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LG P930 device pops up featuring a 720×1280 display, is it the Nexus 3?

As you might already know, we’re completely obsessed about the Nexus 3. We’ve lost many hours of sleep trying to figure out what this phone will be all about. So far, the clues point to a Tegra 3-powered device coming this Christmas with Ice Cream Sandwich. We also have it on good word that LG will build the next “Google phone”. So forgive us when we try to connect anything LG-related to the Nexus 3.

That’s exactly what happened today. The guys at Unwired View uncovered an XML file that mentions an Android device codenamed “LG P930″. Our hearts stopped for a second, only to have our hopes squashed two seconds later when we found out that the device had a 720×1280 resolution display. The kind of resolution that is only seen on tablet-sized devices these days.

Just as we were going back to crawling the web for anything with the word “nexus” on it, the impossible happened. Miraculously, Toshiba came out with a 4-inch display that has a 720×1280 resolution. At a whopping 367ppi, the screen blows right past Apple’s Retina Display. This morning at SID, the company confirmed that we will see devices with this screen ship later this year.

Further proving that the LG P930 is a phone and not a tablet, we later found out that the “P” in front of the codename means that this is indeed a phone.

With that said, we have no idea if the LG P930 is really the Nexus 3. What we do know is that LG is working on a phone with a 720×1280 screen, most likely made by Toshiba. It’s quite possible that this exact model is not the Nexus 3, but knowing that LG is already working on a phone with this resolution, I’ll be surprised if the Nexus 3 doesn’t ship with one.

To recap, the Nexus 3 could ship with a 4-inch LCD 720×1280 display, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Tegra 3. Man, Christmas can’t get here fast enough.


Source: Unwired View

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  • http://Website Jeffroid

    Getting Deja Vu from this.. this feels exactly like the speculating times of Nexus S.. lol

    • http://Website dagamer34

      And the Nexus S was a relative disappointment. No Tegra 2 phone with 100% stock Android from Google is rather annoying, and one of the reasons I returned my Nexus S. No point in buying the phone when the writing is clearly on the wall.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Well, the Nexus S was never a true Nexus “sequel.” That’s where people went wrong.

      Now THIS… The Nexus Three is going to be something GREAT. =)

      • http://Website Andrew

        Well, Nexus S was Nexus Two, no? So…

      • http://Website ACR

        Tegra 3 Quad Core would take this resolution at ease. Don’t know about battery life though.

    • http://Website Usman

      Precisely. Same sensationalist writing. But then I don’t come here for news, just RUMORS. Third is the Android world’s National Enquirer. You want news? Go somewhere else.

    • http://Website 45

      could be the next iPhone 5

  • http://Website Brandon

    Considering LG makes the Retina Display, why would they go with a Toshiba screen??? I would think they would use their own screen tech like Samsung. Maybe they have a similar spec’d screen

    • http://Website dagamer34

      Likely all the supply of Retina displays is locked up in a contract with Apple. With the number of devices they make, I doubt they’d have enough for their own phones in reasonable numbers. Plus, a 4″ 720p phone sounds so enticing, and scoring a Nexus contract for Google is worth far more than using their own displays.

      • http://Website brandon

        In theory, wouldnt it be cheaper to use their own screens? That would equal better profit margins. They have the NOVA display in the Optimus Black. It would make sense to use that or the next version of it.

        • http://Website Eric

          They may not have a super high res NOVA screen available at the time.

  • http://Website Jay


  • http://Website Dev1359

    367ppi…on a 4″ screen…

    is this real life

  • Nathan

    First off, this sounds amazing. easily the best looking screen ever. Though i do worry about how it’ll destroy my SD TV and DVD rips lol. They already look bad enough on the nexus one, toss the resolution up to this and they’ll look even worse lol.

    But, i really hesitate to get too excited about anything because as others have said, the Nexus S got us all very excited, only to be smacked in the face with a stock android galaxy s. Now it’s a good device for what it is, but not what we wanted.

    so i hesitate to really get too excited about these possible specs.

