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NVIDIA CEO hints at Tegra 3-powered Nexus 3

We already know the Nexus 3 is coming out towards the end of the year, probably around the time Google releases Ice Cream Sandwich. However, we still have no idea what CPU will power the device. We’ve been trying to figure out which chip will get the honors, and so far NVIDIA’s Quad-core Tegra 3 seems to be the most likely candidate.

Well, we just got one more reason to believe that Tegra 3 will be the chosen platform for the Nexus 3. At NVIDIA’s earnings call yesterday, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang hinted at a possible partnership with Google for the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, saying:

... we're working very closely with Google on Ice Cream Sandwich, and it's a very important new generation of operating system based on starting from the Honeycomb base and I'm expecting it to be really terrific. And so we're working very closely with the Google team, and Tegra will be surely be wonderful for Ice Cream when it comes.Jen-Hsun HuangCEO of NVIDIA

In another instance, Jen-Hsun Huang implied that we could see devices powered by Tegra 3 and Ice Cream Sandwich released later this year:

We're really excited about the work that they're doing on Ice Cream. And I can't comment too much more other than that, but we're working very closely with their teams on the Ice Cream Sandwich. And as all of these products -- they will come to the market when they're great, and I'm certainly expecting them to be great on this year.Jen-Hsun HuangCEO of NVIDIA

The pieces are starting to fall together, folks, and we couldn’t be more excited about what the outcome might be. In case you’re wondering why we’re making such a big fuss about Tegra 3, allow me to briefly remind you the reasons why that is:

  • World’s first mobile quad-core CPU
  • New 12-Core NVIDIA GPU with support for 3D stereo
  • Support for Extreme HD at a 2560 x 1600 resolution
  • 5x faster than the Tegra 2

As an Android enthusiast, if that’s not enough to get you heart going I don’t know what could. What do you guys think? Do you want the Nexus 3 to be powered by Tegra 3? Or would you rather have Qualcomm or TI get the honors? Let us know in the comments.

Source: SeekingAlpha

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  • Jeffroid

    First. Am I faster than Tegra 3?

    • http://Website Jeffroid

      First. Am I faster than Tegra 3??

      • http://Website Jeffroid

        First. Am I faster than Tegra 3???

        • http://Website Jeffroid

          First. Am I faster than Tegra 3????

          • http://Website Jeffroid

            First. Am I faster than Tegra 3?????

  • http://Website delaroche

    2nd. I’m only Tegra 2

    • http://Website delaroche

      2nd. I’m only Tegra 2..

      • http://Website delaroche

        2nd. I’m only Tegra 2…

        • http://Website delaroche

          2nd. I’m only Tegra 2….

          • http://Website delaroche

            2nd. I’m only Tegra 2…..

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    I welcome this thought I support qualcomm and htc no doubt but android is android. Many users of the current nexus s and nexus one are laying in the weeds for this device and actually this coming out in December or January only means that innovation will push qualcomm and ti to one up one another which means we the consumer benefit. I welcome innovative technology and solutions always.

  • http://Website Al

    Was gonna get a HTC Sensation, will hold out for this. I have a Nexus 1 atm and it’s served me well. I can wait a few more months. It’ll be stock Android which’ll be a bonus.

    • http://Website Miguel

      Few months? Your looking at a MINIMUM of 6 months.. probably longer unless they try to push it out before the Christmas. They didn’t seem to be in a rush to release the Nexus One out before Christmas and they dragged their feet a bit on the Nexus S.

      Nexus One is a nice backup phone, but the Sensation has a gorgeous screen, and is dual-core that is too good to pass up, especially since it will lock in your current plan with T-Mobile before they get gobbled up. Granted, I am going to wait for the reviews of the Qualcomm dual-core before deciding, but if it is on par or exceeds the Tegra 2, I’m on it.

