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HTC Bliss to be the first Android phone targeted specifically at women?

While most men have no issues picking up a phone like the HTC DROID Incredible 2 or the new Thunderbolt, we’re heard many women complain that HTC phones are far too manly for their taste.  We could debate this point for quite a while (I personally know many women who own the EVO 4G, Nexus One, and countless other HTC phones), but it is true that the distinct aesthetics of HTC phones appeal primarily towards men.

So when news broke that HTC may be in the planning phase for a new handset which is targeted specifically at women, we were not surprised one bit.  HTC has been holding focus groups with women to see what their take is on a new handset scheduled to launch on Verizon’s network towards the end of this year.

The new handset is currently known as the HTC Bliss and will feature hardware and software tweaks that should make it more appealing to women.  The HTC Bliss will have a green hue and will feature a soft-touch rubber casing for a better grip (similar to the HTC DROID Incredible 2).  The handset will feature both front and rear facing cameras and will be nearly a half centimeter thinner than the HTC Desire Z. Most other exterior features will be similar to HTC’s current lineup of Android phones.
*Note: the image above is our concept of what the HTC Bliss could look like.

Software tweaks on the HTC Bliss include “calming” wallpapers along with shopping, and calorie counting apps.  We don’t have any indication as to which version of Android the HTC Bliss will be running, but our guess is that the phone will be running HTC Sense 2.5 or above with a modified UI skin.

But since women love to accessorize, HTC may be hoping that the accessories for the Bliss will be the key factor in the handset’s success.  According to the report, HTC is working on a desktop dock with built-in speakers, a speaker which attaches to a car visor which is capable of voice recognition, and a matching Bluetooth headset.  If that wasn’t enough, the “charm indicator” should definitely get the women excited for the HTC Bliss. This accessory will come with a hook so that is can be attached to purse and will light up when the phone receveis a new message or call.

We certainly like the idea of HTC going out of their way to find out what women want in a phone, but would an Android phone specifically targeted towards women really sell? Maybe HTC should simply focus on creating more accessories for all of their phones or offer their current handsets in a variety of different colors.   What do you think HTC should focus on if they really want more women to purchase their phones?

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  • Daniel

    aimed at girls with no FFC? That’s not right!

    • Nick Gray

      The HTC Bliss is expected to have a front camera (which is noted above). The image I made is simply a hacked up shot of the HTC Wildfire S.

      • Daniel

        Whoooops sorry about that. Damn. at work and I just glanced at it. SNEAKY shhh

    • http://Website Hans

      “The handset will feature both front and rear facing cameras”
      You should learn to read before posting. ;)

  • http://Website steven

    i think more color choices are in order. as a guy, black doesnt bother me at all, but i would like to see greyish-green phone. other colors like red or blue might be nice too.

  • http://Website catherine

    color? dont care – but it should be 10 inches!!!!!!

    • ncalvin

      Based on what we’ve been telling women all their lives, that IS 10″ lol

    • ayocuz

      Boo boo you probably couldn’t handle a ten inch…………phone lol

  • http://Website the end is nigh….

    Androids downfall…
    what is next?

    Android shoes?

  • http://Website pip

    First thought was this was a bit of a gimmick, but if dine right, it could work well. Design will be crucial though – not just colour but overall form. Needs to look good!

    Choice and competition is what Android is about, so if this happens it will be interesting to see how it works.

  • http://Website The few, the proud, the iPhone owners

    So android is for fags AND women? Thats pathetic.
    Only iPhone is for the real men!

    • http://Website Austin

      Yet you hang out in the android forums…lol!

    • http://Website Hans

      So that’s why the iPhone appeals to mostly women,right? Right? ;D

    • http://Website Orea

      Hey idiot,

      Learn some comprehensive skills fool. They said that Android is to manly idiot. Android Ftw!

    • http://Website The few, the proud, the iPhone owners

      So android is for fags AND women? Thats pathetic.
      Only iPhone is for the real men!!

      • rouge96

        iPhone are for little children who can’t handle the power of android. Real Men and Women use android because they would rather have more features, money and power.

  • http://Website DroidCLH

    what does a women need with smartphone? They have everything they need in the kitchen!