  • http://Website Fred Kim

    Three capactive buttons (soft keys)? So no search key? (I bet nobody cares)

    • Christopher Chavez

      Nope. =p

    • Alberto Vildosola

      Good eye, Fred. Or it could mean Google is getting rid of the Menu button on ICS?

    • http://Website Oliver

      It could be they are ditching the menu key. Honeycomb doesn’t show a menu key at the bottom left when using apps designed for Honeycomb. It only plops a menu button down when using an app that needs it (ie: an app made for Android < 3.0).

      As we know Ice Cream Sandwich merges the Honeycomb UI to the phone form factor, so it is possible the menu button is no longer needed.

      It is also possible that these soft buttons are dynamic, much like on my Droid Incredible 2 (they rotate when I put the phone in landscape). On Honeycomb the buttons change depending on the context. Using the same tech as the DInc2 they could do the same with the soft keys below the screen.

      • http://Website dagamer34

        No menu key is a good thing, because you’d never know what would pop up when you hit it (or that you needed to hit it to access some function).

  • http://Website Eric

    Hate to say it, but I don’t think this is the Nexus 3.

    3 Softkeys: Home, Back, Multitasking on a tablet. Would a google phone not have all four keys?

    • Sean Riley

      With the central focus of Ice Cream Sandwich being to unite the tablets and phones under one banner it wouldn’t be that surprising to see the ICS Nexus join the Honeycomb tablets in only offering three keys.

  • http://Website RAPTOR

    Great! The 1280×800 is literally a minimum acceptable on 4″ screens. Glad they realized this that quick. I’d be totally happy even with larger one 1920×1200 and may be on a bit larger screen up to 5″-5.5″ on edge-to-edge phone with buttons on the side bezel so the cellphone would be the same overall size like with most of present phones. Some such designs look very futuristic.
    I like this kind of resolutions because if you take 2+ reading glasses (and i use them anyway, please try yourselves) you can get screen twice closer to your eyes and at approximately 7″ distance your cellphone LCD screen gets the same angular dimensions like 60″ TV or 27″ PC monitor at their respective optimal distances (and you see pixelation on all TVs/monitors very clearly). You will not need tablets in this case, your cell screen becomes virtually the same angular size.
    TheInquirer also wrote that LG and Samsung also work on 2560×1600 screens for the tablets. Will be a norm soon. Same reason — we keep tablets closer to eyes then laptops and PC monitors.

    • http://Website sacman

      You should really reconsider a 5″ screen. Go hold a Droid X with a 4.3″ and you will see that is pushing the max size already. The X barely fits in pockets. Really a 5″ screen that makes you look like you are holding a fly swatter: The 80′s called and they want their big a$$ phone back.

      • http://Website RAPTOR

        People r u really THAT dumb? Measure your phone and ONLY THEN write to object

        • http://Website sacman

          No one is as ridiculous as you. The truth of the matter is that the article states a 4″ screen. If you want that big of a screen go buy a tablet and put that in your pocket. And thanks for letting all us know how to identify the tool on the plane with the 2+ reading glasses, holding his phone 7″ away from his face for a couple hours. If you want to watch a movie with a theater like experience stay home and watch it on your 60″ screen, the audio will be that much better, unless you think your earbuds give better audio than a surround sound, which you probably do.

          You’ve just been T-bagged by the SAC.

  • http://Website beaver rondizzle

    I think you’ll be interested to know that LG just announced a 4.5″ IPS 720p display. They may very well use it for the Nexus 3 seeing as it’s their own display.

    The thing is.. 4.5″ is really pushing it.

    • http://Website Quasar

      I sure hope the Nexus Three doesn’t have a 4.5″ screen. I really like the 3.7″ screen on the N1 and could understand moving up to 4″ for the extra resolution but a whole half inch beyond that would make the thing feel huge I think.

      • http://Website sacman

        I totally agree, the phone may feel big and klunky. Please give Raptor your opinion above.

  • http://Website r.y

    def not nexus 3

  • Android Applications Development

    Wow this is really great now Nexus 3 with 4-inch LCD 720×1280 display. This sound really amazing. Nexus with 720×1280 will surely going to rock.

