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Midweek Madness! Score a free Motorola XOOM tablet from NVIDIA!

We’ve picked a winner! Congratulations to Kenneth, you just scored a new XOOM!

Hello and welcome to my Wednesday. History has shown me that Wednesdays have a tendency to be ultra lame. To combat that, the team at Android and Me came up with Midweek Madness. For those unaware, we like to give away small prizes during the week to help make things suck a little less.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I say small prizes? Let me fix that, because today we have a brand new XOOM tablet featuring the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. We’ve got our hands on the newest WiFi-only model (no carrier contracts) and want to give it to you, the loyal reader.

To win today, we’ve made things easy. All you have to do is leave a comment below. Tell us what XOOM feature is your favorite. Make sure you use a REAL email address (seriously, last time one of the winners used a fake and missed out on a prize) and don’t bother down voting each other’s comments- the winner will be chosen at random.

XOOM winner!Speaking of winners, check out this guy, who won a XOOM from us at the Google I/O Extended event here in Austin a few weeks ago. And speaking of real winners, when we gave away that tablet at the event, the first name drawn passed on the prize so a working developer would get it. She was called as the winner and instead took only a t-shirt, passing the tablet on to our next drawn name. I can’t recall the last time I saw such a generous act.

After today, we’ll only have one XOOM left to give away. So make sure you leave a comment for a chance to win! We’ll be announcing the winner around this time tomorrow, you’ve only got a single day to enter!

To recap: leave a comment below for a chance to win a XOOM. Use your real email address so we can contact you. Tell us your favorite feature. Make Wednesdays less lame.

We’ve picked a winner! Congratulations to Kenneth, you just scored a new XOOM!

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • http://Website Michael C.

    Definitely the processor speed, Honeycomb, and the screen res!

  • http://Website Thaghost

    Honeycomb of course!

  • holydhaliwal


  • http://Website Matt

    I love the honeycomb lockscreen!

  • Scott “Psylink” Rager

    I have been playing with a XOOM at work and I love honeycomb, the screen is definitly nice also, would love to have one pick me or a rabid monkey will bite you in your sleep in a not so nice place

  • http://Website chris

    Fav feature of the Xoom, No skins, extra UI’s, just a true Google experience device.

  • http://Website Koeby

    It’s a android tablet!!!

  • http://Website neil

    My favorite feature is Android 3.0 and the nice display.

  • http://Website Simas

    sweet, great looking, just like my wife – always want to have it close to me :)

  • http://Website David K

    I want a Xoom!!!!! Go Terga 2!!!

  • http://Website Saulav

    The massive screen Is definitely my favorite feature. Would allow me to browse the net in the comfort of my bed. Kudos to androidandme for giving away such a massive prize. Hope I win!

  • TechieBlom

    I love that it’s Android and that alone makes it better than the Ipad…I need the XOOM!!!!!!

  • http://Website Cindy

    my favorite feature about the xoom is its elegant style.

  • http://Website Carole

    My favorite feature is the sweet android os.

  • Roger Rabbi

    My favorite feature of the XOOM? Its portability. I’m on the road 6 days a week and long ago tired of carrying a laptop around.

  • http://Website charles tenorio

    My favorite feature is its overall ability to replace a laptop. I would have purchased a laptop this spring, but am so pleased I went with something new like the xoom. Way more powerful than I expected.

  • http://Website Yusef

    my favorite feature is video chat on gtalk.

  • http://Website TheFief

    I love almost everything about it but mostly the screen, it looks awesome.

  • http://Website jeff o

    My favorite feature? ANDROID!

  • http://Website GabrielP

    i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant ! comment…
    gimme that !

  • Virdi

    Honeycomb + Dual core (better GPU) = WIN! I am interning at a satellite image processing company. I would like to write a Raster Processing Application for Android. I have to buy one very soon anyway. Thanks for these random acts of kindness ;)

  • http://Website Elder De Leon

    I dont want it i need it

  • http://Website thom cuneo

    The best feature of the one is that it would be free.the best feature of the zoom in general is that its not a ipad

  • http://Website johnnie howell

    theirs nothing i dont like about the xoom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Jorge conty

    I need the powerful processing called NVIDIA Tegra 2, and the Motorola Xoom is the only qualified tablet that is capable do all my tasks, that’s the reason is my favorite feature.

  • http://Website Joe Liserio

    I cant get past the awesome speed of the Tegra 2.

  • http://Website Jeff Plourde

    Light weight. ftw

  • http://Website Eugene Borodin

    Oh how I’d love me new Xoom :-) what’s there not too like? But sweet Tegra2 processor is the best part of course!

