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Is this the Google Nexus 3? (Picture)

Whoa, where did that come from? The guys over at Tech Hog just got a photo of a supposed Nexus 3. Apparently, Michael Blake from Tech Hog, has a buddy that works in the Android team at Google, and this friend sent him this picture of what could become the next Google phone.

As you might recognize right away, the phone is made by HTC. Tech Hog says that Google is currently testing both an HTC and LG device, but they haven’t decided which one to go with yet. A lot of people inside the Android team seem to be pushing for the HTC device, mainly because of the great build quality that HTC devices have.

Looking at the picture below, you’ll immediately notice that there are no hardware or capacitive buttons on this device. Further proving that Google will get rid of physical buttons in Ice Cream Sandwich, just like they did with Honeycomb. According to Tech Hog, the HTC device has a front-facing camera, “freaking amazing specs”, and HSPA+ and Sprint CDMA support. Seeing how Sprint and Google are very cozy with each other right now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Nexus 3 launch in Sprint first.

The exterior of the device will change before release, says Tech Hog, so don’t be shocked if the Nexus 3 turns out to be a completely different device.

What do you guys think? Is this photo real or some Photoshop magic? Would you rather have the Nexus 3 made by HTC, instead of LG? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: Somebody  has apparently asked Tech Hog to remove the picture and all the information regarding this device from its website. The plot thickens.

nexus-3-exclusive ice-cream-sandwich-nexus

Source: Tech Hog

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  • http://Website Scott

    Really? Guys? Come on. It’s obviously false, no buttons on an Android phone? I think not…

    • http://Website Blake

      Well android 3.0 tablets have no buttons, so why would the next OS that merges phones and tablets need them either.

      • http://Website Mile

        Tmobile BETTER get this first.they still aren’t GayT&T yet

        • http://Website tony

          Eff yew.. t mobile has had enough Google Dec devices.. Verizon deserves one right meow.

          • http://Website Usman

            You want a dev phone on Verizon? It’ll never happen. You know why? VZW is CDMA and simply building a CDMA phone doesn’t mean squat… VZW has to ALLOW you to use it on their network… it must be approved. Further, VZW doesn’t want open and unlocked phones on their network. They want phones to be to their specifications only, which includes locked down and Bing-ed up. They know those phones will sell alright and maintain their desired limitations, and that they don’t need to allow open phones on their network to make money off all you lutz’s.

          • http://Website elarella

            I don’t ever see Verizon getting a Google phone. They are not part of OHA.

        • mrjlwilliams

          T-Mobile will have first hands on this one too…it’s in the contract with google.

        • http://Website Naim

          actually Verizon was suppose to get the nexus one, but something happened and they just got the htc incredible

    • http://Website jdog25

      Watch this interview with the guy who made Honeycomb he says that in the future Android phones will no longer be required to have buttons:


  • http://Website Steve Edson

    As long as the carphone warehouse don’t get this exclusively in the UK I don’t care. They’re ridiculously expensive

  • http://Website Steve Edson

    As long as the carphone warehouse don’t get this exclusively in the UK I don’t care. They’re ridiculously expensive.

    Actually I do care, I hope it’s HTC and I really hope its a 4″ screen.

  • http://Website antoine

    Htc!!! and where is the gsm version?

  • http://Website Roy

    Nexus 3 was supposed to be a Tegra 3 device (according to rumour), what’s the chances of HTC ditching Qualcomm?

    • http://Website AC

      Well, Google could dictate what hardware to use and Nvidia said they had at least 5 major phone companies ordering Tegra 3 chips

      Big possibility HTC could be one of them

  • http://Website Danny roberts

    I’d really like Verizon to get a nexus phone.

    • http://Website Jared Fulgham

      I agree that I want Verizon to get one too. However, after watching Verizon screw customers with bloatware and (possibly) encouraging locked down devices, I wonder if it’ll ever happen. The Nexus series is almost too open for Verizon’s tastes. And I am a Verizon customer who is considering looking elsewhere for a stock Android option once my contract from my OG DROID is up.