    • http://Website 576

      wife: honey, i got yummy gingerbread in the kitchen!
      husband: nice, do you run cyanogenmod?
      wife: um, what? um, dunno, but its very hot….

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      Maybe HTC needs to throw in a good cooking/recipie app and a nice kickstand for better kitchen use :)

      • rouge96

        Ratch :P

  • http://Website angie

    I guess I can see the slight tendency of designing for men, but usually that just means trying to convey a phone’s power/capability. When you think of designing for a women, of course they are capable and strong too but people like to think of women as soft and pretty, which doesn’t seem to convey that great of an image for the capabilities of the phone – no?

    It is always tricky to talk about what is appropriate for either sex, but I guess if anything it’s nice to have a different approach to a design to give people more choices. Also, I do happen to be biased towards pretty and classy things, so maybe they do have me pegged ;) I am enjoying the look of this G2 though and my EVO I used to have. So yes, all I can say is hooray for variety.

  • http://Website THIS CRACKS ME UP


  • http://Website Claude Z

    mmmh maybe it ships with a parking-assistant ? *prays*

  • http://Website J240

    I also enjoy having more variety and options to choose from.. I think the form factor would need to be right for smaller hands/fingers and multiple color choices are ideal. But Idk… as a female that loves tech, my MT4G pretty much fits the bill IMO. High-end specs in multiple color choices are pefect for a female… But HTC really does need to up the production on accessories for their phones. Where is a desk dock that uses these copper pins?
    Anyways, I can’t speak for all women, but I guess variety never hurts. :)

    • http://Website Nick

      The official MT4G desk dock came out months ago. It even swivels from landscape to portrait mode.

      • http://Website J240

        I don’t see where this uses the charging pins……..?

        • http://Website DROID Sam

          The pins on the MT4G are not for charging, they should work like those of the Nexus which simply tells the phone that it’s on a dock and should automatically launch the Desk Clock app. Not sure why T-mobile and HTC chose not to include this feature in their official dock. Maybe they realized that no one really wants to use the desk clock app.


    Android phone targeted at girls and gays…

    ~~~~Just saying~~~

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      And yet you are visiting the Android “forums”. Actually this is a blog post. There is a difference.

      So anyway since we know iPhones users are hippies and queers. Go hug a tree and kiss your man.

    • http://Website UNZICKER

      Android phone targeted at girls and gays….

      ~~~~Just saying~~~

    • rouge96

      Firstly, stop mocking people’s sexual orientation. It is not a choice or a mental disorder.

      Secondly, Android are targeted towards every race, “European, Asian, African etc…”
      Android is a complete open platform targeted for Men, Women of ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Straight’.

      A tropical iPhone user uses iPhone because they care more about showing off than features brains and money. They will never handle the power of Android

  • http://Website Devin

    Don’t know what women need phones for in the kitchen…

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      Is so they can Text message us and not interrupt our NFL or MLB time.

    • rouge96

      lol, don’t be so ratch!

      Us men(s) needs a chicks with cell phone so we can txt and chat them up :)

  • http://Website Addictive

    Nice. I think this phone should be equipped with a more intense vibrate motor and a stock vibrate pattern chooser. Don’t you agree?

  • http://Oyvey lt

    This has got to be the lamest thing I’ve read all week. When you can get just about any color case for any phone, who cares what color the phone itself is? And the whole point of smartphones is that you can download whatever apps you want. Corporate stupidity and perpetuation of stereotypes know no bounds. What’s next? Separate models for each color of human?

    • PixelSlave

      The whole article only mentions 2 words that are related to colors: “green”, and “colors”. That’s it. There are other stuffs HTC is reportedly working on to target the female users.

    • http://Website RockinEvo

      So that’s what u think, if u have a smartphone u can download anything lol silly first time user

  • FrightenedByPenguins

    I’ve heard reports that front facing camera will have a ‘Your bum looks good in that’s audio feature and the entire phone and display will be engineered from environmentally friendly ‘pink matter’s.

    Personally I think they should wait til Google has perfected the AI car and the phone driving auto app is beta tested before this is released.

  • http://Website HTC Bitch

    we better get the iPhone

  • Dave

    Great post. Thank you! Always thought iPhone is for Venus and Android for Mars. That is about to change! For women who is looking for an SMS Alert app – I found a great one.

