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HTC Sensation comes to T-Mobile stores June 15th, Wal-mart June 13th

The wait for HTC’s first dual-core Android smartphone is almost over. Ever since it was rumored back in February, Android fans have eagerly waited to get their hands on HTC’s next-generation handheld.

Tonight, T-Mobile announced that the HTC Sensation 4G would hit their retail stores on June 15th. Customers looking to pick up the phone a few days early should keep an eye on Wal-mart, as the Sensation is also expected to be available as early as June 12 at select locations.

Update: The Sensation will be available for $199.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate with a two-year service agreement

Several dual-core phones like the AT&T Atrix 4G and T-Mobile G2x have been available for several months, but each had its own set of annoying issues and did not live up to the crazed multi-core hype (that I was responsible for). It will be interesting to see how the HTC Sensation will fair as it is powered by the dual-core Snapdragon platform instead of the NVIDIA Tegra 2.

If you are in the market for a new Android phone, I’d highly recommend a dual-core powered device over a single-core model simple because it will be more future-proof and last you longer.  It’s still unclear when Android 2.x will be fully optimized to take advantage of dual-core processors (like Android 3.0 was), but hopefully we will see some nice performance gains when Ice Cream Sandwich arrives in Q4.

Check out HTC’s official Sensation page for a refresher on the tech specs.

Any T-Mobile fans making the jump next month?

Via: HTC

Source: T-Mobile

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        Very educated reply

  • Galen20K

    this shall hold me over quite nice until the Hercules comes later this year. : )

    • http://Website Noriega713

      Honestly, im with you on this one…I’m usually HTC all the way, but now i just want that Super Amoled Plus screen. Also im sure Samsung WON’T mess up the hardware, as for the Software i hope Cyanogen will support it.

      Still Love HTC though….Hope they make the Next Nexus and if they do I will wait for that instead…Nothing compares to Stock Android. =)

  • http://Website Eric Cash

    i currently have a myTouch3g and looking to upgrade, would you recommend me buying the HTC Sensation or wait for a dual core phone that has NFC? I am disappointed that the Sensation is lacking NFC support especially considering that google is making a big push with Google Wallet and Google Offers.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The Tmo version of the SGS2 might have NFC, but T-Mobile has not come to an agreement with Google on supporting Google Wallet. If you really want NFC, then wait a couple months and see what happens.

      • http://Website whosaidwhat

        Are you saying that T-Mobile will carry the SGS2?

    • Andrew Garlinghouse

      Also remember that Google wallet will have the sticker that can communicate with Google Wallet. Thats the item that makes the Sensation a good choice for me.


    o, gping t wait and see if it has any kinks in the first month of its release// hopefully some more N3 news will surface by then and keep me away fro it

  • http://Website 2C

    Really wish we could get more HTC devices with stock Android….Nexus One user

  • shadowxof

    I work at a walmart connection kiosk, haven heard about it coming but judging by our price points, the sensation will probably go for $148—$199

  • coyotejbob

    I have been patiently waiting to upgrade from my G1 for this.

  • Dave K

    I’m on Sprint, so I’m waiting for the HTC Evo3D. I can’t believe they haven’t announced a release date yet. I got a useless email from Sprint today saying it’s coming soon. Yeah, thanks for that. Now where is it?

  • http://Website clocinnorcal

    Waiting for SGSII. Qhd looks nice but SA+ looks much better regardless of the lower res. Still a really nice looking phone though.

  • thatboyjay

    I am upgrading from my N1 to this BC my full upgrade date just hit yesterday. Then when the SGS2 or Hercules comes out, I will get that and sell the Sensation on eBay BC I am keeping my N1 with free hotspot and CM7 as a backup.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    I’m just happy for tmobile and the progress they have made this year as far as there devices for 2011 they have truly come forward which is great for everyone. If your a current tmobile customer and your not getting this device when it launches then SOMETHINGS WRONG..This will be the best device on tmobile for 2011 yes it is better than the Gx2 as well as whatever comes to the states resembelling the Galaxy S2 HTC has done themselves very well with the sensation definately a future prove device. I will be present at tmobile on day one of this launch cause I want to be front and center to be able to play with the very close cousin of the Evo 3d as well as the Gx2. Playing with these devices for the coming weeks will help me while waiting for my Evo 3d to launch both the Sensation and Evo 3d will rule the summer 0f 2011 you can BANK ON THAT…

    • http://Website Mark

      How much is Sprint paying you to make these fanboy rants? 5 cents an hour? Or is it Pay-per-Post?

  • http://Website Anthony

    Well great phone super specs and the best on T-Mobile so far. I guess till July :) . The issue I have that will make me stay with my nexus family is the choking of speed from T-Mobile. I hate when my super phone mid day goes to a crawl but still they push more super phones to bog down the network. The phone has dual core but can’t take advantage of it and still we buy the next big thing.The BMW is nice but drive it in your back yard the highway is too crowded

  • http://Website Kev

    Man all the specs are great, but why doesnt it have a hdmi port?? Tegra2 enabled devices have hdmi ports (optimus 2x, atrix 4g).

    • http://Website Dags

      It has HDMI-out over micro USB and DLNA for streaming video wirelessly.

      • http://Website Kev

        Oh really?? Thats good to hear :)

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Dick yarrell goes from bashing tmo an sayin how bad they suck to gosh im so happy for tmo an im very suprised he didnt throw in the evo 3d

  • http://Website schwiz

    not sure why anyone would buy this phone, its not going to work anymore when AT&T starts tearing down Tmobile’s network to build up their LTE stuff.

  • http://Website dennis p

    is the bootloader locked??

  • http://Website Ms_Matrix2515

    Damn it!! why couldn’t in come out on the 8th. you know how much shit talking I’ve been doing! lol I’m so ready to kick my Mytouch slide to the curb for this monster of a phone. The wait is going to kill me. lol

  • http://Website Hans

    I’m waiting for the SGSII. :) I did recommend this phone to my friend, though.

  • http://Website James

    Is anyone concerned that this phone has only 1 GB of internal memory storage (quoted from the TMo Launch page)?

  • http://Website mmmnoize

    Finally getting rid of the Nexus for this phone. Can’t wait!

  • justreboot

    Those who will get this device, you wont be disappointed. After a week of owning the Sensation, I couldn’t be happier. It has everything I need.

  • http://Website Raghav

    how much would it be without an upgrade?