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HTC Sensation 4G will hit T-Mobile on June 8th for $199

A few weeks ago — all thanks to Google — we found out that June 8th could be a possible launch date for the HTC Sensation 4G. Today, that launch date got one closer to becoming reality. The guys over at TmoNews just got their hands on a leaked screenshot that confirms the June 8th launch date.

According to TmoNews, you’ll be able to get this beast of a phone for just $199.99, supposedly with a 2-year contract. For those 200 hard-earned bucks you’ll get all the following goodies:

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread with HTC Sense 3.0
  • 1.2 Ghz Dual-core Qualcomm MSM 8260
  • 4.3-inch S-LCD screen with a resolution of  540 x 960 pixels
  • 768 MB RAM and 1024 MB of ROM
  • 8 MP back-facing camera with Dual-LED flash
  • VGA front-facing camera
  • Support for 1080p video recording
  • HDMI-out support
  • microSD slot
  • 1520 mAh batter

That is one mighty superphone. We’ve yet to see how Qualcomm’s dual-core CPU will perform compared to NVIDIA’s Tegra 2, but I’m guessing Qualcomm is not aiming for the second place here. You hear that NVIDIA? That’s Qualcomm right behind you about to take first place away from you. Just do us both a favor and announce Tegra 3 already. If you’re still unsure about the HTC Sensation 4G being your next phone, make sure you check out Edgar’s 10 reasons to buy one.

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website Raj

    You can give me a million reasons to get this phone, and I’d agree with all of them, this phone looks amazing. But there is one reason not to get it – if the att merger goes through, I wouldn’t want to be on att.

    I am getting the sensations cousin on sprint, the evo 3d (similar specs) to replace my nexus one.

  • http://NFC? Kevin

    So I’m guessing that these phones won’t have an NFC chip if not mentioned explicitly? And same with the EVO 3D? Ugh there’s always a reason to wait until the next phone…which is why I’m still sporting a (now) piece of junk G1!

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      You have been waiting way to long. So many devices have came out these last 2years that make the G1 look like junk. If you haven’t changed yet then you won’t simple as that. As far as NFC for 2011 it means nothing so if a device does not support it then so be it. In 2012 NFC will be big and will launch in every android device. Plus Ice cream sandwich will have NFC baked into the operating system. Stop making up excuses for keeping that dinosaur of an device.

      • http://Website Kevin

        Well I couldn’t upgrade without an ETF until December, so now I’m waiting for the best phone that will hold up well for the 2 years of my next contract. I think this or the EVO 3D could be it…I’m more just expressing frustration that there’s ALWAYS something to wait for, which could result in never actually making an upgrade. Now I kind of want to wait for the next Nexus phone, but I can’t hold out that long on a G1 which barely works anymore.

  • http://Website carla

    I think its too expensive for this outdated phone

    • http://Website what?

      The price is perfect for this phone its more like a steal! And the specs are far from outdated (maybe could use a little more ram but that’s it) don’t quote me on this but I think the only other phone with 2.3 stock is the nexus s

  • http://Website JamieB

    My N1 will continue to be my phone choice until something REALLY catches my taste.

    Can anyone say Tegra 3 powered Nexus 3!?

  • http://Website Anonymous

    This phone is going to be awesome! HTC makes phones & devices of excellent quality. And Sense 3.0 is very beautiful as compared to previous Sense UI’s in the past.

    I am sporting a leaked Sense 3.0 ROM on my G2, and am thrilled to get this phone… but…

    HTC does choke with 1 fatal flaw… THE NEW VERSION OF LOCKED & SIGNED BOOTLOADERS!!! ugh!

    Heres to hoping there will be some awesome Devs whom will crack it open & we see root very soon. Which I am sure they will discover in due time. :-)

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    This device is truly beautiful without question the best device on tmobile. I could say if I was on tmobile this would be it for me. People on tmobile will be proud of the sensation it will dominate the Gx2

  • http://Website mohamad79

    iPhone smokes this, i got iPhone

    • http://Website leeann

      take that iphone fanboy crap somewhere else no one cares that you’re on steve jobs sack

      • http://Website heeros

        That’s right, only android fanboy crap is welcome here!! (and I’m proud to be one)

  • http://Website Anthony

    Wow looks like a beast for sure but before I shell out my dough.
    I will have to consider the ram why not a gig
    I will consider why no NFC
    The last consideration is I’ve been burnt too many times buying these new phones on day one. I will stand on the side lines to see if the bugs that it probably will have are small bugs or a hornets nest.
    I am now a wiser person with my money.

  • http://Website Dennis

    I just can’t see what all the hype is about for this phone. Give me stock Android ALL DAY. EVERYDAY.

  • ncalvin

    Alberto Vildosola needs to watch how he writes.

