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Midweek Madness! Score a free Motorola XOOM tablet from NVIDIA!

We’ve picked a winner! Congratulations to Kenneth, you just scored a new XOOM!

Hello and welcome to my Wednesday. History has shown me that Wednesdays have a tendency to be ultra lame. To combat that, the team at Android and Me came up with Midweek Madness. For those unaware, we like to give away small prizes during the week to help make things suck a little less.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I say small prizes? Let me fix that, because today we have a brand new XOOM tablet featuring the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. We’ve got our hands on the newest WiFi-only model (no carrier contracts) and want to give it to you, the loyal reader.

To win today, we’ve made things easy. All you have to do is leave a comment below. Tell us what XOOM feature is your favorite. Make sure you use a REAL email address (seriously, last time one of the winners used a fake and missed out on a prize) and don’t bother down voting each other’s comments- the winner will be chosen at random.

XOOM winner!Speaking of winners, check out this guy, who won a XOOM from us at the Google I/O Extended event here in Austin a few weeks ago. And speaking of real winners, when we gave away that tablet at the event, the first name drawn passed on the prize so a working developer would get it. She was called as the winner and instead took only a t-shirt, passing the tablet on to our next drawn name. I can’t recall the last time I saw such a generous act.

After today, we’ll only have one XOOM left to give away. So make sure you leave a comment for a chance to win! We’ll be announcing the winner around this time tomorrow, you’ve only got a single day to enter!

To recap: leave a comment below for a chance to win a XOOM. Use your real email address so we can contact you. Tell us your favorite feature. Make Wednesdays less lame.

We’ve picked a winner! Congratulations to Kenneth, you just scored a new XOOM!

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  • http://Website Yaniv

    I love that I can have android Tablet and not ipad like everyone.
    XOOM will remeber for the first android tablet, me like!

  • FunkyPenguin

    Do I have to pick just ONE feature? In that case it would have to be Android 3.1

  • http://Website Derek

    My favorite feature is the unlocked bootloader. Openness ftw!

  • http://Website Martin Page

    I love the Xoom because it is the tablet that Google use to test everything, It is the tablet equivalent of the Nexux S, Also, Everyone at work owns iPads and I love rubbing the features of android in their faces! I would love to own a Xoom over any other tablet, I just cant afford one.

  • http://Website Mike

    Favorite feature, Terga2

  • http://Website feech

    The best thing about the Xoom is its not made by Apple..Boom

  • http://Website Marius

    Had it in my hand yesterday, couldn’t believe how portable it is and easy to use, was playing with it in the shop for two hours :-)

  • http://Website Zeljko Bulatovic

    Tegra2, wohoooo… :D

  • http://Website Tore

    My favourite feature is the great display. Love it.

  • http://Website UCS

    Games on a big screen thats what I want.

  • pikahatonjon

    i love the large 10.1 display. the built in gps in it is a nice addition too.

  • http://Website Andrew

    My favorite things about the XOOM are Honeycomb, which is beautiful and amazing, and the fact that it was the first Honeycomb tablet so the support by the devs will always be great, long live open source, long live android!

  • http://Website Chris

    Android is in my life to give me and my brother something to talk about at family get togethers and to prove once again I’m the better son to my parents. Why? Because my brother is a proud owner of some “fruit” flavored electronics.

  • http://Website André Castro

    Moto makes XOOM, Ipad makes BOOOOOOOMMMMMM.

  • bjames23

    How about the fact it ISNT the Ipad, that’s why I love this tablet!

  • bjames23

    I love the fact it ISNT the Ipad :)

  • http://Website austin easley

    My favorite feature is the easy root available for it.

  • http://Website Thomas Christensen

    Android 3.0

  • http://Website Brian Lewis

    My favorite feature is the “3D” UI.

  • http://Website DMD9

    HDMI is the most interesting for me, being able to connect to just about any screen you encounter, awesome :)

  • http://Website Lukasz

    Definitely NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.

  • http://Website Josh McKinney

    My favorite feature is that it’s running Honeycomb. I would love to have a device to begin porting my apps to the latest and greatest Google has to offer.

  • http://Website Zeev

    My favorite Xoom feature is the great looking HD display

  • http://Website Dave O

    My favorite feature of the Motorola XOOM is it’s the beginning of the end of the iPad era.

