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NVIDIA shows off the power of quad-core Kal-El in 4 minutes of video glory

It’s certainly no secret here at Android and Me that we love the advancements NVIDIA has made with their Tegra line of processors. Earlier this year, NVIDIA’s dual-core Tegra 2 chipset hit the market in a slew of phones, with several more on the way in 2011.

But that’s old news. A few months ago, NVIDIA unleashed Project Kal-El, the world’s first quad-core mobile chipset, which goes along nicely with a 12-core GPU with 3D stereo support. Today, NVIDIA is showing off just how powerful Kal-El is with a new demo video. I’ll let the video speak for itself, but keep in mind as you’re watching that this is pre-production silicon and the final chipsets will be 25% faster.

Though it took the Tegra 2 a while to get from announcement phase to first appearing in mobile phones and tablets, we may not be waiting too much longer for Kal-El devices. The folks at NVIDIA are hard at work on bringing you Kal-El goodness, with the first tablet devices slated to release around August and the first phones dropping around Christmas (Nexus 3, anyone?).

So, what did you guys think of the video? Excited for Kal-El to drop? Think they’ll actually make good on the timelines? Sound off in the comments.

Source: NVIDIA

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  • http://Website Warden Chinbach

    holy balls

    • http://Website Mocha K

      If you are going to take someone elses name don’t use a name that everyone knows. Also he talks about the evo and sprint. Good luck trolling somewhere else.

  • themetatron

    After experiencing the tegra2, I’m more likely to go with anything other. And the fact that HTC seems to prefer Qualcom processors, I’m lookng forward to xmas and a new HTC device.

  • http://Website Not Impressed

    I’m an Android fan through and through but this will doesn’t jack shit if today is anything to go by. Android is just churning out all this power yet it’s not being utilized. Look at the iPhone. They get all the best games and Android is left with the scrapings. Get with the program, devs!

    • http://Website Kev

      Well android could theoretically could get all the best games if everyone bought 1 type of proccessor phones. Devs needs to target the biggest market, most phones have single core and different clock speeds. If eveyone bought a dualcore 1Ghz phone than thats when devs are gonna go all out.

  • http://Website JayMonster

    It showed off 4 minutes because that is all a battery would last. For all the great fanfare behind Tegra 2, it has thus far proven to be more or less a dud. It doesn’t play well with LTE radios, and none of the much ballyhooed phones sporting it have been setting the world on fire.

    So far, from what I have seen, Motorola made the right choice in pulling the Bionic back to the drawing board.

    In theory Ka-El sounds best, but do did the Tegra 2… I am not going to look towards a “Super Duper” phone, until they can show me a so called “Super Phone” that actually lives up to the hype.

    • http://Website Dolph

      You said

      It showed off 4 minutes because that is all a battery would last. For all the great fanfare behind Tegra 2, it has thus far proven to be more or less a dud. It doesn’t play well with LTE radios, and none of the much ballyhooed phones sporting it have been setting the world on fire.

      So far, from what I have seen, Motorola made the right choice in pulling the Bionic back to the drawing board.

      In theory Ka-El sounds best, but do did the Tegra 2… I am not going to look towards a “Super Duper” phone, until they can show me a so called “Super Phone” that actually lives up to the hype.

      100% agree, its a battery drainer.

      • http://Website geah

        Worst quote reply ever.

    • http://Website Kiljoy616

      It would seem lots of the fangirls did not like your comment. I for one will wait till its out how it does in battery and if anyone actually makes games like that.

      I like what I saw but its a video for now and nothing else.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I’m not mad at any of the comments above. It’s all true. Android has so many connections but none if it is being utilized. Just tossing rawness together. No fundamental. That’s one thing Apple has. Build on top of quality. Take tour time. Set rules. Openers can still apply but some rules will need to be made. Make some contracts. Set the bar. Use your imagination & make it happen. Tegra 2 was a fail. Not the power itself but how it was handled. The phones themselves were not built right. No chemistry. This shows nothing at the moment. Waiting game until then. SGSII is the only dual core device that showed some awesome quality in performance all around. I wonder why Apple uses their material. Android is my thing but the hype about this & that is old news. Nothing is being capatilized off of it. Things are being rushed.

    • http://Website Drunk

      Evr noteus how peeple that commint always seems to be drunk! All kinds a speliing errers and stuff. They mite actual be smart but look reel dum when they spel stuf wrong. they like ta point out uther peeples misteaks but come off real dum in tha proces. I thank if ur gonna be critikul you shud make shure you got yer own poop in a groop frist.

      Not Impressed:

      I’m an Android fan through and through but this will doesn’t jack shit if today is anything to go by. -Huh?!?!?!?!


      In theory Ka-El sounds best, but do did the Tegra 2… I am not going to look towards a “Super Duper” phone, until they can show me a so called “Super Phone” that actually lives up to the hype. -I would suggest looking toward an English handbook for some basic grammar lessons before making any further comments.


