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Midweek Madness! Score a Samsung Modus 6450 Bluetooth Headset

Another week, another Wednesday, and another chance to get your hands on a cool prize for doing almost nothing. Today we’ve got a pair of the new Samsung Modus 6450 Bluetooth headsets up for grabs and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post.

The Samsung Modus 6450 is one of the first headsets to offer specific support for Android applications. What that actually means, I have no idea- I just saw the Android logo on the box and got excited. To confirm my elation, I hit up the included spec sheet that relayed the following: The Modus 6450 is compatible with its own specially-designed Android application, Samsung FreeSync — equipped with several features that set it apart from other applications, including EQ settings for stereo mode, LED settings, and language selection.

We’re giving away both headsets, so you’ve got a double chance to win today! To enter, leave a comment below. Make sure to use a valid email address so we can contact you if you win. Other than that, good luck! We’ll announce the winners on Friday!

Update: Congratulations to our winners Bruno and Ben, check your inboxes!

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  • http://Website Christopher Encarnacion

    :D I would love to get one of these to go with my Samsung Galaxy S 4G

  • Pete Langlois

    My BT headset just died so this would be great!

  • pchristensen

    I’ll be happy to take one :)

  • http://Website Levi Hopson

    That sounds like a nice device to win, wonder how well it will fit in my ear and stay in my ear, haven’t found a device that does that well yet.

  • http://Website steve wright

    Would love them to go along with my SGS!!

  • http://Website Andrew W

    I’d love to have one.

  • http://Website ben

    It would be pretty awesome to have one of these guys to go along with my streak 5.

  • http://Website maestro

    Now this gives me a reason to comment!

  • http://Website David

    Awesome, I’ve been looking for a bluetooth that plays nicely with my nexus one.

  • http://Website GRRemlin

    SAWEEET! :)

  • http://Website Fishstick

    This would be great as I put my last headset through the wash and could use a new one!

  • http://Website Dave the nerd Donahoe

    I have a yellow tooth, and a black tooth, I just need Bluetooth!

  • http://Website Zac H.

    Entering for my chance to win. These sound pretty interesting.

  • http://Website Pat Martin

    Any reviews on these yet? do they have the problem of sweat while working out shorts them out? I’ll let you know when I win them! LOL

  • http://Website Quentin Dewolf

    I love bluetooth

  • http://Website RandyN

    Definitely interested, thanks for the giveaway.

  • http://Website Bruno

    Show me the Blue Tooth

  • http://Website BikerBob1789


  • http://Website Jobless Steve

    This would go great with my Rooted and Custom Rom’ed Vibrant. Please……

  • Juscelino M. Acevedo

    I would love one of these. I don’t know how to shop for a good bluetooth headset, so winning one would work. LOL

  • http://Website John


  • http://Website Akash

    Muchos gustos

  • http://Website frado L

    My BT headset just died so this would be great!

  • Allan C.

    Yay for BT headsets! =D

    Happy early Cinco De Mayo everyone

  • http://Website Dan Teeman


  • http://Website Peter

    I would love a new Bluetooth headset!! I want in because my Motorola and Microsoft headsets broke. It would work and look great with my Samsung Fascinate! I would love to win!

  • Ken Kennedy

    Nice; I’ve seen one of these, but not had a chance to play with it. Would be great to win one!

  • http://Website Jonathan R


  • http://Website Jason J

    Super cool to go along with my EVO!

  • Nick Portelli

    I need a new BT headset…

  • Joey

    I’ll be sure to get you the correct address to send these to this time. I’m pretty sure you over looked looked me in the Qualcomm MDP dev phone giveaway. All is forgiven though ;)

  • http://Website Tom wilson

    I would love to use an android specific headset!

  • HickSoldier

    I would love to have one for my Samsung Vibrant. Especially since you cannot drive on post without having a hands free device.

  • http://Website PHADE

    I Need One Of These….BAD!!!

  • Matthew Jones

    Definitely interested :D

  • http://Website Michael

    I’m curious to see if this “Android Technology” logo is as exciting as the “MP3 ready” headphones we used to sell at CompUSA….