  • http://Website James Casey

    Favourite feature of the Xoom is portable, Android power on a large beautiful screen. Me and my daughter would love it! :)

  • http://Website Rueben

    I would really like to win one. I love the big display, the honeycomb 3.1 and the fact that it looks slop sexy lol

  • http://Website Bob Johnson

    I would love to get my hands on the XOOM! I love the size and the fact that it is not tied to a carrier (this model) is a big plus for me.

  • http://Website Dexter M.

    Its got Nvidia inside, the same company that powered the first xbox. Dual-core makes it more powerful then my computer at home. :( Its Running Google official tablet os! And always Motorola is making it… They sold me my first mobile cellular device.

  • http://Website petzku

    The whole device is my favorite. There is no one single best or favorite feature in it.

  • loki060706

    This would make a great come back to Motorola gift for a former Cliq XT owner. I wonder where I could find one of those……(hint,hint,hint).

  • http://Website Joost

    Plain and simpel; its the Android with Honeycomb flavour!

  • http://Website Ben

    Favourite feature: Real multitasking unlike Apple
    Favourite app: Browser with Flash 10.2
    Favourite part of hardware: Freakin awesome 10 inch screen


    Xoom rules.

    Please can I have one?

  • http://Website Manuel

    i like android 3.0 / 3.1!

  • http://Website Dan


  • http://Website Carlos

    My favorite feature of the Xoom? The fact that is runs Honeycomb and can be completely unlocked. :)

  • http://Website Brad

    Favorite feature? It’s not an i*ad.

  • http://Website clara

    I love that I can use it for my online classes. Everything opens in the browser and I can post my discussions!

  • Melter

    The favorite feature about Xoom – Timely updates. Umph factor that makes people drool.

  • http://Website John C.

    I don’t stand a chance!

    • http://Website John C.

      Love that it has the unlocked bootloader and I can help beta test new roms/apps.

  • http://Website Gary

    Me. Pick me. Us Irish never win anything… Pleeeeeeeeeease.

  • http://Website Daniel Costa

    My favorite feature on Xoom is that he got pure Android experience on it.

  • http://Website Fahad

    Well with so many great features to choose from it’s kind of hard just to choose one so i’ll just list a few.

    1)5mp rear camera with flash along with a 2mp FFC
    2)Tegra 2 processor
    3) 720p display and 720p video recording
    4)Android 3.0
    5)32Gb internal storage

    Any ways I really hope you guys choose me, my brother is graduating from high-school this year and this would make a Terrific Gift! Keep up the great work =D


  • http://na ixm

    Video chat. the avibility to see and talk to my kids while im on the road its epic.

  • http://Website Ben Daitz

    It was the first Honeycomb dual core tablet that will get the fastest updates first.

  • http://Website Nick

    I’m in! Thanks for the great contest. I’m dying to get my hands on an awesone wifi only tablet!

  • http://Website alex thomson

    Favorite feature I would say is the 10.1 inch display. I like the way the screen has a wide screen appearance.

  • http://Website chris

    plain and simple: honeycomb.

  • http://Website Fernando Tages

    Why Xoom is the tablet I want most? Android 3.1, 10″ display, Tegra 2 processor.

  • http://Website andr0id23

    I would love a free Xoom as a college student with no computer :-(

  • http://Website Kevint

    Nice solid build. Honeycomb doesn’t hurt either.

  • http://Website Chandrasekar

    NVIDIA Tegra processors

  • http://Website zlich

    xoom xOOM XOOm. I want one.

  • SnDaa

    I can’t name one feature over the others, because I like them all!

  • http://Website StingRay

    Moto’s Xoom is a pleasure to hold..with just superb build quality. The form factor of this tablet is just uber cool!

  • http://Website ben

    Best feature of xoom is tegra combined with honeycomb!

  • http://Website JustReboot

    Oh, yea and if you don’t have an !Pad, you don’t have an !Pad. Uh… I think thats the point… Xoom Xoom…. 16×9 / HDMI out / tegra, the list goes on….

  • http://Website jason brown

    My favorite feature is the super clear screen

  • http://Website Dave MacLachlan

    I like the speed of the Xoom.

  • http://Website Allison

    Dual Cores….Tegra 2 processor

  • http://Website David

    Gorgeous screen

  • http://Website Greg

    Favorite feature has to be fastboot oem unlock so I can load that puppy up with whatever custom or rooted thing I want.

    Plus the device would look damn sexy and I could make all my iPad loving friends jealous!

