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New rate plans coming to T-Mobile customers on May 22

If you’re about to sign a new contract with T-Mobile, don’t do it. The wireless carrier will be doing a complete overhaul of its rate plans on May 22, and they’re generally good news for consumers. The new plans start off from 500, 1000, and unlimited minutes, with the option of adding text and 200MB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB data plans.

The new Individual Plans are as follows:

  • 500 minutes of talk will cost you $39.99, and with text it’d be $49.99. If you want to data on top of that, the price goes up quickly; $59.99 for 200MB, $69.99 for 2GB, $79.99 for 5GB, and a whopping $109.99 for 10GB.
  • 1000 minutes of talk will be $49.99 a month. If you want to add anything else on top of that you’ll get upgraded to the unlimited plan.
  • Adding text to the unlimited plan will cost you $59.99 a month. Then, for adding data plans you pay: $69.99 for 200MB, $79.99 for 2GB, $89.99 for 5GB, and finally $119.99 for 10GB

On the Family Plans side things look quite similarly, just a lot more expensive:

  • 1000 minutes of talk will cost you $59.99, and adding text to that will cost you $79.99. For data plans, you’ll pay: $99.99 for 200MB, $119.99 for 2GB, $139.99 for 5GB, and $199.99 for 10GB.
  • 2000 minutes of talk will be $79.99 a month. If you want to add anything else on top of that you’ll get upgraded to the unlimited plan.
  • Adding text to the unlimited plan will cost you $99.99 a month. If you want some data with those minutes, you’ll pay: $119.99 for 200MB, $139.99 for 2GB, $159.99 for 5GB, and finally a humongous $219.99 for 10GB

Adding a line to your Family Plan will cost you: $10 for Shared or 500 minutes, and $30 for unlimited.

Overall, we’re glad that T-Mobile is making some changes for the better — despite the imminent acquisition by Ma Bell. On the other hand, I get depressed every time I take a look at the pricing situation that we have here on the U.S.

Most smartphone users nowadays spend most of the time on the Internet, not calling or texting. So why is it that wireless carrier still want to jam those calling and texting plans down our throats? If I just want to get a smartphone so I can check Facebook and IM with my friends, why do I have to pay an extra $49.99 for features that I never use like calling or texting. Where’s your $30/month data-only plan, T-Mobile?

Then there’s that “Truly Unlimited” tagline that T-Mobile is showing everywhere. I’ve got some news for you, T-Mobile, 2GB a month is not even close to unlimited. It does have a limit, it says it right there: “2GB”. In fact, we can’t even use those 2GB as we wish. As we found out yesterday, if you want to video chat with Google Talk on T-Mobile you better be on Wi-Fi, or better yet, get the Nexus S 4G from Sprint. Now how about changing “Truly Unlimited” to “It’s just 2GB a month, and you better use it to just check your email.” That looks much more honest.

Whoa, I just noticed I’ve gone into a full-on rant in the middle of some some good news article. In summary, T-Mobile customers will soon get some slightly better deals. Don’t expect any significant improvements however, it’s just lipstick on a very ugly pig.

T_Mobile_rate_plans T_Mobile_rate_plans2 T_Mobile_rate_plans3

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website Shackled

    The data plans are unlimited, the 2GB, 5GB, etc is in reference to when throttling will start. So after you hit your 2GB limit you will still have data connection but most likely at speeds less than 3G.

    • Clark Wimberly

      To me, “speed” is a limit on “data” because it directly affects the quality/usefulness of said data.

    • http://Website Anonymous

      I agree with Clark.
      If they throttle you down to 2G or less speeds, then it practically becomes useless.

      Who will sit on the side of a road waiting for maps or the yellow pages to load up at 2G (or less) speeds just so you can input your info just to wait even longer for the results?

      Ugh, I was on T-Mobile 2G/Edge for almost a year, it’s miserable & frustrating to say the least.

      What this doesn’t tell us is (and the info is probably not available to us yet), where & how much will the Even More Plus plans go up to?

    • http://Website Kimbo

      Agree with Clark and anon. As someone who has gone over his 5GB limit and been throttled back several times, it really does become useless. I can pull up web pages – eventually – but most other things that rely on data won’t work. Google Voice becomes erratic, syncing is flakey, etc.

  • http://Website Usman

    These plans are better how?! They’re all more expensive than current plans. They’re just making my switch to Sprint more imminent.