      • http://Website Usman

        Not only should you leave, but you and all the other VZW customers that want a Nexus device need to tell VZW why you’re leaving. Companies understand only one thing… $$$$. If they realize they’re losing customers, they’ll consider changing their policies. Look at what just happened with HTC…

      • http://Website Marco

        I was on Verizon as of two weeks ago. Came to Sprint for the nexus so 4g and I couldn’t be happier. I did have a few reception problems at my house at first. But Sprint took care of that, and I could. Y be happier. :0)

  • fabien

    it’s looks like it’s been photoshoped into the hand
    wierd shadow under the thumb

  • http://Website Tony

    I really want this no button thing to be true, and belong to HTC. Obviously it’ll come with Ice Cream Sandwich but they better release both before December like they did with Nexus S and Gingerbread, I want no later then October that’s technically Q4 right :)

  • http://Website beaver rondizzle

    That looks awesome!!! Can’t tell the manufacturer from that picture though.

  • http://Website Josh

    HTC please!

    4.3″+ screen with at least qhd resolution!

    VERIZON!!!!!!!! For the love of god… a nexus on Verizon. I’m begging…

  • http://Website @Zeratoda1

    It might be the HTC G Infinity that’s suppose to come T-Mobile later this year

  • http://Website John

    I really don’t understand all this “Spint… no Verizon… no AT&T.. no T-Mobile” crap.

    It’s 2011 already. Quad-band AND CDMA combined chips exist already. Just cram a 850/900/1900/2100MHz HSPA chip as well as a CDMA chip in the damn thing and be done with it. Screw releasing specific carrier versions or different region versions, just build 1 device that can rule them all, that way everyone in the world can buy one and they can use the catch line “my precious” ;)

    What the Nexus Three should be:
    - Android ICS
    - Quadband 3G HSPA 21Mbps+ as well as CDMA
    - Quad Core 1.5GHz Tegra 3
    - 1GB RAM
    - 4″ SAMOLED+ Screen
    - 8MP with 1080p Video Record with Flash and a FFC of 2MP+
    - Thin (8.5mm or there abouts)
    - 1600mAh+ Battery
    - WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, All usual sensors plus NFC with that NXP security chip for Google Wallet
    - Make it good quality materials, not plasticy, has to have Gorilla Glass
    - 8GB or 16GB on board + microSD card
    - 3.5mm audio jack, camera button, volume rocker, microUSB and miniHDMI ports with HDMI Mirroring
    - $529 USD outright price with next day delivery in USA, unlockable bootloader and carrier/manufacture bloatware/skin free

    Build that and everyone will come. EVERYONE. Really that hard Google?

    • Dave K

      The HTC Precious? ;)

    • http://Website Richard

      This would be the dream phone. Come on Google you can do this….

    • http://Website vercin

      I’d add:

      - That 4″ sAMOLED+ must have 720×1280 resolution
      - The flash shouldn’t be LED but Xenon
      - Battery should be the Atrix one: 1950 mAh

      I echo everything else.

      Either way, it’s probably LG.

      a) HTC has had its turn, LG hasn’t.
      b) HTC and Qualcomm are f*ckbuddies.
      c) There’s a LG model with 720×1280 resolution.

      I really don’t care if it’s LG or HTC. I just want quality.
      And this is Google, they will make sure we will have it whether it is HTC or LG.

      • http://Website Noel

        I say HTC as maker…Google can tell HTC we will let u make the new Nexus if u use Nvidia Quad core chips. Sure HTC will comply just for the Nexus and can continue using Qualcomm chips for their other devices. By far HTC will make a better N3 than LG

      • dunxsena

        I hope it would be LG. HTC and Samsung have got one si this time is LG turn…
        I love all ove LG’s innovation….. Come on Google… please choose LG…

    • http://Website matt

      you realize with that list, the phone manufacturer costs would be up near 500, let alone the retail process would be somewhere in the 8-900 range.

      keep dreaming people…

      what is possible+what is wanted = NOT affordable.

  • http://Website beaver rondizzle

    Also forgot to mention.. i was actually looking forward to LG making the phone, not HTC. HTC have great build quality and all, but ALWAYS skimp out on 1) Loudspeaker 2) Camera 3) Recording quality.

    Those are deal breakers for me and the reasons why i dont really want HTC. LG are very promising, take a look at the G2x. Very nice camera, great build quality, audio, etc.

    I think LG deserve the chance.

    • http://Website jwhap

      Did you see the reviews for the revolution? I would stay away, far away from LG until they earn a better reputation my friend!

  • http://Website mark

    once again…..
    SAMSUNG will make next nexus device kk???
    ty :))))

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I understand this is the prototype but this is very ugly. I wish we could of seen a side view. I also understand it’ll change as time goes on and specs and looks become nor concrete.