  • http://Website Ignacio

    My favorite feature is that it has Android 3.1 running on a big screen! And that just tops everything else!

  • http://Website Chris Matier

    My favorite Xoom feature is an easily unlocked bootloader and the Tiamat Kernel…

  • http://Website Marty

    The Xooms are great and getting better press. In a trip through Japan there were plenty of iPad ads, but I was surprised to see the number of Xoom ads in prominent places, train stations, etc. Should bode well for global market share. It is competitive with iPad, so we shall see.

  • http://Website Sean

    I like the GBs

  • aSmith

    HDMI out! And Android 3.1 of course

  • wyatt

    i pretty much need this.

    • wyatt

      i forgot, honeycomb and screen size!

  • http://Website Bryan

    The best part of the Xoom is the Honeycomb. It is smooth and amazing.

  • http://win Joe Capotrio

    The flexibility and convenience are unmatched.

  • http://Website Alex watson

    That’s he Oriya don’t see to many people like that around she should get the last one just because she was so genorous

  • Jacob Markussen

    I would just love that Xoom, so I can realize all my cool apps on a real device AND rub it into my apple loving friends’ faces!!!

  • http://Website Katia

    My boyfriend was thinking of getting one he just got into android development and that would have made he’s day if he where that runner up congrats to the winners

  • http://Website George Christodoulou

    ok favorite features : seamless Google sync between tablet phone and computer, native tweetdeck, decent cameras, Google maps!

  • http://Website CharlesM

    Soft-touch back

  • clarkeblaise

    Great contest, thanks AndroidandMe! Would love one!

  • http://Website Nathan To

    I want the XOOM because it is much better than the iPad2 and I need flash.

  • http://Website Slava

    720p, the 1280×800.

    The iPad2 sucks in this respect hands down… wow, i was shocked to see that on their second gen tablet… no excuse that it can not play even 720p natively. Have anyone noticed this? The 720p is absolute minimum for the screen because on tablets unlike regular monitors and laptops the pixelation is twice strongly visible due much to smaller almost twice distance 10-12″ to the eyes .

  • http://Website Slava

    720p, the 1280×800.

    The iPad2 for example literally sucks in this respect hands down… wow, i was shocked to see that on their second gen tablet… no excuse that it can not play even 720p natively. Have anyone noticed this? The 720p is absolute minimum for the screen because on tablets unlike regular monitors and laptops the pixelation is twice strongly visible due much to smaller almost twice distance 10-12″ to the eyes .

  • http://Website mrbill187

    I’d love to get my hands on a tablet with the tegra2 dual core processor for running apps and games without lag.

  • http://Website Jason J

    Dual core processor power!

  •!/MilenkosMagic milenkosmagic

    It’s best feature is Google! Easy, integrated and quick access to Google Music (got my invite), Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk and my FAVORITE Google Reader (tool I use to read your site). I have been asking Moto for a Xoom via twitter for 9 days and counting @milenkosmagic! I’m a die hard Android and Google user. Please make this gadget dream a reality!

  • http://Website Chris

    That screen looks great.

  • http://Website Slava


  • http://Website Pedro Ortiz

    My favorite feature of the motorola xoom tablet is definitely android 3.0. This is the birth of the real tablet, one much closer to replacing the PC.

  • http://Website Matthew Parker

    To START WITH —->How can you have just one favorite feature about the Motorola Xoom????
    I guess I could begin with the fact it’s running the greatest mobile OS ever ANDROID, but not just any version, oh no…. The Xoom is running on Google’s latest and greatest Honeycomb 3.1!!! That alone should be enough to make it anyone’s favorite tablet, but lets not forget the awesomeness that Motorola packed behind the OS, the Nvidia Tegra 2 1Ghz dual core chipset (one of my personal fav’s) that keeps the Xoom BLAZING FAST!!!! Throw in 32 Gigs of storage space and a soon to be enabled micro SD card slot*, ultimate multitasking capabilities and you’ve got the world at your fingertips with the power and speed to handle anything you throw at the Xoom’s massive 10.1″ touch screen. That together makes it my favorite tablet. But I almost forgot my FAVORITE FEATURE, the unlockable bootloader that Motorola kindly included!!!! Making that soon to be enabled *micro SD card slot* enabled along with

  • http://Website Slava

    Remove one of my entries, i was double entering because got the error that your server had an error, but at the end both were submitted

  • http://Website FireflyBebop

    Have you seen that screen? With a dual core processor this is definitely a tablet I would love to have!

  • http://Website Nate

    favorite feature? fastboot oem unlock. I’ll never get a device without that.

