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New Movie Rentals on Android Market announced by Google

Jealous of the iPhone folks that can rent movies straight from iTunes? Well, Google has just announced that you will now be able to rent movies through the Android Market. Chris, from Android Services, has demonstrated how it operates, and it works very conveniently, even for those that have more than one device.

Once you have rented the movie (which is priced competitively, starting at $1.99), it will be available for watching straight from your Android device (Chris tested it with a phone and a tablet, with the same movie, alternating from one device to the other). The service worked perfectly during Chris’ demonstration, and it seems like this will be a very entertaining service. He also demonstrates “pinning,” which would allow you to “download” these movies, in order to watch them without an internet connection. Now, the Movies site doesn’t seem to be live yet (or at least it does not work for me), but it should go up soon.

We do wonder how popular this would be, though, so let us know what you think. Who will be renting movies from the Android Market? Especially now that other companies offer similar services, and for a wider spectrum (more platforms and operating systems). What do you say? Are you excited to use this service?

Via: image from @dannysullivan on twitter

Source: Android Market

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  • http://Website Hans

    For the average consumer,I think this is great. Hell, even for us techies this seems great. Now only I Netflix and Hulu made an android app that will work on the majority of android devices.

  • http://Website JamieB

    Sounds awesome but it just seems like a data cap nightmare.

    My “unlimited” tmobile caps at 5GB then I’m throttled. Your average DVD rip of a movie is 700mb. 8-10 movies and I’m capped for the month. Plus, why would you want to watch movie on your phone?

    Not sure I get the idea behind I but, maybe I’ll at least ty it.

    • http://Website panic

      T-mobile caps you at 2gigs it says it on the truly unlimited commercial at the bottom of the screen and alot of people have been waiting for this feature to reach android if u had a TRULY unlimited plan like Sprint does maybe u would see it in a different light

  • http://Website GeauxLSU

    Link works for me. Most of the movies are $2.99 or $3.99 from first look of things.

  • http://Website Dr.Ras

    I think this is an excellent service, but Netflix still seems to hold the trump card. Netflix is incredibly affordable… having to pay on a per-movie-basis can get expensive quickly!

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Content will always be king. The more the merrier for all of us. With the combination of this option to go along with Htc watch, and Blockbuster on my Htc Evo 3d it sounds like another great summer on sprint.

  • http://Website bryan

    I think this is the entry into a Netflix competitor. What better way to test a streaming service than with movie rentals?

  • http://Website Lovik

    it’s working for me but hey where is the movie for $1.99, all the titles are between $2.99 to $3.99

  • http://Website Lovik

    Ok, found 3 titles out of 119 for $1.99.

    Yeah they were not lying a movie rental site with 119 titles and yes they are priced noncompetitive at $1.99

  • http://Website Giorgio

    Worked for me and yes it is cheaper then blockbuster I was going to rent a movie from blockbuster for 4.99 I found out that is available for 3.99 in the new android market

  • http://Website Ryan

    Thank God! I tried using the Blockbuster app last time I flew on a plane and it was a nightmare. Only allowed me to download on Wi-Fi, and then when I got on my flight to play it, it said it didn’t have the license. Apparently you have to have an internet connection to start playing it. So you have to remember to start the movie before you get on the plane, then pause it in order to actually watch the movie. So I couldn’t even use the movie I paid $5 for! And they wonder why nobody used that shitty app!

  • http://Website wpeterson

    A “Netflix” like service where it would be a monthly fee, accessible from your phones & GoogTV would be a great package. On the go or at home on the couch, Google would have you covered. Just my half a cent worth.

  • Dave

    Uhhh me….. 4″ 16.7 million color WVGA screen with a 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor from NVIDIA on a T-Mobile G2x