May 13 AT 5:46 PM Alberto Vildosola 90 Comments

How to easily install the Netflix app on your Android phone (Root required)

After many months (and years) of waiting, Netflix finally released an official Android app yesterday. After hearing the news, many Android users were full of happiness and hope, until 5 seconds later they found out that their device wasn’t supported. But fear not comrades, the awesome Android community has saved us once again.

Before telling you how to get your stream on with the Netflix app, we need to get a few things out of the way. First of all, I’m not responsible for anything that happens to your phone, proceed at your own risk. Secondly, root is required for installing the Netflix app correctly. If you don’t know what rooting is, fear not, you probably just got lost inside the interwebs and somehow ended up at Android and Me. Click here or here to return safely to your homepage — or you can click here to learn what root is. Let’s get on with it then.

  • Before beginning make sure you can install apps from unknown sources by going to Menu > Settings > Applications and clicking the “Unknown sources” button
  • Then get the Netflix app from here
  • After downloading the app, tap on the .apk file to install Netflix
  • Then get ES File Manager from the Market
  • Open ES File Manager and go to Menu > Settings > Root Options and enable both check boxes
  • With ES File Manager, make a copy of the build.prop file that’s in the /system folder, just in case
  • Open the build.prop file and change these two lines:
  • ro.product.model=’your phone’s name’ to ro.product.model=Nexus S
  • ro.product.manufacturer=’whatever’ to ro.product.manufacturer=samsung
  • Reboot and you’re done.

Like with all these kind of hacks, sometimes things don’t work like they should. If you come across an issue, let us know in the comments and either us or somebody could have a fix for you. If this did work for you, we’d love to know about it as well.

Via: AndroidCommunity

Alberto is a college student living somewhere between Miami, Sarasota and the World Wide Web. Although a former iPhone owner, Alberto is now a proud Android enthusiast. You can follow Alberto on Twitter and Google+ for his thoughts unworthy of an article.

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  • Zackery Fretty

    Does not work on Galaxy S phones.

    • http://Website Nexus WUP!

      You should have bought the Nexus!! Netflix works terrifically on my phone. WUP WUP!

      • http://Website nate

        Not everyone can afford to pay for an unsubsidized phone/ some people don’t want a nexus. How about you either stop commenting, or make a constructive comment.

    • http://Website B Bleeze

      I was able to trick it into letting me download on my phone but wouldnt go any forward. I got an error message stating its not support on my phone. Then it would just force close. Galaxy S – Vibrant.

  • http://Website Michael Mayhew

    You need to add a step for remounting the filesystem as read/write

    • Alberto Vildosola

      I updated the article. Thanks for that, Michael.

      • http://Website Michael Mayhew

        No problem. Thanks for all the recent root related posts. I remember you guys tweeting a while back that you were moving away from these kind of posts. I’m happy to see them return.

        • Alberto Vildosola

          Yeah, we’re trying to cover as much Android-related news as we can right now — including the root-related ones.

  • http://Website Tornato7

    LOL I like how the hompage links are to aol and yahoo

  • http://Website Tornato7

    OK it didnt work for me

  • http://Website Austin T

    I was so excited! Then I tried it on my Galaxy Tab… blast! It’s a no go. Soooo Clloooossee!

  • http://Website zedklind

    i tried the other way for the g2 and it didnt work on stock with root. trying this way. could be deeper and require a rom based on one of the exclusive devices.

    update: not working with the g2x stock even with nexus try.

  • http://Website PJ

    Anyone get this working on Evo with TMartin’s Gingerbread 2.3.3 ROM?

  • http://Website Kevinthebox

    Idk if it works on other MSM qualcomm chips (adreno 205) but the apk by itself worked on my rooted mt4g.

  • http://Website skeeterflea

    Doesn’t work on g2x cm7 nightly 17. Unsupported device error.

  • http://Website Randy

    I cannot seem to find the build.prop file. There doesn’t appear to be a /system folder in my directory using ES File Explorer. Am I missing a step or looking in the wrong place? Thanks.

    Rooted Galaxy S Captivate

    • http://Website orlando

      Same here. Can’t locate the build.prop file

      Rooted Samsung Galaxy s4

      • http://Website Randy

        I located the build.prop file. In ES File Explorer go to settings > Home Directory > change the home directory from /sdcard/ to /system. Then when you hit the home directory it will take you directly to /system.

        I found the build.prop file but my Captivate doesn’t like when I turn the Root Explorer and Mount File System settings on and so when I go back to the /system directory the build.prop file becomes “ild.prop”. It also appears like the other folders also have their names affected such as “dia” and “rmware”. When I go to edit the “ild.prop” file it is in turn not recognized correctly and get the error message..

        “Error occurred when getting file content: ild.prop”

        Anyone else experiencing the same issues?