  • http://Website Stephen Ababio

    How kind of you to show us some Android love

  • http://Website Mariela Pizarro

    I love its beautiful screen!

  • http://Website Sou

    HONEYCOMB baby

  • http://Website Sheng

    My favourite feature is Honeycomb!

  • http://Website Zeact

    The Holographic UI design. I like it.

  • rickp3131

    My favorite feature is it’s not Apple!

  • http://Website Tristan

    The unlockable/relockable bootloader function is the most interesting into my eyes…
    Of course tegra2 processor with Android 3.1 are soooo cool !

  • http://Website Brian

    My favorite thing about the Xoom is that it’s not made by Apple!

  • http://Website rothany

    Honeycomb and tegra 2 ftw

  • http://Website JMD

    The ability to do nearly everything a computer can do in such a portable size. Holy Sh*t! I just made myself feel old.

  • http://Website Raphael

    I need me some tegra zone action.

  • http://Website Jeffrey Garcia

    Man the super fast CPU speed and my amazing talent to start up parties and events would mix very well with the Xoom! HD video, crisp PICTURES! huge screen, perfect Guestlist/ picture taking/ video recording anyone would ever have!

    • http://Website Jeffrey Garcia

      Oh and i also want to wish everyone great Luck! definitely a great Prize to win!

  • nicotinic

    I think the killer feature is the tegra 2

  • J. to the O.

    I want to have this Xoom because of Canada’s lack of exclusivity on new Android devices.

  • http://Website winner00

    My favorite feature is that it can be easily unlocked!!

  • http://Website afallucco

    Favorite feature is multi-tasking and the ability to unlock the phone :)

  • http://Website kartell

    favorite feature, every one.

  • http://Website Marcus

    My favorite feature of the XOOM is that its running honeycomb!

  • http://Website Rhymes and Dimes

    My favorite feature is definitely the Honeycomb gmail app, but if we’re talking hardware, the Tegra 2 of course :)

  • http://Website doug edwards

    the best thing about android is the fact that you can make it how you like it and match your personality.

  • http://Website dan witkemper

    Love the crisp bright screen

  • http://Website Tucker

    unlocked bootloader

  • http://Website Edgar

    The best xoom feature is the true multitasking and the really cool holographic ui

  • http://Website Matt

    It’s a tough call but I’d have to go with the awesomeness that is Android 3.0!

  • http://Website Kyle

    Yes please! Thank you!

  • http://Website Jared

    Best Feature? The fact that it’s the best tablet on the market today!

  • http://Website TomR

    Favorite feature is the new layout to the home screen that comes with Android 3.

  • http://Website chris

    the big HD screen and honeycomb in general

  • http://Website Xander

    My favorite feature of the Xoom is the ability to get the latest upgrades fresh from the Big G.

  • http://Website Joel

    Favorite feature would have to be a new one from 3.1…… USB Host mode. Hooking up externals and jump drives are one of the key areas this trumps iOS.

  • http://Website Stan Thomason

    Dual-Core plus Honeycomb equals lots of awesomeness!!!

  • Dave

    I would really love to win this. I can’t pick just one feature because it’s so good in so many ways.

  • http://Website Rob

    Free Xoom!

  • http://Website Dave

    I love Android. My favorite feature is Honeycomb!

  • http://Website Hershell

    It aint no fun if the Xoom can’t have none!!

  • Coolio

    It’s super fast Tegra 2 processor!!

  • http://Website Eamon

    My favorite feature is the slick holographic and intuitive user interface.

  • http://Website David Wainwright

    IMPOSSIBLE to pick just ONE!!!! But I will go with the large multi touch screen!!! I love it that I dont have to scroll left and right to see everything.

  • http://Website Robert Walters

    My favorite feature of the Xoom is ….. its not an *pad!

  • http://Website Donovan Brock

    Favorite part — Unlockable Bootloader….

  • daveloft

    I like the fact that it will most likely be the first Android tablet to get updates. The Xoom is like the Nexus of tablets.

  • http://Website Colleen

    Android ROCKS!

  • http://Website Mark Huson

    I like dual core, Honeycomb, and 10.1 inch screen.

  • http://Website Micheal

    I love the awesome screen and the honeycomb!

  • http://Website Dave Ferguson

    I love the Android OS crisp screen and large real estate!

  • http://Website Michael

    I want a Xoom please kthnx.

  • http://none turn


  • http://Website Aaron

    My favorite feature is the sweet design of it.

  • shadowxof

    this is a awesome device! hope i win it out

  • http://Website Kings Lee

    Wish I can have a non-lame Wednesday!

  • http://Website Ridz

    Xooooooom. My fav feature is 1080p video over hdmi. Love it!