  • http://Website Gary

    Want oh sooo badly

  • http://Website Jarrod

    I would love to win one of these

  • Lars32

    Hope i will get one :D

  • ewrw4co

    I need a new Bluetooth headset

  • bbj205

    I would love to have these, so pass them to poor ol’ me!

  • http://Website ivo p jr

    I love prizes… especially when I won one. :)

  • http://Website LT

    Sounds like fun; in for one!

    (Yay, I rhymed!)

  • thechad


  • http://Website Dan McIntosh

    Just in time to replace my 5 year old moto ear bud!

  • http://Website Stephen

    Would love a new headset.

  • http://Website Mike M

    Please pick me

  • Mustin

    Oh man do I want this! I love using my ear buds but I need a just an ear piece for work and this would be a life saver. C’mon, Luck, kick in!

  • http://Website Gabe

    Do want!

  • http://Website Sean

    need free hands for safe driving

  • http://Website Pablo

    That would be awesome!

  • http://Website Andy in Indy

    This looks cool, but what does the extra program add?

  • justtony

    good luck

  • kevind

    It would be amazing to get one of these lovely headsets from such a great website!

  • dustinh052


  • Violator


  • http://Website Justin

    Goodluck to everyone!

  • http://Website Black Kristos

    Why not? :D

  • yuichiror

    Count me in!

  • ioriknight

    I would be nice to win something.

  • osatrevor

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner! My first post here at Android and me… Looking for some beginners luck!

  • http://Website F4

    All i do is win win win

  • http://Website NamelessTed

    I call dibs!

  • http://Website Michael

    that headset would look great in my ear

  • http://Website Sal

    Would perfectly fit my new SGS2!

  • http://Website jonathan

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  • Andrew Garlinghouse

    I’d love one to go with my brand new T-Mobile G2x

  • http://Website a_str8

    I need a headset. This would be perfect

  • http://Website Kitster

    These look much better than my old Sony corded earbuds.

  • http://Website Jason

    I could really use a new Bluetooth headset…. my last headset died.

  • http://Website Stephen B.

    I suppose I should use this to call my mom this Sunday

  • http://Website Howell

    Im desperate for a new headset. The one i have now is beaten down

  • Dale

    I hope I win!

  • mojomoney

    PLEASE!!! I need a new headset.

  • http://Website Garrett

    Who am I kidding. I’m only commenting to win a headset. Now lets hope it’s a random draw and not a “Who has the funniest comment?” contest.

  • http://Website Keith

    Samsung phone….Motorola Tablet, can’t win them all but a Sammy Bluetooth will suffice!

  • http://Website Vinman

    Thanks for the contest and consideration!

  • http://Website Norman Puckett

    I love android! Android Forever!

  • http://Website Dan

    pick me!!

  • http://Website jampac

    New g2x, now can I get a new headset??? Help a brother out :)

  • http://Website moe the GALAXY SII LOVER

    perfect combo when i buy the galaxy SII

  • http://Website Nathan

    lol I was just looking for a bluetooth headset but checked here first. Might as well try before I go and buy one.

  • http://Website George

    Me me me!!!

  • http://Website Stephen

    Randomly select this comment.

  • http://Website Travis

    I could use this so when I talk to myself I won’t look like a wEirDo.

  • http://Website Thomas

    I have two ears. I can prove it.

  • http://Website Nate

    I would love an Android Bluetooth for my phone.

  • keridel

    Today is my birthday on this wonderful day I have worked for 14 hours and broken my Desire HD. Cracked the screen to hell. So a new headset for when I get my replacement would be awesome.. :-D

  • http://Website Dazza

    Coooooooool!!!! :0)

  • Farhad

    DIBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want this!

  • Lee

    Rockin’ that with my Vibe would be SWEET! :-D

  • http://Website JohnP

    This would be a fantastic headset to have when I get my new galaxy S 2 phone. I’ve heard great thing about the stereo bluetooth function

  • http://Website Jose

    This would look really great paired with my nexus s! I SO want this! Thanks by the way!

  • http://Website Tremayne

    I want one!!!

  • http://Website Hector Manzanarez


  • http://Website George

    Hope to Bluetooth my ear….

