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Rumor: Motorola to release the first Tegra 3 tablet this Fall

We were given a taste of Project Kal-El (Tegra 3) at Mobile World Congress, where NVIDIA went as far as showing a working tablet with the first mobile quad-core processor. During this presentation, NVIDIA also shared availability details of these quad-core CPUs, stating that Tegra 3 tablets should be available by August, and smartphones by Christmas (Nexus 3?).

Further proving the accuracy of this statement, Fudzilla’s sources claim that Motorola might be the first to release a Tegra 3 tablet, with a device arriving before “back-to-school time,” around September.

Whether this tablet will be named the Motorola Xoom 2, or any other name, it will sure be quite the sensation. Tegra 3 is reported to deliver 5x the performance of its predecessor, with graphics that will blow your mind (New 12-core NVIDIA GPU). Since Tegra processors are built for gaming, we can only expect to have incredible media capabilities and blazing processing speeds from the next generation quad-core Tegra 3 tablets.

Though Motorola might be the first to bring Tegra 3 to the table, we know that it will not be alone for long, as NVIDIA’s future is looking very bright. Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, claims that Android tablets will beat iPads in under 3 years, and 10 OEMs are already working on delivering Tegra 3 devices. One of the upcoming Amazon tablets is rumored to ship with a Tegra 3 processor as well, so things are looking very promising for Android’s future.

We do not have many details on this Motorola tablet, but since we all love to speculate, lets see what we can come up with. What do you guys expect of Motorola’s Tegra 3 tablet? What price and other specs do you think it will have? Would you rather wait for another manufacturer to release a Tegra 3 tablet?

Via: Fudzilla

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  • http://Website CFG9000

    Considering how poorly the Xoom performs against other tablets with identical specs like the Transformer, I think I’ll wait for something that isn’t Motorola-made.

    • http://Website dagamer34

      How can it perform poorly when it’s the same exact hardware? There’s no skin on the Xoom, it’s a reference Google device!

    • http://Website Jon Garrett

      The Xoom’s poor performance comes by way of its price. The device itself is quite nice but for $300 less, people are looking at other options.

    • DarknesSx

      CFG9000 is right, Xoom DOES perform worse than other tablets for some reason …. it’s not just about the price!!!

  • http://Website Dan

    Oh god… Motorola?

    So it will be a $1600 tablet that sells poorly? I’ll pass.

  • http://Website Dennis

    Motorola Xoom 2! Only at Verizon.

    Extra cores.
    4D imaging.
    20MP camera.
    2160p HD video.
    10MP front facing camera.

    $2000 (2 year contract)

    $10,000 (Retail) + one of the following: your first offspring or a pound of flesh, blood or bone or the head of your mother. Bring in two and you get a second Xoom at half off.


  • keridel

    I have to say after my awful experience with the non Us version of the xoom I will be waiting for someone else to make use of the kal el.

    Motorola have no customer service at all and i can’t buy a product from people who don’t care.

  • PatrickRYANGOMEZ..
  • http://Website Glendawg

    Will pass until asus releases something affordable.

    • mavricxx


  • http://Website mesasr

    it isnt a surprise that nVidia is using its good ‘ol strategy – releasing new,significantly improved products way quicker than the competition in order to gain more and more market share because consumer always wants the current best and its only a good thing for Android (especially its endless waves of tablets) because iPad and Apple in general has a one year upgrade cycle and knowing ignorant and stubborn Jobs,I dont think that will change soon so they will always miss one generation every year with nVidia’s 6 month cycle
    I guess thats what Jen-Hsun Huang has in mind :)

  • http://Website Danielle Derek

    iPad 3 is coming this fall, too. I rather get the superior iPad 3, imho.

    • mavricxx

      No way the iPad3 is coming out this fall dude, whatchu smokin’! First off it make no sense financially, second, they’re having manufacturing problems with the current iPad2, rememeber the explosion at Foxconn? Finally, Apple is currnetly focused on iPhone 5 and new line of iPods.

  • http://Website Christopher Brannan

    I have the Xoom and I love it. I’m a very loyal Nvidia customer and an Android finatic. I drool at the hardware in this upcoming tablet but rationally I’m not jealous or disappointed. There are hardly any applications that make my Xoom even come close to a sweat. I never experience any lag in any game or application I use, with the exception of extremely minor cases that are usually due to the program not being optimized for a tablet OS and/or dual core processors.

  • http://Website gad

    motorola? ……Sorry i’l pass. They are not relevant here in Europe anyway.Their products are too expensive

  • http://Website this is


  • mavricxx

    It’ll prob be overpriced just as the current Xoom was, I’ll pass and wait for the Transformer 2! If this thing has as much features as my laptop, I might just replace my laptop with the next Transformer alltogether.

  • http://Website Matt

    Well hopefully they don’t price themselves out of the competition again. Not sure where they got this feather in their cap thinking they can price their stuff so much higher then other proven hardware companies. They could have had the market easy, but they blew it.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    One day soon I will invest in a Android tablet not sure which one but I do know it definately WON’T BE ANY IPAD3….

  • http://Website joh

    Arnt they getting ahead of them selves considering they just cane out with dual core. I don’t want to be 2 years be hind in 1 if they do a 6 months cycle

  • http://Website vasra

    Ain’t gonna ship 2011. No way. Moto is constantly behind schedule and Tegra 3 hasn’t been sampling long enough.

    Ships in 2012. That’s for sure.

  • http://Website Henry

    As a Xoom owner, I would be very tempted by a tegra 3 powered ‘Xoom 2′. However, I’m more likely to wait until next summer to see what ice cream flavored tegra 3 devices are launched.

  • Simon J Stuart

    Given the absolutely disgusting way Motorola is handling the current Xoom’s support and updates outside of the US (, it stands to reason that the Xoom 2 will most likely become Motorola’s quickest failure.

    The sad thing is that the hardware of the current Xoom is a thing of beauty! The battery life is simply extraordinary, and the build quality some of the best I have ever seen in a mobile device.

    The simple fact is that Motorola don’t care about their customers! They don’t care about supporting their existing devices, only spewing out new ones as fast as they physically can.
    HTC are quite similar in the latter regard, in that they spew out more phone models per year than any other two manufacturers combined.


    Innovation should start with support! To produce a product and see it through; not shove something on the market, sell as many as you think you can and move on to something else.

    I can say this much with certainty: anyone with any experience of Motorola’s recent Android products (particularly the Xoom) with any common sense wouldn’t touch the Xoom 2 will a million mile pole. I for one won’t go near the thing, instead waiting for offerings of similar hardware, but with superior customer and product support.

  • http://Website frank

    Somewhat pathetic to ‘pick,’on motorola…first to market with some software bugs, but the have the best built honeycomb tablet… plain and simple.. just because their verizon induced initial pricing strategy did not lead to impressive sales doesn’t mean you should avoid next Gen. Product … I am sure you geeks understand that..

  • http://Website Reader

    I’m holding onto my money until ANYONE makes a Honeycomb tablet that I can read outside in sunlight!

    • Jason

      Good luck, you’ll be waiting an awful long time for that.