mr. Russell even had the gall to compare something in that manner. All devices at these tradeshows are preproduction now if he actually had the product that was going to be released to the general public as of yesterday and he has legitimate proof of his posting here backed up by video then YES he might just be doing a service for his android faithful. Many people will be in line for this device on day including myself which my preorder has been in for 2weeks now. Bottom line here as android lovers the battery on the evo comes stock at 1730 which is the second highest stock battery in any device go buy another battery and walk areound with two. I did that with my current evo 4g and that was two stock 1500 mah batteries it is what it is this device has the specs better than any other and deserves our attention. I do believe that Asynchronous dualcore processor runing adreno 220 is the best in the industry far better than anything else on the market. The Evo 3d will be a BEAST and everyone will see exactly what I am saying on JUNE 3RD 2011

  • http://Website Spare_Change

    Man I’m just on a roll tonight, too much on my mind when it comes to Android. I’m an Android crackhead(until a better term comes along). I’ve had the G1 from day 7. Now using my Nexus One only to forward the # to my kickass G2x for fun waiting and testing new apps from the android market and XDA, at the same time reading these awesome articles on my Galaxy Tab(I have a sickness and dont want to be cured). How many options are there for Apple? About the same. . .How many yuppies have an iphone, an ipad and an ipod or touch like me to Android. Its all good. We have choices and i like Android. They all serve a purpose, sometimes I like flinging Birds across a bigger sceen on the city bus just to get attention and be an ambassidor for the platform and sometimes just to read a good book. One thing I’ve learned is not everyone has the same interests as I do, but Android provides better options then the COOKIE CUTTER choice Apple is selling. Some folks like things big and some small. So far Android is the only option to find something that can fix your craving. I like to compare the smartphone craze to the internet when it eruputed onto the sceen in the 90′s. . .We know this is huge and its here to stay, but there are so many ways to go with this exciting technology that all the major players are trying everything to get to that point where life is just that. . .Good. Nvidia you can’t hate them because they are just doing what they do in the PC world turning out killer GPU’s every 3 months. . .Believe me i know i almost went broke trying to keep up with that aspect of desktop computing. We Re sitting here debating dual core processors, wells i got news for you get over it. . .Nvidia has already moved onto quad-core mobile processors and will see them in phones by next Feburary, thats reality. So if you’ve never experienced computing at this level in the PC world then yor in for a big supprise because nobody is sitting aroud waiting for this new technology to get old and stagnant. That’s why you should do your homework in advance and get what fits your lifestyle because from what i can tell its about an 18 month turn around before something comes to market that is really good. . .I mean really good. Stepping up to a 1.2 or 1.5 ghz dual-core processor really isnt a good move when you have a 1 ghz dual-core already. But from the original droid. Oh yes that’s huge. Last, battery companies need to step up there game because charging your device wirelessly is not the answer. Pease out Fellow Android lovers. Live long and hate Apple.

  • AME

    Can someone clarify what the point of this article is? Here are possible points I could think of:

    1) Dual-core technology is not worth the downside of having the chance of getting poorer battery life than you have on whatever current phone you use.

    2) We were all dumb sheep to believe the new dual-core technology will be cool.

    3) We should scrap dual-core and go back to focusing on single core because that’s where the future is.

    4) Single core Nexus phones will be better than any possible dual-core phone until Ice Cream Sandwich is released.

    Any guesses?

    **I’m happy to read opinion pieces as long as there is a point, not just bitter anecdotes of why the author doesn’t like something.

  • http://Website Slackerz


    I’m curious about your thoughts on the Galaxy S II. In nearly every review I’ve read they claim the battery life to be fantastic, for a smart phone. Most reviews tout a battery life of two days with average use (hard to define average use). Not one review I’ve read complains about any sluggishness, stuttering or hiccups. I imagine that Ice Cream Sandwich’s enhancements will improve the performance, but the Galaxy S II seems to be a great phone as is.

    Do you consider the Galaxy S II to be an exception to the rule or is it no different from the other phones you’ve mentioned? If you think it’s similar, why? Have you had enough time with it to give an opinion?

  • http://none DjIIDX

    I’ve had my G2X since launch and I first it did have horrible battery life! Nowadays though, it’s pretty great with some tweaking and management. : )

  • http://Website ANdRoIdGrOuPpY

    @Russell Holly…..Dude get your facts straight before you comment on a device you know nothing about. I own and love my G2X so please stop making yourself seem like an ass and just keep your negative statements to yourself. My G2X on a full charge last me an entire day. You probably have a lot of crap running on yours that you need to force close.

  • http://Website M.J.

