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Official Netflix app arrives in the Android Market

Hallelujah! The official Netflix app for Android just popped up on the Android Market. Before you go rushing off to download the app, there’s something we need to tell you first. The app is only available for the following devices:

  • HTC Incredible with Android 2.2
  • HTC Nexus One with Android 2.2, 2.3
  • HTC Evo 4G with Android 2.2
  • HTC G2 with Android 2.2
  • Samsung Nexus S with Android 2.3

As someone who doesn’t own one of these devices, I truly feel your pain if you’re being left out of some movie-streaming goodness. The app has the kind of features you’d expect from a Netflix app, like:

  • Watch as often as you want.
  • Resume watching where you left off on your TV or computer.
  • Browse movies and manage your instant Queue right from your phone.

If you do have one of the aforementioned phones, you can go ahead and get the app from the Market. After that, come back here and tell us how we should have gotten an HTC phone.

UPDATE: Knowing that many people won’t be able to install this app, Netflix wants you to know that they’re working on it. The company said:

We are aggressively qualifying phones and look forward to expanding the list of phones on which the Netflix app will be supported. We anticipate that many of these technical challenges will be resolved in the coming months and that we will be able to provide a Netflix application that will work on a large majority of Android phones.Roma Defrom the product team at Netflix

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  • Anthony Domanico

    Lol @ the picture of the Thunderbolt with Netflix on it.

    • Alberto Vildosola

      wasn’t there a rumor that the Netflix app would come preloaded on the thunderbolt? Whatever happened to that?

      • Anthony Domanico

        Nope…was always the LG revolution.

      • Sean Riley

        It’s the Revolution that will come with it preloaded. That is if Verizon ever manages to release another 4G phone.

        • Anthony Domanico

          Not until they get their shit together with battery life.

      • http://Website creliandobi

        Skype (with Video Chat) was the service to be pre-installed on the Thunderbolt.

        • Alberto Vildosola

          Got it, thanks.

    • http://Website jibber

      Where do you see a Thunderbolt?

    • http://Website chris

      That’s a nexus one buddy.

      • http://Website chris

        Actually i did see a thunderbolt with netflix on another cellphone website. My bad.

    • http://Website Mike

      Since when does the Thunderbolt have a track ball. Think before you post that is a nexus one dumb ass.

      • http://Website Jody

        That was SOOO uncalled for. You need to think before you post. What’s with the name calling..?? What are you 12?

  • M3rc Nate

    Heck ya! Hehehehe. I got a G2 (froyo stock). This is AWESOME :D

  • http://Website westy

    I wonder hot Google worked it out to get this on the Nexus S. I remember they were giving some BS reason that only the HTC phones would get it because they used a specific chip-set. I knew this was BS and i hope this trickles down to all other phones, because this is really stupid. I own a N-S and a g2x at the moment, was going to sell my N-S but now im torn. Also they better release an update for this to run on tablets.

  • http://Website Anony Mouse

    So the picture is the HTC Thunderbolt and I excited. :(

    • Alberto Vildosola

      haha sorry guys. But hey at least you have an HTC device. I bet you’ll get Netflix soon.

  • http://Website Dennis

    Just tried it on my G2 and it works great. Picture quality could use a bit of work though.All in all, a good app.

    Oh, yeah and you should have gotten a HTC device. :P

    • M3rc Nate

      Idk, im watching a show thats in HD right now and as far as i can tell (there is only 4″ of screen) it looks pretty damn HD.

      • http://Website Dylan Andersen

        Yeah, the beginning sucks, but then it starts to look great.

  • http://Website John

    Is there any word that it will expand to other devices??? I have the HTC Inspire. Come on now Netflix!

    • Sean Riley

      Here’s what they had to say on their official Blog.

      We are aggressively qualifying phones and look forward to expanding the list of phones on which the Netflix app will be supported. We anticipate that many of these technical challenges will be resolved in the coming months and that we will be able to provide a Netflix application that will work on a large majority of Android phones.

      • http://Website NotSean

        Please post as it is available on other devices! And if anyone manages work-arounds to get it on other devices let us know too!

