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Midweek Madness! Score a free Motorola XOOM tablet from NVIDIA!

We’ve picked a winner! Congratulations to Kenneth, you just scored a new XOOM!

Hello and welcome to my Wednesday. History has shown me that Wednesdays have a tendency to be ultra lame. To combat that, the team at Android and Me came up with Midweek Madness. For those unaware, we like to give away small prizes during the week to help make things suck a little less.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I say small prizes? Let me fix that, because today we have a brand new XOOM tablet featuring the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. We’ve got our hands on the newest WiFi-only model (no carrier contracts) and want to give it to you, the loyal reader.

To win today, we’ve made things easy. All you have to do is leave a comment below. Tell us what XOOM feature is your favorite. Make sure you use a REAL email address (seriously, last time one of the winners used a fake and missed out on a prize) and don’t bother down voting each other’s comments- the winner will be chosen at random.

XOOM winner!Speaking of winners, check out this guy, who won a XOOM from us at the Google I/O Extended event here in Austin a few weeks ago. And speaking of real winners, when we gave away that tablet at the event, the first name drawn passed on the prize so a working developer would get it. She was called as the winner and instead took only a t-shirt, passing the tablet on to our next drawn name. I can’t recall the last time I saw such a generous act.

After today, we’ll only have one XOOM left to give away. So make sure you leave a comment for a chance to win! We’ll be announcing the winner around this time tomorrow, you’ve only got a single day to enter!

To recap: leave a comment below for a chance to win a XOOM. Use your real email address so we can contact you. Tell us your favorite feature. Make Wednesdays less lame.

We’ve picked a winner! Congratulations to Kenneth, you just scored a new XOOM!

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • http://Website Dan

    My favorite feature is that everyone wants one. Just look almost 1,200 comments. The best feature is the sexiness of it. I would rather walk around with a Xoom than a pimp cane.

  • ernest

    I like that it’s stock honeycomb :)

  • http://Website Dadino

    Is there a better reason than having Android 3??? MMMM I do love the display!

  • http://Website Bob

    I’m looking forward to the 4g connectivity, but I’ll have to say that Honeycomb is my favorite feature for now. :-)

  • http://Website Samuel

    Dualcore processor by NVIDIA

  • http://Website Shawn

    My favorite feature is how responsive the keyboard is.

  • Epicletdown

    When I saw the XOOM for the first time, my jaw dropped. Dual NVida Tegra processors? Sleek & sexy with effortless multitasking…I love the GUI, and despite what all my iPad-owning friends and coworkers insisted, I found the interface had a very shallow learning curve.

    But the most exciting feature of this hot little item?? Android Honeycomb. I want to see it in action on something other than a phone; what’s the same, what’s different. I want to experience how the features have been utilized to make it customizable and how the OS translates to a tablet (I have nothing but excitement and great expectations!).

    So… a haiku to my hopeful future tablet companion: Flying, dual Tegras / My fingers on the Xoom screen / Like Honeycomb wings.

  • http://Website sam kraye

    My favorite feature of the xoom is actually a combination of several things. It’s running android, the fastest, most powerful handheld OS currently available. I switched to android when I got the htc hero, then I got the evo, and have convinced my entire family to go to android. The xoom is a top of the line android device, so that’s my favorite feature about it.

  • http://Website Tim

    looks like this is a win win.


    My favorite features are the portability and convenience. I love having the fedom to do just about anything from anywhere! Also using it to watch via the browser from anywhere, is AWESOME !

  • http://Website Zak

    The screen no doubt.

  • http://Website James!

    Favorite Xoom feature? Gotta be Honeycomb 3.1!

  • http://Website Praveen

    Stock Honeycomb , Micro USB, HDMI out .

  • Doug

    Favorite feature will be netflix and for my boy the games he can play on it

  • Dan_O_Mite

    Dual cameras…schwing!

  • http://Website chris

    best features i like, too many to count:
    honeycomb, ( of course)
    dual core processor,
    big screen

    too many to list all

  • http://Website SoDark

    My favorite feature of the zoom is that it is not called an iZoom

  • http://Website Erick

    honeycomb is my favorite feature.

    plus i want to stop using my 3 year old laptop already

  • http://Website Connor

    My favorite feature of the xoom is the Tegra 2 and fastboot OEM unlock. :)

  • http://Website Adam

    Best feature has got to be Honeycomb… and not to mention the simple fact it’s NOT an iPad! haha… I’d love to get my hands on an Android tablet.. I just haven’t been able to.

  • DanH

    Hey Clark– Yeah, I was there at the GIOE event in Austin– that was amazing that she didnt take it!