        Rooted Galaxy S Captivate 2.2

        • http://Website Johnny G

          I had to download and pay for Root Explorer, but it browsed much easier. Editing the file didnt work though on my fascinate, and from what i hear, it doesnt work on galaxy s phones at all

          • yuichiror

            Same here, mod’ed the prop file and the app works fine until you try to watch a movie.
            Galaxy S Vibrant, Bionix ROM

        • Uncle Rico

          ditto on editing the file with ES File Explorer.. I had to get Root Explorer.. THAT part 9file editing) worked fine.. but the App fails as before, non supported platform errors on my Captivate…

  • http://Website mikeyDroid

    Followed correct steps, won’t play on my device.

    Moto Droid.

    Any one else in my boat / get it working on an OG droid?

    Thanks Androidandme for trying :)

    • DAyers

      I got the same problem on Droid.

  • http://Website Johnny G

    Doesn’t work with my ascinate. Also, ES file exdplorer says the SDCard is not mounted so it wont load completely, so I downloaded and paid for Root Explorer.

  • http://Website mikeyDroid

    Followed the steps – not working. I’m on a rooted – stock – Moto Droid. Anyone else having this issue with an OG droid?…

    Thanks for trying AaM!

    • http://Website The Protoman

      Didn’t work on my Droid 1 ether :-\

      • http://Website mike

        The prop file is read only. Anyone know how to change it to writable?

    • http://Website Troy

      Did not work on my rooted, original stock Droid either. Bummer!

  • http://Website Neanderthal0

    well got to the email screen loggin in…… throttled lets hope this works………..Woooooooo!!!!!!! The Mytouch Slide has netflix!!!!!!

    • http://Website neanderthal0

      nix that i cant get then build prop to change………

  • http://none Reginald K Warner II

    Tried this on my Galaxy Tab and it didn’t work. After the reboot my tab vibrating randomly and the buttons only work sometimes. it was VERY hard to switch back the build.prop copy I made. Ended up having to use adb and 2 windows to get the file pushed back to system.

    Or the short version. IF YOU HAVE GALAXY TAB, BE CAREFUL!!!


    • terraveo

      I have the Tmobile Vibrant, and now my phone is vibrating constantly without turning on. Not such a good tweak

  • http://Website Marlene

    Installed Netflix app with no problem on my Samsung captivate,but I got the message that said it wasn’t compatible with my device…oh well,i’ll wait for the official app :-\

  • http://Website iamtyy

    I can confirm this works on a Droid X running Apex 2.0 Alpha/Beta, if you use the DX version of Netflix, found here:

    I am guessing this will work on other Droid X blurless roms, but cannot confirm.

    • http://Website GeauxLSU

      I got Netflix working from this link using my OG Droid with Liquid Gingerbread

  • http://Website Frank

    lulz. So many fails on this page. Reasons for these kinds of apps that I stayed fresh Stock. WOOT! :D

    • http://Website Hans

      TROLOLOL. Fail.

      2 out of the 5 supported phones aren’t stock. :D

  • yuichiror
    • http://Website Andrew

      Decided to root and flash my vibrant on Thursday. Lucky me I flashed simply galaxy that night and all I had to do was download unchecked device apk. Support the devs!

  • http://Website Wayne

    Tried on my cyanogen 7 color nook and get “Error make sure your device’s time and date are correct”.

  • http://Website Harpdoc

    No go on my Fascinate

  • http://Website Name (required)

    Anybody notice a constant pattern of responses here?

  • http://Website JofaceM

    I have a MyTouch 1.2 (HTC Sapphire) running Ginger Yoshi 1.1. Oddly enough, in the web market, my phone shows up just fine as a supported device (but not on my actual device) so I installed, and I don’t get an incompatible device message, but the video just stays black. Any ideas folks.

    By the way, Android and Me is actually a subscribed feed in my Reader. It’s a joy.

  • http://Website tomatuyukota

    Good thing I got my trusty Nexus One.

  • http://Website Dennis

    Check out the market for Netflix app… Its there. Works on 4 different models including the Htc Droid Incredible 2.2 without touching any system file. I would also assume it doesn’t need root.. Although I do have root. Root was the best thing I ever did and it was super easy.. I googled how to root my phone.. Downloaded unrevoked program on my computer with a driver and about 2 minutes later I had root!

  • http://Website CallMeMisterr

    I actually got netflix successfully working on my HDRJ
    running Android from nand version 2.3.3….I made a backup of my original build.prop file. Edited the code and made Netflix think my phone is an HTC Vision. restarted my phone, went to the market, downloaded netflix the correct way. Then, i put my original build.prop file back where it belonged….(the reason why I did it that way was because my phone didn’t sleep properly and my swype didn’t work correctly). Then I restarted my phone again, Netflix works, swype works, and my phone goes to sleep now :-)

    Oh yea make sure u update your flash player to the newest version before doing all of this :)

  • http://Website Andy

    Was able to change the build.props file on my stock rooted DROID2.

    Rebooted phone, Netflix won’t run.