  • http://Website geeky1

    Want this so my 10-year-old and 7-year-old can use AutoCAD on it to design a working teleportation machine!

  • http://Website Alex


  • http://Website Santiago

    Whooooooooooooooooo. A Xoom would be the absolute best. What’s the best feature. Well after reading a recent redo review, I think the update they put out recently sounds like the best feature. Heard it changes the tablet completely. But if I had to say, it’s that sweet, sweet Honeycomb goodness.

  • Coolio

    The XOOM is the best because of its super fast Tegra 2 processor

  • http://Website William

    Duel-Core period!

  • http://dirtyhumanoids,com Matt Piatkowski

    What I like most about Xoom? When I develop using Eclipse, I can test it directly to the tablet without using the slow AVD Emulator.

  • http://Website adam

    My favorite feature would have to the dual core processor.

    What really attracts me is having a second android android device, other than my phone which is monopolized by my kids :)

  • http://Website Andrew

    Favorite feature’s the barometer. I mean, you’ve got to have a barometer, right?

  • http://Website bT

    umm…dual core, stock honeycomb, solid device all around!!!! i neeed!!!!!

  • Mike


  • http://Website Zack

    More awesome?

  • http://Website daniel

    my favorite feature is that it is wifi only!… free is good!!… speaking of free, PICK ME ALREADY!!!

  • http://Website Alex Murray

    Is it too late? I love the Tegra processor. It should make viewing movies very smooth. :)

  • http://Website tony

    I want a Xoom so damn bad.

  • http://Website Maurice Ellis

    The fact that Honeycomb 3.1 is rolling out… adjustable widgets =D

  • http://Website Khronyk

    ooooh aaaaah my favorite feature is the honeycombe goodness inside!

  • http://Website Bryan B

    cant wait to root it!!

  • http://Website jon

    My favorite feature of the xoom is definitely the fact that it appears to be the reference platform for honeycomb tablets and gets all the official updates first much like the nexus phones.

  • http://Website Akareem81

    Who wouldn’t want a free Android tablet!??

  • Evan W.

    I’m a huge fan of Motorola’s hardware – one of the best hardware manufacturers on the market right now.

  • Nathan Snyder
  • http://Website L0n3R4ng3r

    other then Nexus S, only Android device with GTalk video and that sweet, sweet screen.

  • http://Website Corey

    I really want this tablet. My favorite feature is ANDROID! and its ability to do everything.

  • http://Website s8mir

    When will android get facebook scrabble?

  • kanizzle

    My favorite feature is simple…..ANDROID!!!!

  • Kelly Buchanan

    My favorite features are the dual core processor and the fact it’s running Honeycomb.

  • http://Website mike g

    The best feature will be having an unlocked motorola bootloader and showing up snooty iPaders with the Xoom! Also reading Androidandme on the go with a larger screen wont hurt either..

  • http://Website Celia Yeung

    Last minute entry! Hope to put CyanogenMod 8/9/10 on XOOM!

  • http://Website Anna B

    Favorite feature? Runs on Honeycomb. And it has a camera. And it’s not an iPad. Score!

  • http://Website JASON SANCHEZ

    Well first off i love motorola and the xoom o i havent had a first person view on it but read quit a bit seem really really good well hope to hear from you alls thanks

  • http://Website hosj

    I love the placement of the power button

  • http://Website Noedge

    Dual core goodness. Yum!

  • ncalvin

    Best Xoom-specific feature? Motorola build quality. Seriously. Any electronic gizmo you can use, bonk someone over the head with in a moment of extremity, and continue to use is a winner in my book.

    Tablets in general, though? Great way to show off my port, get the little things done, and generally get that wonderful feeling that we’re living in our own science fiction.

    Now if you’ll pardon me, I’m going to go play with my Tricorder app >_>

  • Jeff Helget

    I love the XOOM’s build quality, true to all of Moto’s recent devices. Also, Honeycomb… mmmmm….

  • Ryan

    I love the new google music and movie rentals from the market.

  • http://Website Sandeep

    Sign me up.

  • http://Website W. Dawkins

    The screen size is perfect for travel entertainment.

  • http://Website jimtravis

    Love to add this device to my electronic toy box.

  • http://Website Saeka

    Definitely the fact that it has a dual core processor and is running on Honeycomb. Delicious, honey goodness.

  • http://Website Sandeep

    One feature would be the whole XOOM experience.

  • http://Website Marcus

    favorite part… it’s android. I’m a total google fan. Just got my music beta invite! WOOHOO!!! I’ll be able to use the front camera to talk to my mom, while I’m away. I can read books and comics on it. My phone screen is sooo small. and Dungeon defenders in BIG!!! awesome!!! I guess that is screen size, too… So, I guess it’s, favorite partssss. :)

  • http://Website reginald pierre

    Its xoomafiably thin :) love it.