  • http://Website Santiago

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I can’t believe it. After hearing about how Netflix would only work on new phones with Tegra chips blah blah blah, I gave up hope. Holy cow, imagine my surprise when the first phone mentioned is the HTC Incredible. I mean, I know the incredible is no slouch, but the way these new phones are coming out, I figured I wouldn’t see Netflix until the Bionic. Enjoy it DINC owners; this is the last bone being thrown our way. That is unless the impending 2.3 update wipes it out. Noooooooooooooo.

    • http://Website Dags

      They always said that it would only work on new phones with *Qualcomm* chips. The Nexus S is a surprise.

  • http://Website Name (required)

    boo! I have the HTC Inspire, and can’t even running it. Side load it and says not supported. I hope someone gets Netflix working for all current phones.

  • http://Website JGarrido

    I just installed it from the Market webapp on both my G2 *and* my Viewsonic g-Tablet running Vegan ROM ;-)

    • http://Website creliandobi

      and your Tablet runs it with video coming up?

      i can install it on my Thunderbolt (manually installing the .apk), but it won’t actually load anything.

      • http://Website JGarrido

        Sadly, no; it installed just fine, but I get the message that ‘this device is not supported’ when I attempt to play something. :(

  • Marcofromda510

    How is it going to be compatable with the nexus 1, and the G2, but the My Touch 4G cant be added to the list? Am I missing something?

  • http://Website Frank

    I have a rooted Mytouch 4g. My buddy with a G2 sent me the apk and it installed with no problem. Streaming does not work. Could it be because I’m running 2.3?

  • http://Website Yuriy

    this is awesome, looks great on the Nexus S

  • http://Website Ryan

    On my N1 with CM7, it force closes every time I try to open it.

    • http://Website Peter

      Same here, but using stock Gingerbread 2.3.3.

    • http://Website N1 Stock

      CM7 Can’t handle the rights management.

  • http://Website GldRush98

    19.62mb installed, moved to SD and only left 456kb on the phone. Nice!
    Streamed a tv episode, worked really well and shitloads better than the iPhone Netflix app!
    I am shocked it came to the N1. I was sure there were going to bone us.

  • http://Website androidKILLS

    Any word on anyone using on EVO?

    • http://Website DaveC

      Working great on my EVO and my N1.

  • ncalvin

    Nexus S? Wonder how many more hours until it’s patched for the other breeds of Galaxy S.

  • http://Website Bob

    Works fine on my EVO with CM7 over wifi. Haven’t tested 3G or 4G yet.

    • http://Website panic

      It actually works great on 3g as well I’m using the Evo with stock froyo


    I cannot believe this app is not supported on Honey comb yet !!

    • BiGMERF

      Atleast I got it on my Nexus S

  • http://Website Gabriel

    Doesn’t work in Canada. Sigh….

    • kazahani

      That’s only because everyone from Canada that even tries to use Netflix is an obvious copyright pirate. A dirty, filthy pirate. Didn’t you know that? :P

      • http://Website NoNetflixOnMyN1

        Sure feels that way!

  • kazahani

    I have to believe that support for Galaxy S phones is comming soon. I just have to believe that…

  • http://Website G2x Owner

    Available on the G2, but not the G2x? WTH Netflix?!?

  • http://Website scott norcross

    Well…its a start

  • http://Website FireflyBebop

    What about the HTC Sensation? I hope my next phone will be able to run it by the time it comes out in June!

  • http://Website Solrac924

    it’s about damn time!

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    I knew this situation was going to create resentment within the platform of devices. I am happy they picked the granddaddy of 4g the device that started the 4g revolution my beloved Evo4g. Last week was the Hbo app, then earlier this week the new Espn app, and now this my evo is going out in and blaze of content glory during it’s final days in use. The time has come to move on to the Evo 3d which will be another great device in the Evo family. I will rock my evo 4g to the final minute with content blazing. I have said it many times before and will go out to the end saying the same thing “if you ain’t rocking the with the Evo 4g then you ain’t rocking at all” This is proof positive on that.

