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LauncherPro’s developer working on Windows Phone 7 music app for Android (Download)

While the platform might not be doing too well with consumers, Windows Phone 7 does have something going for it — and that’s its Metro UI. The OS  made a big splash last year when the it was released because of its unique, refreshing, and truly beautiful UI.

Metro UI moves beyond the realistic and plasticky look of iOS and Android, throwing all the chrome away and focusing on “typography and content” — and I love it for that. As does Google, the company seems to be heading in that direction with the Honeycomb UI as well.

Another Android fan that loves the Metro UI is Federico Carnales, developer of the popular LauncherPro app for Android. He’s currently working on a music app for Android that it’s an exact replica of Windows Phone’s. The app while still in alpha is already snappier than Android’s own music app; and as you can see in the video below, it performs and looks just like its Windows Phone’s counterpart.

At this point, we don’t know how Microsoft will take this news. They might take it as a compliment, or sue the pants off Federico. Either way, we applaud Mr. Carnales for taking the time to build this app. Hopefully, he won’t stop with the music app, and will bring the Windows Phone gallery, phone, and messaging apps to Android as well.

I’m a big fan of Federico’s LauncherPro, and if the alpha version of his music app is any indication, I’ll be an even bigger fan of “FedeMusic”. If you want to test drive — or even use it on a daily basis — Federico’s music app, you can download it here. The app should hit the Android Market in the near future, and I expect it to become very popular as soon as it does.

Via: Engadget

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  • SparkyXI

    As I love Federico’s work and LauncherPro, I was very unpleasantly surprised when his tweet yesterday contained a link that went DIRECTLY to the apk for that app, with a pretty cryptic description of the link. Scared the hell out of me.

  • http://Website Brian

    Don’t click on it if you don’t want to. Simple.

  • http://Website Nathalie

    iOS on my iPhone 4 is far superior

    • http://Website JeffDenver

      I installed this. It is impressive.

      But I still prefer Poweramp…Poweramp just has so many features that make it more useful. Easily change album art while it is playing, display lyrics with one tap, ect…

    • http://Website the helping hand

      Nathalie wrote

      iOS on my iPhone 4 is far superior


      Trollface douche! GTFO

      • http://Website the helping hand

        Nathalie wrote:

        iOS on my iPhone 4 is far superior

  • http://Website md

    I bet this is the part of the rewrite of Launcher Pro.

    • crampets

      If launcher-pro gets an option to mimic Metro UI, that would be fantastic :)

  • http://Website Jose

    Would love to see him tweak it up (to avoid lawsuit) and somehow incorporate the music player to the LP+ re write he has been working on, i would be willing to repay him lol. Seriously though, LP+ >ADW (IMO)

  • http://Website heldros

    Alberto, meu amigo it’s hard to read Androidandme web pages on my N1. Text are so smal. I read your news every day. Could you please fix this issue ?

  • http://Website Frank

    Just downloaded it..installed it..played around with it..LOVING IT!! :D

  • http://Website Xallies

    Hate the shocking blue squares, but other then that the ui is amazing

  • http://Website cheeto

    I played with this for a couple hours now and this by far is the best music player in android. Visually stunning, polished, and functional. This is exactly what android needed and this is only in beta!?

    • http://Website Silgrond

      Nope, it’s only in alpha :p

      Altought I’ve found a bug: it does not tell the app that I’m not listening it anymore when I click pause, or the song ends. Annoying that I have to force close

  • http://Website bob

    So what if Microsoft force it to be pulled. Fede can simply change the animation, slight layouts and other minor customisations to make it look different enough but still retain the slickness of the WM7 music app.

  • http://Website T

    That he’s been able to pull this off so flawlessly really attests to the brilliance of android, amazing app and instantly my default music player.

  • http://Website RD

    I LOVE the fact I can download an app in development and not have to wait forever for it to hit the market. Its almost like I **GASP** have a mobile computer in my pocket! What a novel idea. Android for life.

  • MartinodF

    Wow it’s so polished it’s already better than most of the “pro” apps in the Android Market..
    And it’s blazing fast! Great work

  • http://Website rat

    love this, plays flac too. poweramp is just too clustered for me these days, this one here, simple clean, and IT PLAYS FLAC!! =0) good job, i’d buy it just like LP+ if i have to.

  • Funniest Video Ever

    This really made my day and I hope it makes yours. Enjoy

  • http://Website salty

    loving it keep up the good work now this is hottt

  • ouiski

    The link doesn’t work for me , forbidden :(


    I would like if I could select a custom file to play music from like Poweramp since this app doesn’t see any tracks.

  • http://Website Mike

    If people find the UI “amazing” etc. then why don’t they just buy a WP7?

  • http://Website Paul Nelson

    As a purely technical exercise this shows how flexible Android truly is, I agree if you want the Metro UI so badly then you should get a WP7 phone, but why would you when Android is so much better.

    If this is what he can do as an Alpha release, I am really looking forward to the final release. He should turn his attention to doing some of the other parts of WP7 as well, Launcher Pro would be amazing with this as a skin.

  • http://Website jocke

    Works like a dream on my Acer a500 tablet.

  • Oskar

    I have the mytouch 3g (original) and the android music player is not as fast as this! Its so smooth and sleek! Makes me appreciate my phone once again! Love the openness of android! This is my new default music player, hands down! And this is still only in alpha!

  • http://Website Tito!

    Sooo, I LOVE This! :]

  • http://Website Paul

    “They might take it as a compliment, or sue the pants off Federico.” that literally made me laugh out loud. Gee, I wonder what Microsoft will do? heh, but I applaud his efforts, I might even check the app out.

  • Caleb

    This app was so much better than I expected it to be. I know it is a clone but clones can be so bad. Engadget created a video comparing the clone and the real Zune player on WP7 and they worked almost identically. The app is now my default music player because it looks great and works so well.

  • http://Website marc

    What I love most about Federico, is that he puts all the damn Google “geniuses” to shame. I don’t know if he has a dev team, but it’s amazing how he has put Google’s Android team to shame with his LauncherPro. Pack up Google, go put some sqare blocks in square holes or something that you are good at.

    Sorry, I am kind of fed up with Google, and in particular, Android’s tendency to fumble everything they do right before the goal line. If anyone has ever worked with “geniuses” they can immediately tell that Google suffers from a lack of effective leadership that can herd the geeky ass cats with ADD that are running around in Google-plexes.

  • http://Website Knight

    please adjust it to work on lower resolution screens ……on htc wildfire …cant pause or stop the song from playing…no buttons appear down below

  • http://Website Rob

    Works great on my HTC Desire HD.
    There needs to be next,previous and pause buttons displaying on the locked screen similar to the android music player so you don’t have to type in passcode to scroll to the next song in your playlist or stop the player if the screen on your phone is locked.
    Album info is inaccurate for less well known artists/music and is not corresponding to what my Windows PC reports for the same content. Can it be edited?

  • aakash

    i have htc wildfire but in this music app when i play music the pause prev and next icons are not seen due to small screen..please help i really like this app..
    hope i get solution soon..:-(