  • http://Website Michael Caiola

    Xoom, yes please.

  • http://Website kevin mulliger

    I love the Xoom size and form factor being a tablet that I don’t have. I also am interested in the 4G LTE as it is coming to my area June 16. I am a Verizon customer already (OG Droid) and am looking forward to a 4G phone, Android of course! I love Nvidia GPUs (have had 3 ) rocking 1 right now and really want that Tegra 2!

  • http://Website Robert O

    I would love the tablet. the tegra processor will rumble with divine power in my hands

  • http://Website PJ

    The Xoom is not available in Saipan, US Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Would love to be the first to show off the features of the Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

  • kungpaodragon

    Friend of mine has Xoom and he also already got the invitation to Google Music. Just another added benefit to the already features packed device. I want one.

  • Eric

    I’m a teacher. I would use it to better society because I can’t afford one myself on my salary.

  • http://Website Benjamin Bolton

    I suppose the counter-(i)culture is part of the appeal, but truly the open-platform coupled with the tegra 2 processor makes it an awesome tool!

  • http://Website Steve

    I”d love to win this. I think the fact that it’s running Honeycomb is the best.

  • http://Website Beezus

    Beezus <3 honeycomb

  • Nick

    mmm I think that the best thing of the XOOM is android 3.0 and the tegra processor and the huge screen and the… oh you said just one feature… XD


  • http://Website Brian

    Definitely the unlockable bootloader

  • http://Website Pock

    I’d love some Xoom action. Best features would have to be build quality, Tegra 2, and Honeycomb. Main reason I want an Android tablet is to shut up all the Ipad zombies at work.

  • http://Website Billy

    as I totally click and comment on the wrong link earlier *facepalm*

  • http://Website Darrien

    I most likely won’t win but its worth a shot :|

  • http://Website Amanda Davies

    My favorite feature is the large display for videos!

  • http://Website Reggie

    flash baby FLASH

  • http://Website brandon

    The xoom has android honeycomb.

  • http://Website Alexander Ward

    Best feature would have to be the awesome processor!

  • http://Website ChrisH

    I like the beautiful screen

  • Erick Xavier

    My favorite feature is the giant screen, perfect to play my games and read my mail and the AndroidAndMe news ;) It’s awesome!

  • http://Website dustin

    The multi-tasking on xoom is totally tits!!!

  • http://Website Justin Madru

    Hm? Best single feature? Can’t pick just one!

    1) Unlocked bootloader
    2) Dualcore Tegra 2
    3) Large (1200×800) screen and storage (16-32GB)

    I’d use it to develop/debug my android app in tablet form.

  • http://Website kausik

    Dual Core CPU <3<3<3 and most importantly ANDROID 3.1 WILL BE COMING TO XOOM SOON!!!!!

  • bwolf126

    Honeycomb & Motorola what’s not to like?!

  • http://Website tim r

    Full flash integration is awesome!

  • http://Website Matthew

    Best feature about the Xoom? Android, of course!

  • http://Website Jwhap

    My favorite feature of the Motorola xoom is music beta. Having a giant music collection and being able to manage it through Google is exciting!

  • http://Website Jeff W

    Love me some Xoom!

  • http://Website Sameera

    Fav feature? Android!

  • http://Website Edward Acosta

    My favorite feature is it’s dual core processor. If I don’t win it, it will be on my Father’s Day wish list! Come on “Android and Me”! Hook me up!

  • http://Website John Y.

    A dual-core tablet with android! what not to like?

  • Alex

    My favorite feature is that it’s not made by Apple.

  • http://Website olen

    xoom me in!

  • http://Website Joakim

    high end and not apple.

  • http://Website Wendy


  • http://Website Jorge

    Easy. fastboot oem unlock,

  • http://Website Richard deMorris

    I’d like one… solid build and the camera isn’t going to be covered by fingerprints…

  • Matt L

    My favorite feature? The user interface, the color scheme (blue/black? yes, please!) and layout – from what I have played with in the store, this truly feels like what I would expect from a tablet post-Minority Report viewings (jeez, that movie set high standards for touch screen displays, amiright?)

    But most importantly, this does not feel like a giant iPod!

  • http://Website David

    Honeycomb? Totally Unlocked? Solid build? Dual core? Sweet Display? What’s not to like!

  • http://Website Björn


  • http://Website chris

    Is it to late to enter?