  • http://Website Jouse

    Awesome, I’m still using the old Motorola Droid. It would be nice to have something new.

  • http://Website sungam

    Give one of these to me.

  • http://Website Matthew Smith

    Man I would love one of these.

  • zanooky

    nice! I want one…PICK ME!

  • biglance99

    Ok, who do i have to give a HJ to to win this?

    • http://Website B2L

      Wow, you are really desperate for a BT headset. But for the comment you made i say you deserve to win. Hopefully you don’t have to give more than one HJ.

  • http://Website JimmyTime

    Would like a BT headset made within the past 5 years :)

  • http://Website B2L

    I would love to win this thing.

  • William McDonald

    Winning anything would be awesome. Especially this BT..

  • Phil

    Count me in!

  • http://Website Dan

    Me? I’d love a new headset!

  • http://Website Robo

    Would be great to have.

  • ajakers

    Samsung Modus 6450 Bluetooth Headset and Evo 4G would produce a baby Maybach.

  • syngent

    this looks just splendid simply lucious i think ill have one please and thank you very much

  • Darkmage89121

    nice I hope they are better then the other ones I bot

  • http://Website bray424

    gimme gimme

  • http://Website erroll

    Wow very generous. It will go great with my galaxy s2…soon as I get one of course

  • http://Website messtech

    Since I am looking to add a Samsung Galaxy Tab, this should pair well with it.

  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski


    There’s always tons of comments when you guys are giving away stuff, so my chances of winning are slim. :D

  • Mighty_O

    Give me a Samsung Modus 6450 Bluetooth Headset and i will give you an ice cream sandwich.

  • http://Website Dragos

    One for me pls!

  • http://Website Toha

    Cross fingers…..

  • Fiasko

    This headset looks amazing, thanks for giving everyone a chance at them!

  • http://Website Torobravo

    This headset would go great with my new Samsung Galaxy S II (when it becomes available in the US)

  • http://Website Dang

    Do these come without the blast of static or underwater warble my current bt headset delivers my callers? If so, I’ll take one :)

  • SCgal

    Perfect match for my Fascinate!

  • http://Website Rb

    These look awesome!!

  • asoccerfreak

    I have never had a bluetooth headset. i would love to have it ha

  • Don4Tech

    Nothing goes better with my cell phone than the Modus 6450 Headset.

  • http://Website shawn Dobbs

    I LOVE Samsung! Samsung IS technology!

  • http://Website Hans

    I would love such a bluetooth earpiece to use with any android phone I may own down the line. :D

  • http://Website user name

    This is only a test being conducted by the national weather service.

  • http://Website Dominick

    Would be great for my new SGS II, which I’m going to buy :-)

  • http://none Will

    please I need this, I keep getting tickets for talking on my phone while driving

  • http://Website JasonJ

    Like many of the others I am thinking about upgrading my BT headset. Those look pretty spiffy and sound interesting, I’d love to have one.

    That said, I have to call you on the Android specific headset thing being new. BlueAnt has been doing that for a while. Different feature set, though. BlueAnt also releases firmware updates for their headsets from time to time with fixes and new features, which is pretty cool.

    The BlueAnt Android app has some pairing assist functions and reads your texts to you, the headset itself, a T1 in my case, downloads the phonebook from the phone and give you voice caller id.

    That said I have dropped mine too much and I am starting to think about upgrading. Hint Hint. :)

  • http://Website brookmarin

    pick me! pick me!

  • Deoki

    I’ve never won anything more than my hard earned paycheck every month and even that goes flying off with bills, bills and more bills.
    Would be cool to win something for a change! :)

    Well, please count me in for the giveaway.

  • http://Website AndroidMan

    Please send express delivery! Haha

  • http://Website Chris

    I could really use a BT headset.

  • http://Website Kenneth Kemp

    I got the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt and know I wanna see if lightening strikes twice by me winning these Bluetooth headsets

  • http://Website Joe Vasiliauskas

    Look! A comment! I left a comment.

  • http://Website FireflyBebop

    I’ve always wanted to try BT headphones. So let’s hope I win!

  • markso

    Just the thing to go with my Galaxy SII which is turning up next week

  • http://Website Isaac

    Just got my drivers license, this would be a great way to help keep eyes on the road

  • http://Website Julian G.