      • Aspeds2989

        Yeah, me too. I’m pretty much sold on the Sensation regardless. It would be too long a wait for the N3. I’m over my MT4G and need a new toy already lol

        That being said, I wonder what in the world kind of applications are going to need that much power? Right now I am running everything I need completely fine on a Single-Core processor. I imagine it would run smoother on the Dual-Core, but then a Quad-Core? I welcome it, but I hope there are some applications out to take advantage of all that power.

        • http://Website Jim

          its called multitasking…..running a trading based app….using Google maps and taking call at the same time………..I think Quad is justified…I have a Qualcomm Snagdragon…..and its gets taxed at time!

          I think NVDA has advantage here with GPU expertise…..

      • DarknesSx

        Skipping the Sensation for a Nexus because of 2 fails : A8 based processor and LOCKED booloader which is a deal breaker ALONE!!!!

        • DarknesSx

          Not to mention the 3rd fail (SLCD Screen) which i CANNOT live with since i’m coming from an AMOLED HTC Desire…

  • http://Website TechnoSTIG

    I welcome NVIDIA to be the premier partner for the processing power of the next Nexus. They have really been pushing innovation lately, and are the only company as of now that jumped into the next generation with dual core being readily available. They should have been powering the nexus s, but for whatever reason that didn’t happen. I’m sure they are going to do everything possible to make sure they are ready for this and doesn’t become another missed opportunity. Give the honors to whoever is stepping up their game, and in this case, it’s certainly been NVIDIA.

  • http://Website Owain

    This beast is gonna cost some wedge and drink a lot of juice… But it’s gonna kick ass and do freaking everything… With such a awesome chip could we not slot the baby into a tablet like the Arix and transformer convert? Possibilities possibilities!

  • http://Website jjank

    If they can push all that into a phone and have good battery I’m all for it. As long as I can connect Bluetooth conglomerate and keynotes and such with HDMI out. But I think such great specs are better suited for tablet environment. Small screens below like 5 or 6 inches are not ideal in my opinion for viewing and playing games (or at least that’s what she said, couldn’t help myself there). If they can make it seemless with HDMI output for console like gaming and then have some cool features for on the go gaming then it will be nice. I still enjoy my nexus one.

  • http://Website AceoStar

    As someone who has been waiting for over a year for a dual core 4.3 device, since they were first teased and announced, I imagine that we won’t actually see this until spring of 12

  • http://Website mrzero

    ohh..come on…
    not another nexus by samsung…

    yes it’s gona be by samsung…got an “inside” tipster and i can confirm this…

    • http://Website mrzero

      ohh..come on…
      not another nexus by samsung…

      yes it’s gona be by samsung…got an “inside” tipster and i can confirm this….

  • http://Website Miguel

    We according to Taylor the last few months, Qualcomm wasn’t going to have a dual core ready until 2012, with “sampling” beginning this summer. Yet here we have HTC releasing the dual-core powered Sensation in a few days from today.

    So while the Tegra 3 sounds nice, I’d like to know what other manufacturers have up their sleeves too compete.

    • http://Website Lucian Armasu

      I don’t think Taylor said that, but it was obvious the Qualcomm chip will be the last one to arrive, and it’s true. Tegra 2, Exynos, OMAP 4 and even Apple’s A5 are all out before Qualcomm’s dual core chip. And just 2 months after Qualcomm ships their first dual core chip, Nvidia will have their quad core chip ready to shipped in August. Qualcomm won’t have their quad core CPU/Adreno 300 GPU ready until late 2012, when it will be competing with Tegra 4.

      • Anthony Domanico

        Tegra4, the octacore. I like it… and it rhymes.

    • pikahatonjon

      i believe taylor was talking about qualcomm’s dual core processor based on the cortex a9 architecture design.

      the one that is shipping in the sensation & the evo 3D is still based on cortex a8

      • http://Website dagamer34

        None of Qualcomm’s designs are based on the Cortex A8 or A9 series, but are derivatives of ARM7.


    someone get me some tissue, i just cried a little bit with excitement !