  • http://Website Riley

    Hdmi mirroring

  • http://Website JSP

    Large display for reading, and movie watching

    Apologies if my comments come up more than once, I can’t seem to see them after I post them.

  • http://Website Mar

    Android OS

  • http://Website Jae

    I like the screen size and honeycomb os.

  • http://Website Seph

    It’s Android 3.X. It gets the updates first. It looks premium. Now give to me :-)

  • AME

    I love Android in all its incarnations. Android is the best part of the Xoom. Without Android, I would just think the Xoom was a rectangle.

    The second best feature is that it is spelled with an ‘X’ rather than the obvious choice, ‘Z.’ It clearly indicates that this tablet is X-treme to the MaXX compared to all the other wussy tablets out there.

    • AME

      By the way, it is still Wednesday in my time zone so I’m good, right?

  • http://Website Eric

    i’m a big fan of the clear, fake microsd card that it comes with.

  • Veliman

    No skin over Android, first tablet to 3.1 and the screen.

  • http://Website Jeppe

    My favorite thing about the XOOM is that it is an Android tablet and not an iPad, which means that I can customize it in every way I want.

  • http://Website Abheyraj Singh

    Best thing about the XOOM, its an Android Honeycomb Tablet. Do I need to say anything else?

  • http://Website Tim oshea

    I like the idea of resizable widgets

  • http://Website M.E

    Another comment….

  • http://Website G3K

    My favorite XOOM feature is that it’s not an iPad.

  • http://Website James King

    My favorite feature is Flash!

  • http://Website Bill

    Anything android I love so the XOOM would be great for mt first tablet.

  • http://Website Chris

    Getting into android development with Corona lately, could really use a tablet for testing!

  • http://Website Kalleno

    It’s Android, fast, easy and a hughe application-store. I love it! It would be fine to get a new Android family member :)

  • http://Website mkz

    motorola zoom is awesome

  • http://Website Jonathan

    Honeycomb and Tablet-optimized applications.

  • DrMacinyasha

    I love the perfect size and feel of the XOOM. Toss in that excellent battery life, and its developer-friendly nature? How could I pass such a thing up? I’ll gladly take one off your hands.

  • http://Website brian

    Love android but never owned a tablet. Thanks!

  • http://Website Joel Forsyth

    I’m going to Grad School in the fall after being out of school for 5 years. I would really like an Android tablet to help me stay organized with my school work, and also to be able to download Google Body so that I can refresh on anatomy at the push of a button. The Xoom’s OG status and unlocked bootlader for easy root and customization will enable a geek like me to do everything that I need to do to get great grades and become a more constructive member of society!!!

  • http://Website Chrees

    Aww yeah. Gimme some of that Android 3.1 goodness!

  • http://Website Reggie

    My favorite feature of the XOOM? Dual core processor. I love playing with the demos in the store and just watching it fly all over the place.

    So… I can haz XOOM???

  • http://Xoom Sean

    I think the best “feature” for me would be the chance to have a real live Android tablet so that I can develop apps for both phone (which I already own) and tablet devices without worrying whether they would actually work correctly / look good etc.

  • http://Website Daniel T

    I love the Honeycomb YouTube app, really want some Honeycomb action but in no financial position to buy a tablet

  • jose l gonzalez

    My favorite feature is Speed! (provided by nVidia Tegra 2 on Games, Web Browsing and Flash content… Priceless…)

  • http://Website Rob

    Would be nice to get it, looks promising and will be nice addition to sgs. Imagine all mods to install on that tablet…

  • http://Website Rickard

    Honeycomb is the shit! As simple as that.

  • http://Website Kok Kee Yap

    One of Xoom’s feature that I like the most is the whole VoIP chatting with Gmails and also others like Skype and such. Damn, with that tablet then it’ll be good for Google Docs too

  • http://Website Jason Adler

    My favorite feature of the xoom is the tegra 2 power for gaming.

  • http://Website Lee

    I like everything about it can’t pick one thing.

  • http://Website Adontai

    Namaste!Would love to get my hands on an Android tablet.

  • http://Website Ivan Leung

    Best Feature = NVIDIA Tegra 2
    Awesome graphics!!!

  • http://Website evic

    The NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor

  • http://Website Dan Golombowski

    If I won the Xoom, I would use it to play videos in the car for my 2 boys.

  • http://Website Derrick

    The feature I’m most looking forward to is a vanilla android experience. No custom ui or overlay. Pure android honeycomb with timely updates.

  • http://Website Jonas Karlsson

    Love to view and use real Flash on a high end tablet. The XOOM makes the fruit tablets look old.

  • http://Website chase Fitzgerald

    Expandable memory and tegra of course!