    Yes, please I could use a headset. My BT headset crapped out about 3 months ago, so a new one would be appreciated.

  • http://Website maciel310

    Can’t complain about free, so I’ll give it a shot.

  • http://Website abm

    Gimme the yo.

  • a1cshowoff

    Yes please! lol

  • http://Website JJ

    Don’t have a headset, would love to have one.

  • http://Website atul0002

    Yo i wanna win

  • http://Website ezflyer13

    Want a droid, gotta have a droid….point me to the droid…..

  • http://Website Joseph

    Come on baby Jesus!

  • http://Website CanadaDave

    Looks cool. Wonder how well the Android stuff really works…

  • http://Website raul

    i want it

  • http://Website Drew

    Needs to replace my Jawbone, needs something decent for the road!

  • http://Website James!


  • BillThyCat

    Looks a lot better than my mono jawbone 2. Count me in on a comment.


  • http://Website BTBTBT

    Can I root this device?

  • http://Website Jsharp

    Headset plox!

  • http://Website Wallacewhiting Whiting

    I’ll take a pair please!

  • http://Website Marcus

    Looks to me as if they were made specifically for my incoming Galaxy S II:)

  • banarieo

    One headset would be great…no need to wrap it, I’ll use it on the way out….Thanks!

  • http://Website Zak

    Here is my comment. I will win.

  • http://Website JB

    I was wondering what prompted an article to have so many comments! Thanks C lark!

  • http://Website Bean

    oOo. Those are SWEET!

  • http://Website Teudster

    I never use Bluetooth headsets. To me is one more thing to carry, charge and keep track of. They annoy me. But getting one for free my completely change my opinion :-)

  • TechieBlom

    Would be a good bonus Mother’s Day Present for my wife!! Brownie points!

  • http://Website Ellett

    Finally, an innovative headset that takes advantage of the power of an Android smartphone, with an app that significantly enhances voice command. And it looks like it also has a well thought out conversion between standard headset and Bluetooth stereo.

    Thank goodness someone is finally looking at modernizing the wireless headset beyond the million or so blah clones in the market today.

    I’d love to be able to work with a Samsung 6450.

  • http://Website Dre

    Shot in the dark, but here I go.

  • http://Website Cecil

    Looks good! It can replace my Plantronics 665.

  • http://Website kyle

    I need a new headset, please….

  • http://Website ala

    I hope i’ll be getting it. Here i am. :)

  • http://Website Ink Mah Whole Body

    So cool. Prizes are awesome

  • http://Website johnld

    Usually I just lurk here for my android news but the prize is definitely comment worthy.

  • Martin Dufresne

    these would go well with my Samsung Vibrant

  • http://Website BallinWalden

    This would be a nice addition to my out of date HTC Hero!! It’d be it’s heroine! haha go ANDROID or go home!

  • http://Website Pat M

    Plz plz plz!

  • http://Website firerock

    Wow, that look nice! Pick me, please…

  • http://Website swrogers

    I would be more than happy to take a pair of those kick ass headphones off your hands.

  • Healthy

    what what. yeah that would be cool. thanks.

  • Terence

    Samsung deserves more credit for their technological accumen and diversity. I’m not a “fanboy” per se, but I have no problem acknowledging their their R&D prowess. This is a great promo btw (and that headset would go great with the Galaxy Captivate that I’m using to post this comment).

  • http://Website Michael


  • http://Website Adam

    Even if I’m from the UK? :D

  • http://Website Andy B

    My BackBeat is decent, but I’m up for a new toy! Thanks!

  • http://Website Jeffrey Garcia

    My G2x needs a playmate to “Pair” up with and they do look great together…=]

  • http://Website Rick Stone

    Oooooh, shiny!

  • monkeclone

    Been looking at getting a bluetooth headset since buying my Nexus 1 over a year ago and never got around to it. Winning a free one would be awesomesauce.

  • http://Website Rizo

    Me likey bread-sticks, me likey bread-sticks!!!

  • http://Website Mecky33

    Would love to get one of these. I managed to run my last one through the wash and now it won’t stay charged.

