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Google Maps updated for mobile browsers, full features galore

Given that more than 40% of Google Maps usage is done via mobile devices, Google has just updated this service to work fully with mobile browsers. Android users may not be very convinced about this update, since the native app does a very good job at being as effective as Google Maps for the web. Google’s intentions, though, are to offer users a consistent full Google Maps experience among multiple platforms (it is also available for iOS, which does not have a native app as efficient as Android’s).

Upon visiting on your mobile browser, you will have to opt-in to share your location info with Google. After doing so, the new Google Maps for mobile browsers will be in the palm of your hand, offering features like:

  • See your current location
  • Search for what’s nearby with suggest and auto complete
  • Have clickable icons of popular businesses and transit stations
  • Get driving, transit, biking, and walking directions
  • Turn on satellite, transit, traffic, biking, and other layers
  • View Place pages with photos, ratings, hours, and more
  • When signed into your Google account, access your starred locations and My Maps

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As already mentioned, this may not replace your native app, but having multiple choices is always better for everyone. Go check it out and tell us what you think of it. Who knows… You might end up liking it better!

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Source: Google Mobile Blog

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    dont see the need but o well. The map quest app is a good option too

  • http://Website deaddave

    It’s a webapp, so as expected it’s a shit experience. Pinch to zoom zooms everything including the icons. I pressed the top right icon and nothing happened for 15 seconds. It seems much slower than the native app. Webapps are always a compromise, compared to native android apps.

  • http://Website Jessica1980

    I updated google maps on my iPhone yesterday. Seems like android is always late….

    • http://Website LOL

      You just proved how ignorant most iphone users are.

    • http://Website Tito!

      Why are we late, when our Google Maps app has more, better & full features then Android.
      Haha, we’ve had Google Navigation Beta. iPhone doesn’t.
      Wow, what an ignorant.
      Clearly, you cannot still be thinking iPhone is superior than Android :]

      • Uncemister

        An ignorant what? Nice grammar…

    • http://Website Matt

      Why r u here?

  • http://Website T

    I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, a well done mobile site totally negates the need for an app in most cases.

  • http://Website viking

    google maps is american spyware. do NOT install

  • http://Website giorgii

    Jessica1980 I must say this sei stronza maybe you made mistake you were suppose to go to but by mistake you came to this site put an your glasses and go to we even welcome blond in there

    • http://Website luigi mussolini

      shut up you racist coffer

  • http://Website mike

    Hey did you just removed someone comment and how did you do it

  • Uncemister

    Perfect, updated just in time so everyone can get directions for when the zombie apocalypse happens today ;)

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Google maps is clearly the best option

  • Paul

    I guess it’s an option? But really I’d never go there, I have no problems with the app, it works great. Plus I don’t think navigation would work via the website and that’s what I use my google maps app mostly for, navigation.