  • http://Website Thom

    one of the features I love is being able to use google talk with webcam. It’s not awkward compared to chatting on the phone!

  • http://Website Sufian Siddiqi

    What i like about the xoom? The form factor, portability, honeycomb…what’s not to like?

  • http://Website Kyle

    Here comes some 4g!

  • http://Website HHKarsten

    Honeycomb, USB, HDMI. All you need ;)

  • http://Website Greg

    portability, dual core, honeycomb…. why pick just one thing to like the most ? I just want it !

  • http://twitter Shield147

    the wifi feature is awesome, especially with all the recent carrier wars, drinking coffee, following my favorite people on twitter.

  • http://Website HHKarsten

    Honeycomb, USB, HDMI… All you need :)

  • http://Website Robert Barrett

    Mine!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty please. My wife is Deaf and I would love to give this to her asit is perfect size for video phone for the Deaf and she is a game junky too.

  • http://Website Jacob Simmons

    The one thing I love about the XOOM is it’s huge beautiful display with the honeycomb UI on i! Nothing beats this tablet!

  • susuFOX

    LOVE to feel the Nvidia Tegra Horsepower in my hand… (and love to play the TegraZone Games as well), and the whole Google eco-system.

  • http://Website JJ

    The name alone is sweet!

  • http://Website Duckzero

    The fact that it uses the standard bluetooth stack. I can play games on it with my Wii remote like a portable console!

  • http://Website Josue

    My favorite feature is that is the first google tablet in the market and actually works nice with the UI and great software with hardware

  • http://Website Irwin Proud

    It would be great to win a Xoom, then I can say all my hard work on the Unlock Motorola campaign earned me an Unlocked Motorola Xoom.

  • http://Website Sean Misa

    My favorite feature about the xoom is that it’s not an ipad. =)

  •!/weebing ace

    The only Xoom’s feature that stand out from all other Honeycomb tablets is Honeycomb 3.1. That makes me feel I’m ahead of other Honeycomb tablets. Other than that, the Tegra Zone certainly utilize Xoom’s capabilities and show iPad users what is real gaming with nice graphic and performance.

  • http://Website Touya

    XOOM! I would love to get one, so I can use it to show off my portfolio

  • http://Website HSid

    Fav feature is the dual core processor…xoom ftw!

  • http://Website Kristen E

    I want a Xoom to watch netflix on. That and it’s not an ipad.

  • http://Website vash429

    nvidia the way it’s meant to be played

  • Jude Ibe

    What I like about the Motorola Xoom is the attempt to start a standard for tablets running the honeycomb variant. The ability to have a platform that is constantly updated by Google allowing me to stay ahead of the curve with my applications. For the best experience for the end users. Being able to show the users that its not just the hardware they have but the experience we developers provide them. Making their life a bit easier, a bit more efficient, a bit more fun, or just putting a smile on ones face.

    This is the start of something big, something different, something unique. The Android Experience. Thank you Android and me for the great reporting you do on behalf of the the android community. I congratulate the winner of the contest and if its me thank you and look towards the future.

  • http://Website Eddy El Camino

    The best feature is.. I like couchsurfin’ so I take this tab to surf on my couch while I surf on my couch, dawg.

  • http://Website Macky

    My favorite feature? The big screen and Tegra 2 Proc of course! Would LOVE to play games on it.

  • http://Website danny newman

    I really liked the tabbed browser. And the openness of Android.

  • http://Website Myles

    Favorite feature of the zoom, easy, it runs Android. Not really a feature, but I damn sure don’t want no i*ad. :)

  • http://Website Hans

    The barometer

  • http://Website Jon Kabat

    My favorite feature is simply the large screen for browsing from my couch.

  • Mobile Bitworks

    Screen size! It’s so much better than using a handset.

  • http://Website Maayan

    My favorite feature of the Motorola Xoom, is very easy ! Its the smile on my girlfriend’s face, when I hand her, the birthday present she wanted so much and I couldn’t afford :D

  • http://Website Tony Ly

    The features I like about the Xoom is the screen, build quality, and how well it implements the OS. The screen quality is great and super clear. The build quality is great and feels very sturdy. The OS is great because it’s jot overlaid :-).

  • Rodrigo

    The fully support to test all apps and functions that I already dreamed to use at an tablet With Android.

  • http://Website Daniel Fountas

    My favorite is the TEGRA 2 processor

  • http://Website Juan Caballero

    The Xoom is a great tablet! Thanks for doing these contests for your best fans. Droids rock.

  • http://Website Rich

    I’d like to try out the tablet version of google music beta since I just got my invite today and it seems pretty rad.