    • http://Website javon27

      Lol, cried? You sure you don’t need that tissue for something else? j/k

  • http://Website Name (required)

    i think nexus 3 wil be tegra2 and next xoom tegra 3

  • http://Website Taylor

    Honestly, im gonna wait for tegra 4. Or maybe I’ll wait quite a few years and go with the tegra 12

  • http://Website teleknEsis

    If this turns out true i am 100% getting this device

  • Chris

    At CES, NVIDIA said that we’d have tegra 3 quad core tablets out by the end of summer/August.

    They even had a working prototype with Android on it.

    I expect Tegra 3 is gonna be out on schedule…NVIDIA is pushing hard to stay on top of the mobile processor space months before their competitors.

    • Anthony Domanico

      That unit was running Tegra2

      • http://Website Justin

        No it was running Tegra 3 bro…read something sometime…educate yourself.

  • HackNet

    I cannot wait until the Nexus 3 is released with the Tegra 3. Altough, I have noticed that my Atrix 4G does not have HD playback. Youtube videos that are HD 720p/1080p get converted to 480p HQ during playback(due to the Tegra 2 chipset). Also, I’ve copied several HD videos to my device and I cannot get it to playback 720/1080p. I keep receiving an error message saying This format is not supported on this device. My friends Samsung Galaxy S plays HD just fine. Weird.
    Not complaining, just don’t understand why the ALMIGHTY ATRIX 4G is not so ALMIGHTY thats all.

    Anyways I’m guessing with the Tegra 3, since it will support Extreme HD at a 2560 x 1600 resolution, the video playback will be somewhat better than 480p. :)

    • http://Website Guitargler

      Huh.. I have that issue with 1080p videos, but not 720p (on my G2x). For example, it plays back my 720p copy of TRON Legacy no problem, but my 1080p copy of All Of The Lights wouldn’t play.

  • http://Website Juanita

    The new dual-core cpu/gpu from Apple will blow this LItegraFIX crap out of the water!!!

    iPhone 5 is laughing.

    • HackNet

      Stop trolling. You would probably pay $600 for belly button lint that has an apple logo on it. Troll on out of here. Thanks!

    • http://Website da

      Dipshit CRapple fan that doesn’t even know Apple News. The IFail 5 is a long time away the iFail4gs will drop next

    • http://Website Juanita

      The new dual-core cpu/gpu from Apple will blow this LItegraFIX crap out of the water!!!

      iPhone 5 is laughing…

      • http://Website Inhuman

        The Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Sensation will already kill the iphone 5.
        Knowing Apple they will under clock their dual core a5 chip to 800 mhz lol.
        Iphone 5 taking out The Nexus 3 ?… dont make me laugh. Stick to your iphone : the limited smartphone for dummies. Change your ringtone to a custom one. Oh thats right you have to jailbreak it first to something so simple.

  • http://Website Solrac924

    I’m all for cutting edge technology and high performance. That points to the Tegra 3 Quad-core. Just hope it also has 4G bands, a qHD screen, an optical pad, and removable SD card. I’m sure the front-facing cam and NFC chip will be standard.

    • http://Website Solrac924

      as for other components of the Nexus 3, i hope:
      -internal memory storage is either 16 or 32GB

      -fixed multi touch
      -much better speaker
      -same form-factor as N1
      -same size as N1
      -same multi-colored trackball as N1
      -same teflon coating and rubber
      -that they bring back the free laser etching

      as for bringing something new & awesome they should introduce the Nexus 3 with night vision technology. i read it has already been developed at the University of Florida from an article in the journal Advanced Materials. was funded in part by DARPA i believe.

  • http://Website RAPTOR

    Great news. I know and wait for quad-core Nvidia. The problem is that i do not know how to trade NVDA. Damn traders dropped it like a stone from $21.30 to $18.30 after the earning release yesterday on next quarter outlook. Citing larger competition for Nvidia in tablets and cellphones. Imagine how hard was to me to open short sell yesterday?! It’s like turn the pistol on yourself. LOL. Knowledge hurts.