  • http://Website Jason

    My favorite feature of the Xoom is the lack of an Apple OS…

  • http://Website jason

    Honeycomb goodness …… yummy

  • http://Website Tyler

    Must have…

  • http://Website Frank Adams

    The Xoom is not an iPad
    The Xoom runs Honeycomb
    The Xoom also has Apps… lots of Apps
    The Xoom has a Webcam and a built-in Digital Camera
    The Xoom is an All-in-One Media Device
    The Xoom is Google-friendly
    The Xoom is Upgradeable
    The Xoom supports Flash
    The Xoom has improvements over the iPad
    The Xoom is not an iPad

  • http://Website Jon

    My favorite “feature” of the Xoom is that it is currently the reference tablet for Google in a similar way that the Nexus is the reference phone. It is the first to get new version updates and is the most compatible with early honeycomb software.

  • http://Website Stephan

    Video Chat is the best new feature

  • http://Website Mike

    Favorite feature? That it could be free for me if I get lucky! That and it’s lovely Android OS.

  • http://Website Sam

    favorite thing… it doesn’t require itunes. i prefer oranges to apples.

  • http://Website Tim F

    Count me in!

  • http://Website Ben

    Favorite Xoom feature? It has an operating system that can use contributions of the best minds of the user and developer communities, as opposed to the whims of a single megalomaniac.

  • http://Website Edouard

    Fastboot oem, front and back cameras, and that fine looking tegra 2!

  • http://Website John

    I really like the 10.1 screen size.

  • http://Website Jodi

    Favorite feature is that it’s an Android device!

  • http://Website Aaron Watts

    I really, the Honeycomb interface and UI and the huge vibrant screen

  • http://Website Mike

    Love 3.1, 10.1 screen. This will replace my laptop as my daily driver…

  • Dave Taylor

    What I most like about the Xoom? It’s not running iOS, so it’s a completely different way to look at tablets as a portable computing device.

  • John Drinkwater

    I know this might seem weird.. but full USB Host mode in the latest firmware.
    When i’m out and about – transferring, selecting, uploading images from my camera to Flickr.. – its what it’s designed for, right?

  • http://Website Elliott

    The usb host support is definitely my favorite feature.

  • http://Website Amanda

    My favorite Xoom feature is the ability to play flash.

  • http://Website Eric

    Looks cool, I would like to win one.

  • http://Website Dennis Wijnholds

    The 10.1 screen is my favorite.

  • http://Website Sean Bates

    I live how customizeable android is! XOOM ME!!!!

  • http://Website Dylan Friedman

    Best feature is definitely Honeycomb!

  • http://Website nathan

    I love so many things about it how can I pick just one. Love the .processor, the beautiful screen, honeycomb , easy to root, and I think ill stop there for now. Lol. Hope I win. Thanks.

  • Joe Pedicino

    Ability to use aps on a 10 inch screen and sync with Android phone.

  • http://Website Jason

    10.1 inch screen for amazing android comic reading : )

  • http://Website elyas

    it has tegra 2 . and android HONEYCOMB .

  • grindking

    The best feature for me would be the usb host connectivity + micro hdmi out. Portable 4 player oldsfchool gaming on emulators like gensoid, snesoid, n64oid and beyond. Also I’m really interested in testing a SF4 TE arcade stick with maybe street fighter 2 turbo on snes since there are no updated or good mame offerings for Android!

  • http://Website Joseph

    The duo cores I like as well as the size of the Tablet. Size does matter..

  • http://Website Chris

    The Tegra 2 chipset will hopefully help catapult mobile gaming towards the level of gaming we currently see on single-purpose portable gaming devices. One device to rule them all! =)

  • http://Website MNazeer

    Apple aint got nothing on the ……


  • http://Website Raj Gondhalekar

    Pick me.

  • juan pablo

    So i have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. They all have iphones and ipads and i’m still rocking my nexus on. A xoom would be the perfect black sheep gift!

  • http://Website arcenic

    My favorite Xoom feature iis Honeycomb

  • http://Website Futureboy

    Holy cats! Nice giveaway! I like the Tegra2 and Honeycomb. Slick!

  • http://Website Steve

    Honeycomb…that’s why we are all buzzing (pun intended).

  • http://Website Stephen Pengilley

    Ooh Xoom looks very nice. Would definitely help with my android development!

  • http://Website Ryan

    I am really excited about the processor and android 3.1
    The device is really nice overall. Can’t complain to much

  • http://Website Gary

    I love the screen resolution on the Xoom. Great for viewing video and photos!