    Htc isn’t bad but I really hope they break this same look and claim its so different from their last device. Go outside the box and be creative. If they’re using that aluminum body all the time I’m sure they can be it as thin as the SGSII.

    lg or htc. I just hope they don’t skip over detail and quality.

  • http://Website mesasr

    since last November I am looking for a new smartphone that will be considered “high end” as long as possible in these days where new flagships are released very often
    I didnt consider the majority of then flagships and wanted pure android,so my first choice was the upcoming Nexus S, but like many I was disappointed with its 2010 specs and am not a fan of Samsung hardware materials
    also seeing Honeycomb and Ice cream rumors,I kinda guessed that those buttons would become useless and annoying once the new version debuts with the next Nexus and now it seems my patience will pay off :) although that phone in that pic does not look that beautiful
    LG or HTC?? HTC is cool,but highly unlikely imo(not only because they already had a nexus but also because of the rumored tegra 3 chip and HTCs relationship with qualcomm) so if thats LG then it will probably be similar and based on the G2X which might not be the greatest phone around,but is very solid and minimalistic,which is exactly what I want

  • Ry4nMills

    I don’t think this is at all a phone let alone the N3 ….

    Anyone that has photo shopped anything could tell.

    But, in case you can’t;
    — The screen on the device is lower resolution than the rest of the picture.
    — The thumb is crisp over the screen with no glare of the surroundings.
    — The shadow surrounding the device is equal all the way around the device with it casting on the top of the pinky even though it is over the device.

    This is comical that TechHog would play this off as a “rumor” …

  • http://Website Cod3rror

    It’ll be great if Google manages to get rid of front buttons completely. Will open up space for bigger screens in a smaller, more compact phone.

  • http://Website Hans

    It reminds me of an iPhone with the chrome edge. Needless to say, it looks ugly. I honestly don’t want HTC to make it. I want a different manufacturer to have a chance. Why should one manufacturer have all the fun?

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    LG reminds me if VERIZON TWO USELESS COMPANIES…HTC better be making this device and YES it will be on SPRINT FIRST…GOOGLE/HTC/SPRINT RULES. EVO 3D TIME FOR NOW. When this device is made there is a chance I might purchase this it all depends because the Quadcore Evo is going to be AWESOME in 2012 from htc..

    • http://Website Hans

      Since the Sensation is the same as the Evo 3D, I’ve seen a review about it already. From what I’ve been reading, it’s on par with the SGSII. I’ve read that browser scrolling is much smoother on the GSII, especially with flash playing. It’s qHD screen allows it to play videos in 16:9 ratio without those black bars. Colors are better on the GSII while images seem crisper on the Sensation. Battery life is about even on both. As for source, check out Engadget. ;)

  • http://Website Faisal

    Htc is the best company right now. Its htc sense ui is amazing. I hopt nexus 3 will an Htc phone

  • http://Website Wasim

    what a dick!! its clearly photoshopped!!!!! UGHHH!! Its all good, as im planning on getting a Sensation/SGS2 before the Nexus 3……..i just dont know which one???

  • http://Website matt


  • http://Website pjax

    i think buttonless is a good idea (I hate to admit that the one button of iOS’s is a good idea)

    but if honeycomb is buttonless, I won’t be surprised if Ice Cream Sandwich will be too.

    in fact, i think Android’s “menu” and “search” button is a bad UI design. you don’t get any cues that there is a menu panel on any given screen. you just have to try and hope that there is one. the same goes with the search button. on some apps it does something. on some it doesn’t. and there’s always an icon you can touch to activate search if you don’t want to use the search button. user experience is not consistent.

    i think buttonless is a good idea. but it’s going to be another fragmentation issue in the marketplace if this does happen… 99% of apps in the market rely on either the back/menu buttons