  • Matt

    Looks like a great device. :-)

  • http://Website mfg

    honeycomb i just love you!

  • http://Website Tony Ly

    Love the screen size. The extra screen real estate is great to have. Never had the cramp screen feeling when using it.

  • http://Website Felix Morritt

    My favorite feature – Honeycomb + that 10.1 inch screen……. and tetra 2 processor doesn’t hurt either

    • http://Website Felix Morritt

      ^tegra, im just to excited to type

  • http://Website Amro Munajjed

    Well let me see why do I love the Xoom ?????

    1- Android honeycomb
    2- Nvidia Tegra duel processor
    3- 10.1 screen to enjoy your life with
    4- HDMI
    5- USB

    Come on do I need to continue Android was Made for Greatness and to own an Android tablet make you an awesome person by default :)

  • http://None Harm Jan

    My favourite feature is that is a Google experience device. It will get the updates first, like android 3.1 with the great new features (gamepad/usb support, sizeable widgets etc etc)

  • http://Website James

    I’m in Australia and I really want an Android Tablet! PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME!

  • http://Website Juan Caballero

    He xoom rocks. Droids ftw!

  • http://Website Dragos

    What use is there recapitulating all Xoom’s pros (and cons) – I won’t say anything new anyway. However, this particular Xoom has one super feature: it’s free. So here goes what I like most in it, in addition to it being more powerful than my parents’ PC and my laptop. When I’ll be able to also run Windows on it to completely replace my other PCs, this will be a happy day.


  • Joey Sanchez Jr

    I love that 10.1 inch screen its beautiful.

  • dustinh052

    Wifi goodness

  • http://Website Abdias

    Please let me win!!! I like the screen size and resolution!!! Thanks

  • http://Website Jerry Alton

    Favorite featuer? If I have to choose just one, its the screen its just freaking awesome ness that can be held in my hand.

  • http://Website Jay Xoom Xoom

    Best feature is obviously that sweet Android 3.0 goodness!!!…. Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb!!!!!!

  • http://Website Demi Adejuyigbe

    Favorite feature of the XOOM? Probably the 3D desktop. I love the concept of a tablet, but I don’t really like how developers think they can just scale up a phone’s interface for a tablet, so I’m really glad Motorola went with the 3D BumpTop-ish interface. It’s unique, it works incredibly well for the platform, and it really gives the XOOM interface a very individual look that isn’t like anything I’ve seen on any other tablet.

    There are a lot of features that make the XOOM more powerful than many other tablets on the market, but the 3D desktop is definitely my favorite, if only because it makes it different.

  • http://Website philly

    I think the best is the carrier free feature tied with wifi. so nice to be able to nor have to give more money to sometimes evil big red!!! oh and that this one is free.

  • http://Website Pete B

    My favorite feature is the Honeycomb it’s running on.

  • http://Website Max

    I would love to get a free xoom (who wouldn’t?). My fav feature would have to be the honeycomb OS it runs!

  • http://Website Daniel T

    My favourite feature would be the fact that is has HONEYCOMB!!! And the HDMI sounds great too. :D

  • http://Website Louis

    The awesome screen has to be my favourite feature. (sorry I am late, sooo busy with work yesterday!!)

  • http://Website Chris B

    Powered by Android!

  • http://Website Ludwing

    The feature I love about the Xoom is the uniquely customizable screens thanks to an awesome UI, which to me truly defines multitasking and openness!

  • http://Website Noel

    My fave feature? Honeycomb xD

  • http://Website kouray

    Favorite feature ? Honeycomb of course !

  • http://Website Arron


  • http://Website Kryzys

    Favorite feature… I can win it, when it is still unavailable in my country ;) But seriously… blazing fast, awesome screen and Android of course.

  • http://Website Johanna

    Xoom then name! :)

  • Jason Bao

    I love its BIG screen ,the FAST CPU, and the real-multi-task Android System!

  • Jorge

    I just say HONEYCOMB!… wow!

  • http://Website Yuichi

    Pure Honeycomb…Awesome!

  • http://Website Angel Ovcharov

    I hope I am not late for the draw.

    My favourite feature is the awesome build quality and the Honeycomb Android.

  • http://Website Bjørn Westblad

    My favourite Xoom feature would be high-quality screen and performance. That, and its build quality. It looks stunning

  • http://Website matej

    My favourite Xoom feature is barometer sensor.

  • http://Website dVyper


  • http://Website Hans Petter

    The barometer.

  • http://Website Barry K

    It would be nice to have it.

  • http://Website Eugene

    Favorite feature is honeycomb on that nice 10 inch screen. c:

  • http://Website Philip

    Mmmmmm nVidia Tegra 2