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Install Google Talk with Video Chat on your Android phone right now


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Do you want to video chat with Google Talk but don't want to wait for Google, your carrier or your phone's manufacturer to roll out Android 2.3.4 to your phone? We might have a solution for you. Before proceeding, we need to get a few things out the way. Unfortunately, this will only work for those of you with a rooted Android 2.3+ device. -- sorry, rest of the Android community. Secondly, we're not responsible for any explosion, melting or otherwise destructive situation your phone finds itself in.


The process itself is pretty simple and should be fairly trivial for you seasoned Android hackers:

  • Download this Zip file to your phone's root location on the SD card
  • Use ROM Manager (or any other flashing app) to flash the Zip file
  • Reboot
  • Enjoy video chatting with your brand new Google Talk app
  • Show to friends running Android 2.2 and make them cry of envy

Like every single one of these hacks, things tend to go wrong sometimes. Let us know if this did or didn't work for you in the comments.

Via: Pocketnow

Alberto is a college student living somewhere between Miami, Sarasota and the World Wide Web. Although a former iPhone owner, Alberto is now a proud Android enthusiast. You can follow Alberto on Twitter and Google+ for his thoughts unworthy of an article.

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  • http://Website heldros

    Can the Nexus one on 2.3.4 be rooted ?

    • seven2k

      i think anythign can be rooted just need the rom for the phone. check xda.

      • scott

        Samsung Intercept cannot be rooted, but that’s kind of irrelevant here, because it runs 2.2. As far as I know that’s the only exception. There may be a few others though.

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      This is native feature of 2.3.4 on the Nexus line i thought….

    • http://Website Greg

      Why would you think that ANY version of the Nexus One couldn’t be rooted?

      • http://Website Heldros

        ok ok, I rerooted it :-)
        But I tried to flash the zip file and it doesn’t work even the one from Dean.

  • http://Website dean

    i wouldn’t recommend flashing this way — i would just flash manually through your specific recovery. This way tends to Wipe your phone & flash it as a ROM. Had to load Nandroid.

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    Downloading and testing.

    The other ones on @XDA do not work. hopefully this one will.

    and yes i’m using a 2.3.4 ROM.

  • http://Website josh

    dang it! can’t we edit the titled to include Rooted? i was way too excited to open this page to read “those of you with a rooted Android…” sadness.

    ah. this & the delayed Thunderbolt RUU OTA are just pushing me towards rooting.

  • http://Website sct

    Installed it and tested. Tried calling someone with a CR-48 and someone else who flashed this (we are both on EVO’s). Neither of us could see us calling each other. Doesn’t appear to be working. (Maybe I am doing something wrong?)

    • http://Website Carlo

      The camera on the Evo doesn’t seem to be working. I talked with someone on a computer. I could see them but they couldn’t see me. I didn’t use this method to install the new Google Talk but I was able to get it working a different way

  • http://Website Telemaniaka

    On HTC Dream the app itself works but voice and video don’t ( T_T)

  • http://Website teleknEsis

    This zip won’t flash on my G2x:

    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 0)
    Installation aborted.


  • http://Website dean

    teleknEsis: that file doesn’t install for me either — I have a working one on my dropbox.

    Confirmed working:

    • Andrew Garlinghouse

      Won’t flash on my G2x running the CM7 Nightly same error as stated above

    • http://Website Moritz

      That file in your dropbox is identical to the other one so why should that work?

  • http://Website craig

    didn’t work on my nexus s, cyanogen 7.0.2-NS

    • http://Website Tyke

      Can u tell me how to get & complete install of CM7?

    • ernest

      What up

  • http://Website Mark

    Wow….talk about obvious flame baiting. You should frame the titles of your articles to more accurately reflect its contents. I know blog hits and Google hits are precious to you but lying to do so is just low.

    • http://Website Michael

      I know! I saw the title of the article and I immediately thought, “Hey! I’ll bet that means even my G1 can handle it!”

      Boy, did I feel like a jerk when I found out that they didn’t mean EVERY phone could pull it off!