  • http://Website wick

    I just love the Honey Comb OS. Its really makes using the Xoom fun and easy. So many options and is is very customizable. Keep you the amazing work Google.

  • http://Website Gary

    Honeycomb pre-packaged and a nice crisp display are the selling points for me.

  • http://Website Gstark

    Flash support has to be one of the most useful differentiating features of the Xoom…

  • mofuggah

    Honeycomb baby!!!

  • http://Website jesse

    favorite feature of a xoom would be that its not an ipad!

  • http://Website Ari

    Wow, what feature should I choose with so many good ones to pick from? I’m gonna go with the vibrant 10 inch screen. It allows for the watching of high quality videos, seamless web browsing that feels like you’re at a laptop, and it makes it significantly easier to edit work documents on the go. Not to mention the fact that I’d be able to video chat without squinting at the screen!

  • http://Website Adryan

    The powerful dual core nvidia processor which can be overclocked to an even more powerful 1.5 ghz. Now thats power

  • http://Website Craig

    I’m a big gchat user and like the fact that it’s integrate to this tablet with video.

  • http://Website Jared Greene

    Best part is I dont have to have my laptop laying around the living room!

  • http://Website Jelle

    Best feature? Thats easy, Android and especially Honeycomb! Would prefer that over an iPad any day :)

  • http://Website cromag

    Holy crap yes I want one! Dual core to match my Droid x2!

  • http://Website Tom

    My favorite feature is the crisp HD Screen…..

  • http://Website Kevin


  • http://Website David

    Honeycomb and the Tegra 2 are my most favorite thing about the Xoom :)

  • http://Website Vince

    After I win, I will let you know

  • http://Website James

    I don’t know what my favorite feature of the xoom is, I don’t have one :( Perhaps that could be rectified?

  • http://Website Brian Huckaby

    I have been holding off on a tablet. I would love a Xoom!

  • http://androidandme Matt

    I am already starting to love Music Beta by Google!!

  • http://Website Paul

    Xoom makes me go vroom vroom!

  • http://Website Bruno

    I need a Xoom to run everything my MYTouch won’t.

  • kevin k.

    Love it! You guys doing awesome job here keep up the good work!

  • http://Website Dan Kunda

    My favorite feature is… its not an ipad! Down with apple.

  • http://Website Alex

    Love ya guys! Now gimme my XOOM! VROOM!

  • http://Website Harrison

    Big screen amd android powered…what’s not to love?

  • http://Website Michael

    The best feature about the xoom is that its not Apple.

  • placer14

    Here’s to hoping 1 day means 24 hours. Would love to develop on a Honeycomb tablet!

  • http://Website Roger

    I love the fact that its made solid by motorola.

  • http://Website Rick

    That it’s not an iPad.

  • http://Website Juan

    The best feature is that sweet Tegra 2 processor that makes it great for gaming

  • http://Website Jay Wilkinson

    It’s a tie between vanilla Android and a Tegra 2 for me.

  • http://Website Nolan

    Plain vanilla honeycomb, my favorite!

  • Doug

    I have to say, it’s a tie between the Tegra 2 and the fact that it’s a “plain Vanilla” Honeycomb that (hopefully) will stay upgraded to the latest and greatest.

  • http://Website Sherman J. Buster

    Best feature of the Moto Xoom…Android 3.1, the whole thing.

  • http://Website Reed N.

    How much droiding could an Android fan do, if that Android fan could REALLY win a Xoom?!?

  • http://Website Jeff

    The best feature is that it’s Apple-free.

  • http://Website Roland

    Best thing about the Xoom is the cool UI

  • http://Website Bedwa

    XOOM? Please and Thank you!

  • http://Website Drew

    I want me some sweet sweet honeycomb!! I love the Xoom tablet nothing can even begin to step up to this monster!

  • http://Website Joe L.

    Since Android inspires the dev community to be creative, I hope the best feature of the Xoom is yet to be discovered.

  • http://Website G

    my favorite thing about the Xoom is it’s not the ipad

  • http://Website Earl Driscoll

    random selector, select me!!!!

  • Andy

    I should totally win this.

  • http://Website Jared

    expandable widgets

  • http://Website dclaw

    Dual core CPU + Honeycomb rocks!

  • http://Website Jorge

    My Favorite feature would have to be the dual core processing power of the Xoom. Wow it is fast and responsive to touch. you can glide easily to the next page with no lag, its very smooth.