    What do I love about the XOOM? Such a silly question as it is pure awesomeness! But if you must have specifics…

    - HoneyComb 3.1. I want to see my apps shine!
    - Dual Core!
    - Unlockable Bootloader!
    - The name: “XOOM” is just too cool.
    - 720p for video!
    - 10.1″ of Angry Birds! 10.1″ > 9.7″

    Hit me with the Xoom! I’m having a sleep Wednesday so far, let’s amp it up!


  • http://Website Jay

    My favorite feature Honeycomb!!

  • http://Website olugbam

    My favorite features are the sleek form factor and awesome tech specs giving it portability combined with the customizability and power of Android and Motorola!

  • http://Website John

    My favorite feature is the notification bar. Multitasking FTW!

  • http://Website Gerardo

    Since I have practically all my information in my Google Apps, accesing it from the Xoom would be awesome!!

  • http://Website Kevin

    let me test it.

  • http://Website Jorge

    First to have Android 3.1!

  • http://Website olic

    Autocad as, will allow me to do my job and review drawings anywhere…like outside in the lovely summer weather :)

  • http://Website Kenny

    My favorite feature is that ir brings Honeycomb.

  • http://Website Gary

    My favorite feature for the zoom is that its a honeycomb tablet device…I love android os so suffice to say I’ll love this. Thank you guys for a chance at winning this amazing tablet.

  • Barry

    USB Host capability!

  • http://Website Anthony Jewell

    My favorite features of the Xoom include 32GB or Ram with its monsterous dual-core proccesor making androids 3.0 gingerbread operating system easy and flawless to operate. Googles 3D mapping and voice guided navigation shoot these features to the top of my list.

  • http://Website evelio

    I’m in just because Android rocks :D

  • http://Website Bo

    Best feature is XOOMING superfast around the internet, but with one window/tab always on of course! That way I don’t miss any breaking Xoom news!

  • http://Website STEVE.C.SMITH

    The Zoom is wicked fast. That’s my favorite feature.

  • http://Website Ncjm01

    Best feature is the little green friendly guy… that includes all things gooooooooogle

  • http://Website Kam

    Is “making iPad owners jealous” a feature? If so, that’s my favorite.

  • http://Website Jorge

    Does having the Android community behind it count as a feature? because that makes this a very attractive device.

  • http://Website Baron

    Favorite feature is that it isn’t some lame iDevice carried around by an Applehead.

  • http://Website Hump day

    Hump day just got a little better.

  • http://Website Keith

    A tablet that can run flash?! What a concept!

  • http://Website TWP

    Tegra 2 makes the green chubby guy going xoom all the more!

  • http://Website Casey

    Favorite features would have to be Honeycomb and screen size

  • http://Website Logan

    The multitasking is the best out there

  • http://Website Phil

    O hai. I can haz Xoom? Apple sucks. Long live Android!

  • http://Website Steve

    Favourite feature, but there’s so many…

    I’d say the new homescreen & widgets, for quickly getting the info you need that’s the way to go, more please. :)

    p.s. I assume this competition is open outside of the USA (i.e. UK)?

  • http://Website mark dh

    favorite feature? it’s gotta be the SD card expansion! (side note: does it work yet???) We’re in 2011 people! No reason our tablets shouldn’t have USB’s, HDMI’s, and SD Card expansions!!!

  • http://Website Steven C. Smith

    The Tegra 2 CPU is yummy. I want!!!

  • http://Website Jason

    My favorite things about the Xoom are the Tegra 2 SoC and the high quality screen and size. I’m currently unemployed so having a tablet will allow me to go sit in Starbucks, surf the job boards and send out applications much easier than my phone will!

  • http://Website Mario

    Have the possibility to navigate in web, write office document, share photo and much more, in every place where i stay.

  • http://Website David

    My favorite feature of the Motorola Xoom is the lack of samsung branding on it. Also its got some p. sweet bezel.

  • http://Website Jeremiah

    My favorite features of the Xoom is the easy ability to unlock and the sturdy construction

  • http://Website eid3tic

    honeycomb is my favorite feature!

  • http://Website James Hanna


  • http://Website Stephen Owen

    My boss got one and then flaunted it in my face. Eventually, my desire to mod got the best of me and I acquiesced to his demand that I root his device for him, then put the newest edition of Honeycomb on it too. And then, just as I got to really play with it, he stole it away. Now I hear that his little daughter is using it, just for Angry Birds.

    I swear, I felt an unholy combination of rage, apathy, and sorrow. All of these competing emotions were too much for me, so I sneezed.

  • http://Website kamephis


  • http://Website Kenneth

    My favorite feature has got to be Honeycomb. Mmm, tablet optimized Android.

  • http://Website eoja

    Tegra 2 and screen size are my favorite features!