  • Psylink

    Let’s hope front facing cameras on phones geared towards females stops duck face pictures, bravo htc, I whole heartedly support the anti duckface picture movement you’re working on here

  • http://Website JULIO

    im waiting for the HTC Boss, the men phone.

    Basically its a beer can, that looks like a phone!

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      Real mean drink bier from a bottle. or a liter stein, not cans.

  • http://Website polaris

    I wonder if the Bliss will become erratic once a month and refuse to cooperate?

  • http://Website DROID Sam

    If done right, the HTC Bliss could get a lot of attention. The exterior design of the handset should have a softer look than what HTC typically produces. My wife things that more women would probably appreciate a white phone a lot more than a green one.

    I guess right now T-Mobile is the only one who has the women market pegged since they offer their myTouch line is a variety of colors.

    • http://Website Paul

      My wife had a myTouch 3G slide for a year now, she liked it but the lack of variety of accessories was disappointing. I recently acquired a HD2 real cheap and I modified it to run Android in the NAND and I was messing with it, not sure what I’d do with it since I love my G2 (aka Desire Z) and she saw it and began using it and now she’s taken it from me. Lots of accessories for that phone to. She misses the keyboard, but the screen size is nice. It was actually difficult to go back to my 3.7″ display on my G2 after using the 4.2″ display on the HD2 just for a day.

  • http://Website DissappointedCelticsFan

    Why is HTC solely planning a dock because they’re trying to attract more women customers? I would’ve purchased a dock from day one!

    • Nick Gray

      I completely agree! HTC sells more than enough phones to justify a dedicated dock for each handset. A good dock can sell for $50 much is mostly profit since it’s just plastic and a few wires. For years I’ve been hoping that HTC would simply standardize their power/USB slot placement so that they or other accessory makers could come up with universal solutions that could work with all of their phones.

  • http://Website Paul

    1/2 centimeter thinner than a Desire Z? the Desire Z is the T-Mobile G2 and it has a full keyboard. So this device will only be every so slightly thinner than a device that has a full keyboard? And this device doesn’t have a keyboard?

    • Nick Gray

      If you do the math, the HTC Desire Z (G2) is 1.416 CM thick. Chop of half a CM and you get .916 CM which would be the thinnest phone in HTC’s lineup.

      Half a CM doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a significant amount when you consider that the Desire Z is less than 1.5 CM thick.

  • mrschains

    I’d love to know how many of those women have used their phone to its full capacity. You want to give me a phone that I like? You want to target women? Take your bloatware off the phones. Make it run the way I need it to run. Calorie counters? Shopping? Are you f**king kidding me? Get real. Give me an updated version of a phone that’s not running 2 year old software. Give me a phone that is realistic for my lifestyle. Want to make it girly? Make it available in red or pink. But don’t insult me with Sense and matching accessories. Smug sons of bitches. I’d like to take my high heel and shove it up their asses.

    • http://Website Ally

      Obviously you don’t speak for all women. I personally like the idea of having the software tweaked so that it gives us women a slightly different feel. I’m not sold on dedicated per-installed apps, but that’s probably coming more from Verizon than HTC since they like to throw in a dozen or so apps on every phone they ship.

      Green would be nice but I’d prefer a soft pink or white phone. and matching accessories are a must for us ladies who have a problem with accessorizing.

  • http://Website Alex

    Colossally terrible idea.

    What software tweaks are going to appeal specifically towards women? Better battery use? More reliability? What?

    I’m not any happier that HTC opted for “soothing green” rather than “Barbie pink” for its ladyphone. Apparently, all women are nuts and need something soothing to look at and won’t fly out of their hands while crazily waving their arms about.

  • pekosROB

    The charm or whatever they’re going to call it that lights up for notifications is an excellent idea. They should have thought that up awhile ago for all their phones for women!

  • http://yeah Flash

    you know what they say, “Once you go black you need a wheel chair to get back”!

  • עורך דין פלילי

    Wow, it’s definitely going to be my next smartphone! i love the purple one and the idea of the little shining square thing is genious, great job HTC once again

  • SmartOverseasBuy

    the image made may be too thick.
    Girls more like a slim phone.