  • http://Website Snowbdr89

    Buttonless is an ok idea, a dickless yarrell blog is a better idea

  • http://Website matt

    Lol i havent even got my evo3d yet….you know the best thing for android google everyone is to make one phone one name all launched at the same time on all major carriers with pure android zero bloatware and make it from top to bottom with the best hardware from everyone. Granted it would not be cheap or for everyone but this phone shouldnt have one thing on it that would appeal to anyone but flasholics and tech freaks. If they did that and the device was everyones dream phone and more i think people would line up. Iphone cant come close to android when comes to options on the phone however they can say same when comes to options for the phone. Only 1 reason why….pretty much iphone is iphone seen 1 seen em all they are all same. Android however has so many devices it divides us up which is cool something for everyone but we lose out on small trival stuff like they have. Imagine all best developers and 100 bs accessories and such all focusing on one device only that device happens to be baddest thing ever created. Like 2ghz cpu and support for that new 64 card with 5 in screen only its no more mass than my evo. Double every possible spec on market and yeah htc prolly needs build this because majority of us feel they are tops right now. Launch it on every carrier same time. Make this our phone and google runs show period. Dont like price size or feel not worth it to you buy carrier on sale device. Done right every cell phone on earth be droid. I dea and concept is awesome but do it. Otherwise nobody cares much. Gonna take hell of phone that tops gs2 evo 3d and sensation. If u do so bestcall temp service u wont be ablemake enoigh

  • http://Website rex102

    The obvious most logical choice is HTC.

  • http://Website DroidCLH

    and verizon will never see it…..

  • http://Website themanwithsauce

    I like all the people calling this a photoshop job. Remember the xperia play? How many times did we see “photoshopped” pictures that actually bore a large resemblance to the finished product?

    Don’t make such a claim just yet. You really don’t know if its fake or not.

  • http://Website kodylanes

    If its made by Samsung count me in!!! ^_^ refuse to buy anything from htc ever again I’m so praying it isn’t made by htc

    • http://Website DroidCLH

      You said the opposite of what literally everyone is thinking

    • Scotter

      So far everyone one of my friends who has a Samsung Galaxy variant is pissed off with GPS and other issues. A friend was just here bitching about her Galaxy 4G, 2 months old, suddenly stopped recognizing her SIM card, which she has never removed. And I’ve been reading for many months about the issues Samsung owners have had with getting updates and mostly GPS issues that Samsung has been slow to address. And yes, apparently Europeans received their updates in a more timely fashion. Maybe because the European phones didn’t have the same problems or maybe because of Samsung’s relationship with the American providers. But whatever the case, Samsung’s values do not align with mine and I will continue to boycott them until they get their shtuff together. I wish it would happen soon because their phones have some great specs. But I can do without Touchwiz, chrome bevels, and other iPhone copying. Here’s to hoping HTC improves their screen technology or is able to get Super AMOLED screens into their future phones! I really like the AMOLED in my Nexus One EXCEPT for the sunlight issue. All things said, I hope HTC is the one to make the Nexus 3. I’ve heard bad and good about LG. If they do it, I’m hoping Google learned their lesson with Samsung’s Nexus S so the specs of the Nexus 3 are more “next gen”.

  • http://Website Zach

    As long as it comes to AT&T, I’ll be extremely happy with whatever manufacturer Google sides with.

    I think HTC is better than LG, though, obvi! xD

    • http://Website Kyle

      You will never see the Nexus 3 on At&t!!!!! And for everyone who keeps saying t-mobile is getting the nexus 3 first before anyone you are dead wrong in my opinoion!!!! Everyone seems to forget Sprint is Awesome and google’s new b.f. so expect Sprint to come out with the google nexus 3 seeing that thats there new flagship phones!!! So just come to Sprint and all will be good!!!!

  • Taylor Wimberly

    The EXIF data of the original photo shows it was taken by a Nexus S 4G. Also says it was edited by Photoshop CS4 on a Mac.

  • http://Website mooseknuckle

    This is obviously not a nexus phone it looks too iphoneish.

  • http://Website 5n4r35

    For a picture they have one at GSM Arena. I would definatly push for HTC. I loved the NExus on build but I wanted the specs from the Nexus S. If Google takes what it learned from both previous phones and mix them you’ll have a huge hit on there hands!

  • http://Website hanna43

    very ugly, must be htc for sure!

  • http://Website synr
    • W!LL

      hmmmmm you could be on to something here………… but again the phone from TechHog its a prototype Phone….just for testing…… is what’s inside that matter….. but good job on trying to uncover the truth….

  • W!LL

    I was lucky enough to get all the info as soon as TechHog post it…. I do believe this picture is real but something was taken from the picture to protect its identity……nothing will stop the media from getting leaks and pictures from upcoming devices….its just the way it is…. and now after this scenario with TechHog and the removal of the Info and the picture, there’s no way the media will stop digging for MORE …….I guaranteed you there will be more pictures and info coming from many different sources….. its what we do, and it has been this way ever since…….

