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HTC plans to review its locked bootloader policy

After much public outcry, HTC has acknowledged that their locked bootloader policy may need to be revised. The announcement came via HTC’s Facebook page, stating that they will be taking a second look at the bootloader policy since they want to ensure users have a great experience with their handsets.

With companies like SONY Ericsson and Samsung turning their focus in the direction of the development community and even offering tools and instructions on how to unlock their Android phones, HTC’s new policy on locking down their phones comes off as being archaic and could certainly hurt them in the long run.

Thanks so much for providing feedback, we hear your concerns. Your satisfaction is a top priority for us and we’re working hard to ensure you have great experiences with our phones. We’re reviewing the issue and our policy around bootloaders and will provide more information soon. Thank you for your interest, support and willingness to share your feedback.HTCvia Facebook

We’re certainly happy that HTC is listening to their customers, but there is no guarantee that HTC will be changing things any time soon.  How many of you would reconsider the HTC Sensation or HTC EVO 3D if HTC decides not to ship these phones with unlocked bootloaders?

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  • http://Website Monkeydroid

    Not at all. If I can’t get a Nexus device on verizon I want the choice of a powerful vanilla android device. Locked bootloader do not make me happy.

  • http://Website Sam

    I’m not buying a new phone this summer, but if I were to, I would buy the Galaxy S2.

    Since the GS2 isn’t locked down, I won’t care if Samsung is slow to update the phone.

    • http://Website James

      Its only the carrier branded/varient Samsung phones that take ages to get updates. The GS2 hasn’t been out long and already had updates. Buy an unlocked sim-free GS2 from UK and it will work perfect on AT&T as well as get quick updates :)

  • http://Website m

    is there comment moderation?

  • Wes Campbell

    I’d definitely reconsider the EVO 3D. I was actually thinking about switching to Sprint for it. But once I learned that all new HTC phones were going to have locked bootloaders, I figured I might as well stay with VZW and get an Xperia Play. BUT! this is definitely making me reconsider.

  • http://Website Guesty McGuesterson

    I’ve been with Sprint for about four years now and don’t plan on leaving. If they keep the encrypted bootloaders I’ll just hold out for the upcoming Sprint flavored Tegra2 dual core from Motorola. Nothing but happy with my Evo but most of that happiness is derived from CM7, a customer kernel and various other root derived tweaks.

  • http://Website kichard

    You can buy this house, but we aren’t gonna let you paint it. Ill buy another house.

    If HTC doesn’t unlock their phones like Samsung and Sony are then ill get a gs2. The development is what makes phones great.

  • http://Website kj

    if they do unlock the bootloaders they should at least add the turn off screen tv animation and screen capture to I mean why not???

  • asterbenz

    Anyone know why I cannot login to access my profile? It says, “You tried to visit, which is not loading,” when I click “Profile.”

  • Rubrewskey


    • Rubrewskey

      Sorry about that blank comment. I was literally about to buy the G2X until I saw the Sensation. I’m having a hard time deciding between the two. For me it basically came down to cyan or no cyan and I’ve come to love cyanogen. If HTC unlocked their bootloader I would undoubtedly choose the Sensation.

      • http://Website Oreo

        Well if everything goes good and HTC does unlock the bootloader in its phone with an update. Then I would say go for the Sensation all the way. That is not the case however right now and the G2x is the only powerhouse phone supported by Cyan. He even stated that just cuz of this locked bootloader mess that he bought the G2x, because of it.

  • Nick Gray

    I’m still planning on getting the T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G no matter what the outcome is once HTC reviews their bootloader policy. I’ve always been a frequent flasher (typically only use a ROM for 2-3 weeks at a time before switching to test out something else) but at this point, I’m really more interested in a stable build than cool new features offered by the development community.

  • http://Website Pat

    I replaced my Nexus One with a G2x, would have been the Sensation if I was sure I could get a vanilla android rom on it.
    Still would get the Sensation if bootloader was to become unlockable, I think the phone is that good, but I am a NON-Sense type:)

  • http://Website SV

    Does a locked or encrypted bootloader really make much difference to the masses? How many handsets are actually bought by geeks for modding? Not many i bet in the grand scheme of things. The Evo3D will sell by the bucketload, locked down or not.

  • http://Website JayMonster

    Motorola said the same thing about “reviewing” their bootloader policies. How many unlocked handsets from Moto have you seem since then?

  • justreboot

    Either way, here’s to hoping we get free range on this bad boy! I’ve had the Sensation for less than a day now and can only imagine the possibilities if the devs can pick up support for it.

    BTW Netflix works perfectly on the Sensation! WIN! I’m loving it even more now!

  • amanda

    can any one help me as i hav baught a htc wild fire s and it will not let me transfer my phone data to sd card i took it back to shop and they sent it for repair and i have receaved it back with the same problem ive been told its a fault with in the phone has anyone else had the same problem ?