  • http://Website mark

    next nexus device will be made by…. SAMSUNG!!!
    i know this believe me :)

  • http://Website Tal

    Google will go with something that is bigger than 4.3″ for the Nexus 3.

  • http://Website anon

    4 inches is NOT big enough. That is the size of the old galaxy s. I hope this is not true. If it is, then the next nexus will be behind the competition again just like the nexus s was. 4.3 to 4.5 is the way to go.


    Grabbing some ambien, going to take 100 pills and see if i can sleep until christmas. Maybe I could have my self frozen? Common Christmas !!

  • http://Website Hans

    I hope the Toshiba screen isn’t used. From what I saw on video, the screen has some pretty bad viewing angles; definitely not as good as the retina display or super amoled plus.

  • http://Website 00quantameister

    Speaking as a Nexus S 4G owner, I am very satisfied with the device & would easily recommend it to anyone.. I certainly don’t feel “behind the times” as many have suggested. It’s lightning quick Samsung S5PC110 “Hummingbird” processor responds very well. The 4″ screen works very well and definitely gives Android a different feel from previous Android devices. The Pure Google Experience is a lot better than the bloated up carrier tainted Android versions that I’ve used in the past.

    Instead of holding off for the “ideal” phone with all the bells & whistles, consumers should really focus on getting the best phone for the best price at the time of renewal. If you play the “I’m waiting for the next great Android phone with these magical specs & revolutionary new features” game, you’ll constantly be waiting for the next latest & greatest phone. Some of us cannot afford to play that game & have to make a choice based upon the phones that are on the market right now. The whole 3D part of the EVO 3D made it a non-starter for me. I wanted an Android device that gave me the purest experience possible. Mission Accomplished.

    • iDavey

      Right, people are just upset because the phone didn’t have what they felt needed to be in it.
      Dual cores still aren’t even ‘truly’ optimized for mobile devices below tablets. So what would be the point of putting it in there.

      The Nexus S was mainly for getting a NFC device, with a more capable processor, out in the hands of the devs interested. Giving them a dual core device would do absolutely nothing since Gingerbread isn’t the version that will optimize software for dual core usage.

      The next Nexus will most likely have dual cores, but then they’ll have people complaining the Tegra 3 isn’t in the phone…so that’s “behind” even though no company will actually have software optimizing the experience for quad cores. Sigh.

  • Lane

    I use an Evo with 4.3 inch screen. The Droid X technically has same size screen, but it is more awkward tohandle and use.

    A 4.5 inch screen could definitely work if the phone had absolutely no bezel, no home menu back or search keys, only buttons on the edge for wake/lock volume and camera.

    Mark my words, the calling card of an ICS phone will be ALL screen staring back at you.

  • http://Website Thabet Awath

    they should just copy the iphone 4. now that will be a real seller!

  • Karthz

    I wish Nexus 3 was made by HTC. I love HTC’s Android phones. I’m still waiting to give up my Nexus One for another HTC + Pure-Google Android device!!

    • http://Website Weirdroid

      I also really like HTC’s phones, kind of a bond after having the Hero then EVO, and getting a Nexus one for my girlfriend. I probably am missing some news or rumors, but I don’t know why it is assumed LG will be building the Nexus 3???

      • http://Website Joze

        Because LG is the only main member of the OHA who hasn’t built a pure vanilla(The G2x has t mobile bloatware) phone.

        Moto had the original droid(no bloatware)
        HTC g1 and Nexus one
        Samsung nexus S

  • Amy

    If the that’s the nexus 3….wow..more competition from LG! As a communicator for project Advanced Technology and Design Korea, I shared this news with the audience through the twitter ( and facebook ( For more related content, check out the blog when you can! ( There are tons of LG related content on the blog and comparable product reviews! Have a good one and happy Thursday from Korea.

  • mavricxx

    I hope with Sandwich Ice Cream, they add an EXIT/CLOSE option to ALL Apps. I’m so tired of hitting the back button to exit the brower and there is no EXIT or CLOSE option in the options either. Also, for they need to distinguish the Tablet apps from the phone apps in the market.