  • http://Website Android Sensei

    Don’t think this is real. I think the next Nexus or Nexus 4 will be manufactured by Google and here’s why: “Finally, the iPhone killer! It’s not an iPhone.

  • http://Website Mbell75

    Its a real pic. The shadow under his thumb is from the overhead lighting. Look at the shadow under his pen on the desk. That claimed source pic has a completely different desk. Someone would have to Photoshop a whole new desk, a hand with an arm and then the phone into it. Highly unlikely. Its a real pic.

  • http://Website Greg

    If it’s SPRINT, and HTC, I’m in.

    • Greg B

      BUT that would mean Sprint would have to start carrying phones people actually want.

      You can count all the 4G dual core Android phones at Sprint on the fingers of one cabbage. Wait, “cabbages don’t have fingers,” you say? Yes, and Sprint doesn’t have any dual core 4G phones.

      The first Nexus 3 will be a GSM phone because it will work in the largest area worldwide and support all the international devs who need a pure Google reference phone to develop Ice Cream Sandwich apps. While it’s possible to put GSM and CDMA chips in a single phone, it increases cost, weight, circuit board size, etc.

      We can likely expect Sprint to get the Nexus 3, but not until this time next year or later. If you want it when it’s the newest, hottest thing on the market, you better be ready to jump over to T-Mobile or AT&T.

      Used to be that Sprint was so much cheaper that I couldn’t, in good conscience, jump ship to another carrier. Now the cost of a family smartphone plan for two people is within $10-20 of all its competitors. There’s no real reason to stick with Sprint unless they offer a compelling phone, and they have shown a distinct unwillingness to do that.

  • http://Website rip

    If its made by HTC yea it’ll have great build quality but HTC always messes up on one major thing.. battery! They keep putting low capacity batteries in otherwise great phones I know many will agree

  • http://Website andrew

    Its going to be called the “nexus prime “

  • http://Website Joze

    IMHO, Google should pull a Droid 2 Global with this phone.

    They can keep selling it unlocked, but Give it to sprint exclusively and then lock out ATT’s frequencies in the US, while adopting the international frequencies.

  • http://Website Efraa

    If you visit techhog they put up a post saying that the phone was photoshopped to remove and/or hide things on the device that would have made it easier to track back. :O

    Once again the Plot thickens. :D

  • http://Website Moebius

    I’d rather go with HTC. Can’t wait for its release.

  • http://Website Earthrazer

    So what’s to say that the next Nexus will one phone? Isn’t it possible the next Nexus could be a small suite of handsets by different manufacturers? A 4.3″ HTC, a 4.5″ Motorola with a slide out qwerty, a 5″ LG, a 5″ Samsung with slide out qwerty…all boasting the same internal parts, support for GSM/CMDA, and offering the consumer a little more choice with their device.

    Clearly those are just random musings based on nothing, but isn’t it about time we see some pure Google devices with a little variation? Just saying a Nexus vs Nexus A, Nexus B and Nexus C…would certainly be interesting.

  • http://Website the_Duke

    that’s so totally photoshopped …. its so obvious that no other serious tech-site even show it as a rumor …

  • http://Website zerowonderboy

    I say that this will be THE official iphone killer if it is made by HTC, has the 1280×720 or whatever it is display, the new APQ8064 quad-core Qualcomm processor, and is thinner than the evo.

  • http://Website duncan

    Techhog are now admitting its a fake and that they were duped….

  • http://Website Magnus

    HTC phones have atrocious batteries and very limited internal storage. Until these issues are addressed, especially the former, I’ll never even entertain the thought of buying another HTC phone. Just not worth it.

  • http://Website Alex

    I would go with the HTC they are more reliable and function smoother especially when taken care of properly

  • dunxsena

    LG should be the one for LG NEXUS 3 or whatever it’s named…

  • http://Website Anonymous Developer

    I will tell you that we are currently inclining towards a 4.3 inch screen. It will be made by HTC and will in fact sport a quad core processor. But I am not saying who makes it. It will have a 16GB internal and 1 GB of DDR2 RAM. It will also have a great camera with either 12 or 16 mp camera. The screen will be a step up from qHD and might be 3D. It is still in development but I can tell you that it is similar to HTC’s Sensation 4G but without any buttons.

  • theandroidoct

    If its not made by Samgung than forget about it!