      Take tour time. – Feel free to look around for awhile.

      • http://Website Willard Potter

        Not everyone is an English major, nor is English their first language. It doesn’t take perfect spelling or punctuation to have an intelligent discussion.

        Anyway… For those talking about how it’s nice to have but not being utilized… I would think that is what the Tegra Zone was trying to fill in for. Sure, anyone can download whatever and many devices even run the games on par with a Tegra 2 chipset, i’d assume, but that doesn’t mean it’s not being utilized.

        Someone else already brought up a point of developers putting their efforts into the widest audience, and that’s true. It will likely always be true. I’m no developer, but I wouldn’t want to put a few months of my time into a quality product that only 40 or 50 people are running hardware capable of it running at it’s best, but you have to look at Android for what it is; A mobile OS.

        Like with Windows, Mac, or linux, there are certain requirements to run things at their peak. You can’t expect to run Portal 2 on that old GeForce 2700 running Windows 98. Same is true for these “latest and greatest” type games. You can’t expect a game built around the Tegra 2 platform to work on your Droid 1(Fine.. MY Droid 1.. I need a new phone…) lol

      • http://Website JayMonster

        My apologies for swiping a comment, I didn’t realize if I had a single typo that it would short circuit your brain, so let me clear it up for you…

        In theory Ka-El sounds best, but [so] did the Tegra 2.

        And just to clarify further, just which of the Super Phones that we saw at CES this year is taking off as phone of the year? The Optimus 2x? The Atrix? The Droid X2? I was as swept up as anybody with the promise of dual core phones, but they have yet to show anything close to the promise that we were all hearing about.

        All I want to see if something that is worth the hype. If that makes me a “hater” then so be it. I realize that “Tegra Fever” is all the rage right now, but I see no reason for it, and if OMAP or Orion or some other chip lives up to the promises we had with Tegra 2, I will be happy to use them instead in my next Android device. Exactly, what is wrong with that?

        And by the way, you ever notice that when people don’t have a valid reply, they have nothing better to do than to pick on a spelling mistake? That does’t make you smart… just smug.

      • http://Website UniqueNate

        You ever realize how people take the time to sit and watch how other people spell things. Or is the #2 pencil up your butt?

        I mean really? You took your time to make a comment not on the article much, but to point out editing on a post? I think sometimes being to smart leads to lack of common sense. Some people post from their phones. Phone have auto correct and when you think it may have fixed the word it did not. I’m not an english major. But I passed with flying colors. The best of us can relax and even make mistakes when doing something. Let me know when you get an A+ for editing post on a damn blog site. Really?

  • http://Website HD


    • http://Website Willard Potter

      Correct.. but only in terms of phones. Tablets running Honeycomb have dual core support. No good to anyone with an Atrix or other dual core smartphones as of yet. I’ll agree with you in full there.

    • http://Website TINA

      Android is optimized for locked bootloaders, reboots, no games and SMS bugs!!!

  • http://Website FormerAndroidFanTurnedAppleUser

    To summarize and integrate all previous comments, based on my own experience: I am an Android phone user–always will be. I have, however, gotten tired of waiting for a decent, fast, WORKING tablet sporting android. Tomorrow I will walk into the apple store and walk out very happy with a shiny new iPad 2. I will be very happy for many years (months?) to come, reading all my electronic mag subscriptions, not to mention newspapers. I will never modify anything on it; it’ll just work and become my go-to workhorse–even when whatever android phone I happen to own craps out. Maybe in about 5-10 yrs android-powered hardware will be as stylish, reliable, and well-built as Apple stuff.

    • http://Website Or..

      Or maybe in 5-10 years Apple devices will be underpowered, under-featured, and overpriced. Oh wait, they already are. Innovation vs stagnation is what I see.

      • http://Website FormerAndroidFanTurnedAppleUser

        Underpowered? Hardly. Underpowered? As compared to what? The ipads are just as capable as they need to be and have a really good, wide range of apps, from casual use free apps to the truly useful and sophisticated paid apps. Can even the best current Android tab do video or sound editing, or any other useful task that the ipad can? NO. It’s not a question of power but rather, one of support. Support from the manufacturer, the apps market, and perhaps even more crucial–and IMHO what is sorely missing for Android platforms–support from the marketplace at large. I just bought my ipad 2 and right away I can: control my home’s lighting, my sonos media, watch hulu and netflix content, edit sound files, design graphics, and play almost any game I would wnat or care to. Happy Memorial Day to me, indeed!!! BTW, I do love my SGSII, even if it cost me an arm, a leg, and constant bitchin’ from the wife well into next year;-)

      • http://Website Kiljoy616

        Keep telling your self that if it helps you sleep at night.

  • http://Website Hype only

    Tegra 2 sux big times relatively against Exynos……

    Google should forget kal-el (tegra 3) and put next generation of Exynos on Nexus 3……..

