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Google is testing a more touch-friendly mobile navigation bar

Following the release of a new Google Maps for mobile browsers, Google seems to be working on a re-designed version of Google Search as well. According to Google Operating System, some mobile Google users are being shown a brand-new interface for Google Search.

Similarly to what Google did with Google Maps a few days ago, the company is trying to make Google Search a bit more app-like and less web-like. This new version of Google Search replaces text and links with images and buttons. Instead of small links at the top, the new design has a row of finger-sized buttons for switching between Web, Images, News, etc.

Navigating to another Google product is also much easier with this interface. When you tap the “more” button, an app drawer appears that allows you to switch between Google services.  By contrast, in the current UI you have to use your pinky to carefully tap on the “more’ link. Miss the “more” link by a couple of pixels, and all of the sudden you’re posting on Buzz. Speaking of Buzz, the new Google Search interface completely gets rid of the Buzz button. Does this mean that Google is slowly killing the unloved social service? I hope so.

What do you guys think of this new Google Search interface? Do you like it or hate it? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: Google Operating System

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  • http://Website Batfan

    Wow, very nice. I like it

  • http://Website Hinds2009

    Looks intuitive and slick, convenience and ready to use is the ticket!

  • Lane


    The nav bar has been a mobile abortion since its inception.

  • http://Website Sarah

    I started noticing this new format on my device Saturday. I really like it. The new layout is easier to navigate, and cute! ^_^

  • keridel

    nothing on mine yet..

    but will keep you posted..