  • http://Website Larry L

    As long as it comes to VERIZON. Please, please, please. Bring the Nexus 3 to the Big Red and on its lightning fast 4G LTE network!!

    • http://Website Oreo

      While true, but your phone running quad core and LTE will kill the battery in an hour bro ha ha sorry don’t expect that to happen.

  • http://Website Tim

    I was waiting for the MOTO Bionic/Targa mash up since kellex from Droid Life said moto would make upcoming phones look silly but I can’t deal with lock boatloaders and MotoBlah (MotoBlur). NEXUS 3 is sounding lije a true beast. So I’ll be watching both the Bionic/Targa mashup and nexus 3 if it comes to Big Red with LTE maybe as the Droid Nexus.

  • http://Website Terence G

    Battery life, battery life, battery life. That seems to be the only thing on my mind when I hear of these dual-core and quad-core chips. If these chipsets can deliver the same power-sipping as my MT4G, I’ll oblige. But for now this phone runs everything I need it to, without hesitation or struggle. There’s not an app in the Market (besides the obvious Tegra-based games) this phone can’t run, so I’m currently content.

  • http://Website UneducatedProfessor

    I would rather qualcomm or TI power the device. NVIDIA are just rushing out their products just to be the first on the market to be doing dual-core and quad-core. If they just slowed down a bit and spent more making their products better, I’m sure customer’s will be happier. Most of us are tied to a minimum 18 month contract anyway.

  • http://Website nicolas hayek

    All i want is a moto droid with these specs

  • mattcoz

    The Tegra 3 seems like overkill for phones, not that I wouldn’t love to have it. Much more important to get it out there for tablets.

  • http://Website paul

    What I really want is the worlds first Android phone that last 2 days on a full charge.

  • http://Website Tal

    What is the point in not telling … I mean if Google, Nvidia and Amazon say told us a secret today – wouldn’t we just freez Santa’s budget till whatever Q4 means?! The hype, publicity and pre-orders would be huge. But I guess that I am just ignorant at the ways PR is made in this industry. I am the geek at the end of the chain. And I want a 6″ Tegra3 Amazon tablet with phone capabilities. I would pay a lot for that.

  • joogleme16

    I want the Nexus 3 to come with whatever quad-core CPU that comes out first, and is the fastest; so that we get the N3 sooner :-) & I would aslo like a phone with multiple radios so that I can go where ever I want and have a phone to use, or go to whatever carrier. That’s if Google is truly trying to create the ultimate unlocked phone!

  • http://Website ACR

    Is it just me or Google is going with Tegra only for tablets to get faster updates to all devices.

  • http://Website ACR

    Good thing they go with Tegra 3. Nvidia is bringing PC standard to mobile phones with DXTn texture compression.

  • http://Website saintjames7

    These specs sound amazing, But I’m really disappointed with the battery life on my HTC Desire HD compared to my old Blackberry. I hate to think what the battery life is going to be like on this phone :-/

  • http://Website Siddharth

    Am I the only one who’s curious about the price the users will have to pay in terms of battery life for adopting Tegra 3/equivalent quad-core processor devices?

  • http://Website Noel

    These new quad core chips are designed to utilize less power…couple that with a bigger battery and we will be fine. I was hopping the next Nexus will be made by HTC…but if LG can step it up with such specs, nice design and better build quality then i am in. I love love my N1 but passed on the Nexus S, i don’t wonna skip the next Nexus. My Nexus one still serve me very well but i think it is time to upgrade…the components of devices have progressed with great speed…in just a year there is so much advance tech. I love and want the Sensation but guess i will wait a few months for details of the next Nexus come out ( when Ice cream sandwich is announced to see what the new Nexus is made of) before taking any plunge on a new phone. It will be a very tempting 5 months or so…cz i really like the Sensation

  • http://Website 1232

    Tegra 3 the nexus 3 should go with sprint