  • http://Website Ryan Vaughn Morris


  • http://Website Chris Parsons

    I’m pretty sure I need that. Pick me please!

  • http://Website Scott

    Ummmmmmmm WINNING!

    Keep up the good reporting!

  • http://Website Daniel

    Would be great for my Samsung epic

  • jnewma24

    Cool ! My Atrix cries out for this…

  • http://Website Andrew

    I hope I’m lucky.

  • http://Website lewdacris3

    those look sweet….i would love to get my hands on those

  • golfpedaler

    Pick me…Pick me!!!

  • http://Website Tring omer

    Please enter me for bluetooth drawing.

  • http://Website james

    would love a headset , never had one ,sure would be a great introdution into using them . wish me luck .

  • http://Website Nick

    Never won anything before! This would be a first and an awesome first!

  • http://Website Amjad

    I dont’t wanna leave a comment to win this headset,
    I wanna get this headset :)

  • http://Website Damaso

    That headset would go perfect with my evo 4g

  • http://Website Tyler

    Let’s hope I win! Thanks! :)

  • http://Website Johnny hashbrowns

    If i won this, i would tattoo ANDROIDANDME on my lower back!!

  • http://Website Taylor

    I want one, please.

    Thank you.

    Have a nice day.

    Are you still having a nice day?

    I hope you are.

    What about now?

  • http://Website Jeff

    Duh, WINNING!!!!

  • http://Website JOHNNY T


  • http://Website bjtheone

    A new compact Android friendly bluetooth headset would be awesome….

  • http://Website Steven

    How do I leave a comment?

  • http://Website Tickif

    at first I wondered if the android is just like when they put “iphone compatible” on anything and everything, but I guess there really is more to it.

  • http://Yep... Justine

    Those would look great paired with my Inspire!

  • http://Website Kendra

    These would be so dope with my g2

  • http://Website Shawn

    androidandme hook me up!!!

  • http://Website Levy Harrison

    This could come in handy, sign me up. Thanks.

  • http://Website Ttownlarry

    My Nexus S needs some blue-tooth love. Thanks

  • Gabriel


  • http://Website 1337dedrea

    Sweet! :D

  • http://Website compuguy1088

    Good luck all!

  • http://Website Ruben Guanajuato

    Androidandme forever!!!!

  • http://Website Josh

    Would love to win one of these for my wife! She really needs one!

  • Jerry

    I want one very bad!

  • http://Website Jon W

    i want one!

  • http://Website NobleHelium

    Just got the G2x, I’d love this to go with it.


    Did some research on this one. Very “Jarvis” like. Love the Android app, ear buds and even the adapter for standard 1/8″ plugs.

  • http://Website Ron

    Would love to hook this up with my Ps3….If PSN ever goes live again….

  • http://Website imrblankie

    I could use one of these

  • http://Website Mahrran

    Yea, I would love to hook this baby up to my PS3 and BlackOps it baby!

  • http://Website Sami

    Cheers mates! This is so bloody awesome. I love this website.

  • http://Website Nezha

    I want one for my hubby = )

  • http://Website ChrisH

    Would like.

  • http://Website Joseph

    I could really use these, anyway here’s hoping :)

  • http://Website Chris

    These would be perfect with my Samsung Galaxy S. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  • http://Website tony \[^__^]/

    midweek already! free stuff!!!

  • http://Website Alex

    Oh would love this, I need one, my old one fell in my pool :’(

  • http://Website Notsean

    Sure why not enter.
    Though I love my Plantronics 975, because it comes with it’s own little leather case. And the case holds a charge, then charges the 975 even while it’s in your pocket. Pack that with noise canceling and a simple little wind screen design, and it rocks!!

    I hope Android compatible means you can operate voice search and other commands through the bluetooth!

  • http://Website Eugene

    Name (required)
    Mail (required)

  • http://Website Paul Daamen

    Sounds good!

  • http://Website Vostradamus

    That would sure get along well with my galaxy s, let’s hope in some good luck :)

  • http://na flaps

    Bring it! :D

  • jian9007

    One sultry sleek Sammy headset, please.

  • http://Website Lawrence Siebert

    FreeSync app huh? If I win, I’ll review it.