  • http://Website Allan

    It has to be the honeycomb gmail app – its as good, if not better than gmail on a pc.

  • http://Website Joshua

    Quality Build from a great company.

  • http://Website Jeremy

    Honeycomb 3.1!

  • http://Website Karly

    showing off pictures and videos!

  • Matthew

    I like Honeycomb, the future of what is to come with ICH!

  • http://Website John


  • http://Website ScottD

    I think the best thing about the Xoom is the android OS, it allows widgets for gods sake. This epitomizes customization and optimization in a tablet operating system from the very superficial depth of the GUI to the deeper options available to alter the OS.

  • Ed6ar

    That its Android power , what’s not lo like about that OS , it will keep getting better n better …

  • http://Website Andre S

    Gmail app – evolution and so smooth

  • http://Website Mike Shaddock

    I guess I just really love the Android systems crazy customizable features. You can cahnge anything you don’t like unlike Apple products.

  • http://Website kyle


  • http://Website jason brown

    Dual core, screen resolution …. ipad2 who?

  • http://Website Mark Botta

    Best feature? Honeycomb!

  • http://Website Jan Moisen


  • http://Website Kendall J. Davis

    It would be hard to pick out just one feature of the XOOM, but I if I must it would be the overall form factor and design. This feature doesn’t normally get a lot of press. I like something that is a real eye catcher and has epic WOW Factor! The XOOM to me has this feature.

  • http://Website Andrew H

    The solid feel.

  • http://N/A Jon Childress

    Tegra 2 processor begging to be overclocked and a delicious helping of Honeycomb… mmmm…

  • http://N/A Tom

    Like a lot of us, I’m asked tech questions and recommendations.
    This would be a great way for me to show people I know why they don’t need a laptop.
    Thanks for the consideration.

  • http://Website Jim McP

    What is not to like? How about “it’s not an iPad”. I love the size, and it would be my first Honeycomb device!

  • http://Website Gray Harrison

    I like the connectivity options, esp. hdmi out.

  • http://Website Noah maxwell

    Favorite feature of the xoom is that it runs pure android. Honeycomb without carrier or manufacturer bloatware is the sweet taste of honey!

  • http://Website Billy

    Honeycomb and the 10.1″ screen!

  • http://Website Tony

    I like the fact that the android tablets are just filled with so much potential. It seems like no matter what you find right now that is cool, there is more coming….

  • Mikael O. Bonnier

    That it has a modern Android puts it above the competition. As a developer I prefer Java to Objective C.

  • http://Website GGiorgos Poulis

    BBig screen and tegra games. can’t think something better

  • Rodney Willie

    My favorite feature is THAT IS AN ANDROID!!!!

  • http://Website Joe

    Honeycomb 3.1 is my favorite xoom feature of course

  • http://Website Joe


  • http://Website mikk

    My crandma wanted one, but i dont have the money.

  • http://Website Danny

    The best feature about it is the fact that it runs android honeycomb. Why is this great? Android is the not only the leading mobile platform, but you can develop for it on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Apple and Windows can’t say that about their platforms. This makes it ultra marketable for developers. Plus the fact that it gets updated OTA unlike Apple or Windows phone 7 makes it a truly standalone product. Pair this with the dock and keyboard and you have one killer product.

  • http://Website Alex

    720p Video Playback + ability to play H.263/4 videos, what else could people want?

  • http://Website Josh

    The sheer speed of the device. That along with that fact that because it was the first tablet and thus the flagship it will continue to receive tablet updates before any other device which means this one will always be ahead of the game. Being innovative enough to actually redesign for the tablet is just great too, beats blowing up a phone OS and calling it tablet OS.

  • http://Website sathiya

    woooow….. its XoooooooooooooooooM…… here are my favrits :

    1. Nvidia Tegra2 1GHz dual core processor
    2. 1GB DDR2 RAM
    3. Android 3.0

  • Samuel

    Let’s see here:

    1. Android 3.0
    2. Android 3.0
    3. Nvidia Tegra 2 1GHz Dual-Core
    4. Android 3.0
    5. Nice Screen size
    and lastly Android 3.0

  • Jeff

    A day (or 2) late and a dollar short, as they say.

  • http://Website Jason

    My favorite feature is Android 3.0, oh so many possibilities. Wait…I changed my mind, Nvidia Tegra 2, even more possibilities.

  • http://Website Drancks

    I’m totally digging the duel-core ARM and that sweet, sweet ULP Nvidia GPU as well as delicious Honeycomb.