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Honeycomb has a little bit of Gingerbread buried deep inside

We already know that Google will be mixing Honeycomb, Gingerbread and Google TV into a delicious Ice Cream Sandwich this Christmas. What you might know is that there’s actually a lot of code being shared between these three versions. So much in fact, that you can easily turn your Honeycomb tablet into an over-sized version of your Android phone.

That’s exactly what the fine gentlemen at XDA did today. By just changing the LCD density on a Honeycomb device, the OS will recognize the change and reveal the Gingerbread UI. You can easily achieve this by installing an app like LCDDensity for Root, and changing the LCD density to anything higher than 170ppi. After the excitement fades off, you’ll probably want to go back to the much better Honeycomb UI. To do this, simply set the LCD density to 160ppi or below.

Maybe it won’t be that hard for Google to merge all these versions together, seeing as Honeycomb is already Gingerbread at heart. Bringing the Honeycomb UI to phones and TVs might be a much more arduous job, though. Now let’s watch Honeycomb turn into Gingerbread right before our eyes.

Via: Engadget

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  • http://Website Daniel

    “Maybe it won’t be that hard for Google to merge all these versions together, seeing as Honeycomb is already Gingerbread at heart.”

    You didn’t actually expect them to rebuild the OS from scratch, did you? It’s not news that Honeycomb has the same features earlier versions did, the challenge is concealing the new UI components (redesigned apps and new conventions) with phone-sized screens while retaining full backwards compatibility with both Gingerbread and Honeycomb.

    Plus Honeycomb is clearly not 100% Gingerbread, the fork happened some time before the branch was finished.

  • http://Website StephenM

    …as anyone who tried running the emulator on a phone sized screen would have already known since January…

  • http://Website Dragonithe

    Looks more as froyo whit green buttons than gingerbread to me.
    For example. the status bar in GB is grey, this is white.
    The app dock in GB is also gray and square, this is transparent and rounded.

  • http://Website Dennis

    Why anyone would want to run a phone OS on a tablet is beyond me.

  • http://Website THIS MEANS


  • http://Website DgDeBx

    So what happens when the pixel density is set between 160ppi and 170ppi?