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Google I/O T-shirt puzzle: Androidify yourself with the official Google I/O t-shirt


Are you excited to see what Google I/O has in store for us? Or better yet, are you excited to be at Google I/O? If you have gotten a hold of one of Google’s official event t-shirts, you would know that there is a puzzle on the back of the shirt, hiding a nifty treat that will make you a bit more excited about this year’s Google I/O.

The answer to this puzzle is actually hidden in Morse code, and we have found that it directs you to the following link: The exact translation is actually HTTP://GOO.GL/A4C639, but such link does not work, and it will probably not be live until tomorrow (it will simply direct you to the first site). If you are wondering what is going on with the interesting looking url, #A4C639 is actually the HEX value for the “Android green” color (isn’t that a neat domain? Thanks, Clark)

This hidden URL sends you to a website that features the Androidify app. As a special occasion, you can now make your Androidify avatar wear an official Google I/O t-shirt, which would be cool for all those that like to represent their Google and/or Android pride. Though the Androidify app still does not have this shirt available, it should be updated soon, or at least by the time the HTTP://GOO.GL/A4C639 URL goes live.

Until the t-shirt is available, stay tuned for more updates on this. Will you guys be making an avatar with this clothing accessory? Once the update goes through, it would be great if you guys could share a link to your Androidified image on the comment section. Let Google I/O begin!

Source: Google

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