    Haha! This is a joke really? Like I respect everyones opinion but this is just not realistic. I am an owner of the Motorola Atrix here on Bell in Canada. I have had 5 android phones in the past year and I will tell you that there is nothing so smooth then the motorola atrix running Launcher Pro. lol Yes MotoBlur is laggy, but just push it to the side lol it takes up less than .5% battery throughout a month when you do so. The atrix is literally a performance beast and I love android and will have it on any device. But now that I have tried the Atrix there is no going back to single core. It just isnt enough. The battery life is fine, I am used to my battery starting to get to 10% by 11pm. That is regular usage of any smartphone these days.

    What happened to raving about Dual Core android phones? The Atrix is a monster and just the start of things to come. I dont understand why you would try and down the new age of Android when your representing an Android site?

  • http://Website Soni

    Russel, you shouldn’t answer any ranting post here. You come back as negative, there are many blind people on the world, and you can keep on preaching and preaching, they’ll never listen.
    I honestly think this battery issue can relate too many things to be able to pin it down. Depends on how you use your phone, what applications you install, what settings are done, what rom you use, etc. For one week I have perfect battery life, the next day(without touching my phone), I have a drain in 5 hours. Explain that lol.
    Still, the post could’ve been better, I was expecting a bit more about why dual cores are not yet there, instead I only got to know that the battery life is carp.

  • squide

    For me, my dual-core phone IS twice the fun. I’ve had the Nexus S since February and the G2x for a few weeks now. The G2x is about twice as fast, has access to Tegra 2 games, I get about the same battery life, but it is more buggy than the Nexus S (Gingerbread update pending). So yea my Nexus S is for sale haha

  • http://Website Dannyjayfuller

    I’m still getting the EVO 3D. Its power is about as future proof as it gets, for the moment, and more than enough power for me. By the time Ice Cream comes out, the phone will be, I’m sure, as hackable as a baby’s butt is smooth, if XDA has their way. Perhaps even before. Even so, I’m used to the G1, so battery life at all better than that is great for me, especially with the kind of power dual core offers. I would wait for the Galaxy S2, but I’m in the U.S. and have a very impatient Cliq-owning fiancee wanting an Echo(?).

    Still going dual-core because it’s the best available right now in terms of power and I’m sure it will be optimized soon.

  • http://Website Matt

    I have the G2X and think it’s great – huge improvement on my old Nexus One.

    I think the point should be made that for some people, battery life simply is not important. It’s an endless source of complaint on tech blogs, but you know what? I don’t care about battery life. I spend 8 hours a day at a desk and another 8 sleeping, so that’s 16 hours a day my phone can spend charging. i need it in the evenings and at times when I’m away from my desk at work. If it can handle that, it’s good enough for me.

    I realize that I’m in the minority on this and that battery life is critically important for a majority of phone buyers. But I think the point does need to be made that it’s not an automatic criterion for rejecting a phone.

    • Anthony Domanico

      This is a fair argument, and highlights the notion that people are different. We want different things out of our devices, and use Android in very different ways.

      I’ve ranted on this site a few times about battery life, particularly with regards to LTE, but that’s because battery life is a huge deal for me. I spend my 8 hours at a desk glued to my Android phone since I’m a social-media-holic, and my biggest beef is when a phone can’t get me through the work day. I can charge on the way home and have enough power to get me through the evening. Getting through the work day is what’s the most important for me.

      Though we try to write for everyone, we understand it’s not possible due in large part to this wide variation in user experience/preference. This is why we love reading the discussions that emerge from our posts. They give us a better understanding of the bigger picture and allow us to do a better job next time.

      Thanks for the comment, Matt, and for helping keep us grounded.

  • http://Website Rovex

    Well, sorry, but if i under clock my SGS2 to 800 mhz the following happens.. First there is no noticeable reduction in performance. It still plays and records full HD, its still perky and its still very slick. Secondly the battery life is (compared to what ive been used to ) stunning. Usage that killed my Desire or Dell streak completely will leave the SGS2 with over 50%. 16 hours moderately heavy use and still 50% power. THATS why dual core is good.

  • iDavey

    All I know is that I’m not touching a phone with unoptimized software.
    Manufacturers may optimize their own, but I need the full OS to be optimized for the hardware that it is using.

    That’s why I was pretty okay with the Nexus S having a single core. I understand it would be a waste of time and money to outfit a device, that’s really just to showcase the new OS version and what it brings for the hardware, with a processor that it won’t be optimized to use.

  • http://Website ihatefanboys

    Russell , you are my new favorite writer on here. Anyone that can piss off these super serious, stick up the ass nerds with cold hard facts is number 1 in my book. My favorite comment was the one after you mentioned that SD cards were a dying breed, about you not being “professional” ….this is essentially a blog site, not a company, so i laughed hysterically at that one. You said something that got his panties in a bunch and he essentially went on the rag.

