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Qualcomm shows off the Quanta Slate at Computex

Tablets are the hot topic this year, especially when it comes to Android fans. NVIDIA has pretty much taken the lead when it comes to tablets with its popular Tegra 2 dual-core processor. Though Qualcomm has been missing in action for a while, there are some tablets coming in the near future which will feature Qualcomm’s single-core and dual-core processors. Such is the case of this nifty looking device, the Quanta Slate, a honeycomb tablet featuring a Qualcomm dual-core processor.

It is unclear whether it has an MSM8960 or an MSM8660 processor, but it sure looks like it runs very well for being a reference design. As the speaker mentions in the video below, this tablet does look very much like the iPad/iPad2/all-apple-products when it comes to the design. This is because Quanta actually makes Apple devices. Since this is a reference design, OEMs can actually make a deal with Quanta and brand this device as their own.

Since the Quanta Slate does have an Apple-ish look, it also means that it will probably have that equally strong, solid design that all Apple products have (I know many of us dislike Apple, but come on guys, we have to give them credit for their solid builds). Something that also makes this tablet stand out is its display, which the speaker describes as “phenomenal,” with very rich colors much like Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays.

It will definitely be very exciting to see this tablet get picked up by a major manufacturer. Unlike many other tablets at Computex, this one actually stands out when it comes to performance, and that display has some great potential. I am sure Apple will not be very happy about the design though. One does wonder if Apple have any legal rights to sue the OEM that picks this device up. If anything, they would have to settle things with Quanta, and it seems like that would not be a feasible option either. Do any lawyers out there know how this would work?

Check out the video[1] below, and let us know what you think of this tablet! As a side note, our very own Clark and Angie are in San Diego right now, and will be attending the 2011 Uplinq Conference (by Qualcomm), so expect more details on these processors soon!


  1. Video Via NetbookNews

Via: Slash Gear

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  • ncalvin

    Apple sues Qualcomm for making a rounded rectangular tablet in 3….2…

    • ncalvin

      Edit: Quanta, not Qualcomm. *mumble grumble*

  • http://Website Tony

    I’d rock it. I really want a Honeycomb tablet.. despite the downfalls of Android 3.0-3.1 so far. I know it would be much better and more fun to use than my iPad.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Qualcomm/Htc/Google/Sprint rule android…..FOREVER………….