    “You hear that NVIDIA? That’s Qualcomm right behind you about to take first place away from you” sounds terribly biased when it’s already been stated in the article that “We’ve yet to see how Qualcomm’s dual-core CPU will perform compared to NVIDIA’s Tegra 2.”

    Highly unprofessional.

    • Alberto Vildosola

      Make sure you quote the whole sentence next time.

      “We’ve yet to see how Qualcomm’s dual-core CPU will perform compared to NVIDIA’s Tegra 2, but I’m guessing Qualcomm is not aiming for the second place here.”

      In other words, I don’t have any speed benchmarks to show about the two chips, but I believe that Qualcomm’s CPU could be better or just as good as NVIDIA’s Tegra 2. Hence the phrase “That’s Qualcomm right behind you about to take first place away from you.”

      I try to make posts like these as light and fun to read as possible, since they’re just part of the daily news cycle.

      We do, however, publish longer, serious, and thoughtful articles on a weekly basis — so make sure you check out those.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Again… the Tegra 2 isn’t all that. Lack of NEON really kills it. ARM’s Mali-400MP (found on Samsung’s Exynos SoC) and PowerVR’s SGXMP series are both better GPUs already, and are often coupled with the exact same Cortex A9 CPUs the Tegra 2 uses while including a NEON unit, so they are objectively superior, by a significant margin.

    I don’t know if this third-generation Snapdragon is as good as the T2, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is. And if it isn’t, it will be pretty far from second place.

  • http://Website Sax M

    I have only one complaint: No kickstand! :-(

  • Greg

    Totally torn between getting one of the hot new dual-cores coming out this summer (like this or Droid 3), and damn the ETFs, or waiting for until the ETFs are gone in November, and then just getting the Nexus 3. I hate waiting, but the specs on the Nexus 3 and the advantages of the Nexus line…

    Such a “first world dilemma”. Not worrying if I’ll have enough food to feed my family through the Winter, whether the cost of my child’s medical care will require the rest of us to go hungry, but my big concern is the timing of my next cell phone upgrade. I feel so guilty and so lucky at the same time.

  • http://Website Ms_Matrix2515

    I can’t WAIT for this phone to come out. I was saying that T-Mobile has to better better looking phones and my wish is coming true. This is one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time.

    Someone said that they would get this phone if it wasn’t for the fact that AT &T may end up getting Tmo..I feel the same way, but I can’t hold on for much longer. I’m ready to rid of my Mytouch Slide.

  • http://Website Tamara

    I heard, as an iPhone owner, you cannot text message with people who only have an anroit phone????? Is this true???? Then wuts the point of this??? wuts so great about anroit???

    • http://Website william

      Shut up u dumn bitch

      • http://Website sammysucker

        Ha, ha, ha, ha! Damn that was funny:)

    • http://Website Daniel

      It’s true. You can’t only have an anroit phone, you must also own another phone (though it doesn’t necessarily have to be an anroit). The government tracks people and dropping their messages when they don’t own at least two phones. Something about helping the economy. I bet it was Obama’s secret plan all along!

      • http://Website sammysucker

        William, come get this one too….. lol

  • kwills88

    Samsung is about to lose a lot of people who been waiting for the SII to this…we had more information about the SII before this phone, yet the SII isn’t out in the States yet, and we already have a release date for this phone.

  • http://Website J.

    Signed Boot loader = NO SALE.
    Signed File System = NO SALE.
    Signed Recovery = NO SALE.
    HTC’s current implementation of security policy = NO SALE.
    No choice to remove Sense = NO SALE

    Hear that, HTC? I would gladly and promptly pay FULL RETAIL for this phone if and only if it supported signature check disabled (S-OFF) Engineering Boot loader and full root access for device OWNERS. Sony Ericsson has figured this out. Hell, even Samsung has figured this out.
    I’m really proud of you guys for making Sense what you did, when you did…but the deal is this – If I pay for it, it’s MINE. I can do with it what I like. I should be able to wipe it, load something new on it, hell, I should be able to brick it by installing a Verizon CDMA radio software package on it and use it as a really stupid paperweight if I care to, because I OWN the damn thing.

    What happened HTC? Y R U MAD? What drove you to put your head up your ass when once, not too long ago, a couple of neck beards with a dream came to you and you said “Cool!”? Remember when XDA was all about HTC, and you guys were all about the dev community? We’re the guys that normal people ask about “which phone is better”. The answer used to be HTC, hands down. Now? Not a chance in hell wold I steer my mom towards your products. Because there’s going to come a day when she says “Why can’t I do X?” and I need to be able to say “Here. Lemme see your phone for a minute” and give her the functionality she’s looking for through root.

    It’s really just this simple – If you don’t support us, we don’t support you. And it breaks my heart that I’m going to have to hurt T-Mobile in the process, but those are the breaks.