  • http://Website Eugene

    Good luck to everyone! Samsung makes great products and this headset is not an exception.

  • http://Website tramaria

    I need a positive thing right now!

  • http://Website Steven C

    I need a Bluetooth Headset, but will live without one if I don’t win. Love your website. I am still rocking the original Motorola Droid.


  • http://Website JawjaBill

    OK, send it to me.

  • http://Website hackers11

    well,more flame for my iphone user friends.
    dude,my handset are bluetooth and android certified lololol

  • wondercoolguy

    Woot! Give it to me! :-)

  • http://Website jesse

    pick me! pick me!

  • dubya504

    Can’t wait!

  • http://Website slickbrave


  • http://Website Bryce S

    Would be nice, my ear pleads to be put out of its existence when I use my current headset.

  • http://Website JBuckets

    Any idea what a “sync”ing application would be used by a headset?

  • http://Website Vaughan


  • http://Website Antti

    It’s been a while since I last owned a bluetooth headset and I’ve never used any with my Android phone.

  • Hardeep

    Ooooo a bluetooth headset would be nice :o

  • Sergio Nesbitt

    I can haz?

  • http://Website Elijah Carter

    Omg i was about to buy these u guys read my mind! I have the wep870 which is the first of this series.. Id love to win a pair of their latest!!

  • http://Website Bob G

    HEY O! yes please!!

  • http://Website Kay Y

    Ohhh! Love to get my hands on them :D

  • http://Website Hector Posada

    OH MAN IV NEVER SEEN A BLUETOOTH LIKE THIS! looks amazing and would come in handy at the gym for sure! i want one!

  • http://Website Acie M

    Hope I’m not to late to enter, would love to win this headset.

  • http://Website Dean G

    hmmm… specific support may mean that it works with android’s bluetooth… LOL

  • Austin

    sweeeettttt! Can I pleas has please?! :D

  • McLovin


  • http://Website Eric V.

    I’ve been wanting a bluetooth headset that would work well on runs or at the gym. I’ve yet to find the perfect one. This one looks like a contender though!

  • http://Website Scott

    I’ll take one!

  • Srikanth Somereddy

    Compatibility with Android makes it Hot…….

  • http://Website Harika Ralla

    Nice… I would love to use it with my Nexus S or for the forever waiting ASUS Eee Pad Transformer.

  • Brian

    The Samsung Bluetooth Freesync that allows you to listen to Text messages, e-mail, missed calls and details of appointments while you plug in the headset.

    There is further info and video article :

    I hope to get one!!

  • nmacut

    I could use one!

  • http://Website Craig Washington


  • http://Website Michael F Caiola

    ^ Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner???

  • http://Website Android Sensei

    I want them, Please baby baby baby please let me have em.

  • Armando

    The headset would be useful.

  • http://Website Mike Miller

    These headphones would go nicely with my Nexus S. Help me help you help me look nice while androiding it up

  • sylar

    I could really use this as someone just stole the last one i bought, don’t ask how its not a very happy story.
    Please :(
    I could really use one these for my ear
    So when i’m driving in my car i can hear
    Cause i keep both hands on the wheel
    It’s a slippery little eel
    It tends to run away
    In my hands it doesn’t like to stay
    I try to avoid other cars
    I don’t want or need the scars

  • mike6024

    Not getting brain cancer would be nice.

  • http://Website Francis Imperial

    Thank you for taking the time to let me win this thing.

  • http://Website bachona

    Thanks. :-)

  • spray

    I’ve had rough luck with my last 2 headsets. A nice one would be awesome!

  • lament

    Looking to replace my aging Motorola unit.. please and thanks!

  • http://Website Ratsel Feinschmeker

    Sure would be nice to have a spiffy Bluetooth headset. w

  • Michael C.

    Here’s hoping this is open to people around the world, not just legal residents of the US or Canada. ;)

  • http://Website carlos morales

    mmmmm bluetooth!!!!!!!! gimmie!!! gimmie!!!

  • ERR1321

    Got new phone, need a new bloetooyh that will stream music.

  • harika


  • Zack

    It is really nice. It fits well and sounds great. I really glad a friend told me about the Wave.