  • http://Website Riknos

    My favorite features are the Tegra 2 processor and the easy unlock.

  • http://Website jayjay

    My favorite feature? The open Android OS.

  • http://Website Anthony C

    My favorite Xoom feature is the stock honeycomb operating system. Now can I please have a Xoom? :)

  • http://Website Ron

    One of my favorite features is controlling my dish DVR from it and watching recordings remotely.

  • http://Website Darryl Meekhof

    The best thing about the xoom is the quickness. Its like holding a desktop in my hands all day. Love it. Now my wife needs one.

  • http://Website Martin

    it runs android3.0/3.1!

  • http://Website Vazkor

    I love that using it is like using an actual tablet and not like a using a phone version of this unlike other “tablets”

  • Joe Cantu

    I love the screen, and the portability!

  • http://Website Kevin

    Favorite feature of the Xoom would is Honeycomb.

  • Lee Brown

    My favorite feature would have to be Google Talk. It has awesome clarity on the Xoom and with it being such an “easy to carry around” accessory, I can have impromptu video conferences right on the go… love it!!! :-)

  • http://Website Jason

    I like features that the iPad can’t do.

  • http://Website Carlos

    Best thing about the xoom is the beautiful/powerful honeycomb ui that I am begging to interact with.

  • http://Website Raptor007

    Android 3.1 so I can actually use the microSD card and its unlocked (but if you do you won’t get Google Movie Rentals :( which sux)

  • NexusS

    My Favorite Feature of the XOOM is Android Honeycomb 3.1 It creates the best tablet experience and is so fun and easy to use.

  • http://Website Dominic

    My favorite feature hands down has to be the Tegra2. It’s the best thing out right now!

  • http://Website Arni

    I love that it’s running honeycomb!!

  • http://Website Derek

    H O N E Y C O M B BABY!!!!!!

  • Anthony Nguyen

    my favorite feature of the xoom is the ammount of support it has with tegra 2 games and also accessories. Its rare to find a tablet with so much support and so much core interest. Im hoping the xoom gains as much attention/support/interest as its competitor (apple). The xoom is such a nice tablet :]

  • http://Website DrFinn55

    The best feature is that it isn’t owned/created by Apple.

  • JinHyung

    my favorite feature is android.

  • http://Website Greg

    Favorite feature of the Xoom has to be weight/overall size. Powerful, yet portable.

  • http://Website Steven C

    Favorite feature: simply; Android!

  • Christopher

    My favorite feature its that it’s not from Apple. Android could be more open, sure, but it’s a whole lot closer to freedom than iOS.

  • http://Website Alessandro Zanardi

    What i love of the Xoom? I love the HDMI Output, the huge screen, the light weight, the dualcore power but on the top, i love the google experience that guarantee fast-lightining updates.

  • http://Website Barak

    Surfing the web on a big screen in the W.C. :-)

  • http://Website Jon

    It’s good that Motorola is going to update the Xoom to 3.1. Hopefully this fixes some of the slight issues they had at launch. :)

    I would love to win a Xoom since I am a poor University student and could use one for class.

  • http://Website Darian

    My favorite feature is the adobe flash player and ability to watch movies on it.

  • http://Website yehoni

    I would *love* a xoom!

  • http://Website lattekid22

    I’d sure love one!!

  • http://Website Ben

    Wanna try out gaming on that tegra 2! Would also use it for remote access to family computers for remote support using VNC.

  • http://Website CD

    Best tablet atm!

  • http://None Nav

    I really like the size and feel of the Xoom. I want to WIN!

    Dont forget the tegra 2 processor!

  • mackncheesiest

    I love how hackable it is because, as I’ve learned with my OG Droid, it can extend the lifetime of the device way beyond what that OEMs support. So, I’d really like to have it please :)

  • http://Website KevinW

    My favorite feature is the 10.1″ screen!

  • http://Website Tim k

    The Xoom’s best feature is android, obviously.

  • http://Website diordna

    Stock Android! Keep it pure.

  • http://Website mglj

    My favorite feature…android!! Need I say more?

  • http://Website Lindsay C

    I like the wifi with no contracts.

  • Cory

    If I was the lucky soul that won that beautiful motorola XOOM, I would use to take over the world!!!

  • http://Website RatInDaHat

    The fact that USB host is included on the tablet is pretty chill.

  • http://Website Rich Ryan

    The xoom has a great landscape form factor, perfect for web browsing and ereaders. The tabbed browser is outstanding.

  • Robert

    I’m most excited about the Tegra 2. II like how android was made to be true multitasking from day one, but it’s needed dual core ever since then. Who better to do it than NVidia? ATI is great, but I’ve been a true fan of NVidia for a long time. I can’t wait to use the Android experience with no lag.