    And please don’t forget to put qHD Super amoled + as well buddy

    • http://Website Lucian Armasu

      Exynos is only slightly more powerful because it’s a 6 months newer chip. You won’t see Exynos 2 until first half of 2012, and even then it might be hard for it to match Tegra 3, because I know for sure it won’t be a quad core chip (it will be dual core at 2 Ghz) and we’ll see if they managed to rise graphics performance 3x, too.

      • http://Website rovex

        Its more than slightly more powerful.

  • http://Website Vayshen

    There’s only one problem…

    It’s probably going to take a year or 2 after release until games come out that really take advantage of this stuff. And with the development speed of SoCs for mobile devices, who knows what kind of power will be around by then 0_O
    Vayshen 2 hours ago [youtube]

    • http://Website Lucian Armasu

      Didn’t you hear about Shadowrun? It will be optimize for Tegra 3 and come out this fall. I’m sure others have similar projects in progress, too.

  • http://Website My galaxy

    All is that is needed is for Android to natively support multi-cores and have opengl support the latest chipsets.

    That way developers develops through the os and spend less time crowbarring code to work with multiple devices. Frankly the manufacturer have a lot to answer here, they release dodgy products that muddy the water then when google say they are holding back on honeycomb people moan about freedom, but it’s the very freedom that created the problem because manufacturer can take android, abuse it and send it out the door claiming its a android device. Frankly, to claim to be runnng android should need to pass a few quality criterias. Anything else should say android app compatible with the version number of the os. Remember the Blackberry tablet will be android app compatible.

  • http://Website coggy9

    I wonder how well these games will run on other phones with Chainfire…… Kal-El might be a gimmick like Tegra 2. All Tegra games work fine on my Thunderbolt. Only problem is some texture glitches but reopening the game fixes it.

    • http://Website Lucian Armasu

      But do they run as fast or look as good as on Tegra 2? I know that Dungeon Defenders for example, was also available for single core phones, but it looked much worse. And maybe some games can run at 50-60 FPS on Tegra 2, while they run at 30-40 FPS on single core phones. So just because it works on your phone, doesn’t mean it’s all the same.

      From the demos I’ve seen Tegra 3 should have 3x the FPS of Tegra 2.

      • http://Website rovex

        There is no reason they cant. Tegra really isnt all that powerful. Its probably the least powerful dual core at the moment. Those games that do work on the SGS2 with the Chainfire driver look just as good and run at least as fast. The problem is nVidia is fragmenting android gaming and assisting devs to code specifically for the Tegra, even though other GPUs are more capable. Its the same old nvidia tactic that hurt PC gaming for a long time.

  • punz

    no game lag anymore yeah

    • http://Website TINA

      because there are no games…



  • http://Website Hans

    And then Samsung, Qualcomm, and TI make better quad-cores not that long after. :)

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I want it to power the phone and not just for games. I want overall performance to be sweet.

  • HackNet


    Why don’t they run a larger map with live background so we can see how “Smooth” that ball rolls around. If this is all a Quad-Core can achieve on a device (mediocre graphics and gameplay), then I think the PC will be around for another 200 years and will not get replaced by some handheld device/tablet claiming they can overtake the PC market. NEVER!

    • http://Website Kiljoy616

      From a gaming point of view the PC will be around a long time from now, its just that no one may make games for it. I for one play on the PC and on the iPad 2 use to have the first Xbox but got tired of the controls and prices.

    • Tuesday

      Frankly I think that’s absoluetly good stuff.

    • uhekbbwnjm

      AN0IEr fvhoyayyclkk

  • HackNet

    I have the “Dual-Core Beast” aka “Atrix 4G” and I can tell you that ALL of the games on the Android Market are not optimized for dual core devices. Also, only a handful of games actually run on my Atrix using the full capabilities of its dual core gpu, and they are located in the TegraZone Marketplace.

    The phone does not feel dual core. Yet Motorola and Nvidia Level 2 technicians claim it is.

    I personally think that Tegra 2 is half baked. I think the Quad-Core will show the real power of Tegra Technology. GL!

  • http://Website JTW

    For all you people that comment something like, why get tegra when you can get a Exynos, TI, qualcomm quad core later?

    Here is why perhaps you may want to get tegra. There is a possibility that a tegra quad core processor will come out this year, while all other quadcores will come out 6 months later next year, perhaps in March – May 2012. By this logic, why get a quadcore Exynos, TI, or qualcomm processor when you can wait an additional 6 months and get a even better tegra processor? But wait, why get that super new tegra processor comes out, you can wait for the super new Exynos, TI, and qualcomm processor.

    You can play this loop forever and you’ll never end up with a new smartphone or tablet.

  • http://none Andy

    This could take Angry Birds to a whole new level!

  • HackNet

    yeah. level 400.