    Uninstalled and reinstalled from downloaded APK, Netflix won’t run.

    Market won’t let me install Netflix “the right way”, only way to install is from APK.


  • http://Website Gunderstorm

    I was able to install and run the app on my Viewsonic grab running CM7, but i couldn’t play anything. App said my device isn’t supported.

  • http://Website robb

    the second down load works for my atrix without editing any of my files

  • http://Website Bushido

    I did everything exactly what it said on the guide and when i went to go reboot, my phone just keeps restarting. Please tell me I didn’t eff’d my phone up. HTC MyTouch4G. Thanks.

    • http://Website Robb

      Sounds like you edited something in build.prop wrong, it can happen. If I was in your possition the first thing I would do is get into recovery, if possible, and try to do a nandroid restore. If not your gonna have to do some research and don’t quote me on this probably end up pushing an uncorrupted build.prop file with adb. Head to XDA forum for your phone and hope someone else made the mistake. Good luck, hope you figure it out.

  • http://Website Garrett

    Second .APK should work with most devices running Froyo. Make sure you update your Flash player to latest 10.3 update in the Market then install second APK.

    Working on my Droid 2 running Froyo.

  • http://Website Dremth

    For those of you who can’t get it working:
    Download the apk from here:
    Use “Nexus One” and “HTC” for the device and manufacturer instead, because if you are on Android 2.2, using the Nexus S won’t work (Netflix only supports Android 2.3 Nexus S phones).
    This should work.
    -Motorola Droid 1

    • Alberto Vildosola

      Thanks for sharing that with us, Dremth.

    • DAyers

      Just to confirm, this worked for me as posted by Dremth.

      It did NOT work with the netflix.apk that you guys posted in the story, but did work with the apk linked to on XDA.

      Thanks Dremth!

      I’m running Project Elite BETA 6 on my OG Droid.

      For some reason the APK did not auto launch when i clicked on after download so I used Astro to click on it and it worked fine from there.

  • http://Website Mr ME

    Anyone Get it to work on moto atrix? it didnt work for me.

  • http://Website matt

    Actually this apk installed no problem without hacking anything for me. Mytouch 3g slide too :-)

  • http://Website Derek

    I believe by changing your build.prop to “Nexus S” and “Samsung” you then need to be on a gingerbread based rom. I know people in the Captivate forums on xda have netflix working with no problems when and only when their rom is gingerbread based (Perception 2, Mosaic, etc).

    • Uncle Rico

      I was wondering about that… the Nexus S is listed as a 2.3 based device… the hack on my Captivate for the build.prop file would read Samsung as Manufacturer, Nexus S as model.. and 2.2 as the O/S version… obviously a showstopper on the Cappy… just sayin..?

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    Rocking eViL dee’s Sense 3.0 port. AMAZING ROM and has netflix support built into the ROM. Nice feature.

    BTW Thanks for posting this.

  • Trey

    While streaming a TV show or movie to my phone is a nice pipe dream, really the #1 thing I want to be able to do with Netflix is control my queue from my phone. I’ve tried several different apps that claim to allow you to do this and most are dodgy at best.

    Would love to see an article that highlights each of the apps that can let you do this and which one is best.

  • http://Website Dat

    Did not work, when start app saying that phone is not compatible, I have motorola droid 2

  • http://Website mdwilson37

    I just installed the Netflix app, then launched it, and lo-and-behold, it worked perfectly without any changes to any files or anything… I’m using the OG droid with GPA15 from Peter Alfonso

  • http://Website Robbie

    Rooted Nook Color works awesome!


    Followed directions word for word and it’s working perfect!

  • Uncle Rico

    I tried this mod on my Captivate… no go. bummer… still says “non-supported platform.. blah-blah-blah!”

  • http://Website Skippy

    When I would go to root options it would say click a rom. There was no going around it. What ever I would click it would sau test failed cannot do with my phone.. Oo welll thanx skippy

  • http://Website lustfuljayb

    I tried it on my ROOTED Galaxy Tab…NO LUCK..I had to use Root explorer to get to system and then to build.prop…I guess they got a good laugh on us all. Before you guys rushed to have a post maybe you should have tried it on more that one phone NEXUS1.. If this is the best you can do,do the community a favor and write about something you may know about IPHONE.

  • http://Website octavio

    i rooted my samsung charge and tried this and it didnt do anything for me the netflix app crashes after signing in

  • http://Website icejame

    I hav an HTC Merge(u.s. cellular) temp rooted with visionay and it worked for me i only did steps 1-5

  • http://Website chris

    Can I temp root and do this

  • Arie

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  • deanna

    I can not get this to work on mytouch 3g, everytime i try to log in to netflix it says that login timed out, I dont know how to fix this.

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  • Alyssa

    Ya I have problems finding the menu settings then root menu…my android didn’t download the exact 1 that you said it wasnt es file manager it was es file explorer so now I have no idea where to go

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