    NVidia getting involved is my favorite new feature. The new interface with recently used app screen shots and resizable scroll-able widgets are a close second.

  • http://Website bob

    winning it, would be the best feature, you know the free part beside Tegra 2

  • http://Website Scott K

    Looking for some humpday love!

    Honeycomb of course… on a juicy display larger than 7″.

  • http://Website Mike Strohschein

    Its kind of a big deal

  • http://Website Kenny Larson

    I would love to take advantage of that big beautiful touchscreen. I would be great for reading and watching movies.

  • http://Website John

    I’d love a xoom.

    My favorite feature is either the dual led flash or the great front facing camera. both of which I could put to great use!

  • http://Website Matthew Marshall

    My favorite XOOM feature is the awesome HD display!

  • http://Website James

    Feeling lucky

  • http://Website ttocs

    Multitasking on a tablet.

  • http://Website Fred

    The NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor!

  • http://Website Jacob Staehle

    The Xoom is awesome! My favorite feature would have to be Honeycomb, obviously! :D

  • Danny Fonseca

    My favorite xoom feature is the new WiFi model! No expensive contracts for a student :(

  • http://Website Nick Meisner

    My favorite feature of the Xoom is the giant HD touchscreen. I’ve tried one out and web browsing is kinda fun.

  • http://Website Brian S

    Tegra2 and 1GB RAM. Faster than my lame old laptop. It will replace the need to buy a new one that costs twice as much. Of course this would be free if I win. :)

  • http://Website Andrew Schensted

    I think the whole thing is straight dope! But if I had to pick one thing I would pick the display.

  • http://Website Alinuhhh

    kreeeeiger-saaaaan, i <3 technology.

  • http://Website Mike Wiebe

    My favorite thing about the Xoom is the tabbed browsing in the browser. It feels like a real internet experience, because it is!

  • Larry Sullivan

    My favorite feature is the portability of the unit. I am away from my computer a lot and definitely could use a tablet to help stay on top my personal and business affairs. Thanks for your consideration.

  • http://Website Anthony

    My favorite feature is dual core cpu and unlocked bootloader!!! Let modding live!!!

  • http://Website Waleed Alvi

    best feature on the Xoom is the 800 x 1280 pixels screen that really shows off the true beauty of Honeycomb!
    also looks amazing when plugged in on the big screen ;)

  • http://Website Blake Wiedner

    My favorite feature would be to show my co-workers what is possible outside of the locked-down iUniverse!

  • http://Website GeauxLSU

    My favorite feature would be getting it for free!!!

  • Bryant

    My favorite feature of the motorola xoom is everything especially honeycomb

  • Rogziel

    Favorite XOOM feature = flexibility (unlike that other “fruity” tablet, the XOOM allows users to have more control over the device they paid for, or didn’t pay for in this case)

  • http://Website Techrocket9

    Favorite feature: tegra 2

  • http://Website jmo

    I want a XOOM sooo bad!!!

  • http://Website Tim

    It’s powered by android :-)

  • http://Website Craig McGuire

    My favorite feature is the speed and the growing popularity of Android and the Honeycomb OS. I would love to win this item.

  • http://Website Eric

    The best feature of that prodigious tablet with a spacious screen, a voluminous memory, a capacious processor, a prodigious operating system offering unlimited possibilities is that you can simply call it a XOOM!

  • http://Website kenneth

    i love the multi-task feature on the xoom

    • http://Website kenneth

      i can’t believe I won!!! I still have trouble believing it

  • http://Website chris ruiz

    Id love to get my hands on that supa fast tegra processor, gimme my xoom guys!

  • Chris FW

    Tegra 2 chipset and Android of course.

  • http://Website Stevo

    My favorite feature would be look on my friends faces when I walk in with the XOOM!

  • http://Website Tyvand

    Do want!

  • Porky145

    I hope i win

  • http://Website Mario

    it has the antidote!

  • http://Website Anthony

    Chrome like browser and that mighty Tegra 2 processor! AND its not a ipad.

  • http://Website Kurt scofield

    Please pick me! I love your guys’ website. I work at vzw and I always tell my cust to go to your website because its a great resource for everything android.

  • http://Website FP

    My favorite feature is Honeycomb’s browser.

  • rlh225

    I am really wanting a Xoom in order to put my wife’s iPad to shame and show her the true power of Android

  • http://Website Trevor

    I like Google Body!

  • http://Website Jeff

    My favorite feature is wifi only. I already pay enough money per month for the phone I have.

