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Google releases “News Near You,” updating you on location-based topics

Google’s location services have been mentioned a lot since last month, mostly due to the hype about the iPhone’s unencrypted location access. The fact is that the device being conscious of its location does bring us many of the benefits we have grown to love so much. Services that take advantage of this feature include Twitter, Geo-tagging, Google Latitude, Foursquare, and the list goes on and on. But let’s not forget the most simple, and commonly used tasks that take advantage of this – browsing. It is commonly known that Google always tries to identify your location, in order to better match the results of your searches, and today, they have taken it a step further and released News Near You on Google News for both Android and iOS.

This new feature is very simple. Upon visiting Google News on your mobile browser, you will find a new section at the bottom of the homepage, called “News Near You.” As you probably know, Google does ask you for permission before using your location for its services. If it is the first time going into Google News, it will ask you if you are willing to give them such permission, or prefer to opt-out of Google’s location services.

If you choose to allow this service to know your whereabouts, the “News Near You” section will give you relevant news to your surroundings. This is possible due to a system in which Google skims through all of the writing in every article, finding words that would identify the article to be relevant to any given place (Isn’t that interesting?).

I personally love the idea. Though I like to stay informed about general matters, I find myself to be more of a community-person. But you may differ in opinion; what do you say? Will you be using this new service? Do you think it is shady? Maybe you don’t like Google knowing where you are… Let us know!

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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  • http://Website David

    Does it work in sweden?

  • http://Website Marc

    The problem was not necessarily identifying one’s location, which users should have easy, absolute control over; but more the fact that Apple was logging all locations over the course of the life of the account, not even just the phone.

    It’s already outrageous that users cannot get a phone without providing all kinds of information that positively identifies the user, now they were even tracking ever single step you took? It is creepy to me that people are so willing to accept the most dire scenarios of government monitoring and tracking that previous generations were so vehemently opposed to. Who would have thought that those scenarios would come true by our own capitulation and submission.

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