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Microsoft to negotiate acquisition of Nokia as soon as next week?

Whoa Microsoft, why don’t we all calm down for a second here? Following the massive acquisition of Skype for $8.5 billion dollars, the software giant is ready to pull out its credit card once again and make an even bigger purchase.

According to Russian tech blogger, Eldar Murtazin, Microsoft will begin negotiations next week with Nokia to acquire the company’s mobile division. Eldar also said that the deal could be closed as early as the end of the year. This is coming from the same guy that predicted the Microkia alliance back in December, and the rebranding of Nokia’s Ovi services. Murtazin is certainly somebody you want to pay attention to when he’s talking about Nokia.

It’s possible that the negotiations between the two companies go south and the acquisition never happens, but at least for now, Microsoft seems to be interested in owning Nokia. It also doesn’t help that Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop (pictured above pointing towards where Nokia’s business is currently headed) used to work at Microsoft — so take that as you will.

By acquiring Nokia, there’s a good chance that Microsoft will further alienate its OEM partners. Companies like LG, Samsung and HTC might not be interested in competing with the same company that’s selling them the software they put on their devices. This could be very good news for Android and very bad news for Windows Phone 7, with OEMs focusing even more on the former and even less on the latter.

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  • http://Website Jeremy

    looks like Microsoft is very serious about getting into the mobile market.

    • http://Website Android twat

      the next huge success after the megasellers Zune and Kin!!!

  • http://Website Leod

    Please don’t post articles based on rumours from Eldar Murtazin…he is track record of posting tosh i.e. he’s just an attention seeker with no basis for the vast majority of his “rumours”. Nokia have already denied this on Twitter.

    • Alberto Vildosola

      Well, he does have a decent record when talking about Nokia. But yeah on other stuff like that Gingerbread hardware requirements rumor, he’s way off.

      Since this was a rumor related to Nokia, we’re giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  • http://Website Johnny Hasbrowns

    Silly geese. No matter how many companies merge, they will never, with all their resources, beat the iphone 5.

    • http://Website A7xcky

      Really? I dnt think there that worried about the iphone. Android is obviously the industry standard now n really no way windows phone can compete.

    • http://Website Rovex

      Well those companies could always stop supplying Apple with their technology, you know like processors, memory, screens, Glass (*cough* stolen IP…..) Then there would be no iPhone 5! Apple is so lame it doesn’t even have the ability to put all that ‘others companies’ technology together itself. It gets some one else to do it!

    • http://Website Johnny Hasbrowns

      Silly geese. No matter how many companies merge, they will never, with all their resources, beat the iphone 5..

  • http://Website dmbass

    Man it must really suck to be an OEM.

  • http://Website rovex

    I think we are in serious danger of under estimating this alliance. Sure Nokia is losing sales fast, but its still HUGE. Those that like Nokia may not even notice the difference. I predict WinPho Nokias overtaking Blackberry pretty quickly, and eventually passing the other fruit phone.

    • http://Website 5 dollar foot long

      nokia is done

      • http://Website rovex

        No it isnt. It isnt big in the US, but it is in Europe and much of the rest of the world. It has millions of fans that just need half an excuse to stay. Symbian was dead, but this ‘could’ really help them.I see them finishing with just under 20% market share, similar to if not slightly above Apple.

  • http://Website lol nokia

    Mickey$oft must be desperate!

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    They look just like FOOLS just look at them….Trust me microsoft or nokia will NEVER BE ANY THREAT TO ANDROID…..

    • http://Website rovex

      Probably not, Android will probably dominate the way Symbian did for a long time, but they are not fools. If nothing else this alliance is likely to bury WebOS and further hurt Blackberry. It also gives people an alternative to iOS which isnt a bad thing. As I said above i could easily see this mix being number 2 worldwide.

  • http://Website Rovex

    Does it really matter to MS if it alienates its current partners? They are hardly selling loads anyway. Nokia is where they will sell 90% of their phones. Americans dont really have much perspective of how powerful the Nokia brand is because America isnt a big market for them.