  • http://Website Cole

    Honeycomb is my favorite feature.i wanted a android device since the motorola droid came out and haven’t had the pleasure of owning any android device i would be honored to win this

  • http://Website Freddy

    Today is my birthday and I would be so happy to win this for my special day :)

  • http://Website Lance Guilford

    My favorite feature of the motorola xoom is the email widget. It makes it so much easier to get your mail without going into the application. I have several gmail accounts and it is important that I’m able to check them frequently. The xoom would be a great tool of assistance. Old please select me.

  • http://Website Matthew Davies

    My favorite feature of the Zoom is the power. Dual core is awesome.
    thanks Nvidia.

  • http://Website Brian

    I would say that my favorite feature on this device is the front facing camera. With that on this tablet I will be able to see my girlfriend more often using google talk

  • http://Website Brian

    Favorite feature – Android Linux.

  • http://Website Gunnar Fjellestad

    Tegra2, not an iPad and Honeycomb! :)

  • http://Website John Kubick

    TGF – Totally Game Friendly

  • http://Website Julie A.

    I think the best feature on the XOOM would be to keep all my music on it, surf the web, and watch Glee on the go :)

  • http://Website Cristhian Bañales Fabian

    I love the “Honeycomb + HD display + Tegra 2″ Combo… It’s just amazing

  • http://Website Seth

    I think that nice big screen would be awesome. Especially since I’m using my tiny little DInc screen right now.

  • http://Website Wes Roller

    Honey Comb is awesome but believe it or not the back arrow is what I like the most since I run a rooted nook color

  • Maximus0111

    My favorite feature is the Android OS and the way you can customize the look of the screens.

  • gilbert

    I love the Motorola Xoom the first and the only real honeycomb tablet!!

  • pgarcia92

    The best feature of the Xoom is its dual core processor, because nobody likes waiting for pages, apps, music, or any of the other 237509328672 possibilites to download, especially when they’re on the go. Seriously, it’s pretty freakin embarrassing to buy a big expensive phone or tab and be showing it off to your friends, and having to wait for it to download something simple.

    Y para los que leen el español, lo podré repetir para que ustedes lo puedan comprender :] mi favorita cosa sobre el motorola Xoom es el procesador de doble núcleo de NVIDIA porque permite que tus cosas como música, películas, aplicaciones, etc. se descarguen mucho más rápidamente. Éso es super importante si quieres acceder a información sobre la marcha.

  • http://Website Ryan

    My favorite feature is that it makes the iPad look like it was designed for a preschooler. The XOOM is a real tablet.

  • http://Website Kevin

    I am excited that I only found this website a few days ago and so far I like it!

    Here’s to hoping I win :)

  • http://Website Bill

    Honeycomb 3.0! That means it can play videos from the Android Market, right?

  • http://Website kirKauai

    What’s not to like; Android, clean, fast, Motorola – I would love to have one!

  • http://Website ryan

    The Tegra 2 is the best part

  • http://Website Michael Lee

    my favorite part of the xoom is the dual core processor.

  • http://Website Robert

    My favorite feature on the Motorola Xoom has to be the fact it’s running stock honeycomb :-)

  • http://Website Zach

    Favorite feature: fastboot oem unlock.

  • http://Website Nick

    My favorite feature would be that it runs 3.x

  • waltcolemansux

    Lots of great features…Tegra 2 CPU, 10.1″ display, dual cameras…but my favorite feature? SPEED!

    From what I’ve read, the Xoom has a smooth, responsive interface. Now on my second Android smartphone, lag still annoys me. I can live with it on a smartphone, but for a device that will be a laptop replacement, I want a speedy UI.

    Sounds like the Xoom has hit the mark on performance.

  • Jeice

    Hard to decide what isn’t a favorite feature! Solid design, first tablet to run Honeycomb, amazing screen, cool effects and so much more!

  • http://Website Gregory

    The tegra 2 of … what else!??

  • Z4KJ0N3S

    I’m gonna say my favorite feature is the amazing build quality. Got to handle one in the Sprint store the other day, and it’s *fantastic*. :D

  • http://Website caleb

    I like the screen size the best

  • http://Website Robbie

    I think the xoom’s best feature is the 10.1″ display because tablet computing should really be done on a large surface. The other tablets are mostly 7″ and that just feels like a large phone, but the 10.1 inch screen feels much different and that it can handle more tablet based applications. I also think the operating system is amazing i love the new ui on 3.0 and i really like the way they integrated the home and back buttons into the actual gui instead of physically on the phone. all in all i loved the xoom that i tried inside the verizon store and i would really love to have one for myself!!

  • ihedberg

    I like the screen size & dual core processor!

  • http://Website Chris

    Glance and go info on a large screen.

  • Christopher Cook

    Honestly I think I have to say that the main feature I appreciate is that Motorola didn’t ruin it with some tablet optimized MotoBlur, and instead opted to leave it stock Gingerbread.