    • McLovin

      Yes the ride was fun while it lasted but as soon as AT&T is the new sheriff in town I’ll be going over to Sprint.

  • http://Website tfranzman

    Makes me love my Virgin Optimus V and Groove IP app all the more. $25/month for virtually unlimited talk, text and data.

    Moved from T-Mobile on April 1. Not looking back. But still able to use my Nexus One as a wireless only phone thanks to Groove IP. Not a bad tradeoff.

  • juanito

    Annnnnnd I just renewed last Monday…… Family plan, two phones, unlimited web. At least that was the name of the Data Plan when I agreed to it.

  • http://Website jsimpson

    The whole “truly unlimited” marketing is a bit confusing yet then again so was verizons Droid campaign( by the way did lucas get his phone yet?) But this is what it means: ” data ACCESS is truly unlimited, the rate at which you access said data is what gets slowed, thus the reason for those 2GB,5GB throttle points. Think about it if no throttles were in place how could everyone join in on the glorious 4G fun everyone would just be bogging down the network like a dead weight. At least its not capped at 2GB like att =)

    • http://Website Anonymous

      I’ll bet he did. He probably got the 1st R2-D2 Droid straight off the line. ;-)

  • http://Website aantoine87

    $219 is the price for 10gbs of data for a family plan, which isnt that much more than than 5gb of data on a family plan

  • http://Website MisterUgly

    0/10 Troll

  • http://Website anthony

    The joke here is they throttle speed but release all these dual core data hogs charge you a bundle and ask you to suck speed through a straw. Wow stop screwing us will ya

  • http://Website Machika Kara Kuro

    I think t-mobile just fucked up big time…… they were doing okay trying to price under sprint..which made it attractive now they are trying to uprpice them selves……… like att pricing for not as full service it maybe more reliable but its not as full

  • http://Website Dylan

    And this is somehow better why?

    No one uses voice anymore. Data is the new voice. And these rates and ridiculously higher. Exactly the type of gouging that I expect from these companies to kill off data usage.

    • http://Website Polaris

      No one uses voice anymore? It’s still first and foremost a phone right? And the primary function of a phone is to allow voice conversations. Granted today’s smartphones do a lot more than simply voice calling but a phone wouldn’t be a phone without voice capability. Try texting AAA when you’re broken down on the side of the road!

      • http://Website Droidwolf

        Theres an app for that lmao!

  • http://Website DroidSmith

    How dare you add news to such a good rant. I’m so happy I’m with Sprint. It’s still fairly expensive, ‘tho. It’s a creature comfort that is quickly becoming a must have in today’s society. Demand will continue to drive prices up.

  • http://Website 00quantameister

    Dear AT&T-Mobile,

    Sprint thanks you for all of their new incoming subscribers.


    The U.S. Android Community.

  • http://Website mugabo

    The difference to me would be $10/mo., since I’m still on a $30.00 300-minute plan. 5 Gb price, $30, is unchanged.

    aSeems that they,really pushing minutes (contrary to article), as I will be paying for 200 more minutes that I’ll never use.

  • http://Website GiggleFits

    I’m on Verizon with iPhone 4 as well. At least I don’t have to have that much data for my far superior apps to run.

  • http://Website GiggleFits

    I’ll add to that,

    Dear AT&T-Mobile,

    Sprint and Verizon thank you for all of their new incoming subscribers.


    The U.S. Android Community.

  • http://Website mike

    Where in the contract does it say you will be throttled? Unlimited is unlimited not unlimited for a while then throttled because you actually use the shit, what the hell is wrong with these carriers.

  • Truly Unlimited

    These throttled data plans are living proof
    that the fat-arsed AT&T guy ended up
    getting the T-mobile pink-dress girl.

  • http://Website James

    Want data only? Go buy their prepaid laptop 3G dongle for $49. Add 1GB data for $30 (or 100MB for $10). Remove SIM and install in phone, tablet, whatever. Beware there’s time limits once you start using data. Refill as needed. Tested this last night and it worked fine.

  • http://Website Anony

    I’d rather have throttled speeds than get charged overage like everyone else does. Just sayin’.

    • http://Website john

      same here i don’t want to bu getting a 900 dollar bill again.

  • http://Website Hi

    The new data plans are still unlimited. They just throttle. Like the plan you already have.