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Ice Cream Sandwich will unite Android with new app framework and UI

We just finished watching the hour-long Google I/O keynote, and boy was it jam-packed with Android news. One of the most important announcements made is that the next version of Android — Ice Cream Sandwich — will unite all Android devices under one umbrella.

Google Product Manager, Hugo Barra, mentioned during the keynote that Ice Cream Sandwich will be Google’s “most ambitious release yet”. The update will tie together all Android devices — phones, tablets, TVs, etc — under one API framework, making it easy for developers to build applications for every kind of Android device.

Ice Cream Sandwich will also bring the Honeycomb UI to Android phones, making the experience between Android devices more consistent.

Android’s next version will also bring a boatload of new APIs and tools for developers to use. At the Google I/O keynote, Google showed off some new features that will surely make developers drool. Like a new OpenGL engine, face-tracking, and auto-panning using voice detection.

This was only a preview of some of the things that are coming with Ice Cream Sandwich, and the final update will most likely bring many more goodies. Hopefully, we’ll get a lot more details as we get closer to the end of the year.

Google I/O Ice Cream Sandwich Google I/O Ice Cream Sandwich Google I/O Ice Cream Sandwich

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  • Nickedynick

    This is the big one. If it isn’t executed almost flawlessly, Android could start losing momentum. If it’s done well, the platform will explode – especially given the other announcements.

    • Aspeds2989

      The Android platform is going to explode no matter what happens.. I mean, it already has. It’ll just continue to get bigger because of the many options users are given. It’ll be a few years I believe before it starts losing steam. Google’s foothold is too strong.

      The best part about it is that the next great platform that arises (many years from now) will have to incorporate all of Android’s features.. and then some. I can’t wait to check out the new features. Win-win for consumers.

      • http://Website Camilla Parker Bowles

        but Android has no games (maybe because its linuxturd)…

        • Anjie Cai

          all mobile os’s are based off of linux… Correct me if i’m wrong.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    This goes well with the rumor Taylor left. They said Q4 will be Ice Cream. I’ll keep the Nexus 4G now & knowing it’ll get the update & buy whatever comes then.

    • http://Website dagamer34

      Yeah, they’ll release ICS with new hardware, give it to the Nexus S a few months after release, and say the Nexus One is too old and won’t get any more updates.

      • http://Website Carter

        one word, cyanogen.

  • http://Website OcchiutiA

    Google is making big strides! If all goes well, in a few months I’ll be on my way home from work streaming music from the cloud via my Evo3D, then enter my house and throw on some Google TV!



    • http://Website MaggieL

      You can always tell the AAPL fanbois…

    • krazytrixxxsta

      i love how bitter these apple fanboys are. the fact that you guys come on here to leave meaningless and worthless comments is entertaining.

  • http://Website Ben 1.0

    Great announcement from Google, I have to wonder if the Nexus One will get Ice Cream Sandwich though? While it’s no longer the flagship phone it’s still pretty decent in terms of hardware, so here’s hoping it will.

  • http://Website meandroid

    this is fragmentation

    • http://Website Gladiator_Posse

      Aww…another appleseed bitter about her iphone purchase…

  • HackNet

    Great news! I cannot wait until the Nexus 3 is released with the Tegra 3. Altough, I have noticed that my Atrix 4G does not have HD playback. Youtube videos that are HD 720p/1080p get converted to 480p HQ during playback(due to the Tegra 2 chipset). Also, I’ve copied several HD videos to my device and I cannot get it to playback 720/1080p. I keep receiving an error message saying This format is not supported on this device. My friends Samsung Galaxy S plays HD just fine. Weird.
    Not complaining, just don’t understand why the ALMIGHTY ATRIX 4G is not so ALMIGHTY thats all.

    Anyways I’m guessing with the Tegra 3, since it will support Extreme HD at a 2560 x 1600 resolution, the video playback will be somewhat better than 480p. :)

    • http://Website Filip

      maybe due to 800×480 screen it’s useless to watch HD higher than 480p, unless it’s through HDMI and in that case use another player