    • http://Website Mark

      I just wanna add im using facetime currently. google talk is inferior to facetime. My iPhone 3G is working as intended. I also own a samsung galaxy, but it reboots all the time (trash).

      • http://Website thebosh

        ya ok go outside and try facetime let me know how that goes… gtalk works over cell data

        • http://Website Doosh baguette

          theres also a free file tweak for iOS that makes facetime work over 3g and any network even tmobile. Like you said, I enjoy using facetime outside

      • http://Website domi1

        I ditched my iPhone 3Gs which is a lot better than your crappy 3G for the Samsung Galaxy S and couldn’t be happier…
        You’re just a noob Apple troll sheep

  • http://Website Andy

    Should make it clear that it’s a bit pointless if you don’t have a front facing camera…

  • http://Website Peter_Lang

    so it doesn’t work at all? i want to know before i flash this…

  • http://Website Andy

    It works pretty good on an Evo on CM7. The biggest issue was I wasn’t able to get video from the phone to the comp, but i could see the comp vid from my evo. Sound works, camera switching works, text messages through gchat work while video calling, and the orientation changes from portrait to landscape automatically. Can’t wait till CM7.1 comes out and this thing works flawlessly, way better quality than other vid chat apps.

  • http://Website Name (required)

    Why would you even think it would work without a FFC? In order to use video chat, calling etc, you must have one, so why wouldnt you think you’d need one for this? If you need to be told this you probably shouldnt be doing it.

    • http://Website Willard Potter

      I almost hate to agree with y ou on this… lol Though, it wouldn’t be a bad home option to angle the rear camera at yourself and the screen at a mirror…. lmao I can’t be the only one to think of that. Just saying.

      But. yeah… Front Facing Camera is kind of an obvious pre-requisite that shouldn’t need to be said. If it were as easy as pulling an APK and installing manually, we’d have had this day 1. Still.. it’s something that they decided to do this way. They’re doing it for a reason, sometimes. People are going to install it this way and get pissed at Google directly for it not working. I hope it does work though.. lol

  • http://Website bindo

    I have it installed by removing the stock talk by using Nitrality app and then with cwm i installed this zip file.
    Everything is working fine except the camera is identifying the rear one and not the front.

    -Using Samsung Galaxy S international with 2.3.3 JVK

  • http://Website angle

    i like this application.

  • http://Website Mahesh Polkam

    Does this work for HTC HD2. please confirm..

  • http://Website Jp


    I installed the APK and it works but it is locked in to the rear camera.
    the user on the other side does not see the video from the mobile.
    Voice is good.

    Samsung Galaxy 7 P1000
    running 2.3.3 where the camera issue should have been resolved
    Oh the Galaxy S is the same exact device except smaller.

    It will take months before Samsung puts out the 2.3.4 update…. Excellent job… But if we could get this camera issue resolved. It would be perfect

  • anurag

    it is tooo good

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  • http://googleu. tisha

    Why can’t we just push a button.

  • gauri kapadne

    i want to do talk & video chat through gtalk on samsang Galaxy mobile..pls guide me

    • Sonaul

      Gtalk will allow to do video chat only when your phone is on WiFi, andriod doesn’t as yet allow 3G/4G video calling via gtalk ….. but better option for video chat is Skype !! works with WiFi as well as 3G/4G :P

  • Girl_25

    yes a new android chat under

  • Cherie Webster

    What happends if you have it on your phone??? and it doesn’t come up!!!??? how do you navigate it???

  • sabin

    Hi, i have an alcatel ot 990 with gingerbread 2.3.4, i rooted it, installed the gtalk, video got enabled, but when i start a video chat, it goes to a black screen, dosent make call and comes back to contact. i think it may be cause i am using mobile data. so i used sqlite to edit and i couldnt even find the entry “‘gtalk_vc_wifi_only’”. what should i do..please help.

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  • malcolm

    Can a samsung 8.9 tablet become a telephone
    Does it have rooted software

  • luluhaneef

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  • Scott

    Will this work on my samsung illusion

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  • sajitha

    How to down load google talk on galaxy a5?
    How to call from google talk to international mobile number?