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Update: HTC Flyer Digital Pen gets priced by Best Buy and the HTC Accessory Store

The HTC Flyer Digital Pen has finally been given a price.  Best Buy has the Digital Pen listed for $79.99 while the official HTC Accessory Store has is posted for €49.99 ($72.46) in Europe.  We’ve known since CTIA that HTC would be selling the Digital Pen separately from the Wi-Fi HTC Flyer here in the U.S. market, but there seems to be a little confusion regarding the pen’s inclusion with the 3G Flyer which is scheduled for launch in Europe next month.  We’re waiting to hear back from HTC PR on this issue and should have final clarification within a few hours.

Anyone who plans on purchasing the Wi-Fi HTC Flyer will most likely opt to purchase the $80 accessory since the HTC Scribe functionality is what makes the Flyer stand out from other Android tablets.  But with the Wi-Fi HTC Flyer’s $500 price tag and the additional $80 for the pen, we could see consumers opt for cheaper options which come with Honeycomb and a larger screen.

Any HTC Flyer fans disappointed with the price of the Digital Pen?

Update: HTC’s PR folks finally got back to us, confirming that the HTC Flyer Digital Pen will be sold separately in the U.S. market.  European versions of the HTC Flyer will include the pen with the price of the tablet.  Potential U.S. customers may want to reconsider when and where you buy the HTC Flyer.  You may be able to puck up a Wi-Fi HTC Flyer from Europe, skip the sales tax, and get a free pen.  We’ll have to see how this all plays out once the tablet actually hits the market.

Via: Android Central

Source: Best Buy

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  • Kelly

    I think it’s a little shifty of HTC to be selling the pen separately as you’re right: it’s what makes this tablet unique; My jaw dropped when I read that!

  • Sean Riley

    This is akin to Kyocera making users pay an extra $80 to unlock the 2nd touchscreen on the Echo. HTC is taking the one thing that really makes this device unique and guaranteeing that many of its users will never use it. They spend at least a 1/3 of their Youtube ad talking about the pen input and yet somehow don’t feel it is important enough to include in the box? I was concerned that they weren’t really dedicated to the pen input when I first saw that they didn’t include a way to store the pen on the tablet and this really calls into question for me whether the pen support on this device will survive long term.

    • http://Website Ratmuscle

      $80 for the other screen? Wow….that is officially dumn as shit. Do the companies really not want the tablet market to grow? I was really thinking about getting this tablet and the pen but this is a major turnoff. Sorry htc. I LOVE my evo and will get the 3d but disappointing to hear this news. Two thumbs down. Way to sell out

      • http://Website Ratmuscle

        Massive fail on my part. I just found out that the pen IS included in the price of the tablet. The $80 is only for a replacement. Damn….i feel I slipped into a pissed off rant on the tablet craze. I f’ed up. Sorry

  • Nick Portelli

    It is sold separately? Really? And at that price for both tablet and pen….for a phone OS not a tablet OS? I was looking forward to this but I will wait. That is ridiculous.

  • http://Website DROID Sam

    They guys on Engadget seem t o think that you can just pick up any other N-Trig’s DuoSense digital pen and you should be set. The one used for Fujitsu’s LifeBook is only $22. Seems like HTC is really focusing on profits rather than customer satisfaction.

  • http://Website AJA

    Pretty cool that Best Buy gives you $50 when you pre-order the Flyer though. Plus, from what I understand, the Digital Pen is much more than a stylus, and offers a lot of interactive enhancements beyond what any other tablet is currently capable of. You can actually sign a document and skip the print, fax or scan method, and use the digital pen to interact remotely. HTC usually has a lot more to offer than most in the features category. We may be pleasantly surprised.

  • http://Website Shane

    Well, I’m officially done with my want for the htc flyer. I’m a huge htc fan, but even being a fan, this is to much. I was willing to go with a single core processor in a dual core world, 7in instead of 10in, and an inferior screen all because of was fascinated by the stylus. Between the exorbitant price of the tablet itself and now the absolutely crazy price for the stylus… I’m out!!

  • http://Website Kid english

    Almost gutted then but I’m in the uk so the pen is included.

    Would be a total deal breaker for me I’d it wasn’t