    It’s jealousy, plain and simple, you get to play with the new tech months before it comes out, and have knowledge, physical knowledge, that they cant read unless they come to a site like this. on the subject, early adopters of new tech have themselves to blame for spending the money on an unproven piece of equipment. the only devices that i jump on early are anything from the G series on t-mobile. The G1 and G2 are perfect, and im sure all the new tech, including dual and quad core, nfc, etc will be perfect by the time the G3, or G-infinity, whatever it is comes out.

    My only qualm in your whole article was your love for the nexus S, which ive heard tons of horror stories about, including how horrible samsung continues to be when it comes to phone hardware. But im an adult and wont flame you for liking a particular device, i love my G2 and was constantly frustrated by all those claims of “loose hinges” when the idiots saying it failed to realize its just a hinge, just like the one thats on a door, its swings, there are no springs, yet tons of nerds assumed it was a spring loaded hinge…buncha losers with no idea what they speak of, this is what sites like these have…

    Welcome to blogging with losers Russell…. hope ya have a thick skin……good luck dude

    • http://Website pjax

      ok, I’m siding with Russel with this one just because everyone else is against him. I also do not care about Dual Core processors just as long as performance is fast and battery is good. Android battery life has always sucked (envious of iOS) whether Dual Core or Single Core. I don’t care if we get 256-core processors in the future just as long as I get more than a heavy days worth of battery life on my phone.

      (or maybe I’m just saying that because battery life on my D2G has been horrible!)

      and since we’re all voicing opinions here, I especially love removable SD cards. They’re cheap, expandable, swappable. just my opinion

      and finally, I just want to share that I bought the Droid2Global over the DesireZ (G2) because I’m fed up with less than good HTC phone designs, namely: HTC Magic (O2 mini), HTC Wizard (Dopod 838), HTC Dream (G1).

    • http://Website pjax

      I was thinking about getting the G2 but the crazy hinge really turned me off. The G1 had a crazy hinge. it was clunky, creaky, complicated. Didn’t have much faith on the “Z-hinge”

      and oh, I think that the crazy Z-hinge IS spring loaded

  • http://Website Phil

    Well, mister Holly, I don’t know what was wrong with the G2X you tested (I’m sure you wouldn’t say it has a miserable battery life without putting your hands on it…?), and I don’t know how you can be satisfied with a phone that lasts only 18 hours, but I feel quite comfortable with the 60 hours (yes, 2.5 days) on light usage and at least 30 with more gaming and music playing of my Optimus 2X.

    (Timings with battery going to zero though, I admit, it’s more 50hrs / 24hrs as I usually plug it when it goes under 30%, but still good.)

  • http://Website Pimp Daddy Mack

    I totally just farted

  • Dual core android phones

    maybe you right

  • Sony Ericsson xperia arc x12

    i wan have one android phones`

  • Bob saget

    Shut up and dont complain. Enjoy what you have

  • http://Website Jess

    Sorry to burst your bubble again, but I’ve had the htc sensation 4g for over 2 weeks which I’m sure you know is 1.2 ghz dual core. When compared to my mytouch 4g it’s battery lasts longer. Both phones weren’t bad lasting over a day at that point I charge even though it’s dead yet just because I’m home and I want it done because it’s the only chance I’ll get for a while. Also the mytouch 4g was plenty fast but this phone is way faster, it has way better graphics in the new sense because of the dual core. Trust me from an owner, not just someone playing with a sample model, it is faster and more responsive including browsing, and also takes pictures without the slight pause like other phones do (those are just quick examples, that’s not the only things it’s faster at), and it’s battery life is just fine or better compared to all the single core androids released in the past year, which is all I can compare it to since that’s all the longer I’ve used android devices. The sensation definitely gets way better battery life than the 600 mhz lg optimus t.

  • Steve Pollack

    What are the thoughts about the Droid Bionic–now reported by motorola CEO Sanjay Jha to be in stores in September. There is also a teaser on the verizon web site announcing the bionic–THIS SUMMER-no features, no price and no specific date??
    There are many people who have been waiting for this dual core phone

  • kotezfan

    I wrote a game for Android.
    This is a game for cats. Cat to be caught moving the mouse.
    This is one of my first games.
    search “com.andrew.catgame”

  • monsieurchong

    Interesting but ….

    A wise man once explained to me

    “More demanding software requires more powerful hardware”

    Think about it.

    Do you browse, dload, update, call, revise, edit, watch, play, listen, record all at the same time compulsively and excessively?

    I doubt it. But if you do then I’m sure there’s software installed on extremely overpriced devices available for you to buy.

    But do you REALLY need it?

    My two cents.