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Judge orders Oracle to toss out most of the patent claims against Google

Things just got a bit easier for Google on its fight against Oracle. In case you forgot, Oracle sued Google last August claiming that Android infringes on Oracle’s Java patents and copyrights. Yesterday, Judge William Alsup ordered Oracle to trim its patent claims from 132 to a manageable three. Likewise, Google also had to cut down on the number of “prior art references” it’s using to defend itself — from a few hundred to eight.

You know you have something successful in your hands when everybody and their mother wants a piece of your success. That’s exactly what’s happening here. Android is very popular now, and Oracle — just like Microsoft — wants a piece of that action. But instead of making a better product and innovating, companies like Oracle just do what they do best, release their army of lawyers and sue until they get what they want.

In this case, Oracle is suing Google which has a lawyer army of its own. Meaning the company will have a very hard time getting its grubby hands all over Android. However, it’s sad that today you need a legion of lawyers and a warehouse full of patents to be able to innovate in the tech industry. If a company the size of Google has a hard time innovating because of patent lawsuits, what’s left to say about those startups that might one day threaten big companies like Oracle. They don’t stand a chance.

While the law case is far from over, Google just got a point on its favor. But don’t expect this back and forth to be over any time soon. This case will drag on at least for a couple of years, and by then, who knows if Android will even have any Java code at all. So, take a chair, sit back, and enjoy how these two giants punch each other in the face in public.

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  • http://Website Eric

    This is not necessarily a point for Google. This just made the case easier to judge, which will result in a faster trial. These are the points Oracle and Google would have put the muscle behind anyway.

    The patents weren’t thrown out because they weren’t good. They were just thrown out because there were too many. Google still has to defend against the hardest of the items, and now it cannot just assume that this case will take 15 years, and by then nobody will care about android 2.2.

  • http://Website BigJermZ

    Stop wasting the courts time, allow them to judge more important issues, and allow companies to raise the bar of innovation higher!

    Its sad that all you hear these days is “I own the pinch to zoom”, “I own the touch screen”, “I own the pc like phone”, with everyone suing each other for ideas who will want to invent ANYTHING with the fear of a company bringing out there lawyer army at you!

    • http://Website labrat

      Software patent shouldn’t exists.

      That is all.

    • Alberto Vildosola

      Couldn’t agree more

  • http://Website Mark

    The only difference between a lawyer driving a car and a hedgehog is that the prick is inside.

  • http://Website Droidfan

    What’s interesting is that , according to reporting from Groklaw, the Judge questioned whether, after the reduced number of claims if the parties felt a trial was worth going on with. Does the Judge know something the rest of the legal world doesn’t know about?

  • http://Website Doron

    Why does Ellison look like a creepy French cult leader?

    • http://Website Andrew

      Who is your “creepy french cult leader” ?