  • Thomas Hunsaekr

    The large screen and battery life.

  • http://Website onlyever

    The best feature, in my opinion, is the fact that the Xoom will hopefully continue to be updated to the newest versions of the tablet versions of Android, meaning that if I win the Xoom, I’ll have access to all the newest features Google has been working hard on, rather than just kind of watching form the sidelines.
    Hm, I also like the nice big screen size and fast processor for movie playback and gaming, however… ;)

  • Lance Orner

    I’m an Android developer and it’s my birthday! No brainer. :)

  • http://Website B2L

    Honeycomb, Tegra 2, and battery life.

    Could i ask for more? Can i win something for once? Please.

  • McLovin

    It’s not an Apple!

  • http://Website brendan oneil

    Favorite feature 3.0/3.1 and the optimized Google apps!

  • http://Website D Williamson

    Of course the best thing is it is on the Android Platform. I actually have an Ipad and am looking to get rid of it to get a XOOM!

  • http://Website Tornato7

    The awesome browser is my favorite feature. Also the movie maker

  • http://Website Max

    My favorite part of the Xoom is it’s not an iTampon.

  • Ben

    The best part of the Zoom is built in flash…screw Apple.

  • DonChinga

    I love its browser, widgets, multitasking, and pretty much everything un-iPad about it.

  • http://Website Dionna G.

    I love the fact that it’s Android! I have been in love with Android since my Epic.

  • http://Website Teddy B

    It’s the Nexus of tablets… why wouldn’t I want one?

  • http://Website Tega

    I need the portability for work!

  • http://Website Tony M

    My favorite feature is honeycomb

  • http://Website Ken Jackson

    Love the fact its not a crapple product, has flash, and that its Wi-Fi and not tied down to a pricey Verizon contract! The Zoom is an awesome piece of machinery!

  • http://Website aGarcia

    My Favorite feature is the dual core tegra 2 processor capable of playing awesome games, and the USB hosting .. .AWESOME!!!!

  • http://Website daniel walsh

    tegra 2 and honeycomb

  • http://Website Franklin

    I missed out on winning a cheaper tablet today at a developers meeting which I was disappointed about since none of the winners seemed to be developers. That’s the most important thing I would do with the XOOM: coding new apps and adjusting my old ones!

  • http://Website ben

    To make it simple I love everything just everything about the xoom!!!

  • http://Website Kyle S

    Woohoo, cmon xoom!

  • http://Website Gabriel Periotto

    Oh definitely the speakers for me… not a big fan of having speakers on the side like other devices…

  • http://Website Sean

    Oh I need this bad!!

  • http://Website George Fields

    I love all of the apps that can be run by android and the XOOMs tegra2 processor!

  • http://Website ßaul ruiz

    Blessed by Motorola, this tab will always get the latest and greatest updates for honeycomb and to top it off with killer hardware specs

  • http://Website roy

    Got to say the best part is well how can you pick just one thing?

  • Sergio

    The best feature? the poweful processor

  • Rick Austin

    Got to love that large wonderful screen!

  • http://Website bishless

    My favorite feature on the Xoom is Honeycomb!

  • http://Website jody

    I like the HD screen and that is has a dual core.

  • http://Website zaoot bawl

    When i turn a xoom on.. it also turns me on.

  • http://Website Wallace Whiting

    The zoom has the best look to it.

  • http://Website Jonathan

    The thing I like the most about the Moto Xoom is the combination of android 3.0 tablet OS with the dual core processor

  • http://Website Adam

    My favorite features are the new 3.1 that is on the xoom, the auto google music beta invite that comes with having a xoom, the awesome handling of multitasking, being a usb host, dual core processor, amazing screen, and microsd support! (Unlimited storage, basically :D)

  • http://Website Eric White

    My favorite XOOM feature has to be the unlocked bootloader!

    True gadget freaks gotta love the ability to unleash the FULL potential of all that Honeycomb-infused Tegra 2 goodness. =D

  • jian9007

    My fave feature is the widescreen aspect ratio of the screen (Xoom is 16:10 as opposed to the antiquated 4:3 that the iPad 2 uses).

  • Jayson Olson

    Xoom favorite feature: It’s not an iPad….oh and I suppose knowing it has Honeycomb

  • http://Website juan fabregas

    Just discovered this site a couple weeks ago. So far so good. Good info and now great swag.
    Keep up the good work .

  • http://Website Vito Ielati

    I like the HD screen and the Honey Comb music player!

  • http://Website Andrew Bowers

    I love the screen/size of the Xoom, and it is very lightweight and can go anywhere. I think Android is so much better than Apple’s OS.. but that’s just my opinion.

