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Next Android version will be codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich

Oopsie. A Googler has confirmed that the next version of Android will be called Ice Cream Sandwich. Romain Guy — a Google developer working on Android — confirmed the name yesterday when leaving a comment in the Android Issue Tracker.

A bug fix will be provided in Ice Cream Sandwich.romain…@android.comfrom

Yep, that pretty much confirms the name right there. Unfortunately, knowing the codename doesn’t tell us anything about which number it’ll be or the new  features it’ll have. There are two very possible version numbers for Ice Cream Sandwich, one being 3.1 and the other 2.4. We’ll probably know which one is it seven days from now.

Via: UnwiredView

Source: Android Issue Tracker

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  • http://Website Kimbo

    What’re they gonna do when they get to Q?

    • http://Website Mark

      Quince jelly.
      Quosh orange squash…

      • http://Website Mark


        • http://Website Alan


    • eddieonofre

      lol we have a long way to go until we get to the Q I just hope that by then Android had evolved and gotten a solid plataform

    • http://Website zumbi

      Qte fragmentation

    • http://Website James King

      Quafe, blatantly

    • Uncemister


  • http://Website Mark

    My biggest hope for this new update is not even features. I just hope that we get Apple like updates. 5 months now and my stock G2 is yet to see Gingerbread. 5 months and phones are still shipping with Froyo. It’s sad really. At least, don’t announce anything until everything is FULLY ready. Please, no half assed product and infinite ToA that never seem to come. That’s the only thing I dislike about Android.

    • http://Website Dags

      I don’t see how it adversely affects you. If you hadn’t heard about Gingerbread, I think you’d probably be happy with Froyo on the G2. It’s a good OS. But because you know it exists, you’re unhappy about the situation. Nexus owners have been beta testers for you and they’ve been the ones with random reboots, etc. If you don’t own a Nexus, why do you care if Gingerbread is half-assed at release? It doesn’t affect you in the slightest. Looked at another way, it’s good that Android has such a comprehensive and popular beta program. If Apple did, then iOS 4 wouldn’t have turned my iPhone 3G to crap.

  • http://Website Daniel

    There’s no way Ice Cream Sandwich will be 2.4. It’s definitely a new platform API release, and API releases can’t go backwards. They are not bugfix releases, they include new functionality.

    Also, this is the next branch, not necessarily the next release. It’s very possible they will soon release a Honeycomb 3.1 (just like 1.1 and 2.1 were finished versions of their rushed-to-the-market dot-oh counterparts), then Ice Cream Sandwich comes later as 3.2 or 3.5. Who knows, it could be even 4.0.

    • http://Website Dags

      Agreed if it has API changes, it will have to 3.1 or higher (and API level 12 or higher). If it doesn’t, it wouldn’t have a new name, ie. it would be a continuation of Gingerbread. I don’t think 4.0 is out of the question, especially if it brings together 2.x and 3.x. Sounds like a long time to wait for a bugfix like the one referred to above though.

      • http://Website Daniel

        My personal expectation (not based on any hard facts) is that they will release 3.1 Honeycomb during I/O closing up the tablet experience (accelerated Flash support, SD card support, new external media API, fix most crashes, tweak any rough parts left, perhaps the improved disk drive mount, etc), and then talk about their plans for ICS (which will be released for both phones and tablets about simultaneously later this year).

        • http://Website Alexander

          Googlers usually don’t talk about a version release unless it is almost finished. Google has been working on the improved apps since May last year. Google developer Roman Nurik just tweeted it’s coming… #googleio . With a picture of Ice Cream attached. In the coming days, more evidence will be provided. Just sit back and relax.

          Announcing in May means release in July by the way.. ;-)

  • http://Website Dev1359

    Even though I don’t have a tablet as yet, I’m kind of hoping this will be an update to Honeycomb rather than Gingerbread. Gingerbread is pretty stable as it is and I’m very happy with it…Honeycomb on the other hand (while great) still needs some work

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    what a stupid, foolish name.
    That wont make Android any better!
    Looking at the pic, they better call it…… ‘horse droppings’!

    keep it down.

    cheers, Ben
    sent from my iPad 2 while calling on iPhone 4

    • http://Website Ben Johnson is a bitch

      Ben is such a fag name. How bout u ben-d over and take it in the ass from Steve Jobs, homo. I’m so tired of seeing u on here trolling away. Get a life and get off an Android website bitch!

      • http://Website Mark

        Don’t feed the troll. Just thumbs down and move on, boys. Thumbs down and move on.

  • http://Website RR

    Big random picture of whatever trolled from the web : check
    Article trolled from another site : check
    Ambiguous one liner picked from some guy : check
    Ambigous one line intrepretted as confirmed : check
    Few lines with words like doesn’t tell us anything,possible ,probably : check

    All in all, another androidandme success article with no investigative journalism needed.

    The greatness continues.

  • http://Website Snowbdr89

    To bad they dont put this much effort into actually rolling out an effin update like 2.3

  • http://Website Dru

    I’m almost positive there was a device announced recently with 2.4 firmware on it, and it was supposed to just be an update to gingerbread…did that really hapen or am I losing my mind?

  • http://Website Derek

    Ice cream will be 2.4 Honeycomb is meant for tablets, thats where the OS’s split into handset and tablet OS. Ice Cream will bring some of the honeycomb advances to the phone OS.

    • http://Website Daniel

      As usual, people who have no idea how version numbers or software development work come with absurd theories stated as fact…

  • http://Website JaylanPHNX

    I, from this moment forward, will call it Ice Cream Sammich!

  • http://Website ivan

    it looks really like horse droppings….

  • Willard Potter

    I think, to remove the confusion for the users that aren’t familiar with development revisions and such, which is more than likely the large majority of users, Google shouldn’t have used 3.0 for Honeycomb. They’ve made it clear that Honeycomb was geared specifically to tablets and while that’s fine and dandy, they can do whatever they want, it seems like throwing Android 3.0 out there immediately made most think, “sweet, upgrade..” when it, as it stands, is it’s own platform with its own hardware requirements.

    I understand that Ice Cream Sandwich was said to be bridging the gap between Gingerbread and Honeycomb and bringing mobile handsets into the picture, but saying that Ice Cream Sandwich could be 2.4 is suggesting an older revision.

    I guess they can do what they want since it’s all Android at it’s base.. but i think they should have just gone with a whole new revision cycle for tablets since they’re really not used the same way. It would have removed all argument on the subject. Give it whatever name they want, but just throw it back to 1.0 and give it a Tablet sub title and nobody could complain abotu when it’ll be coming to their phone. Running it on the same revision line and saying “Oh, no.. that’s not meant for you” is like opening a pack of M&Ms and someone snatching it from you and saying “wow…slow down there, son. The green ones are for adults.”

    In short, for those who don’t want to read my rambling… It’s perfectly fine to have a tablet only OS, it should have just had it’s own revision table since you can probably bet there are going to be more tablet specific things to come in the future. If Ice Cream Sandwich comes to be anything short of Honeycomb or even more, than it’ll just be proving my point. Don’t take this as complaining. I fully understand what’s going on and am patiently waiting. CM7 has kept me happy enough on my Droid1 and G-Tablet(ok.. maybe i’ll complain about the Honeycomb source not being released so I could run it on my g-tablet.. lol). I really need to learn to keep my comments shorter… sorry, guys.. Once I start typing.. lol

  • http://Website LOL

    I love how they changed the pic cause of all the horse droppings jokes…