  • http://Website dezvous

    I don’t understand, at all, why whenever this stuff happens the Nexus S gets the okay but the Galaxy S phones don’t. The CPU and most of the rest of the phone is identical, and that’s what they were saying they needed to code for right? Something about the CPU and DRM or something? I’m sure I’ll get Netflix working fine on my Gingerbread 2.3.4 MIUI Vibrant but it’s just strange.

  • http://Website Robert

    Why in the hell would they not have it initially for the Droid X? That’s just stupid!

  • http://Website paul

    Works great on my rooted nexus one

  • http://Website nissan

    This is b******* sidekick 4g we need love 2 >:(

  • http://Website Ariel

    How the fuck i have a mytouch 4g one the latest htc phones and the nexus one is old already and these app is not available…. fuck that shit…. u need an iphone 4

  • http://Website Abe504

    man netflix, i need this for my mytouch 4g

  • http://Website Tony

    I’ve been thinking I was behind with the Incredible. Netflix streaming was flawless, and it feels like a new phone to me. So no upgrade needed for now. But that galaxy S2 looks sweet though. With NF, I might actually consider an Android tablet now. Amazing how one app can change a device.

  • Eric

    I have a Thunderbolt and It dost show in my market but my buddy has a Incredible and sent me the installer and it installs fine it starts fun and you can edit your queue but when you try to watch a movie it just goes back to the queue!! haha At least their trying!! I cant wait!

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    Works great on thee old EVO. Tried it on 3g and 4g only, and that’s all I really needed. Picture quality is good.

  • mattcoz

    That’s nice they’re working on getting it on more phones, but what about tablets?

  • http://Website Jim Davis

    Works great on my OG Droid running Cyanogenmod 7.03. Wireless and 3G.

  • http://Website Maximus

    Its not working on my Nexus S running Cyanogen Mod 7.0.3

    Everytime i go to play a movie it says this device is not Supported

    CM7 is based on 2.3.3

    I dont know why it wont let me play a movie

    I wonder if anyone else is running into this problem?

  • http://Website Geraldo

    The phone in the picture is neither the Thunderbolt or the Nexus One… It sort of looks like the Thunderbolt from the back and definitely like a Nexus One from the front. It’s also not an HTC Sensation. It’s just bad photoshop. Look at the right picture. The front is Nexus One and the back is Sensation. Who are they trying to fool?

  • http://[email protected] tingram

    I had netflix but it disappeared from Android market . What happened?

    I have an EVO but official app was there but now gone.

    • http://Website Me

      Same problem here with my Evo. Had lots of error messages after always working perfectly since day one, so I uninstalled it (wouldn’t let me update). Now it’s not in the Market to reinstall. Somebody screwed up the transition to the newest release I bet, and it’ll be fixed in 24-48 hrs.

  • http://google MALIA


    • http://Website sos

      Seems as if once Gingerbread was released for the evo, it stopped working on the evo, and became unavailable in the market as well. The day gingerbread was released, it worked fine before the update, then did the update, and it hasnt worked since then.

  • http://Website Annie

    Anyone know if they’re going to make it compatible with the newest Android update on the Evo again? I was rather accustomed to the luxury of Netflix on my bad ass phone.

  • clinical data exchange

    I had the app on my EVO, disappeared after I upgraded to 2.3.

  • http://Website Corey

    Market says requested app cannot be found. EVO

  • http://Website Arthur Ramirez

    Since the new update for evo 2.2.3 gingerbread. I cant find the netflix app. I miss it. Any ideas?
    Thanks Art.

  • http://Website Andree

    Works on the EVO 3D too!

  • http://Website ash

    It sucks! And I’m really mad! Because I have HTC inspire and its sad I can’t open my netflix account

  • jen

    I just got the new mytouch 4g slide and netflix is pre-installed and works great. my husband was going to get the htc sensation, but reviews say netflix doesn’t work on it, so he’s going with the mytouch as well. wonder when it’ll be available for other phones, because he’d really prefer to go with the sensation and would if he knew netflix would be available for it soon.

  • Warren

    When is netflix going to work on the sidekick4g….im sad right now