  • http://Website Arpit Patel

    My single favorite XOOM feature is fast speed of dual core tegra 2 processor. AWESOMENESS is just an understatement.

  • Juan_Figs

    My favorite feature : it’s not an iPad

  • http://Website DroidCLH

    My favorite feature? Honeycomb of course!!! probably the coolest UI I’ve ever seen!!

  • Maikel Alonso

    I love Honeycomb and Xoom design. Thanks Android and me. U are the best!

  • http://Website Chris

    My favorite feature? All of the pure sexiness they’ve jam packed in there.

  • http://Website Alan Patel

    THe best thing about the Xoom, it doesnt have a picture of a fruit on the back

  • http://Website John Pucillo

    Favorite feature is the Honeycomb OS. Runs circles around my Galaxy tab with the dual core cpu!!

  • http://Website Mike

    When is this thing supposed to be LTE?

  • http://Website SImon

    I love that the xoom supports HDMI out and USB host!, can you imagine hooking up a big hard drive to the xoom and then the xoom to a big screen tv and being able to play back videos and pictures so smoothly!

    I would sell my soul for a xoom.

  • http://Website John Ford

    I think the ability to resize widgets is just awesome.

  • Gautch

    Its all about Honeycomb and USB host for me.

  • http://Website David Torres

    Honeycomb and Tegra? What’s not to like?

  • http://Website Chris

    The Android OS takes the cake…it’s what makes it better than the rest!

  • http://Website Bob

    My favorite feature is the brilliant notification system.

  • http://Website Joseph Johnson

    Be nice to have a Tablet.. Best thing i like about the Xoom (and other tabs) is that they use Honeycomb which is a great OS for a tablet.

  • http://Website Danny

    Love the beautiful screen!

  • http://Website Chris

    Good luck to everyone!

  • http://Website Salam Mannan

    All I wanna do is zooma zoom in your xoom xoom

  • http://Website Monica

    I love the new USB integrations with the 3.1 update

  • http://Website Chris Deeds

    My favorite feature of the Xoom is that it runs Android and not iOS!

  • http://Website dasudevil

    My Favorite feature would have to be that its a wifi tablet. No Contracts, No gimmicks, Just the latest, greatest, up to date android entertainment.

  • http://Website giorgio77

    I am in love with the xoom tablet my boss have one and I played with it for only 5 minutes then he took it away every week I stop at best buy look at it and I love the way its build and the UI of this tablet is a honey dolce cosa just amazing I have 3 young kids just lost my house kids cost a lot and I love them more then any tablet in the world but if I won this tablet ill take good care of it just like my kids. Thanks

  • http://Website jorge

    I love the Xoom’s hardware composition and that sweet sweet honeycomb! Pick me!

  • http://Website IvaN romero

    I want one. I want Honeycomb.

  • http://Website Roberto

    Honeycomb, dual core processor, 1280×800…. a lot to love!

  • http://Website Geoffrey

    Best feature – slick hardware design and ‘dimensional’ software design!

    Even better if it were sitting in my lap…

  • http://Website Tim

    My favorite features are the large screen and honeycomb.

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    The Tegra 2 processor

  • Paul Puri

    My favorite thing about the Xoom is Honeycomb. And the camera. I think that’s two things. Sorry.

  • http://Website sledgeb

    My favorite feature is the Honeycomb 3.1 update.

  • Rinkesh

    The best feature of Xoom that it runs on Honeycomb and the Tegra 2 processor for games!

    I hope I win =)

  • http://Website DJ

    I think I should win because my house was almost taken by a tornado a few days ago.
    Favorite feature is probably Android Market because it has endless possibilities oh and my other favorite feature is that it isn’t an iPad. haha

  • Eric Vaughan

    Honeycomb 3.1 is the star of the show here. I’d also love to get a Zoom in order to get started with Google Music! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • http://Website Jon Calderon

    BEST BEST BEST BEST FEATURE is…. Android. duh!

  • http://Website Pasqual Tonzola

    I really loved the fit and finish of the Zoom. Running Honeycomb didn’t hurt either :)

  • http://Website Elizabeth Stone

    I love that it’s a Honeycomb device and it would be great for watching video.

  • http://Website Justine

    My favorite thing is that it runs on Honeycomb! I can’t wait to get a glimpse!

  • WickedToby741

    My favorite feature of the XOOM has to be freedom. You know, the one feature that Android has always had, and probably always will, over iOS..

  • GRAW

    Honeycomb, and the first to 3.1

  • http://Website Aj Smith

    I love the fact that it has dual core CPU if I don’t win one today you have to help convince my girl to get me one for my bday plz

  • Austin Tompkins

    Honeycomb on the Tegra 2? Def my fav combo. I want honeycomb so badly!
    *nom nom nom*

  • http://Website Jed

    What isn’t there to love about the Xoom? Honeycomb, good camera, nice screen, USB hosting and has Android and not iOS.

