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Pictured: HTC’s upcoming Honeycomb tablet, headed to AT&T

Not to be left behind by the likes of Motorola and LG, HTC is jumping on the Honeycomb bandwagon with the likely-named HTC Puccini. The 10-inch tablet will support AT&T’s 4G LTE network, will run Android 3.0 Honeycomb, and it could launch between now and December — depending on how optimistic you are. That’s about all we know at this point, folks.

I’m almost certain Puccini won’t be the launch name for this tablet, (at least not in the US, where we might mistake it for the latest pasta recipe), but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate about what this tablet will be all about. According to trusty Wikipedia, Giacomo Puccini was a famous Italian opera composer. Will the HTC Puccini have a musical twist to it? Only the good people at HTC know.

Tomorrow is the biggest Android-related event of the year, thus it’s hard to not link any Android news to it. Could the HTC Puccini be a Nexus tablet? More importantly, is this what Google will give out to developers? Just food for thought.

Via: BusinessInsider

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  • http://Website Jason

    Honestly, looking like someone has just photoshopped those logos onto a xoom. I’m a bit wary of a HTC tablet cos they are firmly in bed with qualcomm and I can’t see them using a Tegra chipset in their tablet. Just like Samsung bringing their thinner tablets soon which I have a feeling won’t be Tegra powered either. I can see 3 distinctive tablet styles coming out and with Tegra getting ahead if the game pardon the pun with developers and their Tegra optimized games, how is this going to play out if you can’t get certain app/games sure to your tabs chipset?

    • http://Website Daniel

      Samsung’s Exynos is better than Tegra 2, though. Despite nVidia’s aggressive marketing, Tegra 2 isn’t really that good. Lack of NEON instructions, for instance, is a real shame.

      As long as developers don’t enter into silly business games of blocking or intentionally degrading the experience on other chipsets, owners of similar top-level devices won’t really have any problems.

  • http://Website Jeff

    AT&T is going to have an LTE network? That’s funny. This is the first I’ve heard of it in a long time!

    • http://Website RedWolfe

      AT&T 4g works fine, as long as you are in one of the (few) areas its been deployed in. And I am referring to LTE as 4g, and not implementations of HSPA+…

  • http://Website muwahhid

    @Jason, you don’t need tegra because all new apps optomised and its up to the developer to release updates. Tegra zone has now hit a massive total of……about 6. And tegra sucks, iPad 2 cpu&GPU is better. But galaxy s2 is pwnage.

  • http://Website nick

    Don’t forget that the HTC Verdi is expected to launch this summer wither Honeycomb and a 10 inch display. Verdi is another Italian composer. Didn’t see the tablet naming convention connection until the Puccini surfaced

    • Alberto Vildosola

      Mmmm I didn’t know that. Maybe it’s just that somebody at HTC likes Italian opera.

  • http://Website Giraffe

    Htc has used composer names on a number of pre release models… google htc mozart

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    The last thing Htc needs to do is place any tablet on At&t they would do much better placing their product on sprint or tmobile even verizon for that matter. At&t and LTE YEAH RIGHT

  • http://Website Simon

    All these tablets are very very similar! the only factor that would make you buy one not the other is the price! So far EEEPad is winning… When it becomes available !!

  • Scotty Truman

    The tablet community is so crowded right now. As a consumer, how should I know what to buy? A lot of options but limited information of what’s best. HTC should not expect anything when their Puccini hits the market. Can you still remember the highly anticipated Xoom? Still, they will benefit from the shortage of iPad 2. Just try to come up with a reasonable price and good marketing plan HTC!