  • http://Website Eli

    Honeycomb 3.1 :)

  • http://Website jason

    Ill take a xoom

  • http://Website Andrew

    I would have to say the best feature is that you can root it already. Other nice features include: the cameras, to be able to video conference on this thing would be sweet, the design is sleek, and having a dual core processor is a definite plus.

  • http://Website jeff marks

    The best part is definitely that it runs Android and no that other lame mobile OS.

  • http://Website eric to

    best feature is the upcoming 3.1 update!

  • http://Website wallace whiting

    Honeycomb and Tegra 2

  • http://Website Gary S.

    My favorite feature is that it’s not an iPad!!

  • http://Website Daryl Watts

    The XOOM has a ton of useful features: being the original Honeycomb tablet, the power of the Tegra 2 proccessor and more but my favorite has to the HDMI output – download those classic videos and share them with mates on large screen tv’s so everyone can watch them in good quality easily.

  • http://Website Joan

    I LOVE the screen, but the Tegra 2 and Honeycomb are great too!

  • http://Website Chris

    Honeycomb and screen size is about right for my needs

  • smithey253

    Android 3.x is clear the winning feature!

  • http://Website Dan


  • http://Website LAVA

    Its a new Android tablet. What’s not to love :)

  • http://Website Eric Ramos

    My favorite feature of the xoom is everything @ my fingertips.

  • BeeJay251

    I would love to have a Xoom. I work for a promotions company Lost Tribe. It would be great to have access to the web, email, docs. I had a Cr-48 and it took to long to log on and no touch screen.with the xoom I will be able to have apps running to keep up with twitter Facebook with out missing anything else. and I have the HTC Evo to do all my phones calls and will be able to multitask on the Xoom.
    thank you

  • http://Website auronblue

    Definitely the Tegra 2 processor and Flash support.

  • http://Website daniel

    This would be sweet!!

  • http://Website Chris McDonald

    I love the Xoom’s speed and smoothness when completing tasks. The screen is great looking and I can finally play Dungeon Defenders.

  • Mike Moskowitz

    My favorite feature of the XOOM is Honeycomb.

  • http://Website Ken


  • http://Website Oceand

    Has to be Google talk with video.

  • http://Website Werewood

    Obviously CPU power

  • http://Website Adrian

    Honeycomb and the newly announced 3.1 features are appealing. :)

  • mukul.modi

    Android Power!

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    HDMI out. I use the shit out of it on my netbook.

  • http://Website Michal

    I love the fact that it was first tablet with Honeycomb and addionally – the power of two cores….

  • http://Website Marco Peña

    I really like the honeycom ui. The widgets are bad ass.

  • joegabe

    My favorite feature of the Xoom is the Android OS. Looking forward to Ice Cream.

  • Cole Loomis

    My favorite thing about the XOOM is that it is better than the Ipad. But if I had to choose an actual feature I would have to say just the fact that it is a tablet, a large format companion for my Android phone.

  • http://Website MONSI

    my favorite XOOM feature is the tegra-2 and Android 3.1 the real deal to be the best tablet in the market :-D

  • http://Website Eric

    I really like that it’s running 3.0 that’s awesome… dual core CPU is beast… and the best feature is that it isn’t an apple lol

  • http://Website Andy

    Freakin Music Beta!!

  • http://Website Leroy

    My favorite feature of the XOOM is Honeycomb 3.1, NVIDIA tegra-2 and the widgets =)

  • http://Website Justin

    Favorite feature is the foundation… Android on a 10.1″ screen.

  • Lisa

    my favorite XOOM feature is that supposedly it runs on an operating system created by robots who came purely to create an operating system that rocked our world. mission: accomplished.

  • http://Website Florin Popovici

    is this for the US peeps only??

  • ryaninc

    My favorite feature is definitely real Honeycomb, with all the real, awesome features. As opposed to the hacked together Honeycomb I’m running on my Nook Color. :-)

  • http://Website Jeremy Monteiro

    NVIDIA Tegra 2…. oh and its just better than anything apple is putting out!!!

  • http://Website The Great Lion

    I’m game. Honeycomb is the bomb diggety.

  • http://Website Dave

    Stock os none of the blotware

  • http://Website Josh

    My favorite Motorola XOOM features would have to be Andriod 3.0 and the dual-core processor!

  • http://Website David

    Why, I’ll take one in black. Stock honeycomb goodness.

  • http://Website Beau

    That little green robot just happens to be my favorite feature.

  • http://Website Jonathon

    My favorite feature is the large screen!